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Ship of the Line, Up up and away.

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Summary: The Scooby gang finds themselves the victim of a divine prank but hey they get a semi shiny star-ship out of it...

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsMistofRainbowsFR151055,890815566,7135 Feb 133 Apr 13Yes

Chapter Three

Giovanni felt his spell twist in transit he tried to pull the group back on target but he might as well have been a leaf caught in a storm for all the good it did. He wasn’t sure what he was expecting but finding himself on a sand filled arena wasn’t exactly what he had in mind when he cast the spell especially since it was much warmer than it should be for the end of October in California. There was also the fact that the sun was shining down on them which meant that they were far off target as it should still be night in Sunnydale. “This can’t be good.”

The females in the gang tensed as they noticed that the spectators were a bunch of demons.

He quickly scanned the demon filled stone benches that surrounded the area until he saw the modest sized stone throne in the bleachers where rulers might have sat in ancient times. Sitting on the throne was a bare-chested man dressed in Hawaiian shorts. His long black hair was pulled back in a pony tale. Such a person might have seemed normal enough until you noticed that most of the demons were giving him a wide berth. The only exception being an attractive red skinned demon girl with two cute little horns on her head that waited patiently at the side of his throne taking notes on a clipboard. Next to the demon with a clipboard was a girl with dark blond hair that while not gorgeous was still cute enough that she drew the eye. The fact that she wore not a stitch other than the collar around her neck was probably part of it. On the other side of the throne from the demon knelt a pretty human girl with brown hair. She was nude other than an iron muzzle and a set of glowing shackles and manacles that kept her from escaping or reaching up to take the muzzle off. “Why are we here and who are you?”

The man smiled as he looked at the group of people standing before him. “I have been called many names over the years, you may call me Loki if you wish.”

Giovanni glared at him, “You!”

Loki rolled his eyes, “Relax, I’m hardly the Loki you know…”

Andrew blurts out, “This is so cool.”

Joyce ignored Andrew’s outburst as she tried to figure out if this was some type of trick or if this was actually the god Loki. “Why do you have a girl chained up?”

“One is a present… the other because she tried to bite me… As for why you’re here…” He looked the group over. “I have a job offer for you and your friends.”

Dawn piped up, “What type of job offer?”

“Well I need a couple of jobs done that I’m not allowed to do… rules and all of that.”

Giovanni shook his head, “You must be insane… how do we know you didn’t just go as Loki for Halloween?”

Loki smiled slightly, “Because I made sure that none of the costumes I enchanted for added effect would be able to create more of me… it wouldn’t do to have other versions of me running around. Never mind the chance that the spell would drain my power to make it work rather than Janus‘s power. As for the insane part… Genius and insanity often go hand in hand… as for reasons that you should help me… well I did get you some amazing powers.”

Cordelia snorted, “If you’re who you say you are… then I can’t see you doing anything for free… I remember that much from school.”

Loki grinned, “True enough, a little background then. I’m not responsible for the initial idea, that responsibility belongs to Ethan Rayne, a chaos mage of no small skill. He thought it would be funny to turn people into their costumes for the night. Free food and all for the demons or something.”

Dawn scrunched her face up in disgust, “That’s sick…”

Loki shrugged, “In other locations it would have just been a wild party… but yes… I suspect a number of people would have went as different things had they known about the spell… well if they had known and believed it.”

Andrew whined, “Yeah… my lantern ring doesn’t work…”

Loki rolled his eyes, “Well of course it doesn’t… the power source it normally runs off of doesn’t exist here… emotions are just that… a chemical reaction in the brain… never mind. As for what I get out of this? Ethan invoked Janus to get the needed energy, Janus is a roman god of change, he’s also an uncaring bastard so when I saw the chance to spike him by messing with the costumes I took it.”

Giovanni asked, “How?”

“I enchanted the clothes so that they drew more power from Janus than he would have willingly given. The extra power was designed to empower people permanently. For the most part it worked rather well if I do say so myself… Other than a couple of details…”

Willow felt a shiver go down her spine, “Details?”

Loki sighed, “Yeah… some people picked horrifying monsters for their costumes… really quite interesting… I had also hoped the spell would outright kill Janus… sadly that’s not the case. He’s rather crippled right now but come morning he’ll have regained enough of his strength to take back the power in the costumes with interest…”

Giovanni didn’t like the sound of that, “With interest?”

Willow gulped, “That sounds bad.”

“Yes… well having your soul ripped out along with your life force doesn’t sound pleasant…”

Cordelia quickly put two and two together and realized that she didn’t like the idea of dying by morning, “And if we work for you… then you’ll save us?”

Loki smiled, “That’s the plan.”

Giovanni frowned, “You’re evil… How do we even know that you‘re telling the truth about what Janus will do?”

Loki rolled his eyes, “Nothing I say will convince you I’m not lying and as I don’t really want to deal with an enraged Janus I’m not inclined waste the time needed to convince you so I’ll put it another way.” He stared directly at Giovanni, “You took over the body of a warlock that liked to summon demons, if nothing else making sure you stay alive rather than him is a feather in good’s cap.”

Giovanni considered for a few seconds then sighed, “True enough… I still don’t trust you.”

Loki scowled, “I don’t exactly trust you either but I’ve few options at this point.” He turned to look at Joyce, “I’m not asking much in return for doing us all a favor and transporting everyone that was changed to other worlds so Janus can’t reclaim his power.”

Joyce sighed as she realized that hearing him out couldn’t be so bad. “What do you want from us?”

“I intercepted the spell that would have sent you to Sunnydale… I can’t really go there again without painting my name all over the place… so what I need are people that can help collect the rest of the people… in exchange…”

Cordelia piped up, “You’ll let us keep our powers?”

Loki grinned, “That and more though I was thinking that I would also share some knowledge with each of you or perhaps gold if that is more fitting…” He looked at Cordelia. “We have a lot of work to do and only a short amount of time to do it in… so will you help me or do I have to offer my deal to the people that wore less than heroic costumes?”

Dawn scowled, “That’s not fair…”

Loki sighed, “I know but letting Janus regain his power and come for all of you isn’t nice either…”

Hell stepped forward, “As long as you agree under binding contract that none of the tasks you’ll send us on are evil… there is also the number of tasks to agree on.”

Loki smiled, “Well… how does one task for each of the dead children I have to bring back sound?”

Joyce glared at him, “Dead children?”

“You didn’t expect to have a bunch of supers running around destroying things without collateral damage did you?”

Joyce looked sick as she processed the idea that she might be responsible for killing children, “How many?”

“It could have been worse… still one hundred and five innocent lives… heat vision can be nasty as can alien blaster fire…”

Andrew shook his head, “We didn’t… I went as a hero…”

“Fighting demons… well little demons. Does it really matter who killed the children the fact remains…”

Giovanni scowled as he realized that helping was better than not. Even if they hadn‘t actually killed the children he believed Loki about the fact that over a hundred lives were cut short, “Fine… I’ll help.”

Dawn sighed, “If I find out you’re lying I will hurt you.”

“You’re rather violent, you know that right?”

Dawn smiled slightly, “Maybe.” She pointed at the two girls by the throne, “What about them?”

Loki grinned, “Glad you asked Dawn. They’ve come a long ways to say hello to you and Willow.” He looked over the rest of the group, “As for the rest of you, my secretary can work out the contracts.” He gestured and teleported Joyce, Cordelia, Giovanni, Hell, Andrew and the demon girl near him to a conference room where they could sign the contracts.

Dawn gulped as the rest vanished, “Ah…”

Willow was more than a bit nervous at the causal demonstration of power, it was looking more and more likely that the man was actually a god and not one of the costume personas running around Sunnydale. “What do you want?”

Loki grinned wickedly, “You…”

Willow gulped, “Me?”

Loki laughed, “You’re intelligent, powerful and you have a way to skip between dimensions that doesn’t connect to back to me. This whole plan sort of hinges on you. Tell you what, in exchange for your help I‘ll give you the girls and show you why you should care.”

The girl with the leash opened her mouth to speak but found that she couldn’t.

He shook a finger at the girl, “She has to want it. No talking out of turn.”

Willow didn’t trust Loki’s smile, it wasn’t that she didn’t want to set the girls free she just wasn’t sure why Loki thought she should care. “Why I should care?”

Loki smirked as he took her question for permission to show her, “I’m glad you asked.” He reached out with his magic and sent Willow and Dawn a horde of visions of possible future paths that their lives could take.

Loki snapped his fingers and released the hold on the girl’s voice, “You were saying?”

She sighed, “That was unkind…”

He watched Dawn and Willow twitch on the sand. “And fun… though all things considered, I should probably be elsewhere when they wake up. Even if I was doing them a favor I don‘t think they‘ll see it that way.” He teleported the key to the muzzled girl’s shackles to his hand, “Go ahead and unlock her once I’m gone.” He snapped his fingers, released the girl from her collar and vanished in the same breath. The key fell to the throne with a soft chiming noise as the metal key struck stone.

She sighed as she rubbed her wrists then picked up the key and unlocked the other girl’s hands. “Are you okay?”

Faith reached up and took the muzzle off her face, “Yeah… I’m going to beat him like a redheaded stepchild for the muzzle but yeah I’ll live… I thought you were dead?”

Tara sighed, “I think I was…”

The last thing Faith remembered before waking up here with a bunch of new memories was getting shot in the back by a crazy ass watcher after the fall of Sunnydale. “Same… actually.” She stood up and looked around the arena. The demons closest to them started backing away slowly.

Tara stared down at Willow and Dawn, “Do you think that they’ll remember us?”

Faith knew it wasn’t the same as having her Willow or Dawn but she would take what she could get. Loki had explained that he saved her so that she could help him save a couple of different worlds while throwing various prophecies into chaos. “In one version or another thanks to the glimpses he‘s giving them…”

Tara sighed, “What should we do while we wait?”

Faith smiled savagely at the demons, “I could use a bit of practice with my heat vision… and that one has a nice leather coat.” The closest demons started trampling other demons in their haste to escape. One of the demons punched the guy wearing the leather coat in the face and tossed him at the girls hoping that it would keep them from killing him.

Tara recognized most of the demons as being particularly harmful to humans. She unleashed a blast of heat from her eyes that cut a swath of destruction through the fleeing demons. “I’m going to find a way to kill him if he hurt Willow… god or not.”

Faith chuckled as she unleashed her own blast of heat vision on the fleeing demons taking care to only burn through the head of the demon that was wearing the coat she wanted, “I call dibs on his boots if that’s the case.”

“I don’t think he was wearing boots…”

Faith chuckled as the demons screamed in fear, “Figure of speech… though that one has nice boots…”


Willow woke up with a groan. It took her a few moments to realize that she was back on the ship curled up on her bed with a blanket pulled over her. “Weirdest dream ever.”

Tara chuckled, “I don’t know… that dream about frogs you had that one time was pretty weird.”

She smiled as she hear a familiar voice, “Frog fear… I guess I should get over that…” She turned and looked over at Tara and realized that she knew her from the dream and yet didn’t. It was like seeing someone’s life and knowing them but still it wasn’t quite the same as if she had lived the years she had witnessed. She could also remember how cute Tara was from the arena though part of her was sad that Tara was wearing a red dress she had picked up somewhere rather than nothing. She sighed as she realized that she was thinking about a girl in a sexual way again. She wasn’t sure where she started and where her fake memories ended anymore. “I don‘t know what to say…”

Tara felt a pain in her heart as she looked at Willow. She had jumped at the chance to come back and see Willow again even knowing that it wasn’t her Willow, it was a Willow. She looked younger than she remembered though she had known she would. There was a steel to this Willow that had been buried in her Willow for a long time. “Let’s try starting with hello…”

Willow smiled slightly, “Okay… I can do hello.” She jumped slightly as the speakers in the room saved her from trying to figure out where she was supposed to take this awkward conversation.

“Attention this is your captain Xander speaking, please be advised that we will be holding a meeting in the cafeteria shortly for senior staff… yes that means you Willow. I know you’re tired but this is important.”

“I’ll be there in a bit Xander. I have to sort something out.”


She guessed that the tone signaled that he ended the call. Her eyes widened as she realized that she wasn’t sure how she got back to the ship or how Dawn was doing. “Is Dawn okay?”

“She’s fine, we were able to catch a ride back to Sunnydale with your Seneschal. Then Giovanni got us back to the ship with the rest of the girls.”

Willow rolled out of bed without thinking about it and was happy to find that she was still wearing her hospital scrubs. She made a note to grab some clothes from home at some point either that or the mall, “My seneschal?”

“Loki said you were the ruler of a pocket plane… called Limbo… any of this sounding familiar?”

“Oh right that… Halloween upgrade.”

Tara grinned, “Yeah… been there done that, got the t-shirt.”


“No… but I’m thinking about getting one made. We should probably see what Xander wants though.”

Willow sighed as she headed to the door, “Yeah…”


Loki might be a prick in some ways but Xander was rather impressed with the collection of gorgeous girls gathered in the cafeteria even if he wasn‘t planning on touching some of them with a ten foot pole. Seated around a large table were a dozen girls that he was fairly sure had been half the football team though nothing remained of their previous personalities so he couldn‘t tell for sure. As far as he could piece together thanks to Cordelia they had all decided to dress as Superman, Green Lantern and their favorite professional football player as some type of team joke. Apparently either Ethan or Loki had sold everyone Supergirl capes instead of Superman capes as a way to embarrass people later. He figured it was a good bet because on the label of every cape was printed, ‘Horny Kryptonian bisexual nymphomaniac.’

He was actually glad that very few of the Kryptonians had been exposed to sunlight otherwise they might never have tracked everyone down before dawn even with Giovanni‘s help. The idea of the two Kyptonians in the corner being exposed to sunlight scared the hell out of him. He wasn’t sure why anyone in their right mind would dress up as a mix between Poison Ivy and Supergirl and Harley Quinn and Supergirl but they weren’t seeing the sunlight if he could help it until one of their telepaths did a complete workup. He was happier by far with Amanda Wayne who had probably gone as Batgirl and Supergirl but ended up as a new person. He was also happy and rather disturbed that someone had went as a cross between Batgirl, Supergirl and Forge of the x-men though he wasn’t sure who she had been before. He wasn’t sure what to make of the dark haired girl sitting with Dawn as she had seemed to know him but he surely wouldn’t have forgotten someone that hot. He grinned as he saw Willow walk in with another Kryptonian, “Hey Willow.”

Willow looked at Xander then over the collection of people with interest, “What’s the plan?“

Xander shrugged, “Waiting for you actually. Cordelia and Giovanni did a great job rounding people up… It’s amazing what you can do when you have a major telepath to get everyone to go to a central location and a magic user to transport them…”

“How many people do we have onboard?”

Xander sighed, “Almost two thousand people most of them children…”

Willow frowned, “I don’t like this at all…”

Xander sighed, “I don’t either… but if we don’t move the people then Janus will kill them.” He pulled a folded letter out of his pocket, “Loki said we have until an hour before dawn to get out of here otherwise he’ll have to take steps… He wanted you to read this.”

Willow took the short letter and quickly read it, “Okay… we can pull this off if we hurry but I’m going to need Joyce’s help.”

Xander frowned, “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that we should haul all of the space debris with us into limbo so that we can salvage it for metal and technology. It will also help with building supplies.”

Xander grinned, “Can you make a portal large enough for the ship?”

“I hope so… Illyana has created portals that large before… so we’ll see.”

Amanda looked at Xander, “Is there anything I can do?”

Xander considered, “Actually… if you want to go around and get a list of names and skills from our guests that would be helpful.”

Amanda smiled, “I can do that.”


Amanda smiled up at the guy that looked to be old enough to go to college, “Name, codename and skills?”

Riley hadn’t been happy about being teleported to a space station before he could alert his superiors. He had only gone in the direction the mental voice suggested because he had been curious, well that and he hadn’t wanted to go back to base before he understood why he was different. Being experimented on by Walsh for the ‘good’ of humanity didn‘t sound like a great idea to him. He had woken up in a strange part of the city with a fistful of memories that weren’t his and the ability to surround his body with living metal. He wasn’t sure how to classify his new abilities yet. He wasn’t sure that he believed the people that had transported them to the ship about it being the result of a magic spell but he wasn’t sure what else it could be. Maybe alien tech and memory devices though considering they had evidence of magic using demons he was more inclined to go with that explanation. He was just happy that Gramm was with him as it meant that he had at least one person here that he could trust. He debated for a couple of seconds then decided that he might as well be mostly honest if it meant that he was more useful to the people in charge. “Riley Finn… Colossus… skills include basic military training and an associates degree. I can also apparently turn my skin to metal and have higher than normal strength.”

Amanda made a note of his name, his powers and the fact that he had combat training. “Excellent… you know your way around a weight room as well yes?”


“Great. That should make figuring out how strong everyone is easier. Next.” She looked at the person next to Riley.”

Graham sighed as he wasn’t all that happy with Riley for saying that he had military experience though he could see Riley’s point about that it might be better to sound useful rather than not. “Graham Miller, I’m not sure about a codename… it doesn’t seem right to use Forge but that’s who I went as. Electronics, computers and basic military training. I have the ability to build things.”

Amanda smiled as she marked down Graham’s information, “Great. You should come in handy.”

A black man piped up from the next table, “Why are you holding us here?”

Amanda sighed as she looked at the college aged man that asked the question she had been expecting for a while, “I’m not holding you here… I’m just taking inventory of the people that are here… Basically if we stay in Sunnydale past dawn then something horrible will happen.” She gestured at the large screens that were currently showing movies. “We’ve got enough food, we’ve got entertainment and we’re being paid for our time… I trust the people running the ship so the best thing to do is calm down and relax. Once the people running the show have dealt with the immediate problems I’m sure that things will be explained in greater detail.”

Riley looked at Forrest, “Just relax and chill… let’s give this a day then we can start worrying about intentions and all of that.”

Amanda smiled, “That’s the spirit, so name and codename…”


Xander looked out over the strange land that Willow‘s portal had brought their ships to. “Are we sure this is safe?”

Willow shook her head, “Not really but as long as I’m here the demons should behave, hopefully.”


“I’m not sure how similar this world is with Illyana’s world… limbo had strange rules depending on who was in charge.”

“Is that why most of the demons we’ve seen have been hot girls in skimpy clothing.”

Willow blushed, “I’m blaming that on the fact that we’re on a tropical island and it’s a beach… or maybe Loki for creating everything here…”

“That’s the story eh?”

“And I’m sticking to it like glue…”

He chuckled, “Okay… so how long are we stuck here?”

She sighed, “Well I’m pretty much stuck here for the rest of time… though I can leave for a while… it’s probably best if I don’t stay away too long… the demons get uppity if I stay away too much.”

He nodded, “That’s true for Illyana’s comic realm… I’m not sure it’s true for here…”

She sighed, “I’m not sure it’s not true though…”

He stared out at the ocean, “We’ll figure it out…”

“As for the rest of you… that really depends on how long it takes Loki to finish off Janus.”

“I don’t trust him…”

Willow shrugged, “I trust him to keep his deals because of the magical contract he signed but other than that… not so much. Still we can play his game for a while… have you got the first destination yet?”

Xander shook his head, “No, he wanted us to spend a week enjoying the local food, building some shelters and organizing people. We’ve got a bunch of people that aren’t who they used to be… the kindest thing we can do is to drop them in a world they’re familiar with and call it good.”

Willow sighed, “I guess… It's just unfair…”

He grinned, “For them… I’m not going to complain when we’re finally on the side that benefits from the crazy…”

Willow smiled, “Yeah… still I can‘t help waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

Xander smirked, “Having fun having two girls fighting for your attention?”

She rolled her eyes, “You’re evil…”

“That’s not a no…”

“It’s not…” She blushed, “What about you?”

Xander sighed, “I’m not sure where Buffy and I stand… considering we couldn’t find captain hair gel in the ruins of Sunnydale before we had to leave I might have a shot…”

Willow nodded, “She’s pretty mopey about that… give it time and maybe…”

Xander shrugged, “If it happens it happens… I should get going… I need to talk to Joyce about using her powers to build some homes out of metal. We’re also replicating material for a castle.”

“A castle?”

“You’re the sorcerer supreme of this world, you should totally have a whacked out castle filled with secret passages and everything. Your demon assistant thinks it’s a great idea.”

Willow sighed, “Yeah… I’m not sure I trust her… she’s way too cute.”

Xander laughed, “I’m sure it will be fine…”

“Speaking of fine, any more complaints from the people we kidnapped?”

“Not too bad… most of them are treating it as a vacation… though most of the affected are children so that’s not surprising… we broke them up into groups depending on memories and power sets…”

Willow nodded, “Do we have a working theory on why some people got erased yet?”

Xander sighed, “Yes and no… with two exceptions people got turned into their costume permanently if they went as two or more characters from the same world or show.”

She frowned, “Then how come Giles didn’t get destroyed…?”

“He’s one of two exceptions… the other being a guy that went as Dylan Hunt and Hercules…”

She frowned as she tried and failed to place the connection, “Okay… maybe I’m missing something but why would that cause a problem?”

“They were played by the same actor…”

Willow sighed, “Oh, right… so what happened?”

“Basically an immortal god as a high guard commander…”

Willow perked up as she considered how cool it would be to get Andromeda’s technology specifically her artificial intelligence. “Did he bring his ship?”

“Sadly no… I’m not sure why it wasn’t created… maybe not enough people went as crew?”

“Could be… still he could be useful.”

“I wouldn’t mind having a backup captain for the ship while I’m out dealing with Loki’s jobs.”

She grinned, “It would help… I’m almost afraid to ask but how did the Super Harley Quinn and Ivy turn out…?”

He snickered, “Not too bad actually, this Harley is a lot saner than her costume persona. Plus she’s a shrink… so that helps. When she’s not tearing up the beach with Ivy she’s busy trying to keep everyone from revolting. Ivy is working with Joyce on the city’s garden… It’s too early to tell if the plants will try to eat people or not…”

Willow gulped, “I guess that’s better than it could be…”

He nodded, “Yep… the ship is doing well… and we’ve been upgrading Andrew’s ship as well as a backup.”

“Do you expect to need it?”

Xander shrugged, “Hell if I know… ending up on a demon paradise wasn‘t on my list of things to do this week but honestly… the natives haven‘t tried to eat us so I‘m happy…”

“I told them firmly that they weren’t allowed to eat everyone.”

“Thanks for that…”

She chuckled, “Yeah… still we have so many other problems… we need to organize things if we’re going to be here any length of time over a week or two… school… and…”

Xander shook his head, “I have a couple degrees from Zod’s memories… I’m not going back… I’m pretty sure that most of the children have the same issues… maybe we should take Harley up on her offer to be our counselor…”

Willow frowned, “If we can’t find anyone else…”

Xander nodded, “Well I should get back to working on the ship if we want it ready for when Loki drops our first assignment in our laps.”

“Good luck… I think I’ll stay out here watching the waves for a bit…”

“Avoiding Dawn and Tara?”

“No… I’m just avoiding the puppy dog looks and yeah… okay maybe a little. I’m not sure who to pick and yeah…”

“Don’t pick… just grab them both… maybe you can share Dawn…” Xander blurred away with a burst of super speed.

Willow stared at the sea as the clouds rolled in over the horizon of limbo. “I don’t think it’s that easy… wish it was though…”


Jack O’Neil scowled at the clock near his bed then at the phone that woke him up. He picked it up, “Three AM, this sure as hell better be an emergency…”

Hammond’s voice interrupted whatever else he was going to say, “It is Jack, I want you at the base in twenty minutes.”

“What happened?”

“An alien ship came out of a portal five minutes ago.”

“I’ll be there in fifteen to twenty.”

Hammond ended the call then started dialing the rest of Sg-1.


Xander zod + Anakin Skywalker + Vala’s and Daniel’s kid
Dawn super girl + Rachel Logan Grey + Samantha’s kid with Daniel
Willow Power girl + Illyana Rasputin + Samantha’s kid with Daniel
Buffy Faora evil krp + Emma Frost + Vala and Daniel’s child
Joyce Lorna + Caitlin Fairchild + Samantha Carter
Giles Reed Richards + Sorcerer supreme + Daniel Jackson
Cordelia = Felicia Darkstalkers/Wonder Women/Emma Frost.
Harmony = Shego/Kim/Hell Cat (Mage sight talent and minor sensitive) (sarcasm)
Faith = Supergirl/daughter of Thor/Agatha Heterodyne
Tara = (Kryptonian sorceress)/Jean Grey/Molly Carpenter

Jenny Calendar = Frankie Raye + Zatanna + Vala
Spike = gambit
Amanda = Barbra Gordon/Supergirl/Zantanna Zatara (Failed)
Jonathan = Forge/Firestorm/Scotty
Tucker - Giovanni Zatarra/weather wizard/James Bond (Failed)
Andrew = Wildchild, Green Lantern, Captain Kirk

Riley = Colossus
Gramm = Forge
Forest = Bridge

Green Lantern + Kryptonian (girl)+ professional team (Foot ball team) (Failed)

Warren = Doom/High Evolutionary/Sebastian Shaw (insane)
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