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Guided People

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Summary: Inspired by MarcusRowland's Muse. Sometimes things happen that cannot be allowed, so unaware champions are chosen. These are tales of a few of them. Always complete, never done.

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Selonianth + 2 othersFR1392,63802212,7644 Feb 1319 Jun 14No

Forged by ShalaDakiri

Tony Stark and Obadiah Stane belong to Marvel and Disney

Tony Stark never really though about where his ideas came from or why concepts that baffled scientists seemed so blatantly obvious to him. But it wasn't until his abduction and creation of miniaturized Arc reactor that he truly listened. His first suit was a thing of necessity; rough and unfinished, but sufficient for what he needed.

Even as he blasted out of the camp, leaving fiery destruction in his wake, potential upgrades ran through his mind. Then, he simply filed them away, as he could do nothing about them until he could return to his home and his workshop.

When he finally had time to himself, he let those ideas run free. The holographic technology allowed him to create freely and the money inherited and made through Stark Industries gave him the resources to realize them. Tony never saw the muscular man watching proudly as he worked through the flaws, protecting him from the worst injuries.

His second suit was light years ahead of his first. Not only was it functional, efficient, and deadly, but he made it look good.

And when Obadiah Stane revealed his iron monstrosity, Tony listened the whispered faults and weaknesses in the counterfeit armor. As the arc reactor exploded, taking the pretender with it, Hephaestus ensured the armor and miniature arc reactor of his favored mortal retained enough integrity for Tony's survival.
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