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Dignity Out the Door

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Summary: After Buffy’s tease on the dance floor at the Bronze Xander is left with a problem. What’s a boy to do?

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Angel/XanderSarielLunarFR2111,225251,0974 Feb 134 Feb 13Yes

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Dignity Out The Door

By Sariel Lunar

Rating: NC-17/FR 21

Summary: After Buffy’s tease on the dance floor at the Bronze Xander is left with a problem. What’s a boy to do?

Notes: Season 2 right after Buffy leaves Xander on the dance floor.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy The Vampire Slayer. If I did believe me Spike would not have been with Buffy ever…. Like ever. This is written for my own amusement and I made absolutely no profit from it. Please don’t sue. I have no money.

Xander stared angrily after Buffy as she flounced out of the Bronze with his dignity. He didn’t know what her problem was, but frankly he had bigger problems at the moment. He winced at the bad pun and his situation. He needed to find a way of leaving without embarrassing himself further. The aroused teen discreetly made his way to the darkened exit next to the stage. He felt horrible leaving Willow alone, but he would apologize later. Right now he had a painful problem. He was a few steps from the iron door when he was unexpectedly shoved through it by a large hand in the middle of his back. He stumbled into the darkened alley as the door slammed shut after him.

“What the…”

Before another word could leave his mouth he was grabbed and thrown against the solid brick wall beside the door. After uncrossing his eyes, Xander looked up to see Angel glaring at him. All the anger he may have felt faded into annoyance.

“Listen Deadboy, I think even you know Buffy was using me to make you jealous,” he muttered. He straightened and pushed away from the wall. “I’m not reading anything into it, so the whole ‘Stay away from my girl’ act isn’t necessary.” Hoping the matter was settled, he moved to leave but he was blocked by the glaring vampire.

The human released an exasperated growl. “Jesus! Did you get too much gel in your ears? I know! I don’t have a shot in hell with her. She’s all yours if you can get past the stick up her ass!” He moved to get past the blockade of broody vampire but his arms were grabbed and he was thrown back against the wall. The last of Xander’s patience snapped and he shoved at Angel still trying to get away.

“What the hell is your problem, Deadboy! Get the fuck off me!” the human raged. Stupid broody jerk, thinking he can just push everyone around. “Get OFF!” he shouted grabbing the stake he kept his back pocket. Before he could even make a threat with the weapon, it was knocked out of his hand. Next thing he knew he had one angry vampire at his neck.

Angel hadn’t bitten him but his mouth was snarling at his ear as he was pinned to the wall. Even if the vampire had a soul the threat was as clear as a knife to Xander’s throat. “Stop or you’re dead.” Now the teenager was enacting a time honored tradition of “stretch your neck away from weapon”. He watched as the demon as best he could without moving too much.

“Okay Angel. I…I get the message,” the boy stammered. “I’ll stay away from Buffy,” he offered placating as he tried not to shiver at the cool breath against his suddenly sweaty neck. “You win.” The snarling had turned into a deep growl, but other than that Angel didn’t give any indication of listening.

Trying not to draw any sort of attention Xander went for the crucifix he kept wrapped around his wrist. With speed born of a true adrenaline rush, he pressed the small pendant against the pale skin exposed at the vampire’s chest. Instead of jumping back from the holy relic, Angel snarled and grabbed the hand. Vampiric speed had the cross flying across the alley and his hands pinned painfully above his head. Xander grunted at the pain in his shoulders and arched his body to try and lessen the pressure. Unfortunately, his body pressed against his captors making the human gasp at the light pressure of Angel’s leg against his half hard erection. The sensitive flesh twitched at the unexpected stimulus. To Xander’s surprise Angel didn’t back off. In fact the vampire was moving closer.

“Angel, what…” The words froze on his lips as a deep growl danced against his nerves. The sensation made him shiver. The human bit his lip to keep from moaning. This was beginning to be too much. Buffy using him to make Angel jealous. Angel using him for revenge. What the hell! It wasn’t fair! “Angel I’m not Buffy,” he said flatly. Another snarl rose from Angel’s throat. Xander stiffened and tried not to move. Just because this vampire had a soul, didn’t mean he wouldn’t rip out Xander’s throat if pissed enough.

“Good thing,” Angel rumbled. “Or I’d have to snap your neck.” And the surprises just kept on coming. “You have no idea how much I wanted to rip her arms off.” Angel’s free hand lifted Xander’s leg to wrap around his hip. The sudden pressure made the captive cry out. “…for touching what was mine.”

Somehow, through the haze of lust and shock, Xander found that one brain cell that hadn’t melted into nothingness. “What are you talking about? I’m not yours,” he gasped. Angel’s hips thrust forward and ground their erections against one another. Xander shuddered and moaned as his erection filled. Angel moaned and chuckled.

“This says different, Harris.” He couldn’t help it! It was his traitorous body’s fault. Stupid teenaged hormones, he thought as his other leg lifted to wrap around Angel’s hip. An approving growl tickled his ear and neck. “That’s m’ boy,” he groaned thrusting against the young man. Angel released Xander’s hand and cupped his ass to better support his weight.

Immediately, Xander’s arms wrapped around the vampire’s shoulders. He buried his face in Angel’s shoulder hoping to muffle any sounds he knew were coming. Angel thrust forward again making his partner gasp and shiver. He continued to move against the human.

“You feel good, Harris,” Angel moaned. He breathed in his human’s scent. He smelled like he always did. Powerful. It always confused him, but there was a wild raw power to the young man that made him so damn attractive. Acting on pure instinct, Angel’s tongue darted out to taste the tanned flesh. So good. He made a slow trail from his collar bone to his pulse, before sealing his mouth over the fluttering flesh and sucking hard.

Xander cried out as his body arched back baring his throat more. The vampire smirked against his skin before biting down with human teeth. The fragile human released a loud shout as his body convulsed with his orgasm. Angel kept sucking on the rapid pulse. He wanted so much to bite him and taste his blood, but the boy wasn’t ready. Yet. Xander went lax against the larger man as he tried to calm his racing pulse and not fall asleep. He was vaguely aware of being lowered to the ground. He looked around from his seat against the wall to see he was alone. The only evidence he had that all of it hadn’t been a hormone induced hallucination was the dark hickey on his neck.

This fic spent way too much time stuck in my computer. Time to let others read it. It always pissed me off the way Buffy treated Xander in “When She was Bad”. Man I wanted to hit her so bad… Of course her skill at martial arts is way better than mine… Not to mention that whole super strength thing. So I write fan fic and smile while plotting her humbling. Please review and let me know what you think.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dignity Out the Door". This story is complete.

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