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Guided People

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Summary: Inspired by MarcusRowland's Muse. Sometimes things happen that cannot be allowed, so unaware champions are chosen. These are tales of a few of them. Always complete, never done.

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Selonianth + 2 othersFR1392,63802212,7654 Feb 1319 Jun 14No

Death Is Inescapeable

Disclaimer: Don't own Bones. Belongs to Fox Network.

Temperance Brennan always told people she didn’t believe in ghosts, that they were impossible, that spirits couldn’t logically exist, she was lying. She knew they existed, knew spirits could impact people because she could feel one every time she bent over a pile of bones no one could make head nor tails out of. Every time she whispered to a body, hoping no one would hear her.

She’d first felt it during her own internship and eventual doctoral program as a forensic anthropologist. It had... whispered in her ear one day as she’d been in her own little logic-only zone trying to figure out the puzzle of a particularly difficult skeleton. Whispered to check a bone she hadn’t thought of in her ear and upon checking the bone, wondering all the while if she was going crazy, she found not only cause of death, but that it was, instead of a body from the civil war era, an extremely recent body because there was traces of a disease on that bone that hadn’t existed in eighteen sixty four.

She’d revealed it to her professor who had taken one look at her, nodded, and called the FBI. That had been the first time she’d ever been involved in a criminal case, though Booth had not been involved. The young intern had helped the FBI identify, and then learn cause of death, for the victim of what turned out to be a very recent murder, all the while remembering that her first big bit of exposure to modern crime came because of a whisper in her ear from someone that wasn’t there.

She’d never forgotten, so it wasn’t much surprise when it happened again, whispering in her ear the right bone to check one night late as she was bent over a skeleton. That was the occasion that had brought Booth into her life. Then he’d gone and been so insufferably... Booth that she’d gotten mad at him and left the Jeffersonian on a sabbatical. Then, just as she arrived back, there he was, pulling her into the world of crime fighting. Since then she’d had many whispers in her ear and she not once told anyone, not even Angela. She might eventually tell someone, but for now she was content just finding killers and spending time with Booth. The whispers would only help her do that.

Over her shoulder Death smiled. Such a loyal child this one was. Many fled when she attempted to speak into their ears. Not this one, she was special... so special.
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