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Summary: YAHF Xander dresses as a comic book hero from one of his dad's old comics.

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Chapter 2

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or Mutants and Masterminds, nor do I own the Meta-4 universe created by Green Ronin Publishing. Further I do not own Freedom Force that belongs to Irrational Games.

When last we left our heroes

Dawn had buckled Larry’s right knee and they had been split into groups with Professor Troll’s minions for the evening.

Now on to the story

Xander-being himself decided to give the kids some tips on scoring extra candy.

“Remember, to score extra candy tears are key. You can try the “You missed me routine.” But only go there for chocolate. Got it? Good. Onward for candy!” Xander screamed and the kids cheered following him.

Meanwhile in the lair of Ethan Rayne

“Janus evocati nuestum, pacem denaram corruptui ! Showtime!” Ethan cackled as he felt the mystic energy ripple outwards creating glorious chaos.

Near the high school

Protonik shook his head to clear the cobwebs, apparently his comrade in arms, Blazing Sun could hit much harder now than before his transformation into the Czar. This place seemed strange it didn’t feel like Arcadia, it seemed to be much more like the small towns that surrounded the science city.

Several blocks away

Ms. Moxie stood in a small town, it wasn’t Arcadia but it seemed more advanced. A creature growled at her and she chased after it ready to pummel her attacker.

Near the high school

Protonik took to the air, gazing out to see the world. Glances east and west told him he was not home. That there was no Burning Protectorate, that there was no Arcadia. Had he been somehow transported elsewhere while suffering the effects from the Czar’s strike? He heard a scream from a woman and sped off. No matter where he was, he was a hero; that meant he had a duty to save innocents. He landed in front of the woman screaming about a demon. Protonik looked around and saw only a car. Foolish American woman, sigh Russian women at least defended themselves, they were easier to protect.

Protonik interposed himself between the car and the woman. “You are safe for now. Is there a place I can take you where you will remain so?” he asked.

“Thank you sir knight! My father will reward you most handsomely.” Lady Useless said.

Da, this is one of those days when I wish this suit had pockets for vodka. Protonik thought.

Protonik helped the woman to her feet and guarded her until they came across a woman that was dressed in clothes unsuitable for a stay in the Motherland.

“Xander, good you found Buffy, now we need to figure out what happened….” Willow started

“Miss, you seem to be mistaken; my name is Protonik, not Xander.” Protonik said.

“Oh no you got affected too, we need to get to somewhere safe and then I can go find Giles. He’ll know what to do, we’ll go to Buffy’s house.” Willow said before running across the park to Revello Drive.

Da, pockets for vodka are the next thing I put into this suit. Protonik thought before escorting “Buffy” to the aforementioned house.

The girls were arguing over a picture that showed them together with some boy. Protonik cursed in Russian under his breath, stuck two fingers in his mouth and whistled; both girls stopped arguing.

“Enough banter, we will barricade the doors and windows. Then we will talk about where to go from there. Lady stay put on the couch, Ghost-Girl watch her.” Protonik said.

Grumbling under his breath about capitalist women, he proceeded to place furniture in front of doors at super-speed. Then he heard another female scream and he launched himself out of the window to save a woman in a cat-suit. He pulled her in the house and before he could get a word in edgewise Ghost-Girl started.

“Cordellia, you aren’t a cat…” she began.

“When did you go mental? This is torn thanks to Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy. Party-Town won’t give me my deposit back now!” Cat-Woman went on.

“Stop whining you capitalist woman and sit down while we discuss this.” Protonik said.

“Wow, when did Xander get the personality transplant?” Cordellia said.

“I do not know this Zander, I am PROTONIK!” Protonik yelled.

Just then Angel banged on the door. “Buffy, something’s happening Spike’s gathered some transformed children and is coming to get you!” he screamed.

“This is an ally Ghost-Girl?” Protonik asked.

“Yes, he is well kind of cryptic one but an ally.” Willow responded.

Protonik just shifted the furniture, enough to allow Angel passage.

“Come Comrade, we must plan how to stop this Spike.” Protonik said.

“Well, one person should know how to stop this: Giles. I’ll go get him.” Willow then ghosted towards the library.

Vodka, oh vodka save me from these capitalist women! Protonik thought exasperatedly.

Protonik heard a crash and looked towards the sound to see Angel struggling with a vampire.

He kept yelling for a stake and then his face changed. Protonik was unfazed, he had seen cursed mystic defenders before who had evil in their souls. What concerned him more was that had allowed the Noble Lady to run out of the house and into the streets.

He cursed because something was blocking his vision. So he turned to his struggling ally.

“Can you track her comrade? I cannot see her.” Protonik confessed.

“Yes, follow me!” Angel yelled as he followed her trail.

They finally caught up with the Noble Lady in the hands of Spike. Protonik or something else had enough and his Nuclear Vision flashed across the distance, sending Spike flying backwards.

Then the world swam and Protonik hit the ground.

A/N: This took longer to write than I thought. Do me a favor and drop me some more fuel for plots. I have ideas.
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