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The Slayer, Our Saviour!

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Summary: PARODY! I repeat PARODY! Buffy lands in a new world

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralSeakFR1316830563327 Jan 1327 Jan 13Yes
/>The Slayer, My Saviour!

/> AUTHOR COMMENT: This is parody for about 90% of the stories out there, mine included. This is a One Shot

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy The Vampire Slayer, all rights and ownership belongs to their respective owners. I am not making money off of this.

The Slayer, Our Saviour!

Buffy stumbled around, confused as she saw the unfamiliar surroundings. She was not in Kanses anymore.

A tall, beautiful man appeared.

"Who are you?" he asked suspiciously at the sudden vision before him

"My name is Buffy!" She said, her tragically, beautifully green eyes, sparkling in the sun.

He frowned at her name, what an unusual name.

She glared at him offended, having magically read his mind, a skill she had acquired in whatever episode where she learned that Giles had slept with her mother. "Do you have a problem with my name?"

He quickly backtracked and answered "No," startled by something old and dark beaming out of her eyes.

"Great!" she replied, the dark laser beams vanishing and leaving the lovely green eyes as clear as a moss grass.

He stared at her, as if seeing her for the first time. This amazing beauty! He could feel something different about her.

"What are you?" he asked wonder.

"Oh, I'm the slayer, one girl in all the world, I died twice and the last time I had to crawl my way out of the grave saving my sister who is a mystical ball of energy and made from my blood, so technically I'm not her sister but her mother…"

Two hours later

"Anyway I'm totally devastated, how could my friends do this to me? I mean, they pulled me out of heaven where I was nice and warm and toasty and now I have deal with being a grown up and pay bills and stuff. Did you also know that my mother died and it wasn't by supernatural stuff, she died by aneurysm? I'm still dealing with that. Oh and my best friend Willow who is one of the most powerful witches in my world also managed to activate the slayer line, which means I am now the queen of slayers…"

Three hours later

"And then I had to kill him, my first love, he was evil and everything. A souled vampire, it broke my heart but I had to do it to save humanity. And now we could never be together, because if we have sex, he'll get he's happy time and have he's evil way with me. Anyways somehow he'd managed to come back from hell and is now working as private investigator on the road to redemption. I still love him and his broodiness…"

The man frowned and gasped in all the right places, how tragic! He was in total and complete understanding. He would appreciate Buffy like none of her friends could and in return she would solve all their problems, never mind that they had some else for that role. She was the slayer, our saviour!

"Don't worry Buffy! We will love you!" He cried passionately.

"Oh yeah and I now have these nifty powers, I can like totally lift a building without toppling over, run like a speeding bullet and heal instantly, oh yeah did I forget to mention that I am immortal?" Buffy said without pause.

Two hours later

"Oh wow, I can't believe I told you this, I mean is it unusual to tell a stranger your whole life story? I've been secret identity girl for so long that it's like a total relief not to be a secret girl anymore. Don't worry! I can't keep secrets so everyone you introduce to me will get a version of my whole life story. I just love sharing that way."


Sorry RL go in the way and I won't be updating this story anymore. If you don't review I won't update anymore. If you don't at least give me 10 reviews I won't be updating anymore. My story is not crap! Someone flamed me and so I won't be updating anymore. I hate you!


Thank god! This nightmare is over!

The End

You have reached the end of "The Slayer, Our Saviour!". This story is complete.

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