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The Shadows Of Another Life

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Summary: Halloween changes everything for two members of the Scooby gang and forces the Mayor to try and deal with them, his solution however only makes the situation worse for him and he has to make even more dangerous choices to counter his mistake.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Final FantasyRazialFR18310,2853157,31030 Jan 1318 Feb 13No

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

(Ethan’s shop)

Ethan knelt and was dressed in a robe he wore over his normal everyday clothes, glancing at the clock he smiled and his eyes closed as he began to chant the first parts of the spell needed to turn everyone, who bought costumes from him, into those very characters the costumes were based on. His eyes snapped open and he stared at the bust of Janus, the god of chaos and doors. The bust was the focus of the spell he was casting and while it remained intact so would his spell. He could hardly wait for the fun to begin. Ripper, he was sure, would pick up on the commotion his spell would cause and bring him right to him.

Then he and his old friend would have their long delayed reunion, finally they would have it out for what happened all those years ago. As he chanted the final verses of his spell he felt a powerful wench in his gut, he let out a groan as the spell took far more power than he had believed would be needed and fell to the floor. He blinked a few times as he felt completely drained, but he was satisfied because the spell had been completed and it had worked. He could already hear the screams outside as people began to transform- Janus would obviously be pleased by his offering this night.



Xander was leading his group of kids down Wilmslow Drive when he was struck by an intense pain that seemed to sear through his body. He collapsed to his knees so overwhelmed he couldn’t hear the rest of the kids scream as they transformed as well. He couldn’t hold in an agonizing scream as his nervous system was overloaded and he briefly passed out. While he was passed out he failed to notice the fake Materia begin to glow as each was infused with the magic and power they would have had they been real. His sword also glowed as the magic of Ethan’s spell transformed it into a real blade. His body changed as well under the effects of Etan’s spell and became stronger and far more athletic. The body of what used to be Xander Harris groaned as he regained consciousness and stood up, the most startling transformation was now visible and that was his eyes. His brown eyes now glowed with Mako infusion, the sign of SOLDIER, Shinra’s elite troops.

Cloud Strife absently grabbed his sword and stood up. He had no idea where he was, but only one thought filtered into his mind and that was to find Tifa. The last thing he recalled was having supper with Tifa, Denzel and Marlene before going to bed. He had made love with Tifa before she fell asleep in his arms. He had watched her for a while before following her into the arms of Morpheus.

‘Where is she?’ he wondered as he looked around his surroundings.

Things between him and Tifa were at their best now that he had put the demons of his past behind him. The fight against the Sephiroth remnants had helped him free himself from the guilt that had been eating away at him and causing him to drift further and further away from Tifa and their self-made family. Breaking away from his thoughts he finally took a good look around himself, and realized he didn’t recognize the town he was in. He also finally noted the multiple creatures running loose through the streets, dropping into a combat stance he prepared for a fight as two of the creatures headed straight for him.

One street down from him was where Cordelia had been with her group of kids, she collapsed as soon as the spell struck. She let out a scream of pain as her body underwent its change, her body was infused with the ability to use the Materia that now began to glow as it too was transformed and infused with power and magic. Her body became more toned and athletic and her hair darkened to black, she quickly passed out from the shock of the transformation as the kids in her group completed their own transformations and began to run loose. Tifa Lockhart groggily got onto her feet as she regained consciousness, she had a slight headache but it quickly faded. She quickly realized she wasn’t where she had been before she fell asleep. She wasn’t in Cloud’s arms as she should be. She also realized the town she was in was unlike anything she had seen before. The howl of monsters caused her to drop into a fighting stance as she realized this town was overrun with things she didn’t recognize. She was just glad she had her combat knuckles with her.

A block away Willow and Oz both collapsed screaming in pain as the transformations struck them, while Oz was already a Werewolf the transformation turned him into a completely new species of his kind as well as a hybrid of both Werewolf and Vampire. He felt more power than he had ever believed possible, he blacked out for a few seconds as the transformation completed. Willow’s transformation was harder as she had nothing to help her fight the pain of being transformed into a vampire, thankfully for her she wasn’t turned into the demonic vampire she had been fighting since meeting Buffy. She was now the first of a new breed of vampires, with greater strength, speed and agility. When the pain stopped it wasn’t Willow who stood up but the vampire Death Dealer Selene. She quickly began looking around for her Lycan hybrid lover Michael. Pulling her machine pistols from their holsters she ran into the chaos around her. Michael Corvin also ran once he woke up from whatever had happened to him. He didn’t recognize where he was, but he knew he had to find Selene at any cost.


(Ethan’s shop)

Ethan looked out of his window and smiled as he watched the utter chaos that was invading Sunnydale, monsters of all kind ran amok along with a host of characters from many T.V, Movie and Game series. This had to rank up as one of his greatest achievements. Such a shame Ripper and the rest of his old crew were not here to see it, he was certain they would enjoy it. But then Ripper was at least in town, he just hoped he took note of what was now befalling the town he now lived in.

“Janus, bask in my tribute to you,” he muttered as he turned and headed to the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea, it would be some time before Ripper tracked him down he was sure. ‘Might as well get comfortable,’ he thought.



Cloud didn’t wait for the two monsters to attack, he charged forward and jumped right over them avoiding been hit by their claws. As soon as he landed he swung his sword and twisted around catching the first of the two down its back, it roared in pain which he quickly silenced as he reversed his swing and took its head off. The second monster struck him with its tail and sent him flying backwards, but using the speed of the attack he managed to land on his feet and attacked again. The monster avoided his first attack, but he managed to catch it with his second, as it reared back in pain he unleashed an ice attack from his Materia selection and watched as the beast dropped dead. Glancing around he wondered what kind of beast these things were, they were unlike anything he had seen before.

‘What in the world is going on?’ he wondered as he examined the monsters he had slain. ‘Where am I?’ he asked himself as he got back to his feet.

A scream from somewhere close by started him running, he knew it couldn’t be Tifa, as she wouldn’t scream in such a manner. But something inside him forced him to check it out, placing his sword into the holder on his back he forced himself to run as fast as he could.

Tifa heard the scream as well and moved to finish the fight she was in with a beast of some sort of monster. She didn’t’ recognize it, but she was able to fight it without too much effort. The beast attacked again, but a hard kick to its chest followed by a combination of blows sent it backwards. This allowed her to jump upwards and land a hard driving kick into its head knocking it out cold. She then twisted on her feet and ran towards the scream, she had to find out how she got wherever it was she was and then how to get back home. Cloud, by now, would have noticed her absence and would be searching for her. Unless she thought as she came to a halt Cloud had been brought here too. That thought boosted her spirit and she resumed running, if he was here then she had to find him.

Selene opened fire on the beasts charging her, they were not vampires of that she was certain, but they were attacking her and thus she had to kill them. However the smaller creatures turned and ran from her at the sound of her guns, which confused her. It was like they were afraid of the noise; the bigger monsters fell to her bullets. She took down several before the remaining ones turned and fled, she quickly reloaded and took a minute to try and figure out where she was. Last she remembered she was talking to Alexander Corvinus alongside Michael, now she was somewhere completely different. She clearly wasn’t in Hungary anymore, no it looked like she was in America, but that couldn’t be. America was the home of the New Coven, where Amelia had ruled from before her untimely demise at the hands of the Lycan’s. Not that Amelia hadn’t deserved her death, like Viktor she had a hand in starting the whole war that had consumed so many. She more than likely agreed with Viktor’s choice to butcher her entire family, so to keep the secret of where William was imprisoned.

‘How did I get here?’ she thought as she held tightly to her guns. And more importantly to her, ‘Where is Michael?’ she wondered.

Turning she walked off down the street with her trench coat flapping behind her, she intended to find out who brought her here and then ensure they sent her back to Michael. Getting back to her lover was all that mattered to her, hearing a scream she decided to investigate and headed in the direction it had come from.

Michael set off running as soon as he heard the scream, his hybrid body making him run all the faster. He avoided the other monsters in the streets; his only concern was to find Selene. How he could have suddenly appeared here was beyond him, but he intended to get back to Selene anyway possible. Someone had to be behind this, some kind of plan to separate him and Selene and that meant they were both in danger. But no matter how much he had changed since getting involved with Selene, one thing had not changed and that was his desire to help people. It was that aspect of his character that had first caught Selene’s attention when they met in the subway tunnel. He still found it amazing how much his life had changed since that event.

The body of Buffy Summers ran screaming in terror at the things she saw around her, things that shouldn’t and didn’t exist in the world she had known. Beasts and monsters of all kinds surrounded her, even strange metal contraptions moving down the roads terrified her beyond belief. She continued to scream, wishing to be back home in her manor surrounded by her father’s servants and guards. ‘Where was she and how did she get here?’ she asked herself again and again. Was this a nightmare or was it actually happening? She didn’t know and that just scared her even more.

A growl brought her up short and she stopped running and looked up, before her was a huge looking creature with eyes that were pitch black. It was looking down at her with what she could almost describe as a demented smile on its face. She began to back off until she noted she couldn’t retreat as there was a smaller monster behind her. She was trapped; she let out an even louder scream which caused both beasts to winch in pain.

Both monsters were in fact real demons; they had come out to inspect the chaos going on and had run across the Slayer. At first they were going to flee, that is until they realized the Slayer was acting very much unlike herself. It had been simple for them to conclude she had fallen to whatever was affecting everyone else who was dressed funny, they had decided to kill her and remove the annoying bitch who had killed so many of their brethren. They would earn themselves the honor of finally removing the one Slayer who seemed impossible to kill and who had killed so many famous names among the vampire and demon communities.

Just as the bigger of the two demons tried to jump at the terrified Slayer, Cloud appeared with a kick to its face that sent it stumbling backwards. Pulling his sword from its holster on his back he dropped into a combat stance, the girl kept screaming much to his annoyance. The smaller of the demons jumped forward as it saw the new threat. It hoped to get the Slayer before the warrior could react, but his attack was interrupted as something hot and painful ripped through him. He collapsed to the ground screaming in agony as the sensation of being shredded continued. He finally managed to see a woman with flaming red hair firing two pistols at him. Bullets it knew didn’t kill demons, but like with vampires they hurt like hell, but these bullets hurt worse than anything else it had felt in its life.

The girl who had once been the Slayer looked for a way to escape the madness she had wandered into, monsters and warriors surrounded her and there seemed to be no way out. The big demon jumped at her again, but her savior somehow put it back to the ground with some kind of magic, her eyes opened wide as she watched lightening pound the demon. The demon struggled to escape the attack that now rained down on it, pain unlike any it had felt before cursed through it. Cloud quickly followed the lightening magic with a straight thrust with his sword through the things brain. Its black blood splattered the ground as it died. Cloud quickly turned to the other monster only to see a young woman with flaming red hair snap its neck. Lowering his sword, but refusing to put it away, he moved to see if the girl who kept screaming was ok, she backed away from him right into the red headed girl who quickly grabbed her.

“No, no let me go,” the girl screamed as she struggled to escape.

“Shut it, we just saved your life,” Selene snapped heatedly. “The least you could do is say thank you,” she added.

The girl stopped struggling as she slowly realized that maybe these two people were not going to harm her, and she belatedly thought the girl had a point she should say thank you. “Thank you for saving me,” she said timidly.

“See that wasn’t so hard was it?” Selene responded. “I’m Selene, who are you?” she introduced herself and then waited for them to do the same.

“My name is Cloud, I don’t understand how I got here or where here actually is,” Cloud said as he finally put his sword back in its holster.

“I’m Lady Elizabeth Jenkins, and I do not recognize anything here,” the girl spoke up. “I was home in my bedroom getting ready for my birthday party, and then I was here surrounded by monsters and demons,” she explained. “I first thought it was a nightmare but, I think I am really here,” she stated.

“You’re here girl, but it seems none of us are where we are supposed to be,” Selene shot back.

“We have bigger problems I’m afraid,” Cloud said as he quickly pulled his sword and began to look around them.

Selene pulled her guns as she realized while they were talking, more demons had begun to surround them. Why they were being targeted she didn’t know, maybe it was due to them killing the two from before. Her nostrils flared as the stink of so many demons reached her; this wasn’t going to be as easy as before. Cloud too was thinking the same thing, he had only one Materia that could take out so many enemies, but with so many people running around in panic it was too dangerous to use unless there was no other way. The demons charged at the same time, eager to kill those who had killed their pack mates. Selene raised her guns to fire just as Cloud prepared to leap into the fray, while Elizabeth turned to flee.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Shadows Of Another Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Feb 13.

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