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Ship of the Line, Up up and away.

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Summary: The Scooby gang finds themselves the victim of a divine prank but hey they get a semi shiny star-ship out of it...

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsMistofRainbowsFR151055,890815566,7955 Feb 133 Apr 13Yes

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I still don't own, Dc, Marvel or Stargate. I also don't own any character from Kim Possible.

Cordelia Chase was not amused to find herself in unless she was losing her mind the back seat of a two person spaceship. She was almost hoping that she was losing her mind as she could see massive blasts of energy flying by the windows like crazy as the ship twisted and spun trying to avoid the blasts. The last thing she remembered was heading with Harmony to a costume party at the Bronze. She sure as hell didn’t remember getting into a space ship with any redheads or anyone at all for that matter. “What the hell is going on?”

Her pilot‘s voice sounded tense, sarcastic and a little familiar though she couldn‘t place it, “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little busy right now Cat. If you’re done napping take the gun controls and start clearing us a fucking path through this mess. The last hit fried our environmental systems, we’ve got a hundred ships trying to destroy us and about three minutes of air left maybe less…”

Cordelia’s protest died on her lips as her hands moved almost of their own accord to hit a button on her arm rest that flipped a view screen on the back of her pilot’s seat down and brought two joy sticks out of the armrests. “Whoa…“ She felt the ship shake as a small energy bolt hit the ship and blew a hole through it’s ‘wing’ while the ship dodged a larger blast. She was slightly surprised that there wasn’t an explosion with fire until she remembered that there was no oxygen in space which caused her mind to jump to the fact that the ship was the only thing keeping them alive. “Bastards… I don’t want to die…”

“Then start fucking shooting them… what the hell is wrong with you? You weren‘t this fucked up before…”

Cordelia saw the ship on their flank open fire with more of the energy bolts so she returned fire. She wasn’t sure what she had expected but green bolts of energy flying out from the underside of their ship wasn’t it. She stared in shock for a couple of seconds as she realized that she had actually destroyed the ship with a couple of lucky shots. “Do we have a plan?”

“Yes… there is a ship in range… that I’m hoping is a friendly… we’ve got to dock because we’ll never make back to earth otherwise…”

Cordelia sputtered as she noticed a partially destroyed ship drift past on the left side, “Is that a Federation scout ship?”

“What’s left of it…”

Cordelia would deny watching the show but sometimes old movies were on when there was nothing else on so she had seen enough Star Trek over the years to recognize the Klingon scout ship that was docked with a much larger ship that she couldn’t identify but looked vaguely familiar for some reason. “That can’t be good.”

“No choice…” She steered toward the ship as best she could considering the damage to their ship, “Hold on this might be bumpy…”


Xander scowled as he looked at the crystal growth that had mostly sealed the armory off. While Dawn could have probably squeezed through the gap before Halloween she didn’t have a prayer now. Sadly nothing was in view that Dawn could grab with telekinesis either. “This is going to suck without weapons…” He sighed as Willow summoned a glowing sword into her right hand, “Okay… at least some of us are armed…”

Willow grinned wickedly as she swirled the blade around to test the weight, “Oh yes…”

Dawn scowled as she looked around until she found a heavy looking piece of pipe sticking out of the wall near the armory, “It almost makes me wish I had dad’s claws… still we can probably improvise.” She reached out and gave the pipe a tug with her hand then ripped it out of the wall with her telekinesis when it didn’t budge with her limited brute strength. “Much better.”

Xander winced, “Easy on the ship…”

Dawn rolled her eyes, “It was broken anyways…”

Buffy glanced down the hallway as she flexed her fists, “I feel like doing some slaying… hopefully whatever is breaking in isn’t human.”

Willow nodded, “Yeah…”

Xander pulled his lightsaber off his belt, flicked the button and smiled as it lit up, “Now this is a weapon.”

Dawn looked down at her pipe then over at Xander’s glowing blue lightsaber with a pout on her pretty face, “That’s so not fair.”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “Let’s just go we should be fine…”


Buffy screamed in pain as her fist impacted the Klingon’s face and rather than crush his skull like she expected or at least knock him back more than a couple of steps it hurt her hand something fierce. She had a sinking feeling that she was no longer the slayer or maybe these Klingon look a likes were much tougher than they should be. ’No more taunting the universe by saying we’ll be fine.’ Xander was laying on the ground behind her bleeding from multiple blaster wounds while Willow was holding her own by managing to keep at least a couple Klingon Warriors between her and the cowards that were shooting at them. She didn’t think she broke anything but damn that hurt. Xander had foolishly tried to block the blaster bolts with his lightsaber and had failed for most of them. To be fair she was pretty sure it had been instinct left over from Anakin but it had still been stupid. As far as she could tell the two that he had blocked had been more accidental than on purpose. She was really hoping that they could deal with the last dozen before he died of blood loss or shock. She watched her opponent wearily as he pulled out a knife, “You’re asking for trouble…”

“Puny human girl, you’re no challenge. Surrender and maybe we’ll keep you alive for fun. You’re dressed like a whore…”

Whatever else he was going to say was lost as Buffy lounged forward and slammed her foot into the warrior’s crotch as hard as she could. While he didn’t fly off the ground or anything there was a satisfying crunch as he fell to the ground broken and in shock. Sadly for her she found that their armor sucked to hit with bare feet. She fell to the ground in pain from her foot hitting something more solid than flesh.

It took Willow half a second to realize what she was seeing before she could get her legs to move and propel herself backwards away from the Klingons as a strange ship flew in at breakneck speed. It hit the deck and slid and bounced toward their group with horrible grating and scrapping sounds. It struck the group of Klingon warriors like a cannonball hitting a bunch of bowling pins.

Dawn raised her hands, lashed out with her telekinesis and slowed the ship to a stop half foot from her sister‘s prone body. “There… safe as safe can be for the moment.”

Willow picked herself off the floor and glared at the scout ship with the two unconscious pilots that she could see through the window. “Well they did help… I guess we should drag them to the infirmary…” She turned to look at Dawn, “Why didn‘t you just throw the damn warriors out the airlock?”

Dawn sighed, “I wasn’t sure if they were real people or not, then I was concentrating too much on staying alive to remember that I could…”

Buffy shouted, “Stop arguing and get Xander to medical, he’s hurt pretty bad…”

Willow gasped as she spotted her oldest friend, “Xander!”


Cordelia woke with a headache which might have been a combination of hitting her head on the seat in front of her or the strange new memories dancing through her head from her costumes. Once they had landed she had sort of blacked out again though it had been more of a daze where she was sorting through her costume persona’s memories. It had been a bit disconcerting at first but it had gotten easier to pick out what she wanted to pay attention to as she went along. She opened her eyes and found that the light was dim which was a relief. She relaxed then tensed up as her head rolled to the side and her gaze landed on an unfamiliar brown haired girl dressed in blue medical scrubs holding a metal pipe. “What’s going on? Why do you have a pipe?”

Dawn pointed to the six unconscious Klingon warriors they had dragged out from under the strange spacecraft after Willow had helped get Xander to the infirmary. “I’m making sure the insane aliens don’t get up. I’m Dawn Summers by the way… Who are you?”

Cordelia stared at Dawn, now that she was looking she could see the family resemblance if she squinted, closed one eye and sort of turned her head to the side but she had thought that Buffy’s sister was much younger though it wasn’t like she cared enough to keep track. “Cordelia Chase…”

“Ah good… you’re you. What do you remember?”

“I remember dressing up as a collection of characters… stay out of my head snoop.”

Dawn blinked in surprise at the fact that Cordelia had managed to detect her mental probe and expel it. “Sorry, force of habit.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes as she probably would have done the same had she thought about it. It wasn’t like Emma’s morals were all that rock solid in how she used her powers. “I went as Felicia from the Nightstalkers as well as Wonder Woman and Emma Frost…” She stopped as Dawn started snickering, “What?”

Dawn laughed, “It’s just that Buffy went as Emma as well.”

Cordelia scowled, “Shoot me now…”

Dawn snickered, “I can see Wonder Woman and Emma Frost… totally you from what Xander says but Felicia? I wouldn’t have even thought you would know who that was.”

“There is an arcade at the mall next to this horrid shop that Harmony likes… I might have watched a hot guy play the game a bit… and I had a cat costume from party town…” She glanced down at the ripped Emma Frost outfit she was wearing. She reached up and pulled the cracked plastic tiara that had been part of her Wonder Woman costume out of her hair.” She wasn’t particularly happy to find that somewhere along the way she had lost her tail as well as cat ears. She started to pull off her bracelets. “I don’t think I’ll get my deposit back on any of it…” She stopped talking as she found that her bracers were solid metal and not the plastic they should be, “Huh… these were plastic.”

“If they’re still metal then they might still work… that would be cool.”

Cordelia remembered a fair number of battles where the enchanted bracers had saved her life. “Yes…” It occurred to her that she should probably check on her pilot considering they did save her life. “Is my pilot okay?”

“Physically yes… mentally probably not…”

“What do you mean?”

“Willow said that your pilot looks like Harmony…”

“Harmony can’t fly a spacecraft… of that I’m sure.”

“Thus why I said physically… mentally is another story…”

Cordelia sighed, “Maybe we can fix it…”

Dawn looked around at the Klingon survivors. They had taken a hell of a beating when the ship had crashed into them. Most of them had been turned into paste but some had just been clipped by the ship which meant that they were only mostly broken. “That’s the other reason I’m down here… I was trying to figure out if they got turned into their costumes as well…”

Cordelia sighed, “I blame Buffy for this… she brings the weird.”

Xander muttered weakly from his bed, “Yes, yes she does. Totally worth it though.”

Dawn smiled at Xander, “Welcome back to the land of the conscious.”

“Remind me not to actually try deflecting blaster bolts without the force or super speed…”

Dawn rolled her eyes, “I shouldn’t have to but if I do then we’re going to have words…”

Cordelia turned to stare at Xander, “Who else is here?”

Xander said, “Buffy’s mom, Giles, Buffy and Willow.” He looked at Dawn, “So now what?”

“Willow is working on repairing some of the ship‘s systems and trying to hail one of the other ships out there…”

He sighed, “Get knocked unconscious and you miss so much…”

“Rest up… once we figure out how to move this ship we’ll see about finding a room filled with sunlight for you… that should fix you right up… for now don’t pick at the bandages… you’re lucky you’re not dead.”

Cordelia frowned, “Sunlight?”

He grinned, “Kryptonian…”


He shrugged, “It’s a classic…”

Dawn rolled her eyes as they started bickering back and forth.


Hell scowled as she punched in the combination of buttons that Willow had shown her on the communications panel and touched the image of the ship that she wanted to contact. She had to admit that the controls were saner than some of the SHIELD technology she was used to. She just wished that the main view screen wasn’t broken. “This is Hell, is anyone sane enough to respond?”

Willow smiled slightly as she heard Harmony’s question. She had shown the other girl how to activate the communication protocols after Buffy had checked her mind for hostile intent and found none. It had been a bit of a welcome shock to find out that the new Harmony was actually surprisingly competent.

“Hello is this thing on?”

Hell rolled her eyes as she wondered what type of idiot let someone that stupid near the communication system, “I hear you… please identify yourself.”

“This is Captain Kirk… I mean Andrew… ah Andrew Wel… er Kirk of the Federation starship Enterprise.”

She turned to look at Willow then asked, “What’s your situation Andrew Kirk?”

“Most of the fighting appears to be stopped… A number of ships fled the area… We‘re working on repairs but it‘s going to take a while.”

“How badly damaged is your ship?”

Giovanni Zatara glared at the young man that up until half an hour ago had been a competent if egocentric captain. He figured that he might as well speak up otherwise the man would never actually get to the heart of the problem. “The ship is heavily damaged, enough that we’re dead in the water. It will need to be sent to the scrap yard or a ship dock as I understand it… We have environmental systems, sensors and transporters working for now though the crew appears to have suffered some damage from a memory spell.”

“My co-pilot had that happen right in the middle of battle. Hopefully we can sort this mess out.”

Willow whispered, “Ask if they can see Earth from where they are.”

“Can you see earth from where you are?”

Giovanni was glad that the controls weren’t too painful to figure out as he brought up an image of earth on the view screen. “No signs of advanced alien technology or… wait I’m picking up a couple of strange energy fields and one location has hundreds of strange readings…” He brought the image up onto the view screen.

Andrew spoke up as he recognized the basic shape of his town from the maps, “Sunnydale…”

Giovanni tapped a couple of buttons and brought up the name of the location of the strange energy field. “Yes… how did you know?”

“It’s where I grew up…”

Giovanni sighed, “We should probably try to see if anyone else out here knows what’s going on.”

Hell frowned, “I’ll keep trying to get in touch with people… Hell out.” She closed the link, “One down… a couple more to go of the large ships.”

Willow sighed, “Keep working at it… I’m still trying to figure out how to get this ship working…”


Warren Shaw scowled as he ruthlessly ripped apart the sniveling mind that had previously owned the body he found himself in. He might not be a telepath but he had been around them long enough that he had picked up a few tricks and he wasn’t about to let some sniveling child push him to the wayside especially not when he had to put up with Victor Von Doom in the back of his head laughing about plots and plans. He looked at an intact storefront window and sighed at his new reflection, “Not the worst face… but I’ll need to work on getting more exercise and a better suit…” He scowled as pulled lightly at the suit, “Definitely a better suit…”

Doom‘s voice floated through his mind, “And a mask, don’t forget a mask.”

He ignored Doom’s voice as best he could as he studied the face that looked back at him. He took a step back as an alien shot him with an energy rifle. His voice was thick with distain as he asked, “Do you mind? I was busy.” He glanced down at the burned hole in his suit, “Really?” He pushed the energy to his physical attributes, lunged forward and slammed his fist through the alien’s skull. “I guess this body will do as well as any other after all.”

He wasn’t exactly sure where he was in Sunnydale but he had gathered enough information from the mind that had previously owned the body that he figured he would recognize something eventually. Then again the whining mind hadn’t known anything useful about the number of freakish costumed mutants fighting in the streets so he figured that it wasn’t a large deal to destroy him, after all just because it was Halloween was no excuse for mutants to dress up as comic book characters and try to destroy the town. He smirked as he realized that some of the people would make interesting test subjects for experiments. The first thing he had done after pushing the whining voice of his host to the back of his mind when he and Doom had gotten trapped in his new body was team up with Doom to rip the fourth voice apart. No sense in putting up with some whining scientist when they could just rip him apart and take his memories. Sadly he had found that he wasn’t strong enough to rip Doom apart though luckily Doom wasn’t strong enough to take over besides for now he would put up with the man’s ego as long as he worked toward the same goals, namely profit and their continual survival.


Joyce was relieved when Buffy came back dressed in a pair of medical scrubs. While she hadn’t said anything before about her daughters’ attire she was glad to see her in clothes even if the memories from Samantha Carter had them running around on the ship naked half the time. She figured that she was going to do a bit of repressing as she tried to work out where she stood as far as her daughters and Giles were concerned. “What happened?”

Buffy chuckled, “Aliens pirates… and we picked up some crew as well.”

“Is everyone all right?”

“Xander got a bit banged up but yeah we’ll survive.”

Joyce rolled her eyes, “You know I could have helped…”

Buffy sighed, “Sorry… I’m just used to being the person that protects everyone…”

Thanks to Caitlin’s memories Joyce had a better idea what it was like being the one that had to protect people after all she had been a team leader of a group of superheroes. “I get it… anything I can help with. I’m tired of listening to Giles hem and haw and such things as he works on scanning earth for energy fluctuations.”

Giles sighed, “I’m trying to get a better idea of how far the changes went.”

Buffy nodded, “Any luck?”

“Yes, for the most part it seems like the changes were all localized to Sunnydale.”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “Great… good old Sunnydale. Let’s take a break. Hell and Willow contacted some of the other ship captains and we‘re going to have a meeting with some of them…”


“One of the people we picked up… She used to be Harmony Kendall though there isn’t anything left of her mind… well besides a rather disturbing love of My Little Pony figures and a few fragments…”

Giles turned to look at Buffy, “What is she now?”

“She’s a mad science cloned test pilot with the Avengers.”

Giles stared at her, “Come again?”

“Apparently… Doctor Drakken made a daughter of Kim Possible and Shego, programmed her with their memories and then accidentally sent her to another world. It’s a thing with him… Anyways, the Avengers found her and trained her which is how the Hellcat part of her persona came into it… Harmony wrote the back story for her character so don’t ask me how any of that makes sense.”

He closed his mouth and designed it was better off not knowing, at least for now. “Let’s get to the meeting.”


Andrew Wells glanced around at the crystal walls with interest as their group and escort made their way toward the conference room, “This is so cool… why didn’t I think of going as a Kryptonian with a ship?”

Jonathan rolled his eyes, “Because you went as a green lantern, Captain Kirk and some mutant freak no one has ever heard of.”

Dawn scowled as she looked at Jonathan, “Careful who you call a mutant freak.”

Andrew shrugged, “It’s fine… Wildchild was a freak but he had regeneration like Wolverine and I had the parts for his costume…” He waved his green lantern ring around, “I just wish that my battery wasn’t completely empty…”

Dawn was glad that Andrew only had the power that was left in his ring which thankfully wasn’t much as after two minutes in his presence the idea of him having one of the most powerful weapons in the world horrified her. “Yeah… too bad about that…” Personally she hoped that he would part with the ring after it ran out of power as she would love to have Willow or Giles take a look at it to see if they could recharge it. Not that she was ever going to tell him that.

Giovanni was happy that the young man didn’t have a fully functional green lantern ring as he seemed to possess no ability to actually stop talking for any length of time. “Let’s just worry about how much damage the magic responsible for bringing us here caused to this world. Perhaps we can find other members of the justice league that will help.”

Andrew giggled as he imagined meeting more of the justice league, after all Giovanni was way cooler than his brother, “That would be totally cool.”

Dawn resisted the urge to blast Andrew with a mental bolt just to shut him up. “Hopefully we have a home to go back to…”

Jonathan nodded, “It will depend on how many people dressed up as heroes compared to how many people dressed up as villains. Makes me wish I had stuck with my original idea to go as the silver surfer… sadly dad wouldn’t let me spray paint one of his old surfboards silver.”

Dawn hoped that there weren’t too many silver surfers running around either as that had the potential to cause a lot of problems as well. “We’re here.” She gestured toward the conference room that was made mostly out of crystal. She walked into the conference room behind Andrew, Jonathan and Giovanni, “Let me introduce Andrew Wells, Jonathan Levenson and Giovanni Zatara.”

Willow stared at him, “You look like Zatanna’s old photos…”

Hell concentrated as she stared at everyone with her spirit sight, “He’s not actually Giovanni Zatara, or at least not really.”

Giovanni sighed, “I was afraid of that… Andrew said that his brother Tucker had dressed as me for Halloween… my best guess is that the magic that brought me here changed the young man’s face to reflect the face I remember from his age.”

Buffy wasn’t getting the sense that he was lying but she couldn’t feel any other mind in his head either so she wasn’t sure what they could do about it. “He seems to be telling the truth.”

Giles looked over at Andrew, “What else did he go as?”

“Weather Wizard and James bond.”

Giles sighed, “I know who James Bond is but the other escapes me.”

Giovanni frowned, “A villain from my world.”

Willow glanced at Hell as she realized that Harmony had also went as two people from the same world but then again so had Giles and he seemed fine. “Apparently they didn’t mix very well.”

Dawn shrugged, “Anyways, we have Giles, Joyce, Buffy and Willow here… we should probably have everyone give a brief outline of abilities and who we went as then we can figure out what to do about stuff while we‘re waiting for the other ship captains to get here…”

Giles knew it wasn’t going to be that easy but figured that it was a start. He hoped that Jenny was doing okay as they sorted the mess out up here.”


Jenny Calendar scowled as she dodged a car that a crazy black costumed Spiderman tossed at her. “Not funny.”

Spike laughed as he watched a silver skinned naked girl with multicolored flames for hair dodge a car. “Do you need some help love?”

Jenny glanced at the figure leaning against a car watching the fight with amusement while playing with a deck of cards then back at the thing trying to kill her then back at Spike as she tried to keep both creatures in her line of sight. She wasn’t sure what Spike’s game was but if he was offering to help maybe he thought she was a demon or something. Not exactly unreasonable considering what she looked like currently. Considering she didn’t want to use her new powers again after vaporizing a building she figured she might as well accept the help and worry about him turning on her later. “If you don’t mind.”

Spike grinned as he drew a card, “Now you see him, now you don’t.” He charged the card with sparkling pink energy and threw it at the Spiderman wannabe with a flick of his wrist. “No worries.”

Venom screamed as the card exploded and tossed him into a wall. Once he got the ringing out of his ears he screamed at the man that had just attacked him, “I’ll kill you all.”

Spike grinned as the creature got back up, “Well this might be a touch more problematic and fun than I was expecting.” He quickly drew three cards and tossed them at the creature.

Jenny raised her hand and blasted the creature in the face with an energy bolt after the creature dodged the flying cards. “Well that works…”

Spike laughed as he charged a couple more cards and moved to put some distance between himself and the girl so that he could lead the creature away from her so that he could use a stronger charge to kill it. “Fantastic.”


Amanda Wayne felt like her world was falling apart. The last thing she remembered was being on patrol with her friends in Gotham, the next she was running around a strange city without her powers trying not to die as a collection of the strangest super villains and superheroes she had ever seen fought each other in the street. She wanted to shake her fist at the darkness because she could really have used some damn sunlight right about now. She dodged and slid under a truck as a rampaging green skinned muscle bound man with obvious cybernetics running through his body tossed a car in her direction while screaming, “Hulktron smash.”

She frantically tapped her the button on the emergency communicator concealed in her wrist watch as she rolled out from under the truck on the other side. She broke into a run hoping that the freak found something more interesting to attack than her. Without her powers or some of Batman’s heavier gear someone that could throw cars around like baseballs was outside of her weight class. “Batman… can you hear me? Where the hell are you?” She didn’t add the dad part as that wasn’t commonly known just in case this was some insane training scenario her father had come up with because she knew that he would totally mark her down for saying things under pressure that she shouldn‘t have.

She scowled as she realized that her communicator was either broken or no one was monitoring the channel it was set to. “He’s going to kill me if these things don’t…” She came to a terrified halt as she saw a sight that made her blood run cold. Not twenty yards in front of her stood Darkseid dressed as the Joker. Her mind tried to process what could possibly caused Darkseid to dress up like the Joker but failed. “This has to be a joke… a horrible joke…” She tossed herself to the left as bolts of energy shot out of Darkseid’s eyes while the man laughed as only the Joker could. She ran for an ally hoping that she could lose him.

Spike caught a red haired girl as she ran into him, “Whoa there princess you’ll hurt someone that way.”

“Run… Darkseid is here.”

Jenny’s eyes widened as she recognized the name from the comics. “Oh… shit.”

The Dark Joker laughed as he walked around the corner, “Oh shit indeed missy.”

Despite the bad feeling he got as he looked at the crazy creature in front of him Spike charged up several cards, “No one has to get hurt…”

He laughed, “You can’t hurt me.”

Spike tossed the cards at the Dark Joker clone, “Says who?” He sighed as he realized that the cards didn’t even darken the man’s suit, “Well shit…”

Jenny raised her hand and called on her powers to teleport the man away from her. She staggered as she used a lot of her energy to send the creature away. While she would have liked to kill him she hadn’t been sure if she actually had enough power. It had taken everything she had just to send him away, she didn‘t want to know what it would take to actually kill him. “Sorry best I could do…”

Amanda Wayne nodded, “Thank you… thank you.” She looked around for a couple of seconds trying to figure out if something else was going to jump out at her, “Do you know what‘s going on here?”

Jenny nodded, “Yes… everyone dressed up like their costume and became someone else…”

Spike shivered as he remembered draining a guy that was dressed as gambit for a late night snack then stealing his deck of cards. After that he had walked a block or so then nothing until he had woken up with Gambit’s memories and some funky new powers. Then of course had come the heroics and the running, “Ah the cards… that explains it.”

Amanda frowned, “Last thing I remember was going on patrol.”

Jenny nodded, “Name?”

Amanda checked that she was still wearing her costume, “Batgirl.”

Spike raised an eyebrow, “I see… so how come the rest of us remember who we are but she doesn’t?”

Jenny shook her head, “Hell if I know… how come you aren’t trying to kill everyone Spike?”

Spike frowned, “No desire to…” He stopped as he realized that she knew who he was even though he hadn’t given his name. “Odd I’m not hungry either…” He tried to vamp out and found that he couldn’t. “Okay… that’s weird I can’t vamp out either…” He checked his pulse and found that he had one. “That’s really weird… apparently I’m not dead…”

Amanda stared at Spike, “You were dead?”

“I got better princess…” He looked around the dark street, “Let’s get to someplace more defensible.”

Jenny found herself forced to agree even if she still didn‘t trust Spike she didn‘t want him alone with the girl, “Okay…”


Giovanni looked over the people in the conference room. He found himself wishing that a few of the other captains had agreed to meet rather than leaving once they realized that there wasn’t a fleet of ships coming from the planet to stop them from doing whatever they wanted. “I understand that you need to fix your ship but if we can help with the chaos on earth then we should now that everyone is working together up here or has vanished to places unknown.”

Giles was fairly sure that the aliens and disreputable captains that fled were going to cause them problems. “I’ll stay and work on the ship with Xander.”

Buffy nodded, “Dawn… you have knowledge about the ship yes?”

“Not as much as Willow as her version was the scientist. Besides, I can rip things apart with my mind.”

Joyce scowled, “As much as I don’t want to stay up here worrying about you, Caitlin had extensive knowledge of alien cultures and technologies so I‘m probably better up here… Unless someone knows more about the ship.”

Jonathan smirked, “I have Forge’s mutant power so I can see what stuff does more or less…I shouldn‘t have any problems fixing the ship.”

Giles raised an eyebrow, “Really?”

“I went as Forge of the X men and Montgomery Scott from Star Trek, if I can’t fix it, it isn’t broken.”

Willow grinned, “I can get us there.”

While Giovanni had managed to heal the worst of Xander’s injuries Buffy didn’t really feel comfortable leaving strange people on the ship without more guards than just Xander and Giles. “I’ll stay here and help put the ship back together. Faora knew a bit about Kryptonian tech and I remember a lot about the Odyssey tech from my memories of Buffy Carter…”

Cordelia found herself wanting to help out for some reason. She blamed that on Wonder Woman’s memories because it sure as hell didn’t come from the rest of her. “I’ve got Wonder Woman’s memories and powers as far as I can tell.”

Buffy knew enough about comics to know that Wonder Woman was stronger than a couple of slayers put together, “That could be useful.”

Hell shrugged, “I’m good either way, I can blast things or I can help with repairs.”

Joyce looked at Dawn then sighed, “I’ll fight. I’m probably the strongest or second strongest fighter we have right now.”

Buffy sighed, “I don’t like it… but you’re right.”

Andrew frowned, “What about me?”

Jonathan shook his head, “No offense but you’re not an engineer, you’re probably best going with the away team… I mean the combat team.”

Giovanni sighed as he realized that he was going to be fighting with a bunch of half trained children, “Let’s get this done.”

Willow grinned, “I can teleport us down there… I think.”

Giovanni shook his head, “I want to get down there in one piece. I shall provide the transportation this time.” He waved his hands and spoke in a clear voice, “Sdneirf ruoy ot su tropsnart.”

Giles watches as Giovanni, Willow, Dawn, Joyce, Hell, Cordelia and Andrew vanish. “Let’s get to work repairing the ship.”


Xander Zod + Anakin Skywalker + Vala’s and Daniel’s kid
Dawn super girl + Rachel Logan Grey + Samantha’s kid with Daniel
Willow Power girl + Illyana Rasputin + Samantha’s kid with Daniel
Buffy Faora evil krp + Emma Frost + Vala and Daniel’s child
Joyce Lorna + Caitlin Fairchild + Samantha Carter
Giles Reed Richards + Sorcerer supreme + Daniel Jackson
Cordelia = Felicia Darkstalkers/Wonder Women/Emma Frost.
Harmony = Shego/Kim/Hell Cat (failed)

Jenny Calendar = Frankie Raye + Zatanna + Vala
Spike = gambit
Amanda = Barbra Gordon/Supergirl/Zantanna Zatara (Failed)
Jonathan = Forge/Firestorm/Scotty
Tucker - Giovanni Zatarra/weather wizard/James Bond (Failed)
Andrew = Wildchild, Green Lantern, Captain Kirk

Warren = Doom/High Evolutionary/Sebastian Shaw (insane and Failed)
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