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Ship of the Line, Up up and away.

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Summary: The Scooby gang finds themselves the victim of a divine prank but hey they get a semi shiny star-ship out of it...

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsMistofRainbowsFR151055,890815566,7955 Feb 133 Apr 13Yes

Chapter Four

Xander glanced over at where Dawn was tapping her fingers on her console, “Don’t you have another systems check or something to run?”

Dawn stopped tapping her fingers, “No sir. Everything is running in tip top shape. We‘re in orbit over California and everything seems to be golden.”

He smiled slightly as he looked at Dawn’s on duty clothing. She was wearing the black knee length shorts they had decided on as well as a black t-shirt. All in all she looked respectable enough though probably not what most people would expect to see someone on a starship wearing especially sense the shorts had pockets. He could never figure out why the uniforms never had pockets on any of the science fiction shows he used to watch. “Good… so what did your mother say about your off duty attire?”

Buffy snickered, “Nothing good.”

Dawn glared over at Buffy, “She’s not exactly thrilled about it, she doesn’t really get the whole sunlight feels good part of being Kryptonian.”

Buffy snorted, “And by not exactly she means very… That and she doesn’t trust some of the people we brought to the island.”

Dawn scowled, “She does understand that I’m actually stronger than her and every one of the untrustworthy people right?”

Buffy laughed, “I don’t think that even enters into things… though now that you mention it, she did ask Willow about making a blue Kryptonite paddle. Luckily Willow lied and said that it wasn‘t possible. I‘m fairly sure she was joking…”

Dawn shuddered at the idea of anyone having something that would rob her of her strength, “Anyways…” She stopped whatever she was going to say as they received a hail from the planet. “We’ve got another incoming message.”

Dawn frowned, “Do you want to send the standard response again or?”

He smiled, “As much fun as ignoring them and seeing what they might do would be, I would rather not get attacked by whatever defenses they have. Put it on the screen.”


Jack sat down in the chair across from Carter. He swept his gaze over Daniel and Teal’c then stopped on Carter. “What do we have?”

“Not much sir, it showed up twenty minutes ago out of a hyperspace window of some type. Several other agencies noticed and word got passed down from Homeworld security.” She brought up an image of a crystal ship on the screen behind her. “This was taken by several of our satellites.”

Teal’c frowned, “I don’t believe it is Goa’uld.”

Daniel Jackson scowled as he realized that he should recognize the ship, maybe something from his ascended days or maybe something else. He wasn’t sure but the thing seemed familiar to him. “I’m not sure Jack.”

Jack yawned sleepily before asking. “Have we tried hailing the ship?”

Carter nodded, “We sent an information packet in several different commonly used languages and several not so common ones but the only response we got back was two words, Lustful Dream… it might be the ship’s name or maybe their translation software isn’t that great.”

Jack frowned, “Let’s try again.”

Carter nodded, “I’ll get the stuff set up sir.”


Xander smiled as he recognized Jack’s face. “How can I help you?”

“You can tell me what you’re doing over Earth.”

Carter snapped, “Jack.”

Xander chuckled, “It’s fine Carter, he‘s not going to offend me.”

Carter stared at Xander as she tried to figure out if she had ever seen him before. “Ah, I don’t believe we’ve met.”

Xander shrugged, “Yes and no… I know another Samantha Carter very well. I also know a version of Teal’c and Daniel.”

Jack frowned, “Me?”

“Other than stories not so much.”

“Alternate reality?”

Xander nodded, “More or less yes.”

“Did I die?”

“No worse, promoted.” He smiled at Jack‘s wince. “Anyways, we’re just here to drop off some upgrade specifications and then we’ll be on our way to complete our primary mission.”

Jack was a bit suspicious but figured that if there was a chance at advanced technology they could play nice until they knew what they were up to. “Primary mission?”

Xander grinned smugly, “That’s classified.”

Jack snorted, “You’ve been waiting to say that haven’t you?”

Xander held up his fingers a centimeter apart, “A little bit yeah. That doesn’t change the fact that our primary mission has little to nothing to do with Earth or at least nothing to do with your Earth. We’re looking for some star charts and current information, in exchange we’re willing to trade certain technologies.”

Jack didn’t exactly trust the young man in the alien ship but at the same time the chance to get a hold of new tech might be worth the risk. “If you would like to come down I’m sure that we can figure something out.”

Xander while normally he wouldn’t even considering sending the girls down into a military base but the SGC were fairly honorable and it wasn’t like they had anything that could stop the girls, “Agreed. We’ll send a team down in five minutes.” He cut the connection. “Not too bad. So who wants to go?”

Dawn grinned, “I would love the chance to see the SGC again.”

Buffy looked at Xander, “If something goes wrong you’re telling mom what happened.”

He shrugged, “Considering Dawn is almost indestructible I’ll risk it.”

Buffy sighed, “In that case sign us both up.”

Xander nodded, “As much as I would like to go with you I want to make sure that someone up here knows what to expect. I don‘t trust some of the current passengers not to cause mischief if I‘m not here.”

Buffy didn’t really blame Xander considering she could read minds. “True…”

“Last one down to Earth is a rotten egg.” Dawn blurred out of the room, down the hall and was halfway to the hanger bay by the time her comment registered with Buffy.

“I hate it when she does that.”

Xander snickered, “Make sure you grab the memory sticks.”

“On it.” She blurred down the hall.


Jack turned to look at Carter, “So what do you think?”

“I think they’re hiding something but I’ll try to figure it out.”

Daniel chuckled, “It should be interesting at least…”

Teal’c smiled slightly, “Indeed.”

Carter nodded, “Permission to show them around a bit in the interest of gaining their trust?”

“Nothing too important… we don’t have proof one way or another of who they are.”

Carter said, “True but if they wanted to cause trouble they have a ship. With the Prometheus away on a mission we’re not exactly in the best of shape to repel them if they’re hostile.”

Jack sighed, “What I wouldn’t give for some big space guns.”

Carter chuckled, “Maybe we can ask them for some.”

Daniel grinned slightly, “They did say they were interested in giving us some technology… so we can hope they’re on the level.”

Jack sighed, “When has that ever been true? Let‘s see… the Asgard are our best allies and they‘re busy most of the time… and when they aren’t busy they have their hands tied… The Tokra… aren‘t willing to share more than a little of their technology with us or even intelligence unless they need something…”

“Statistically we’re bound to run into friendly people with advanced technology that can help at some point…”

Jack sighed, “Just keep your eyes on whoever they send.”

“Yes sir.”


Two hours later and Carter really wanted to know what the catch was. Dawn and Buffy seemed way too young to be in military service. The craft they had shown up in had been a small four seat crystal shuttle craft. She was hoping that they would let her see the plans for it at some point. She wasn’t sure she bought their explanation about being from an alternate future timeline. Still it hadn’t taken them long to figure out that the star maps Buffy and Dawn had mostly matched with the maps the SGC had. In the couple of cases that they didn’t it was because the girls’ maps were better. After some careful checking she had found that their mission logs matched up exactly including the current log in her personal laptop that she hadn‘t filed yet. “Looks like things match up fairly well up until this point in the timeline.”

Dawn smiled, “In that case I guess we don’t need to trade for information.”

Buffy snickered at the look of disappointment on Carter’s face. “What she means is that we can just give you what we have.”

Carter was more than a little surprised, “What?”

Buffy chuckled, “Don’t look so surprised, we know you. We might not be jazzed about some of the oversight committee but most of the SGC staff are solid. We’re from an alternate dimension so there isn’t a risk of paradox, I don’t really see the problem with giving Sg1 some advanced knowledge.”

Daniel smiled, “How far in the future is your world?”

Buffy glanced at Dawn then back at Daniel, “We’re far enough in the future that we knew your daughters.”

Daniel stared at Buffy, “Daughters? What were they like?”

Buffy grinned, “One of them was a bit of a bookworm, the other was a bit of a know it all like her mother.”

Dawn snickered, “Different mothers you see.”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “You’re complicating the story…”

Carter blinked, “Mothers?”

Dawn snickered, “Yep. The know it all had Carter for a mother. The bookworm someone else.”

Daniel’s gaze darted from Dawn to Carter then back, “Ah… what happened to cause that…?”

Carter stared at Daniel then at Dawn, “So… assuming I believe you which I’m not sure you’re not just making this up… Who is the other woman?”

Buffy snickered, “You haven’t met her yet and Dawn is being a bit evil. There is a story that explains why your alt ended up pregnant by Daniel.”

Jack chuckled from the doorway, “Now that’s a story I’d like to hear.”

Carter twitched as she was reminded once again that Jack could move very quietly if he wanted to. “How long have you been standing there sir?”

“Long enough, don’t mind me.”

Dawn shrugged, “Well… in the other world Jack gets promoted to Homeworld security. Not all that important other than he’s no longer on the team. You get some replacements, you go on some missions… eventually the other SG1 gets trapped in a time dilation field for fifty years on a ship. At some point in there the insanity gets to them and they decide to have children.”

Carter frowned, “So the other me is old?”

“Nah, eventually they reset things and fixed things so that it never happened…”

Daniel frowned, “If it never happened then…”

“They stuffed Teal’c and the young adults in a time shield so that they wouldn’t be deleted so that they could go back in time and save the ship.”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “Let’s just go with time travel sucks.”

Samantha nodded, “Weird… not the strangest thing I’ve heard but close.”

Jack laughed, “I’m just trying to picture you and space monkey…”

Daniel shook his head, “Probably better off not to…”

Jack said, “That still doesn’t explain your mission…”

Dawn sighed, “You’re right it doesn’t.”

Buffy decided that changing part of the mission wouldn’t hurt. “Actually… about that. Why don’t you show Daniel and Carter some of the fun new tech… I think Jack and I should go for a walk. I know he can keep a secret and I think things will go better if he knows a couple of the upcoming highlights .”

Dawn didn’t really care one way or the other. While her memories of Dawn Carter wanted to help her family out as much as possible she really didn‘t want to screw up the mission or get destroyed by the Dakara weapon, “Your call…”

Carter glanced at Jack, “Jack?”

Jack shrugged, “It will be fine…”

Buffy walked out of the conference room, “Let’s go.”


Xander smiled as Buffy walked in and sat down in her chair, “What was it like seeing Daniel again?”

“Different and strange… he’s Daniel but he’s not… I mean Giles is my Daniel… but he’s… yeah… so where are we on the mission?”

Xander snorted, “You tell me, I’ve been up here making sure that the extra idiots we have don’t mutiny.”

“Have they decided on a good planet yet?”

He laughed, “No… we have about ten different groups and another sixty people that can’t make up their minds on which groups to go with.”

Buffy shrugged, “Considering I told Jack the plan in general terms, we should probably get moving.”

“You’re a bad girl, maybe we should ask Willow about a blue kryptonite paddle.”

“Without our powers I’m still way stronger than you.”

He held his hands up in surrender, “Okay, bad idea…”

She snickered, “Besides, if she made one she would be too busy using it on Dawn to let you borrow it.”

Xander chuckled, “I still can’t believe Dawn got her to walk down the beach without clothes…”

“She’s a corruptive influence I swear.”

Xander grinned happily as he pictured Dawn and Willow nude on a beach, “Yeah…”


He grinned, “Details. Speaking of attractive girls that should be here… have you seen Cordelia?”

“Yeah, I saw her in the hanger bay talking to one of the leaders of a group of settlers.”

“Okay, once she gets back we’ll set course for Dakara.”


Shaw glanced over Cordelia Chase, Warren’s memories said that she was a useless socialite, he wasn’t sure how she had gotten promoted to go to person for this mission other than that she had gone as someone with vast physical powers who happened to know the captain. Not exactly ringing endorsements but he had to admit that the captain’s taste in women was solid. Hell he liked the view of all of the female crew, though the uniform could be a bit more revealing. He smiled a smile he knew she would view as charming, “Thank you for your assistance talking the captain into letting us remain on Earth.”

Cordelia Chase was many things thanks to her different memories but above all she was a survivor, that had been true before Halloween and it was still true now. She smiled at she looked through the force field that separated the hanger bay from space. Rather than answer she took a breath, reached into her pocket and pressed the button on her remote that shutdown the force field and vented the air into space. She used her own flight to keep herself from being swept out into space as she watched twenty one of the most evil people she had ever had the displeasure of mentally scanning fly out into space without spacesuits or any chance of surviving. She wasn’t sure what would possess anyone to dress as Lex Luther or some of the other villains but honestly she didn’t really care. Some of them had been consumed by their costumes and some had been normal people that snapped when they realized what they could do with their new powers.

She had no issue with petty crime or even murder if the people deserved it, she blamed that one on her various costume memories but every one of the twenty one people she had sent into space had no issues with rape or murder of innocents and planned to use their powers to get whatever they wanted without caring who they hurt. While some of them had interesting powers, none of them had anything so interesting that they were worth the risk of keeping around. They had blood samples from all of the people on board and could always see how mentally stable the second generation was. She pushed the other button on the remote which turned on the force field and started the process for the hanger bay filling with air. She made a mental note to have one of the people that didn’t need to breathe cut off Shaw’s head with a hacksaw just to make sure he was dead before they left the system. She figured she had just enough time to raid the dead people’s crew quarters for useful stuff before someone got curious where she was and sent one of the bleeding hearts to check up on her.


Samantha Carter looked at Jack, “Spill?”

Jack grinned at Daniel, “She talked a bit about Atlantis actually.”

He smiled, “It’s real then?”


“Glad to hear it. Did they say where it was?”

“Nah, just that we’d be finding it soon.”


“Anything else?”

Jack nodded, “She told me a bit about the other girl Daniel falls for… I can’t say you don’t have taste.”

Daniel rolled his eyes, “Thanks I think…”

Carter frowned, “Do we need to worry about their mission?”

“Only if they don’t pull it off. I’m pretty sure they’re on the level actually.”

“Considering some of the designs they shared I’m going to hope they are because if even a tenth of them work we would be hard pressed to do much of anything against them.”

He was hopeful that they could actually complete their objective and destroy the replicators completely, “We can hope.”


Dawn grinned at the two duplicated Lantern power rings in her hand. “Alien tech zero, Dawn two…”

Jonathan rolled his eyes, “Technically the matter assembler is alien tech… I don’t know why I’m even helping you with this…”

“Because Andrew keeps waving the fact that he has a Green Lantern power ring in your face even if it doesn’t actually work anymore. If you can figure out how to make these work we’ll have a better ring than he has. I call that a win, win.” She tossed him the two duplicated rings.

He caught them awkwardly and started looking them over, “Oh right… where did you get these anyways?”

“The green one I got from one of the Kryptonian Football players… Cordelia had the yellow ring. Said she got it off of one of the people that stayed on the planet. Same with the power batteries.”

He glanced over at the two empty yellow power batteries resting on the work bench. He wanted to examine them more before they tried to duplicate them. “It might take me a bit to figure out how they work and to come up with a replacement power supply.”

Dawn nodded, “Considering the fact that they’re empty they aren’t much more than paperweights right now.”

He muttered, “Much like the rings…”

“If all we can figure out is a way to make flying spacesuits then it’s still worth our time.”

He sighed, “True… and we’ll be in hyperspace for several hours getting to Dakara so I might as well work on it.”

“That’s the spirit. I‘ll leave you to it.”

“Sure… if you can borrow any other power rings to duplicate it might help me to understand things. For all we know they could be different.”

Dawn nodded, “I’ll ask around.”


Graham stared at the Dakara device, “I’m not sure this is wise.”

Riley chuckled, “You’re the one that wanted to come on the mission.”

“I know… and I’m glad that I’m here doing something useful but this thing could do some serious damage if we don’t have the calculations right…”

Xander rolled his eyes, “That’s why you’re our ace in the hole… well that and Jonathan is working on another project.”

“Way to make me feel special.” He smiled to let Xander know that he was joking. He was actually rather happy with how things had worked out. It wasn’t often that you got to be part of a team that saved multiple worlds from destruction. “I’ll get started putting in the calculations for using this to destroy the replicators.”

“How long?”

“A couple of hours… I want to study the device before we fire it up just in case we have to fire and run.”

Xander knew that they had weeks before people would be coming to collect the weapon so a couple of hours wasn’t a big deal. “Take the time to do it right. I’ve got a lot of reading to do on the next part of the mission.”

“No problem.”

Riley changed into his armored form and moved to the entrance to keep watch. He knew that the only reason he was on the mission was to keep watch over Graham in case Xander needed to leave for any reason. Well that and he was friends with Graham. Considering the fact that Graham had a mutant ability that was extremely useful he could understand Xander wanting him kept safe at all costs. He just wished that Forrest would just fall into line and help rather than complain because they weren‘t doing things according to how he thought they should be done. He was pretty sure that it was because he didn’t believe that they couldn’t or at least shouldn’t go back to their old world. He wasn’t all that broken up about not having to go back to school considering they were helping to save countless lives in this world which was as far as he was concerned more important than sitting in class establishing a cover identity that they weren’t going to need for a couple of years. Not that any of that mattered anymore as he wasn’t keen on ever going back now that he had powers they would probably want to cut him apart and figure out how his abilities worked.


Harley giggled then cheerfully asked, “So, what’s the next objective boss?”

Xander looked away from where Graham, Riley, Amanda and Jonathan were securing the Dakara weapon in the hold. He was still trying to accept the fact that this Harley wasn’t a demented nutcase but the way she said boss sent a shiver down his spine. “Now that we have our anti-replicator weapon… we’re heading to the Pegasus galaxy to pay the other replicators a visit. They have cities and are too dangerous to live, we have people that need a city… I’m calling that a win.” He wasn’t happy about destroying a whole race but it was on the list of tasks Loki gave him. He would probably have bulked but he knew they were worse than most of the demons he ran into. Knowing that they would eventually try to wipe out humanity just so the wrath would starve to death put them in the too dangerous to live category. “Besides, I want to see the look on Daniel’s face when we give him a city ship.”

Harley nodded, “It would get some of the less useful people off the ship.”

“That’s the plan.”

She looked at Xander suspiciously, “You’re not going to dump Ivy and me off on a planet are you?”

He shook his head, “No, we need a shrink and Ivy is an amazing botanist.” He also knew that they needed all of the Kryptonians they could get if they had any hope of creating a viable population. He was just happy that all of the Kryptonians they had onboard weren’t that closely related genetically. According to Giles’s blood research the spell had basically created a powers template and only changed what it had to in order to give everyone the powers and abilities that it needed to. They were all Kryptonian or Kryptonian plus but they weren’t all that closely related. The two with the closest genetics they had were Dawn and Buffy but even they weren’t as close genetically as they used to be.

Harley sighed in relief, “Thanks boss. I’m going to go see if I can find my little flower.”

Xander nodded, “Have fun.”

“Oh yes…”

Xander chuckled at the look of glee in Harley’s eyes, ‘At least she’s cute insane…’ He headed back toward the bridge so that they could get underway.


Faith laughed as she worked on a super fantastic tanning booth.

Tara watched Faith laugh nervously. She couldn’t figure out why Faith’s tanning bed looked more like something Frankenstein would have been giddy about than a normal tanning bed but figured it probably had to do with the fact that Faith’s invention abilities came from a mad scientist. “How are you doing?”

Faith looked up from her work, “I’m five by five I guess… I’m trying to keep out of trouble and all that.” She looked at her strange tanning bed, “Well mostly… they aren’t letting me play with the really neat stuff yet.”

“Really neat stuff?”

Faith nodded, “Yeah… Jonathan has a couple of projects he’s working on for Dawn… he hasn’t said what they are but judging by how bouncy he is I’m guessing it’s something neat and then there is that super weapon…”

Tara felt a shiver go down her spine at the look of raw hunger in Faith’s eyes as she mentioned the super weapon. “Yeah… it might be for the best that they‘re not letting you near it at least until they‘re done with the replicators and have it scanned and copied… who knows what you would do with it…”

Faith sighed, “They could at least let me play with one of the cloning machines…”

Tara chuckled, “I’m sure that they’ll let you play once they have enough other clones to keep any monsters you create contained.”

Faith scowled, “What fun is that?” She chuckled at the look on Tara’s face, “Just kidding, mostly… Don’t worry I’m still mostly sane I just get a bit carried away some times. Can you hand me the wrench?”

Tara gestured and floated the wrench over so that Faith could grab it.

Faith snagged the wrench out of the air with a grin, “I see someone has been practicing.”

Tara smiled brightly, “I want to keep my skills up. I have a feeling that we’re going to need them.”

“Probably, speaking of needing things… have you and Willow…”

Tara chuckled nervously, “Not that it’s any of your business but yeah…”

She raised an eyebrow, “What about Dawn?”

Tara blushed, “Ah…”

Faith laughed, “Oh… that sounds like a story…”

Tara shook her head, “I should go practice some more…”

“Practice eh?” Faith smirked when Tara left without answering. “Now if I can just get this tanning bed to work.”


Xander continued stared at the ceiling of the bridge as he asked the only other person there a question, “Are you bored yet?”

Cordelia sighed, “Just a bit… we’ve been traveling through hyperspace for four days. We’ve got another…” She checked the display on the console. “Fifty two minutes until we get to Atlantis, that is if I‘m reading the thing right.”

“Sounds about right.”

“So yeah… slightly bored. Still, it beats listening to one of the geeks talk about their latest invention.”

“While I’m happy that we have them, I understand… I’m more worried about where we go from here.”

“Oh? I thought you had orders from Loki.”

“More like guidelines… We’re supposed to destroy both sets of replicators and give the Asgard a better body to clone so that they don’t die out. He left the rest of the stuff rather vague. If we want to bug out after that then we can, if we want to stay and deal with Wraith then we can.”

She frowned, “I read the file on them… bloody space vampires.”

“Yeah… still they have some interesting technology that I wouldn’t mind letting Faith play with.”

Cordelia shivered, “That girl is scary… What’s her story anyways?”

“Yeah… in another reality she was a slayer… Loki rescued her from the edge of death and sent her here to help… he gave her a costume and she picked up some freakish abilities.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes, “At least she’s not as bad as Buffy about thinking she’s in charge.”

Xander rolled his eyes, “She’s better than she was… though I think she’s treating this as a vacation that she can’t do anything about.”

“I can see the logic there…”

“Speaking of costumes and abilities… how are you coming with yours?”

“Not too bad… I can shift to a cat girl or a small white tiger… thanks to Felicia and I’ve got the telepathic abilities of Emma Frost… my telekinesis still sucks crap but if I try really hard I can move a chess piece around a board.”

Xander snickered, “You forgot your abilities from Wonder Woman.”

“She was basically an enchanted mud golem…”

“Your genetics say you’re human with perks… well more human than I am.”

She glanced over at him and laughed, “You’re a Kryptonian in a world without Kryptonite, you’ll get no sympathy from me.”

He smiled, “I guess… It’s been a week and a half but I still almost expect to wake up and learn that this has been a dream.”

Cordelia chuckled, “I’m finally to the point where I hope it’s not a dream…”

“Having special abilities is neat isn’t it… so I don‘t suppose I can talk you into being the template for a clone race of hot cat girls?”

“And there it goes again… must you always be such a boy?”

He turned and looked at her, “What do you expect?”

“A bit of maturity or dignity…”

“Yeah… I went as a Kryptonian warlord and Anakin Skywalker… I mean maturity… not their best qualities…”

“Point.” She stared at the view screen, “So… how long do you think it’s going to take to raise the city?”

“That depends on if they have a program for it or if we have to have the Jock Squad raise the island by hand.”

Cordelia smirked, “At least turning them into Kryptonians and green lanterns upped their intelligence…”

“It wasn’t going to get lower… that’s for sure. It‘s sort of creepy how cute some of them are as girls…” He coughed as he realized that he needed to not think about the previous football team like that, “Ah, speaking of increased intelligence and creepy… how’s Harmony doing?”

“Hell is doing fine… she’s working with Amanda and Graham on her ship. It’s creepy knowing that there isn’t much left of my friend thought that’s probably a good thing… some of her better qualities are there… but for the most part she’s just an interesting person… I’m trying it’s sort of hard though.”

He sighed, “Yeah… I’m just glad that the rest of us didn’t get consumed by our costumes… you’re still you right?”

“Yeah, more or less at least. A few less jagged edges, a better appreciation for milk and ice cream… but yeah I’m still me.”


Cordelia wasn’t sure what else to say so she watched the screen in silence.



Xander zod + Anakin Skywalker + Vala’s and Daniel’s kid
Dawn super girl + Rachel Logan Grey + Samantha’s kid with Daniel
Willow Power girl + Illyana Rasputin + Samantha’s kid with Daniel
Buffy Faora evil krp + Emma Frost + Vala and Daniel’s child
Joyce Lorna + Caitlin Fairchild + Samantha Carter
Giles Reed Richards + Sorcerer supreme + Daniel Jackson
Cordelia = Felicia Darkstalkers/Wonder Women/Emma Frost.
Harmony = Shego/Kim/Hell Cat (Mage sight talent and minor sensitive)
Faith = Supergirl/daughter of Thor/Agatha Heterodyne
Tara = (Kryptonian sorceress)/Jean Grey/Molly Carpenter

Jenny Calendar = Frankie Raye + Zatanna + Vala
Spike = gambit
Amanda = Barbra Gordon/Supergirl/Zantanna Zatara (Failed)
Jonathan = Forge/Firestorm/Scotty
Tucker - Giovanni Zatarra/weather wizard/James Bond (Failed)
Andrew = Wildchild, Green Lantern, Captain Kirk
Riley = Colossus
Graham = Forge
Forest = Bridge
Green Lantern + Kryptonian + professional team (Foot ball team)

Warren = Doom/High Evolutionary/Sebastian Shaw (insane) (dead)
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