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2013 FFAs

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Summary: All FFA all the time. Always short, usually sassy, sometimes sweet, occasionally silly...

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Buffy Meets Aro

FFA 2013

Title: Buffy Meets Aro

Summary: Aro thought Buffy would make a nice addition to his “collection.” Buffy disagreed. Aro may not live to regret that.

Disclaimer: Since these are miscellaneous FFAs, the disclaimer will likely change with each one. Hopefully, I will get them right, but please let me know if I get mixed up. For this one: Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer and, of course, BtVS & AtS belong to Joss Whedon.

FFA: Buffy/Aro (Twilight)

The burn was finally receding from my limbs when I heard them turn down his request for death. I didn't know who he was, but really, I only cared because it was something to focus on besides the pain that was now localized in my chest. I knew what was happening to me: I was becoming a Vampire. It wasn't the 'they suck my blood, I suck their blood, I die, lose my soul and dig my way out of my grave a couple of nights later' kind of change. No, it was infinitely more painful, but I still felt like my soul was intact. I didn't know which was worse—not having a soul when killing someone or having a soul and doing it anyway. I hoped I wouldn't have to find out. They wouldn't go against Aro's command that I be turned and, even as a Slayer, they had eventually overpowered me. I took a couple of them out, but there were just too many.

The old guy, Marcus, didn't think it was a good idea to change me. He looked at me with sad eyes when his brothers disagreed with him. The blond one, Caius, was little more than a child physically, and mentally, it seemed. He had some impulse control issues that I was going to have to remedy before he died. And, he would die for what he did to me. I forgave Spike because he learned and changed, but I knew Caius had no ability to change so I would teach him what happens when you violate a Slayer.

I had managed to keep relatively quiet during my change, so none of them were aware when it was finally over. I was in the tower, far enough away that they couldn't hear my heartbeat—or lack of one now. I, on the other hand, could hear everything. My Slayer hearing had already been better than average and now, as both Vampire and Slayer, I could hear a butterfly's wings a mile away. I heard clearly when Aro sent first Felix and Dmitri and then Jane out after the Vampire who had wanted to die. It seemed he would be getting his wish after all.

This was my moment. The tower guards were easily dispatched. I would have to burn them all later, but for now, keeping their dismembered pieces in separate rooms would have to do. Alec was the first of the Volturi guard to die. That was necessary so I could achieve my goal without him cutting off all of my senses again. Chelsea took one look at me and fled. Apparently, her ability to bind the Volturi guard together had no sway over herself. No matter. One by one, I dispatched the Vampires in the room until the only ones left were the three 'brothers.' Although I couldn't seem to get near her physically, Aro's personal guard, Renata, was finally felled when I threw another Vampire's torso at her with enough force to shatter both of them. That was when Caius started begging. I immobilized him quickly by ripping his legs off. I would get back to him later. Marcus turned kind eyes on me and actually thanked me before I tore his head off. If there had been one that I wish I could have saved, it would have been him.

Aro was trying to find a way to outrun me, but that wasn't going to happen. I was always right in front of him wherever he turned. With one well placed punch, I cracked his spine. It would take a few minutes to heal and that gave me enough time to teach Caius the lesson I had been planning. He watched as I burned the offensive appendage before I stuffed it down his own throat and lit him on fire as well. The only one left was Aro when the doors opened again.

The fire had spread, but I could see the newcomers plainly. Instead of one Vampire, there were two and a human who made my throat burst into flames. I pushed back that impulse. I was stronger than the thirst. I would always be stronger than the thirst. Felix, Dmitri and Jane were with them. I knew I only had a moment before they would get over their shock, so I had to act quickly.

I pulled Aro up into a kneeling position and leaned around to whisper in his ear, "Still want a Slayer for your collection?" Without waiting for a response, I tore his head off and threw it onto the fire. I leveled the three remaining guards with a deadly glare as I stalked across the room. I picked up Alec's head and tossed it to his twin.

She caught it and shrieked in anguish, failing to notice that I was still advancing on her. She had just begun to use her power against me when I crushed her throat in one hand.

I remembered Felix and Dmitri. They had followed Aro's orders, but they had been kind to me as long as it did not go against Aro's directive; I would give them a chance. I turned toward them and said, "Aro chose poorly. You have another chance to make a better decision. What will you do?"

The two guards looked at each other for a quick moment before they both dropped to one knee in front of me.
"My lady," Dmitri said, "We are yours to command."

"Good choice," I told them darkly.

The newcomers were starting to edge away from me. The male tried to hide the human from my view. The sound of her heartbeat caused the fire in my throat make itself known again, but I resolved myself not to give in.

I looked them up and down and saw that their eyes weren’t the red I thought I would find. Before I had the chance to ask why, the male Vampire spoke up.

"It's because we don't feed on humans," he told me. "Our eyes are gold because we feed on animal blood."

Good to know I can get by on that until Willow figures out a way for me to survive on mochachinos, I thought.

The male Vampire snorted and I looked at him quizzically. Dmitri stepped forward and spoke to me, "Edward can read minds, my lady."

"Which would be why the headless wonder over there wanted you for his collection," I guessed aloud.
Edward nodded to me. He was still on edge. I didn't know why. I hadn't attacked him or his two companions. I looked at him and asked him silently, 'What's the what?'

"I don't understand what's happened here," Edward admitted. "You are clearly a newborn, and can cause an incredible amount of destruction, but you don't seem to be out of control."

"Yeah, guess you've never met a Vampire Vampire Slayer before," I told him. "Now, tell me more about what you hunt. Please don't tell me I'm going to have to kill Bambi's mother."

I walked over to the stairs and with one solid tug, pulled Marcus’ throne off the dais. His was the only chair I could stand to sit on. I carried it down the stairs and set it on the ground. As I passed Aro and Caius’ chairs, I kicked them over, grinning in satisfaction as they broke into pieces. I plopped down into Marcus’ chair before turning my attention toward Dmitri and Felix, "Somebody get a table and some chairs in here.” Inspiration struck me, “A round table would be good if you can find one.”

As the pair of guards scurried off to do my bidding, I glanced at the human girl who was trying to see around her Vampire protector. He still seemed to be on edge about something and his companion had a look of frustration on her face…or maybe it was constipation. Could Vampires get constipated? Wait, focus Buffy, I told myself. I shook my head, remembering what was eluding me a moment ago: Right, human…human needs. “And tell the receptionist to order a pizza. We have a human to feed. And so help me, if anyone so much as thinks of biting her, I’ll pull out your teeth and burn them one by one.”

When Dmitri and Felix returned, less than thirty seconds after I gave the order, I told them, “Things are going to be different around here. I suggest you take notes. There will be a quiz later."

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