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This story is No. 12 in the series "One-shot fun". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This is what happened to the Scoobies in the years following Sunnydale's destruction.

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Author's note: set entirely after Season 7, ignores the comics. It does, however, contain multiple character deaths. Rather more than multiple, really. Everyone dies.


There was a monument to them, to all the Slayers who had died fighting the Turok Han. To every Slayer that had died since then. To the Watchers that Caleb had killed.

No one was quite sure how it worked, but every time someone affiliated with the Slayers died, their name appeared on the monument.

The names of the Scoobies and the Angel Investigations didn't. They had their own monument, smaller, more private. Few knew that it was even there - few wanted to talk about the flawed individuals that had brought about the global Slayer organization. But those who knew it was there, visited it frequently.


Tara's name was the first to appear, although she'd died before the monument was ever erected. Even though no one was entirely sure who erected the monument in the first place.

Next was Anya's name, the ex-demon who died saving an innocent.

After that was Cordelia, who had died in a coma.

Fred's name followed, even though her body had lived on for a while longer.

The next names were those who had been killed when Wolfram & Hart sent Los Angeles to hell. Spike. Angel. Gunn. Wesley.

Illyria's name followed soon after. In a world she didn't understand, without a guide, it was too much for the Old One. She'd stolen the Slayer Scythe and ended her life with it, the word "Wesley" on her lips even as she died.

Perhaps Illyria finally found the peace that had been denied her in the Deeper Well. Perhaps she had rejoined Wesley, the only Fred he would ever know. No one was quite sure as to the reason behind the seraphic smile on Illyria's face.


There was a long period before any other names were added to the monument. Almost two years after the entirety of Angel Investigations, save Lorne, died.

Willow's relationship with Kennedy had been suffering for almost a year. Their personalities were just too different, and without an apocalypse to face they could hardly distract themselves from that.

Willow tried to make it work. She didn't want another Oz, another Tara. She truly loved Kennedy - and Kennedy loved her - but it just didn't work out, and they both knew it had to end.

Neverthless, Willow was distraught when Kennedy finally ended things. Dawn flew from England to Brazil to comfort her about it. If it had been any of the other Scoobies, Willow might've suspected that they wanted to make sure she didn't try to end the world again, but she couldn't believe that of Dawn. She knew, that of everyone, Dawn had understood why Willow had done what she'd done.

None of that stopped Willow from grieving over the failed relationship. Doubtlessly, in time, she would've gotten over it - Dawn would've helped - but once, in a fit of anger - Willow could never recall why - she had stormed out of the house, pushing Dawn aside as she did so.

For a time, Willow was surprised when Dawn didn't follow her out, but she assumed that Dawn had wanted to give her some space.

It was only when Willow returned home and saw Dawn sprawled at an unnatural angle that she realised what had happened. She must've accidentally magically increased her own strength - her pushing Dawn out of the way must've killed her.

Willow never meant to add Dawn's name to the monument.


Oddly enough, Buffy forgave Willow quite easily, although Willow never really forgave herself. Buffy remembered with excruciating clarity the moment when she thought she had killed Ted. She knew what a burden power could be.

Xander didn't find it nearly so easy. He still hadn't fully gotten over Anya's death. He couldn't cope with the loss of the person who had once had him as the object of their first crush, of a person who he had felt was a kind of younger sister to him.

So Xander descended into drink, like his parents before him. He lost his carpentry job, and the numerous interventions by his friends never quite caught hold. He would've descended into poverty, but his friends supported him.

On the second anniversary of Dawn's death, Xander had had enough. He had nothing to live for but the bottom of the next bottle, he was nothing but a drain on his friends.

So, one night, Xander took a sledge hammer from the toolbox he had never brought himself to get rid off, found the nearest vampire den and went to kill as many of them as he could.

Judging by the amount of ash the Slayers later found around his mutilated body, and the quickly evacuated building, it could be supposed that he killed rather a lot of them. Enough, at any rate, that they had had to kill him rather than turn him.

And so it was that Xander's name joined the others on the monument.


At that point, Willow disappeared. No one knew where she had gone, but her name wasn't on the monument, so she couldn't be dead.


Six months later, when the Slayer Organization found that Ethan Rayne was stirring up trouble in Egypt, Robin and his wife Faith were dispatched, along with a small squadron of Slayers, to sort out the problem.

Apparently Ethan had decided to stop playing around, as he had in Sunnydale. The head of every Slayer that had been sent to Egypt was mailed to every outpost of the Slayer Orgainization around the world. Except for Faith's and Robin's.

It was later discovered that an unnamed female had been shot by police after she had thrown a knife clean through another man's head. A day later, a black man was found dead in his room with his throat torn out.

Apparently Ethan had left a trap, in the event of his death.

So it was that Faith and Robin Wood had their names inscribed together on the monument.


Eight months later, Willow reappeared, briefly. She wasn't alone. It seemed as though she'd spent the time tracking down and re-ensouling a certain vampire seer. Willow never explained why she had - in fact, she isolated herself from the world, and took Drusilla with her. Drusilla, now with a soul and slightly less insane, seemed perfectly happy with the arrangement.


A year and six months passed after that, without any mishap. The Slayer Organization ran smoothly, apocalypses were averted. It seemed as though the curse that had plagued them might be ended.

Then Giles became ill. Terminally so. It transpired that he had been for some time, but he hadn't wanted to trouble anyone with it. He remembered full well how Buffy had reacted over her mother's illness, and he'd be damned if he put the woman who was as a daughter to him through that again.

Eventually, however, he couldn't hide it any longer. Buffy came - Willow even came out of isolation, although Drusilla didn't come - and they stayed until the Watcher drew his final breath.

Thus it was that Giles had his name added to the monument.


Buffy, beleaguered by the troubles of running a global organization more or less single handed, found herself deferring more and more to those Slayers that had survived Sunnydale alongside her.

Fourteen months after Giles' death, Buffy didn't come in to work one day. After a great deal of searching, Slayers found that Buffy had visited a green skinned demon before vanishing. Lorne refused to reveal what he had seen when Buffy had sang for him. He'd suffered too much heartache to want to spread it around.


Buffy came back seven months later, and she wasn't alone. She managed to coax both Willow out of her retirement - and Drusilla had come too, because she certainly wasn't going to leave Willow - and she'd even managed to track down Oz from his supremly isolated quarters high in the Himalayas.

Buffy was happier than she had been for months - years - (which wasn't saying much) and both Oz and Willow began to take pleasure in living life again.


Of course, it couldn't last. It was only a few months later that Bringers began showing up. The first the Slayers knew about it was when Lorne's name appeared on the monument. Apparently they had silenced him because of something he had seen.

All across the world, Slayers began to be killed. And not just Slayers. Riley Finn also had his name added to the monument. Not just by Bringers, although they did their fair share. It seemed as though something was working hard to keep the Slayers off balance and stop them from coordinating with each other.

Which meant that The First Evil was back.


It was Willow who found the solution, although she told no one but Buffy and Oz what it was.

No one quite knew what happened to them. But their names were entered on the monument, so they must be dead. And the attacks stopped, so it must've worked.

That was three days ago.


Now, one of the few still living who had been in Sunnydale - most of the Slayers who had survived didn't make it through The First's second onslaught - sat cross-legged in the moonlight in front of the monument.

Everyone that Drusilla had ever loved had their names written on that monument. Perhaps, when the sun rose in a few hours, she would see them again.

The End

You have reached the end of "Monument". This story is complete.

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