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Ship of the Line, Up up and away.

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Summary: The Scooby gang finds themselves the victim of a divine prank but hey they get a semi shiny star-ship out of it...

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsMistofRainbowsFR151055,890815566,8155 Feb 133 Apr 13Yes

Chapter Five

Buffy gazed out over the water from the north pier, “Are you sure we can’t keep the city?”

Xander chuckled, “It’s a lovely piece of technology isn’t it? Ten thousand years and it’s still here…”

“Yeah… it truly is. In another life I could see living on a ship like this. I do hope the Atlantis team appreciates us fixing it up for them.”

He laughed, “Hopefully, then again probably not.”

“So how long before they get here?”

“We’ve got two weeks or so before they get here.”

She chuckled, “No pressure then…”

He shrugged, “It should be fine. Graham and Jonathan are working on setting the Dakara device up so that‘s one less worry…”

She scowled, “Even if they’re crazy robots… I don’t like the idea of watching a tech push a button and having a race die.”

He sighed, “I don’t either but I know the score, they’re insane. Completely nuts…” He stopped as he realized the real issue. “You want to push the button don’t you?”

She held up her thumb and fingers an inch apart, “Just a little, I mean I’ve never actually gotten to destroy a whole race of demons before.”

“Well Graham pushed the button last time so I don’t think they’ll have a problem with you pushing the button this time.”

She smiled as she pulled him into a hug, “Thanks.” She let him go, “Let’s go make the universe safer.”

He chuckled, “Way to get your slay on.”

“It’s weird not going out every night and slaying demons.”

“Don’t worry you’ll be leading the charge when we destroy the main wraith hibernation ship.”

“I’m still a bit iffy on letting the techs look over the Wraith tech… especially Faith… she seems to be the mad scientist type.”

He started walking back toward the main tower where they set the Dakara device up. “Maybe a little, she’s hot though…”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “Good luck with that… it‘s always the cute ones that you need to worry about.”

Xander chuckled as he flew up to the tower's balcony, “Yeah, I’ve known you were trouble for a while Buffy.”

Buffy smiled slightly as she flew up after him.


Andrew looked nervously at the ascension machine then back at Faith. “I’m not sure this is a good idea…”

“It’s a great idea. You’re one of the only people with regeneration we have that doesn’t have so much of it that the process won’t work.” Personally she viewed this as a bit of revenge for having to put up with him in Sunnydale not that he knew that as he hadn’t lived through the extra years she had.

Andrew looked at Dawn nervously, “You’re not going to let her stuff me into the machine and turn it on are you?”

Dawn shrugged, “Of course I am. She’s way cuter than you.”


Dawn rolled her eyes, “You volunteered when we brought the idea up. You didn’t complain when Giles was doing the extensive blood testing so why are you backing out now?”

“I just realized how many bad things could happen to me… I don‘t see either of you volunteering.”

Faith shrugged, “Yeah… well we don’t regenerate and honestly I don’t want to see what would happen if our powers got boosted.” While not exactly true as Dawn did in fact have regeneration, she wanted a lot more data before she experimented on herself or Dawn. Only truly crazy mad scientists did such things before rigorously testing the process on other people.

Dawn scowled at him, “I don’t know what your issue is, we have Giles and Graham standing by in case something goes wrong. We have blood samples so we should be able to reverse the process. On the off chance that something does go wrong, we have stasis chambers that we can toss you in until we figure out how to fix the problem.”

Faith shrugged, “Just think of the neat abilities you could pick up… like mental powers.”

He smiled, “That could be cool, still…”

Faith sighed, “If you stop complaining I’ll even see if I can talk Xander into giving you a copy of his lightsaber.” She wasn’t going to try very hard but she didn’t have to tell him that.

Andrew gulped then stepped onto the platform, “Do it before I change…” He twitched as Dawn pushed a button and sent a spiral of green energy across his body.

Dawn sighed as she looked down at where Andrew had passed out, “Damn, it didn’t blow his head off…”

Faith chuckled, “Totally worth it.”

Dawn snickered, “I guess we drag him to the medical area.”

“Probably should…”

Faith picked him up carefully so that she didn’t damage him and started walking toward the medical area. “So now what?”

Dawn grinned, “Now wait until he wakes up and we tell him that we’re going to stab him with a bunch of needles every two hours and take samples for cloning.”

“That’s just mean.”

Dawn grinned, “I know.”

Faith laughed, “You’re a bad influence.”



Andrew woke up with a groan, “You totally zapped me before I was ready…”

Dawn snickered, “Yeah, it was easier that way.”

“So now what happens?”

“Lots and lots of needles every couple of hours… then in a couple days we’ll reverse the process and hopefully we’ll be able to use your clone as a viable base for the Asgard.”

All thoughts about bragging rights flew out of his head when she mentioned needles, “Needles?”

Faith laughed, “Very sharp ones… you’ll be fine. It‘s actually the large dull ones that hurt…”

Andrew scrambled off the lab bed they had dumped him on and ran toward the door, “I’ve got to go…”

Dawn watched him run out of the room with amusement, “So… do you think your plan will work?”

Faith shrugged, “I’m sure as hell not giving the Asgard a copy of me to play with. Nor am I giving them Kryptonian powers either…”

Dawn agreed with Faith on that, Loki had said to fix the Asgard, he hadn‘t said that they had to turn them into walking gods or anything, “I don’t blame you… so what do you think Cordelia will want in exchange for allowing us to use her blood to create a city full of cat girls?”

“Other than control of one of the city ships we’re claiming from the replicators?”

Dawn chuckled, “Yeah, other than that.”

“She’s been bitching about her telekinesis so I can see her wanting some lab time with one of the techs to create a psionic amplifier.”

Dawn shrugged, “I don’t think it will be that hard to talk Graham into helping Cordelia…”

Faith nodded, “Speaking of Graham… we should probably go watch the destruction of the replicators.”

Dawn sighed, “I know they’re evil but I blame that on faulty programming.”

“They remind me too much of Brainiac.”

Dawn shivered, “On second thought… point taken.”


Buffy stared at the stargate as it finished dialing, “Is there some type of ceremony for this?”

Graham shook his head, “Don’t think so.”

She twitched slightly as the gate whooshed out and then settled back. “Okay…”

Xander watched as the stargate stabilized. They had set things up so that all of the gates in the galaxy would be open at once so that they didn’t miss any replicators. “Just press the button I guess…”

Buffy pushed the button on the control that sent the pulse of replicator death through the open stargate. “Rest in peace…”

Xander wondered if they had just done what was easy instead of right. He wasn’t sure if doing what was right would have been going to their world and trying to find any sane replicators and saving them… or if doing what was right meant making sure they weren’t a threat anymore. The problem was that he wasn’t sure how to do save any of them without alerting their leader that there was someone capable of wiping them out. “Let’s give it a couple more seconds then we can send some people to search through their cities.” He smiled as he noticed Faith and Dawn walking in. “How did the experiment go?”

Dawn scowled, “The annoying one chickened out.”

Faith chuckled, “I had to promise that I would ask you about getting him a lightsaber… so can he have one?“

Xander laughed, “No…”

Faith grinned, “Well I tried…”

Dawn snickered, “Not very hard.”

“I never said that I would try very hard… still, mission accomplished. We’ll know more in a few days when we get the test results back.”

Xander gestured for Graham to hit the shutdown button, “Let’s see, body for the Asgard to use to save them from extinction? Check. Both sets of replicators destroyed, check. Looks like we’re onto the fun stuff now, such as destroying the wraith and playing with ancient tech.”

Graham shutdown the Dakara device then the stargate. “We still have the wraith to deal with.”

Dawn rubbed her hands, “I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can drop kick a wraith.”

Buffy frowned, “Who said that you’re going?”

Dawn scowled at her sister, “What gives you the right to tell me I can’t go?”

Buffy sighed, “Mom left me in charge.”

“Mom is back in limbo…”

Faith smiled as she put her hands on Dawn‘s shoulders, leaned down slightly so that her mouth was near Dawn’s ear and stage whispered, “I’m sure that we can find some fun projects for you to work on while Buffy and I get our slay on. Besides, if nothing else Tara and Willow are dropping in today… you don‘t want to miss them do you?”

Dawn shook her head, “No…”

Buffy sighed, “Tell you what… once we find out for sure that the wraith can’t hurt us… then we can go have some fun killing wraith as a family.” It wasn’t that she wanted to make Dawn unhappy she just wanted to make sure she was safe.

Dawn gave a slight smile, “Okay…”

Xander grinned, “We’ll bring you some interesting wrath toys to play with.”

Dawn smiled at Xander, “Thanks, you’re the best.”

Xander grinned, “Thanks.”

Graham dialed the gate for the Asuran’s world. “If it’s safe, come get me, if it’s not, well good luck getting out of there.”

Xander looked toward the gate, “Yeah… this is going to suck if they aren’t dead.”

Faith chuckled, “You only live once… maybe twice.”

Dawn chuckled, “Bring back some interesting things… like some ZPMs. Jonathan needs one for a project.”

Xander frowned, “Do I even want to know?”

Dawn grinned, “Don’t worry you’ll like it… probably. Just get going.”

Xander shivered as he walked through the gate.

Faith snickered then walked through.

Graham waited a couple of seconds then used his radio, “Any sign of life?”

Xander tapped his head set, “Not so far… a few piles of replicators though…”

“That’s good news.”

Buffy walked through the gate now that she knew it was safe.

“Yeah. I’ll dial back in thirty minutes… if you don’t hear from us assume the worst and send another pulse or something…”

“Will do.” Graham shut off the gate. “Now we wait.”

Dawn sighed, “I hate waiting.”

Graham chuckled, “So what are you having Jonathan work on?”

“He’s trying to duplicate a lantern ring and power it…”

Graham stared at Dawn, “You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Yeah… even if all we can get them to do is generate a force field and allow people to fly… it would still be worth the time spent.”

“That’s why you wanted a ZPM isn‘t it?”

“Yep, no emotional universal energy source here which means that we need to look at alternate energy sources. Still I’m hopeful that we’ll get them working to one degree or another.”

Graham nodded, “That should make the Squad happy…”

“That’s the idea… plus space flight and an air supply would rock.” While she could fly in space thanks to her powers she didn’t like depending on only one method of flight.

Graham smiled as he wondered what it would be like to fly through space without a ship, “True. I don’t suppose I can requisition one of the rings?”

She laughed, “I don‘t see a problem with that. Speaking of problems… how’s Forrest doing?”

Graham snorted, “Better… and worse… He’s still angry about having to leave our world but after we showed him some of the data on the wraith… he’s channeling that anger into finding ways to kill them.”

“Better than the alternative… which is being angry at us…”

“I’m not saying there isn’t still some of that… but he’s actually being helpful by leading some tactics and martial arts classes. Mostly he’s been working with the Kryptonian football girls. Trying to get them up to speed so that they’re combat effective. I know they’ve got the powers but…”

Dawn laughed, “Yeah… I get it. Powers doesn’t equal training. I was trained by a crazy nut job that regenerated and had fought in just about every war since world war one… his idea of a fun family outing involved fights with aliens, robots or both.”

“He probably just wanted you to be prepared…”

“Yeah… well he’s the reason that side of me never actually got a second date…”

Graham laughed, “As for Forrest I think he realizes that the best way to get home is to pitch in and help… plus, I think he‘s hoping that if he behaves he‘ll be able to get some alien weaponry to take back once he goes home.”

She chuckled, “It’s not out of the realm of possibility. I should go check on a couple of other projects unless there is something else you need?”

He shrugged, “Not really. I’ll be here waiting for Xander’s call. Well close… I’ll probably be over by the communication boards trying to understand them.”

“And improve them…”

He grinned, “Probably. It’s still a bit weird but I’m getting used to it. I’ve been thinking about taking a look at the control chairs. I want to see how hard it would be to re-key one to work with Kryptonian markers rather than the ATA gene.”

While she knew that the core group had a form of the ATA gene thanks to Daniel that didn‘t help the rest of the Kryptonians use the various devices scattered around, “Not a bad idea…”

He smiled as he stared looking over the communication interface trying to understand how to build a better system, “Go check on your projects.”


Xander flew through the air as he scanned the latest city ship he had found with his x-ray vision. He was fairly sure that his x-ray vision was actually nothing of the sort and more like a form of clairvoyance considering he could see things in color with it. Still he couldn’t fault the usefulness of it. Thirty minutes of flying around the planet scanning various buildings without seeing any sign of life convinced him that it was probably safe to bring in the techs. He was more than a little disturbed by the fact that his quick count showed that there were at least a hundred city ships on the planet. He had known the Asurans were arrogant but overkill much, he hadn’t really expected to find more than a dozen at most… the fact that they had access to a stupidly insane number of city ships meant that they were in a better position to defeat the wraith and the Goa’uld if they could crew the things. He had a brief amusing vision of Uncle Jack flying a city ship against a Goa’uld armada. “Xander to Faith, are you ready to go back yet?”

Faith giggled as she spun through the air with her arms out like a plane, “Faith here, I guess… I’m enjoying stretching my wings so to speak.”

“Plenty of time for that after we tell the techs it’s safe… plus I want some people here in case someone notices that no one is here to defend the richest stash of firepower in the history of this world.”

“When you put it that way… I’m on my way back.”

Buffy spoke up, “I’ll meet you back at the gate.”


Dawn giggled as she pointed toward the lab that Jonathan had taken over, “And this is where Jonathan makes the impossible happen.”

Jonathan rolled his eyes, “Hardly, merely the improbable and annoying.”

Willow grinned, “That bad?”

“Just frustrating.”

Dawn smiled, “Not finished then?”

Jonathan gestured toward his workbench that had a number of rings and lanterns scattered over it as well as some strange alien looking machines, “Not really… I was able to modify the lanterns to work with a ZPM…”

“That’s good… I’m sensing there is a but there.”

“Sort of… Basically I’m still working on whipping the artificial intelligence into shape.”

Willow frowned, “What’s the problem?”

“The problem is that there is a hell of a lot of information to go through… even if we wipe the language and cultural databases because they’re basically useless here it‘s still a lot of information to go through to find the programming for the various abilities the rings grant. The other problem is that without the cultural database the artificial intelligence is rather limited.”

Willow frowned, “Then why erase it?”

“Because there are safeguards against tinkering in there somewhere… the guardians were a bit paranoid.”

Dawn sighed, “With good reason… not that it helps us. Have you tried letting one of the green lanterns use the lantern to power their ring?”

He sighed, “Yeah… and it didn’t work. Once the ring’s computer got enough power to come online it went into some type of emergency shut down mode and fried itself. Probably some anti-tampering failsafe. “Luckily it was just a duplicate ring… but still.”

Dawn scowled, “So the lantern doesn’t work?”

“It does… I could get a stripped down duplicate to accept a charge and generate a force field… so I know it works. It’s just that I’m still working on putting everything back together. I might need to log some time on the ship’s computer core and see if it can deal with the programming mess.”

Willow nodded, “That shouldn’t be a problem. Giles might be a good person to talk to as he might have some ideas. He also might be able to hack the thing with magic.”

Jonathan chuckled, “I had considered that…but I wanted to try to get it to work the legitimate way first.”

Dawn shrugged, “As long as it works…”

He smiled slightly, “I’ll keep at it. I’ve had more success than I thought I would.”

Dawn said, “Good. I’ll see you around.”

Willow smiled at Jonathan, “Thanks. So where to now?”

“Probably to my lab.”

“What are you working on?”

Dawn walked out of Jonathan‘s lab and started down the hall, “Come see.”

Willow grinned as she followed Dawn, “Sure.”


Xander looked at Giles as he walked into the gate room, “How are your projects coming?”

“Simulations on a modified Hoffan drug from the Odyssey’s files are proving promising… mostly.”


“I’ve managed to reduce the mortality rate by twenty percent… at least according to the simulations…”

“That’s still if I remember right a thirty percent mortality rate.”

Giles sighed, “About that… Blood tests and a medical scan should help predict the risks of taking the drug.”

Xander nodded, “It’s better than the fifty percent that the Hoffans got before… What about your other project?”

“I’m still trying to figure out a way to increase the success of Becket’s ATA gene therapy… I’m not having much luck. It seems to be limited to people that already have a dormant version of the ATA gene. So I’m assuming that most of the Kryptonians are out of luck.”

Xander frowned, “Considering our baseline immunity to just about every known pathogen I can‘t see a retrovirus working even if they did have a dormant gene… not very likely all things considered.”

Giles sighed, “I think it‘s safe to say that you, Willow, Buffy and Dawn will be the only Kryptonians with the gene until you have children.”

Xander shrugged, “Graham mentioned that he was working with Cordelia to see if they could come up with a psionic interface that skipped the ATA gene… mostly because she wants to be able to fly her city ship.”

Giles shook his head, “As much as the idea of Cordelia flying a ship that could level worlds scares me… if anyone can make it work it would be those two.”

Xander chuckled, “What’s next on your project list Mr. Sorcerer man.”

Giles sighed, “If you don’t stop with the horrible nicknames I shall be forced to turn you into a frog then give you to Willow.”

Xander gulped, “That would be bad…”

“As for my next project… I’ll probably be helping Dawn and Faith make sure that their cloning process is successful.”

“That’s good…” He was honestly a bit worried about Faith’s various projects, not because he didn’t trust her but because her genius ability was at least partially magical and seemed to have a strange effect on advanced technology. Well that and he was pretty sure her danger sense was broken or at least seriously lacking.

“Have you figured out what you’re going to do for the next two weeks?”

“Not really, I’ve got a couple of things I want to take care of from the show… but other than that I’m want to make a few copies of my lightsaber in case something happens to it.”

Giles shook his head, “It would be nice to know how that particular tool works.”

“I’ll drop off a copy later.”

“Thank you.”


Amanda giggled, “I spy…”

Hell scowled at Amanda as she started up the infernal game again, “I will find a way to hurt you.” She conjured a ball of green energy in her hand.

Amanda stuck her tongue out at Hell.

Buffy snickered from her place in the pilot seat of the puddle jumper. “If you two don’t behave I’ll pull this ship over and you can walk the rest of the way. Also remember you‘re the only one that needs to breathe in the jumper.”

Hell rolled her eyes and absorbed the ball of energy as she didn‘t want to damage the jumper accidentally, “If we had a shield on the back or an air lock on this thing then I would totally push her out. Heck if I had a spacesuit I would jump out myself.”

Amanda pulled her tongue back in, “You’re just bitter that you can’t fly the ship.”

“No, I’m bitter because I got stuck with a bunch of hyperactive children for a fifteen hour voyage… I mean seriously what the hell possessed me to get in the ship?”

Dawn looked up from reading her ancient data pad, “You wanted a look at the weapons satellite orbiting the planet we’re flying to.”

“Oh right... At least I don‘t have to listen to Andrew rant about formulas and magical powers and such… are you sure that giving a copy to the Asgard is wise?” Hell was never going to dice for anything with Dawn again as she was fairly sure that the girl had cheated to get out of watching Andrew.

Dawn chuckled, “We checked… the scans came up great… it’s just Andrew being Andrew… nothing that should stop the Asgard from using his genetics.”

“Give him a break it’s been a weird week for him. Besides, we had to return him to normal, that’s a bit of a shock after he got to function as a genius.”

“I guess… how long until we get there?”

Buffy lined the ship up and docked with the satellite. “We’re here.”

“Good.” Hell headed toward the back of the puddle jumper.

Buffy looked at Dawn, “Do you mind flying the satellite back while she’s examining it?”

“That’s fine. It should be faster than the jumper anyways. We need to upgrade these things with hyperdrives. It’s a pity that Andrew isn’t a hyperspace expert like McKay… I don‘t suppose we can…”

Buffy chuckled, “No, you can’t stuff him in the machine when he gets here.”


“If you get the chance test out Jonathan’s power ring.”

“Last time I did that it shocked me.”

“Whiner, it’s not like it hurt. Besides, he promised that he fixed that issue… you’re the one that wanted a power ring so you have to help test it.”

“Fine… I’ll test it some more.” She headed for the exit.

Amanda grinned, “Do you think we can drag the wraith ship back without breaking it into pieces?”

Buffy shrugged, “Mostly, I’m not sure Faith cares as long as it’s not in too many pieces. I figure we’ll put the wraith in stasis then fly the ship to Lantea’s moon. That’s a lot closer to go than all the way out here.”

“Seems a lot of trouble just for one wraith ship.”

“Nah, we came for the satellite, the wraith and his ship are a bonus. I‘m looking forward to seeing if we can create something similar to the wraith cruiser.”


Buffy grinned as she disengaged from the satellite and headed toward the planet, “You can’t tell me that a telepathic starship isn’t at least a little interesting?”

Amanda giggled, “Not a telepath so no… not personally.”

“Now you’re just being difficult.”



Xander looked away from the chessboard that was frustrating him and looked around the lounge area, “I’m starting to hate this game and we aren‘t even playing it…”

Cordelia laughed, “You’ll get over it. Would it help if I said there is no try, there is only do.”

“Now I just hate you…”

She snickered, “Relax, take a breath and let it out. Then try again.”

He took a breath then let it out and looked at the pawn sitting in the middle of the chessboard. He concentrated and focused on the pawn then reached out and pushed with his mind. He sighed as the piece moved maybe half a centimeter if that. “Progress… painfully slow progress but progress.”

Cordelia laughed, “You’ve only been at this a couple of days Xander, it’s going to take time to learn to control your power.”

He hadn’t thought he had any extraordinary mental abilities until he had accidentally sent Dawn halfway through a wall when he had waved around Cordelia’s psionic amplifier as a joke. It had scared him half to death seeing Dawn half in the metal wall. Luckily psionics weren’t magic and she was fine. He tried to push his dark thoughts away as best he could. “So how are you doing with your telekinesis?”

She scowled at him, “I’m working on it…”

“Much the same then?” He reached out and shoved at the pawn with his mind which only caused it to tip over.

“Yeah… It’s useful with a psionic amp but I don’t like how uncontrollable the first version was…”

He was well aware of the problems with the first version considering his accident with it. “How long do you think it will take to finish the new version?”

“Hell if I know, I’m actually supposed to check in with Graham about it.”

Xander shrugged, “You might as well go… I’ll keep working at this…”

She sighed, “Does it bother you that Dawn is better at this?”

He shrugged, “Not really… she went as a powerful telepath and telekinetic with years of practice…”

“So only a little?”

“Yeah… just a bit.”

She grinned as she reached out and set the chess piece back up with her hand, “Keep working on it. You could always try training with the other Jedi children.”

“I could… but really it feels bad enough to get beat by you in your worst ability… getting beat by a bunch of eight years olds is humiliating. Even if they have a head start by their Jedi training.”

Cordelia snorted, “Oh please, they’re having to relearn everything the same as you.”

He scowled, “I still think it’s unfair that you get to keep all of your wicked skills and the couple of things I remember about the force are useless because it doesn’t exist.”

Cordelia shrugged, “Considering how messed up the force makes people… I’ll take my mutant powers any day of the week.”


She stood up with a smile and headed off to check on the latest psionic amplifier.


Willow glanced away from one of the modified cloning chambers that held Cordelia’s daughter. Luckily the window was too misted over to actually see the girl growing inside. That and the fact that she wasn’t exactly sure who the ‘father’ of the girl was made it easier to ignore the fact that Faith was basically getting her mad scientist on in a disturbing way. Faith had taken blood from Xander, Dawn, Buffy and herself to make the first batch of cat girls. She wasn’t really a fan of enchanted needles but they served a purpose. She turned to look at Faith, “I’m not sure this is actually sane…”

Faith did her best impression of insane laugher, “Of course not, it’s mad science.”

Willow sighed, “If they come out insane… I’m blaming you.”

Faith rolled her eyes, “If they come out insane then I’m blaming the genetics… well that and the programming… okay so I’m sort of responsible for that.”

“When are they going to be ready to come out?”

Faith checked the display, “Hopefully by the time the SGC crew gets here.”

“What type of VR simulations are you putting them through?”

“Magical training facility for the girls with talent and combat training for the rest. Then they’re going to flight school for the city ships…”

Willow sighed, “I do hope you program them with decent parents…”

Faith laughed, “I’ve got a couple of ideas for that. This first batch is a test case.”

Willow sighed, “I feel like this is going to explode in our faces.”

“Probably but that’s half the fun of mad science.”

“Taking the mad scientist thing a bit far aren’t you?”

Faith coughed, “Maybe… still it’s fun. Plus it keeps me out of trouble…”

Willow raised an eyebrow as she looked over the lab filled with cloning tanks, “This is out of trouble?”

Faith shrugged, “Sure… I could be playing with the wraith stuff that Dawn brought back. How interesting do you think a wraith ship created from a telepath would be? Or a clone of Riley… that organic metal that he can turn into… just think about if the ship got some version of that… or say a Kryptonian clone before they were exposed to sunlight…”

Willow gulped as horrible images of nearly indestructible wraith ships flew through her mind, “Now you’re scaring me.”

Faith smiled brightly, “See it could always be worse.”

Willow sighed, “On that note… I’m going to go spend some time with Tara and Dawn trying to forget about that… never make any of those…”

Faith grinned, “Of course not…” She wasn’t planning on doing anything with the wraith ship stuff unless she could figure out a less horrible way to create them and even then she wasn’t planning on creating any of the ships until she got a sample of Athosian wraith-kin blood so that she could create a pilot for anything she did make.


Xander smiled as a group of soldiers exited the gate, “Welcome to Atlantis.”

Elizabeth Weir smiled, “You speak English?”

He chuckled, “Supposedly though I think some people would argue that. At any rate welcome to Lantea otherwise known as Atlantis.”

“We’ve got questions…”

Xander shrugged, “I’ve got a couple answers though not the ones you’re looking for.”

“Are you an ancient?”

Xander scanned the crowd until he spotted Major Sheppard, “No more than Sheppard over there… That being said, we do know a fair bit about the city.”

Colonel Sumner glared at Xander, “How long have you lived here?”

Xander chuckled, “Longer than you. So by right of salvage the place is ours… more or less at least. Now if you’re done annoying me, perhaps we can head to the conference room and…”

“Then you don’t have any more right to be here than we do.”

Elizabeth glared at Colonel Sumner, “Not now…”

Xander shrugged, “It’s called we were here first.”

Rodney McKay frowned, “We?”

Xander chuckles, “You didn’t think I was alone now did you?”

McKay looked around nervously as if he thought that a group of soldiers would just appear out of thin air. “Ah…”

Xander laughed, “Don’t worry most of the people are still working on projects. We didn’t know when to expect you after all.”

Elizabeth frowned, “You knew to expect us?”

“Well sure.” He started walking toward the conference room. “Do tell your people not to wander very far, some of our people don’t like strangers with guns.”

John Sheppard smiled slightly as he realized that this mission would be more interesting than he thought.



Xander zod + Anakin Skywalker + Vala’s and Daniel’s kid
Dawn super girl + Rachel Logan Grey + Samantha’s kid with Daniel
Willow Power girl + Illyana Rasputin + Samantha’s kid with Daniel
Buffy Faora evil krp + Emma Frost + Vala and Daniel’s child
Joyce Lorna + Caitlin Fairchild + Samantha Carter
Giles Reed Richards + Sorcerer supreme + Daniel Jackson
Cordelia = Felicia Darkstalkers/Wonder Women/Emma Frost.
Faith = Supergirl/daughter of Thor/Agatha Heterodyne
Tara = (Kryptonian sorceress)/Jean Grey/Molly Carpenter

Harmony = Shego/Kim/Hell Cat (Mage sight talent and minor sensitive) (sarcasm)
Amanda = Barbra Gordon/Supergirl/Zantanna Zatara (Failed)
Jonathan = Forge/Firestorm/Scotty
Tucker - Giovanni Zatarra/weather wizard/James Bond (Failed)
Andrew = Wildchild, Green Lantern, Captain Kirk

Riley = Colossus
Graham = Forge
Forest = Bridge

Green Lantern + Kryptonian + professional team (Foot ball team)
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