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We walk on

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Summary: Follows my OC through season 1 of The Walking Dead so will contain spoilers. Read chapter 1 for more info. Amy/OC. Review?

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from The Walking Dead.

Warning: My second fanfiction. English is not my first language and no Beta, so there might be grammar errors. Be afraid (and kind?)

Timeline: Season 1 of The Walking Dead series. Please note my only "The Walking Dead" knowledge comes from the t.v. series as I have not read the comics.

Rated M because it's The Walking Dead? :P

Romance/Paring: Amy/OC.
I love reading The Walking Dead fan fictions and there are many Daryl/OC which I love but many fan fictions I read are often OFC so I wanted to do one OMC. Since it is a OMC and the only Walking Dead female character to do a romance with was Amy for me… so hope you enjoy it.

Please review if you want a continuation or anything else.

Matthew "Matt" Barris, 28 years old, lived in a small town in Georgia outside of Atlanta, in a small cheap apartment and did his best to save money. His only guilty pleasure was motorcycles and he owned a black Yamaha YZF R1. Matt worked in a diner in Atlanta as a cook and on most weekends as a part-time mechanic in his small town to bring in money to pay his student loans. He had heard rumors of a virus breakdown going on and the news warning people to stay home. Yesterday night he even started hearing rumors about the dead walking again like the virus was somehow making zombies which Matt thought was a sick prank.

Waking up at 7:00 AM was normal for a workday at the diner for Matt. With freshly toasted bread and a cup of coffee he sat down on the sofa to watch the TV for anything interesting to pass time before he had to go and get ready. The funny thing was that all the channels had the same news going on so he decided to watch it. They were showing a video that someone sent in and there looked liked there were rotten people walking around eating the screaming running "normal" humans.

"What… are they for real? Eating people? The DEAD ARE EATING PEOPLE!" Matt jumped up from the sofa in shocked and tried to take deep breaths to calm himself to hear more from the TV.

The news continued with the male reporter stated that a quarantine zone was being set up in Atlanta for people who had no bites or scratches from the dead. Apparently being bitten or scratched made you have a fever and die and later the corpse-you wakes up and tries to eat the living.

"Ok, think Matt think!" Matt started saying to himself in a mantra. Because what did you do when you see and hear that the Zombie Apocalypse was already going on? He ran to the window looking out on the street and saw that most of the families on the little street was packing and already leaving their houses in a panic. He started packing one gym bag with clothes, two towels and toiletries. The second gym bag he packed full of water, soda and what little bread he had. He didn't have much of canned foods, only two cans of corn. The whole time packing Matt only muttered "Crap, crap, crap…" to himself over and over. He put on a grey button down shirt, jeans and his sturdy boots. Last he put on his leather jacket, leather gloves and his black motorcycle helmet. The gym bags were on opposite sides of his head building a "X" on his front and back. He did think about bringing a weapon but the only thing he had was an older wooden bat that he stuffed inside one gym bag with the handle sticking out.

Matt went out of his apartment and ran to his motorcycle, unlocked the lock and went towards Atlanta.

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