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Following Monsieur M’s Advice

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This story is No. 41 in the series "Life (And Unlife) In Sunnydale". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Decidedly AU for the last few tv episodes. What if after the vineyard disaster, the Potentials decided to do something much more logical than mutinying against Buffy and selecting Faith as their new leader?

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > General(Current Donor)ManchesterFR1574,62005716,5653 Feb 136 Feb 13Yes

Chapter Two

At the abrupt gape of real horror she’d just received from Buffy, Faith hastened to add, “Naw, naw, not dead or anythin’ like that! They just took off, alla ‘em. A van rented by, lessee, right, Kennedy, came by ‘bout a half-hour ago and picked up the whole bunch. They had all their stuff with ‘em -- what there was of it -- and just ‘fore Kennedy walked outta here to get in the van, she handed me a letter. They left then, and after I called in everyone, we’ve been readin’ her letter since. Well, it was written by pretty much alla ‘em--”

It was at that point when Buffy shrieked in astonished fury at Faith, “Why the hell didn’t you stop them from leaving?”

Faith glowered at Buffy. She sneered, “What was I s’posed to do? Grab each and every one by their collars, toss ‘em in the basement with Spike, and nail shut the door there to keep the girls from escapin’? Get real! This ain’t a prison, B, even if it sure as fuck feels like it at times!”

Shooting an incandescent glare at her unimpressed friend/enemy/second-in-command, Buffy wheeled around to angrily address the other Scoobies. “Why are you just sitting there? Get up! We’ve got to bring them back here--”

This time, she was interrupted by Giles’ firm tone, “I don’t feel that will be in any way possible, Buffy. Their decision to depart from Sunnydale and never return appears to be sincerely adamant.”

After saying this, the Englishman seated in his armchair held up a fairly thick stack of paper sheets completely filled out with numerous examples of feminine handwriting. “Each of the Potentials joined in with the others to list their own individual reasons for refusing to further engage in our clash with the First Evil. There seems to be a consensus covering several particular topics--”

“Who cares?!” Buffy impatiently broke in.

She continued to lecture the entire room beginning to develop a rather hostile attitude towards the ranting Los Angeles native, “It doesn’t matter what they think, they’ve got to fight! Wils, move your butt and start getting your mojo ready to find and haul the Potentials back here, by the scruff of their necks, if necessary!” The Slayer finished off this imperious demand with an actual, insistent snap of her fingers.

Seated next to Xander on their couch, Willow’s mouth fell open at being treated so brusquely.

A genuine spark of displeasure glinting in her eyes, the witch nevertheless restrained herself to decisively say, “Buffy, it’s really important you read the letter first. We all did, and even if it was kind of…rude at times, there’s a lot of things in there which made sense when we discussed them. Like, um, after so many years together in Sunnydale fighting against the regular Big Bads, there might be a few minor side-effects for all of us regarding our near-constant stressful lives here.”

“Huh?” managed Buffy, looking totally baffled after hearing such a perplexing note of caution from Willow.

Grinning widely as if Christmas had come early, Faith delivered with the utmost satisfaction in her voice, “What Red’s tryin’ to tell ya, B, the baby Slayers put down in their l’il love note to the Scoobies and mosta all you, that right now, they think every one a’ ya are for sure crazier ’n a shithouse rat!”
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