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A Brave New World

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Summary: No good deed goes unpunished. (Fairy Tail Crossover)

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Chapter One

A Brave New World

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fairy Tail or anything else other than the plot.

Summary: No good deed goes unpunished.

A/N: A while back I grew tired of -Naruto- being destroyed by the worlds first and most rabid Uchiha Sasuke fan boy and went looking for a new manga to enjoy. Now this was not the first time this happened. That fan boy has been pissing me off for a long, looong time. But the first time that happened I found -Hunter x Hunter- a manga that I recommend... at least until the end of the Greed Island Arc. The art gets weird after that, for some reason. Anyway, this time I found -Fairy Tail-. I'll be honest with you. With a name like that I almost skipped over it in search of something more my style. I'm so glad I didn't. It starts with the perfect mix of violence, humor and hot girls in skimpy outfits. Then it just keeps getting more and more awesome with every issue. You can guess what happened next, right? Damn plot bunny! I tried killing it with fire but the furry little bastard just laughed at me, so I put away my flamethrower and here we are. Enjoy.

A/N: Apparently there is no Fairy Tail category on Twisting The Hellmouth. If this bugs you please write a Fairy Tail crossover, even if it is a small ficlet. Maybe the moderators will rectify the problem. Thank you.

The sun was shinning, the birds were singing and a young man was laying on the ground in a rather uncomfortable position.

"Ohhh... what hit me?" asked Xander Harris as he opened his eyes. "And where the hell am I?" he wondered looking around. "This is definitely not my bedroom."

Around him Xander saw green grassy fields, tall trees and a mountain off in the distance.

"All right, time to get up." With a groan Xander tried to get to his feet, "Come on, you can do it," but started to feel dizzy and, with a grunt, went right back down, "No, no you can't."

"New plan, I'm going to stay right here until the world stops spinning," he muttered closing his eyes and patting the ground. "Yup, I like that plan."

Almost against his will, Xander's mind went back over the events that lead him here.

Tara's senseless murder, Willow's grief that soon became rage, quickly followed by her descent into black magic and her brutal revenge.

Xander Harris had seen some terrible things in his short life, things no one should ever see, but seeing his oldest and dearest friend killing Warren in such a vicious manner - regardless of how much the bastard deserved to die - shook him to the core.

That should have been the end of it but things only seemed to get worse.

When Willow had her vengeance and the rage faded, all that was left was pain.

When Willow went to Kingman's Bluff to end the world Xander raced after her, not to save the world but to save his friend.

Xander placed himself between Willow and the statue of the demon and took her attacks, not to save the world but to save his friend.

Her magic cut his flesh and cracked his ribs, but he ignored the pain, focusing on trying to get through to his friend.

Xander felt her magic pulsing across his body and knew something was wrong, but he ignored his fear and told Willow he loved her.

Even as Willow fell to her knees, breaking into tears and he took his friend into his arms, Xander felt the magic run through his body like liquid fire.

He smiled as her hair turned from black to the familiar red color, even as the urge to scream in pain became almost unbearable.

Placing a kiss on her head, Xander rose to his feet and took a few unsteady steps away from Willow.

Looking at his friend he tried to say something comforting, or at least something funny, but the world seems to twist and go dark.

The last thing he saw was the shocked look on her face.

"Willow..." With a sigh, Xander once again tried to get to his feet. Rolling over he got to his knees and, taking a deep breath, he slowly stood up.

"All right let's see, two arms, two legs, ten fingers, ten toes and... yup, little Xan and his two friends are all there," he said pulling his pants back up after a quick check.

'Now let's figure out where I am, because this is not SunnyD.' Turning until the mountain was to his right, he started walking. 'I get the feeling this is not even California.'

Xander had been walking for what seemed like hours, searching for signs of civilization.

'No power lines, no cell phone towers, no candy wrappers on the ground... where the hell am I?' His stomach rumbled. 'What I wouldn't do for a Twinkie right about now.'

'The sun is going down, I better find some shelter before it gets dark.' Looking around he saw plenty of trees, but nothing that would offer much shelter at night. 'There's got to be a camping ground or a hunting cabin around here somewhere.' A sudden cold wind made him shiver. 'Right now I would take a cave... preferably a bear free cave.'

After walking for another hour or so, always keeping the mountain in the distance to his right to avoid going in circles, he saw something.

'Is that a...YES!' Now running, Xander shouted. "A road! Thank God, Santa Clause, Playboy and Hostess, the holy provider of Twinkies, a road!"

As he came closer, his joy faded. "A small road, a small dirt road." He stopped running at the edge of the so called road, which turned out to be little more than a trail between the trees. 'All right, so it's not a highway and getting out of here won't be as simple as hailing a taxi.' He looked both ways in search of vehicles. 'I'm sure plenty of... tractors pass by.' Running a hand through his hair, Xander eloquently summarized the situation. "Crap."

'Should I keep walking? There could be a farm around here. But what if somebody drives by?' Looking to the horizon he saw the sun was almost setting. 'I'll wait twenty minutes then I have to keep moving.'

Sitting on a rock by the side of the road, Xander looked down the road while trying to ignore the growl from his empty stomach and the dropping temperature.

'Dammit, it's been half an hour and the sun is setting, I have to keep moving while I can still see where I'm going.'

Standing, Xander stretches his arms above his head and looks around. 'This outdoors stuff is not for me, I'll take a comfy sofa any day.'

Walking down the road Xander starts to daydream about finding a welcoming farmhouse. 'Yeah, with a nice couple that will invite me for dinner -a big home cooked meal- and a cute daughter who will bake me chocolate chip cookies... Hearing a growling noise, Xander looks down. "Quiet you," he says to his stomach.

Hearing another growl Xander realizes it's not his stomach. 'It's coming from behind me!' Turning around, he spots movement up the road. His first instinct is to scream hey, over here but Xander Harris was born and raised on the Hellmouth, where he spent years fighting all kinds of monsters. He lived through both the yearly Apocalypse and High School. His survival instinct was razor sharp and it was currently screaming at him.

Xander quickly ran off the road and hid behind a tree. 'All right, I'm far enough from the road that whatever it is can't see me, but when it gets closer I should be able to see it. Xander waited a moment for his hart to slow down and started to check his pockets for weapons, only to came up empty. 'Of course, I didn't take any weapons with me to Kingman's Bluff, I could never hurt Willow...'

Shaking his head to clear it from painful thoughts, Xander looked around for a weapon. 'That fallen tree branch could make a half decent staff, but I would have to go out into the open to get it. Let's call that Plan C.' By his feet he found a rock the size of an orange. 'Plan B, if whatever is out there attacks, I'll wait until it gets close and then trow this rock at its head. If it's still a threat I'll get the tree branch to finish it of.' He turned his attention back to the road. 'Plan A, be very quiet and hope whatever it is just passes me by.'

It was getting darker by the minute and he still couldn't see it, but from the sounds it was definitely a large animal. From the growling it was safe to say it was a predator of some kind. Xander lamented his luck. 'It's never a fluffy bunny or a cute puppy.'

Soon, there where other sounds, the kind you did not expect to find with a predator. Man made sounds. 'What's going on?' he wondered. 'Maybe some locals are hunting it.'

Then he saw it. 'What the hell is that thing?' It looked like a wolf, if wolfs were the size of horses. 'There is no way that is a normal wolf. It's bigger than Oz around the full moon!' The wolf had a leather harness connected to a carriage by chains. 'They are using that monster to pull that thing?'

Before Xander could question these peoples sanity, he got a better look at the carriage. It had four wheels, not rubber tires but actual wheels made entirely of wood. The carriage itself however, was made up of several metal bars forming a rectangular frame. 'It's a cage,' he realized.

Walking alongside the carriage were four men armed with spears and wood clubs. 'Unusual weapons, still they could be hunters that captured the wolf as a pup... and then fed it Super Grow Wolf Food™?' Xander sarcastically asked himself.

As the carriage drew near Xander began to see shapes moving around inside the cage. 'Please god, let it be animals,' he prayed. His luck held true to form when the carriage, passing between a large gap in the trees, crossed the last rays of the setting sun. 'People. Of course, they couldn't be hunters coming back with some live prey or some traveling circus transporting a couple of lions or another hundred different perfectly innocent things. It just had to be a group of armed men transporting people in a cage pulled by a giant wolf.

'What should I do? I'm not a cop.' That never stopped you before

'These guys are human, not vampires or demons.' That doesn't matter

'For all I know the people in the cage are criminals.' You don't believe that

Xander continued to argue with his conscious while trying to decide what to do. Then the decision was made for him. Inside the cage someone was moving towards the back, specifically towards the door.

'What the... are they picking the lock?' He got his answer when the door flew open and someone jumped out. The guards reacted quickly but were too busy stopping anyone else from escaping out the wide open door to immediately give chase.

The lock picker turned turned out to be a teenage girl with long blue hair in a pony tail and she was quickly running away from her captors. As luck would have it, she was running in his general direction.

'Oh joy, she's coming right at me. This is none of my business,' Xander tries to convince himself as he sees two men, armed with clubs, begin to run after the girl. 'She doesn't need my help, she'll be fine,' he tells himself as a third man, armed with a spear, joins the chase.

'I'm going to stay right here and when they are gone, I'll start walking the other way.' The girl trips on something and stumbles to her knees. As the girl tries to untangle her foot, she looks up and for a moment their eyes meet. Xander can see her eyes widening in surprise and then her expression changes to a silent plea for help. 'This is not my fight.'

The blue haired girl manages to free her foot and get back up but her pursuers have gained on her. 'This is not my fight.' The closest of her pursuers is almost upon her. The man waves his club above his head and grins in anticipation. The third man raises his spear, preparing to throw it at the girls back.

'This is not my... ha, who am I kidding?' Xander jumps out from behind the tree, running to save the girl with only a half formed plan in his head, a rock in his hand and a grin on his face. 'Just like the good old days.'

With his left hand Xander picked up the fallen tree branch and as he closes in, raises his right hand. 'Here we go!'

The first sign that something was wrong was the third man getting hit in the face with a rock. At the sound of bones breaking the other two looked behind them to see the man fall, a spray of blood erupting from his face, his spear flying harmlessly over the girl. They turned back just in time for one to have his jaw shattered by a tree branch. As Xander saw his second target go down, unconscious before he hits the ground, he frowned at his now broken and useless tree branch. Looking at the last man -who is just now realizing that he is very much alone in the dark woods with a guy that took out two armed men- Xander's frown turned into a smirk. "Catch!" Xander says as he throws what's left of his weapon at the man's face, who instinctively raises his hands to protect his face, dropping his own weapon in the process. Grinning, Xander pulled his right foot back and kicked the man between his legs hard enough to make every male in the general area wince in sympathy. The right hook that knocked him out was an act of mercy.

Xander spared a grin at the gaping girl, absentmindedly making a note of her unusual golden eyes, before turning his gaze to the rest of the people locked in the carriage.

'There's only one guy left, I can take him.' Grabbing one of the clubs Xander runs to the carriage, hoping to get there before losing what's left of the element of surprise. The last man sees him and takes a step back, calling out to some one in a frantic tone of voice.

A tall man steps from behind the carriage, calmly walking towards the edge of the road like he has all the time in the world.

' Uh! How did I miss that guy?' Xander asks himself as he picks up speed.

The new arrival stops right at the edge of the road, facing the tree line, and seems content to wait for Xander to reach him.

In his long black coat and black cowboy hat, with the sun setting behind him, the man looks like someone out of a western.

'Who the hell does this guy think he is? Clint Eastwood?' Xander wonders.

When 'Clint' puts a cigarette in his mouth and lights a match on his belt buckle Xander has to admit. 'All right, that's a pretty good cowboy costume...'

The tall man pulls his coat back and the fading sun light shines off something on his hips.

'... right down to the six shooters!' Xander looks to both sides, searching for cover, but finds none. He's out of the tree line and his only chance is to reach 'Clint' before he pulls the trigger.

'That's what he was waiting for, to get me out in the open.' Xander realizes, running as fast as he can.

As the man places his right hand on one of his weapons Xander throws his club at him, hoping to buy some time.

He's too far away, his aim was off and worst of all, the man doesn't even flinch when the club flies by his head and slams into the metal bars with a clang.

Xander watched as the revolver was smoothly drawn from its holster and slowly raised until it was aimed right at him.

Just before the trigger was pulled Xander raised his arms in front of himself in an instinctive if futile attempt to protect himself. 'Oh shit, I'm gonna die!'

The next moment two surprising things happened. First, instead of a bullet, the revolver shot a bolt of lightening. Second, just before hitting Xander, the bolt of lightening changed course and hit a tree off to the side causing the trunk to explode.

Both Xander and the cowboy were surprised by this unexpected turn of events, if for different reasons.

Realizing this was not the time to question his luck Xander kept running and the cowboy kept shooting. Two more bolts of lightening suddenly changed course just before hitting Xander, destroying two more trees.

Just as Xander was beginning to believe he was going to live through this the cowboy drew his second weapon. Aiming both revolvers at Xander, the cowboy pulled the triggers.

Instead of lightening bolts two large fireballs shot out of the barrels, quickly combining into one massive fireball. Faced with the possibility of a fiery death, Xander decided he had pushed his luck enough for one day and jumped out of the way.

The seemingly ever growing fireball passed by far to close for Xander's comfort and exploded on impact somewhere behind him, sending him tumbling towards the road.

Struggling to his feet Xander saw the cowboy flip his revolver until he was holding it by the barrel. Before Xander could begin to wonder what he was doing the cowboy seemed to disappear in a blur and reappear right in front of him. 'Fast,' was all Xander had time to think before the cowboy hit him across the face with the butt of his gun.

Xander was knocked off his feet and had just enough time to see the blue haired girl vanish into the trees before a big leather boot came flying at his face.

In a dark underground chamber Xander Harris woke up screaming, "CLINTEASTWOOD!" Coughing up some blood he looked around, trying to get his bearings. He was in some dark stone room. From the tool marks on the walls, celling and even on the ground Xander was sure the room had been carved into the stone itself, like a man made cave. At some point metal bars were added to the only entrance, turning it into a makeshift prison cell. They looked sturdy and Xander was pretty sure he wouldn't be getting through them without some explosives or at least a couple of power tools. Witch made the fact that his arms were chained to the wall rather flattering, in a strange sort of way.

The only source of light was the fire from a hand full of torches on the walls. It was enough to see dozens of people huddled together. Man, women, even a few children, from all walks of life. A couple in simple clothing holding each other sat next to a woman wearing an expensive cocktail dress and a teenage boy in jeans and a t-shirt. The only thing these people had in common was the fear in their eyes.

Well that and the fact he was the only one chained to the wall.

They stayed away from him even though there was barely enough room for everyone. They kept glancing at him when they thought he wasn't looking, but quickly turned away when he looked at them. Were they afraid of him? Or...

"So, you are finally awake?"

Or were they afraid of sharing his fate?

Standing on the other side of the bars was the tall cowboy. He waited for Xander to look before speaking. "I was worried I had hit you too hard. I'm glad to see you recovering so quickly mister... Eastwood, is it?"

Xander looked at the cowboy, trying to figure out if the guy was screwing with him. "My name is not Eastwood," he said. "Do you really expect me to believe you were worried about me?" Xander inquired.

"Well, of course I was! I even went out of my way to ensure none of my men got their hands on you. After what you did to them, they really wanted some payback," he said with a smirk. "You should be thanking me."

'Yeah, that's gonna happen.' Resisting the urge to snort at the nerve of this guy Xander asked. "Why would you go out of your way to protect me from your own men?"

The cowboy smiled in a way that sent a chill up Xander's spine. "Well, isn't it obvious? I can't have those fools ruining the merchandise."

'Oh, I really don't like the sound of that,' Xander thought.

"Now don't get me wrong, I was going to kill you for helping that girl escape," he said. "Can you blame me? Mages are worth a lot of money, to the right people, and you did helped her escape."

'Mages? What the hell is this guy smoking?' Xander wondered.

"But then you came rushing at me, knocking my magic out of your way like it was nothing, and I figured some one would pay a lot of money for you. A lot more money than they would pay for that little girl, that's for sure. Say, what was that magic you used anyway? I've never seen or heard about something like that."

'Magic? I can't use magic! But I did stopped those lightning bolts from hitting me... somehow,' Xander mused.

"Not in a talking mood, eh? I can fix that," the cowboy said. For a minute it looked like he was going to walk into the cell and do just that, but then he reconsidered. "Nah, from what I've seen your magic is only good for defense but with such a strange magic it's better not to risk it. I'm sure whoever ends up buying you will have a lot of fun getting your secrets out of you. Who am I to spoil my clients fun, eh mister Eastwood?" he asked.

"My name is NOT Eastwood," Xander growled, trying to ignore the cold knot of fear growing in his stomach.

"You think that matters anymore?" the cowboy asked. "What your name is, where you came from, where you were going, none of that matters anymore. This was my last run. I have been keeping my slaves in this abandoned mine for weeks now and I'm ready to sell my stock. From this point on you are just another slave," he said walking away.

Xander wanted to scream, he wanted to wrap his hands around that bastards neck and squeeze the life out of him, but in the end he slumped back against the cold stone wall with a single thought echoing around in his head.

'No good deed goes unpunished.'

A/N: A cookie to the first person to correctly identify the magic used by Xander in this chapter.
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