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Summary: YAHF Xander dresses as a comic book hero from one of his dad's old comics.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or Mutants and Masterminds, nor do I own the Meta-4 universe created by Green Ronin Publishing. Further I do not own Freedom Force that belongs to Irrational Games.

A/N: I’m going to go by the stats for Neutronik set forth in Crooks!

Xander was at an impasse, his fatigues were ruined. Age and his mother’s help didn’t bode well for camouflage. He didn’t have enough money to buy a mainstream hero costume and he still wanted something kind of heroic. With a shrug; he decided to let his mind wander so he could find some inspiration.

That’s when it came to him in a flash, he remembered hearing Uncle Rory and his dad discussing old comics before his dad fell into the bottle and Rory fell into taxidermy. It was whether Minuteman was a better hero than the hero Protonik, Protonik had nuclear powers and Minuteman was empowered by alien energy. In the end, it didn’t really matter because both comic companies failed within a week of each other.

Now if his dad hadn’t sold off his comic book collection for booze money it should still be in the cellar. Ah there it was, not in the wrapper, but at least it had a picture of Protonik. Xander glanced at the clock; just little over an hour and a half before the Napoleonic Nazi started issuing detentions.

So Xander hurried and put the costume together with enough time to collect his female compatriots. Dashing down the streets, Xander let his mind drift, beginning to assemble a story. Protonik was going to the lair of Professor Troll with his stalwart companions, Lady Power and Crimson Mind.

Xander stopped in front of 1630 Revello Drive and pressed the doorbell.


Joyce Summers opened the door and smiled holding her Rivet Gun and wearing her gloves.

“Ah Comrade Swing Shift are the ladies ready to escort the children?” Xander asked hoping that he sounded Russian.

“Just a moment, Protonik.” Joyce said to Xander before turning to the stairs.

“Buffy! Willow! Xander’s here!” Joyce yelled.

Buffy and Willow scrambled down the stairs, but not before Xander was able to voice his approval of Buffy’s costume.

“Czarina Buffy! I renounce spandex!” Xander said offering his arm to her.

Buffy grabbed onto his arm to prevent him from falling when a blur hit Xander.

It was Dawn dressed up in a similar fashion to her mother.

“Mom! Dawn’s been reading your comics again! She’s dressed up as Ms. Moxie!” Buffy said

“Yes, that’s because she’s going with you.” Joyce said.

Buffy seemed ready to protest, but Joyce glared.

“Shoo! I don’t want my eldest daughter to have detention until she’s grey!” she said.

So the intrepid heroes proceeded towards the lair of the evil Professor Troll. Along the way they were stopped by a vile bandit of the seas.

“Ye shall be walking the plank before yer passin’ me hearties!” Larry said

Dawn stepped up and socked him-right in the side of the knee. Sending the larcenous villain down and allowing the Scoobies to pass.

In short order they arrived at the lair of the villain-only to be split up and told not to corrupt the sugar-loaded minions of the Troll.

Fin Chapter 1

A/N: Yes I’m going to give Halloween its own chapter.
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