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Ship of the Line, Up up and away.

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Summary: The Scooby gang finds themselves the victim of a divine prank but hey they get a semi shiny star-ship out of it...

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsMistofRainbowsFR151055,890815566,8615 Feb 133 Apr 13Yes

Chapter Seven

Dawn giggled in delight as she sailed through space in her new ship. “Damn this is amazing.”

Giles snorted as he heard Dawn’s voice over the communication systems, “Yes… well I’ll take your word for it.”

“You should totally just take the treatment and test one of these out.”

“No thanks… if I’m going to be in space I’d rather be in something with more substantial shields.” He knew that the latest ship was rather durable but nowhere near indestructible. Sure it could fly through a couple of asteroids without damage even without the shields but he didn’t want to screw with his genetics just so that he could fly the ship. He was just glad that a bit of magic had solved the immunity to disease issue which had kept the wraith virus from converting the extremely durable nutcase into a ship. He would have felt worse about basically killing the guy but the guy had volunteered for the process and had been on the Hoffan’s version of death row for a couple of legitimate reasons. Some tweaks with the ship mutation machine and some more magic had brought everything together in one ship that they could now copy.

Weir looked at the readouts on the view screen detailing the ship’s speed as well as several other statistics, “I’m impressed.”

Sheppard stared at the ship on the view screen as Dawn put the ship through its paces. “Watching that makes me wish that I could fly it by mind alone…”

Giles glanced over at Sheppard, “You did fine even with the manual controls.”

Sheppard shrugged, “They aren’t too horrible, nothing like the jumpers though.”

Aiden Ford grinned as he watched the strange craft pull off some truly amazing maneuvers. “So how long until the gene therapy is ready for the ships?”

Giles shrugged, “It’s actually ready. You‘re welcome to test it if you want.”

He frowned, “You haven’t tested it yet?”

“We have… we actually have a hundred percent success rate so far… we’ve only had one volunteer though so far.” Andrew had begged and pleaded to be allowed to test the retrovirus so that he could fly one of the ships.

Weir smiled slightly as she noticed how eager he was, not that she blamed him as they were extremely impressive ships, “How safe is it?”

Giles shrugged, “I don’t expect any real issues… a rash maybe or some nausea for a day at worst.”

Weir nodded, “If Beckett signs off on it then you’re welcome to try Ford. God knows we could use more pilots.”

“Thank you sir.” Ford grinned then left to talk to Becket.

Weir watched him leave with amusement, “Thank you for allowing us to wander the city.”

Giles sighed, “I know it wasn’t the most popular decision to restrict access but we did have reasons other than just annoying Colonel Sumner. Mostly there were a number of dangerous pieces of technology scattered around that we didn‘t want people to mess with.”

Sheppard had to work to not snicker as he remembered a couple of the more memorable times that Sumner had ranted about the other group.

Weir smiled slightly, “Understandable.” The general rule around Atlantis was that you didn’t touch anything if you didn’t know what it did.

“The ancients didn‘t exactly secure their experiments all that well before leaving.”

Sheppard stared at the screen as Dawn ran her ship through a cluster of asteroids to test the ship’s maneuverability. “We’ve cleared the main hallways of dangerous equipment. That just leaves the hundreds of labs scattered around the city to sort through.”

Giles said, “I think they wanted the option to go back though they didn’t take it. Speaking of going back, we’re planning to open a gate back to Earth later tonight if you have anyone that wants to go home.”

Weir had a couple of team members that hadn’t worked out as well as she had hoped that she wouldn‘t mind getting rid of. She wasn’t going to force anyone to leave though. “Why?”

“We’re giving them a ship but part of the deal is that they need to supply the pilot to fly the ship back to Earth. Sense we’re burning the energy to contact them anyways I figured that you might want to take the time to send some messages back if nothing else.”

“Thanks, I know a couple of people wouldn’t mind the chance to send letters home.”

Sheppard frowned, “What type of ship are you giving them?”

Giles smiled, “We’re sending one of the city ships we control to Earth to help protect it.”

Sheppard briefly considered offering to fly the ship but figured they would tell him if they needed help.

Weir stared at Giles, “Why give up a city ship? Where did you even find it?”

Giles sighed, “We’re not giving it up so much as placing it on loan to Earth to make sure that the Goa’uld and others don’t take Earth over or destroy it. As for where we found an extra one that’s classified. How long will it take you to make a list of personal that want to go home and supplies that you want brought back?”

She nodded, “I’ll make a list. Can I get the list to you after dinner?”

“Sure, we’re dialing Earth tonight at nine o’clock so anytime before then is fine.” Giles turned and looked back at the display to see how Dawn was doing.


“Unscheduled off world activation!”

Jack O’Neill ignored the warning sounds as he looked over at Walter, “What do we have?”

Walter stared at the computer, “It’s Atlantis sir. They‘re transmitting the correct identification codes. Receiving a transmission.”

“This is Doctor Weir calling Stargate command.”

Jack walked over so that he could talk to the microphone, “We’re receiving you.”

“We found friends, we also found more ZPMs so power for the return trip isn’t as large of a problem as it used to be but I’d like to discuss a mission in person.”

“We’re opening the iris now.”

Walter quickly opened the iris. “You’re clear.”

Jack raised an eyebrow as Doctor Weir stepped out of the gate followed by two scientists pushing a rather large cart that looked to be filled with a bunch of plastic tubs. One of the scientists had a cast on his arm and hand. “Pleasant trip?”

Weir smiled slightly, “Better than taking a ship. You can shut it down now.”

Jack gestured for Walter to shut the gate down. “Shut it down Walter. So what do you have for us?”

“A fair number of data crystals on various technologies as well as a fully charged ZPM.”

Jack whistled, “Damn. Where did you dig that up?”

She smiled, “Some friends. I’ve also got paperwork from the people in Atlantis that you’ll want to look over.”


“I’ll give you the cliff notes version. When we got to Atlantis there were people already there, they were mostly friendly, we’re working together to deal with some natives that make the goa’uld look downright friendly. These friends have an extra starship that they’re willing to lend you.”

Jack smiled as he realized how nice it would be to have some more firepower against the Ori and the Goa’uld. “Big space guns?”

“That’s a yes. Apparently they just finished adding plasma beam cannons to the ship.” She pulled out a memory stick from her pocket, “The full details are on here. Basically they’re willing to loan you the ship as long as you come get it.”

“Come get it?”

“It apparently takes the ancient gene to fly. Sheppard was busy with a project and Beckett refused to fly the ship unless it was an actual emergency. I suggest that you read the data on the memory stick.” She held the memory stick out to Jack, “Here.”

He walked over and took the memory stick, “Thanks.”

Weir glanced over at Zelenka and Kavanagh, “Radek feel free to help out or take a breathier as you want.” She looked at Kavanagh, “He’ll be working on downloading the memory crystals or at least setting up the process.”

Zelenka smiled, “I’ll help get Kavanagh set up then I’m going to grab something to eat as I missed dinner trying to get ready.” He pushed the cart toward the exit.

Kavanagh grumbled under his breath but didn’t say anything as he left.

Jack frowned as he watched the bitter scientist leave, “I’m sensing a story there.”

“He had a disagreement with one of the other group members. He was being condescending, she told him to get out of her face, he didn’t… she broke his arm in seven places. The marines hauled him to the doctor. He’s been a bit bitter about it ever since.”

Jack winced, “Understandable… any other problems?”

“They don’t much like Colonel Sumner but he wasn’t stupid enough to force a confrontation so he’s fine. Anyways, most of this is in the write up. I need to send off a few requests.”

“That’s fine, I’ll probably have more questions after I read the report.”


Sheppard looked around the deserted ship with interest. “So… what happened in the other timeline?”

Amanda sighed, “From what I understand you weren’t as fast getting here. By the time you found the ship a wraith was already here causing problems. You activated the Aurora’s self destruct systems to take out two wraith cruisers.”

McKay scowled, “That’s a damn waste of a ship.”

“Pretty much.”

Sheppard agreed with McKay but figured the other Sheppard probably didn’t have a choice. “How long will it take to tap into the ship’s virtual reality program?”

McKay rolled his eyes, “Like ten maybe fifteen minutes. I read up on it after we got the go ahead for the mission, it didn’t look that hard.”

Sheppard started walking in the direction of the stasis chambers, “Let’s get this crazy plan done.”

McKay shrugged, “How sure is Beckett that he can regenerate them?”

Amanda said, “No clue… but the only other option is to stick them into the ascension machine and then let them come back younger.”

Sheppard shrugged, “As long as we keep them in stasis we’ve got a while to work on the problem.”


Buffy unleashed her heat vision and ran it over the wraith hibernation ship even as her squad did the same. It was handy having a group of trained soldiers to back her up. “Crispy fried wraith.”

Forrest smiled as he watched the ship vanish before his eyes. It was rather impressive what the Kryptonians could do when they put their minds to it. “Nothing like having a bunch of Kryptonians for demolitions work.”

Buffy turned off her heat vision, “Okay girls that’s enough.” She smiled as the girls stopped pouring energy into destroying the area that used to contain a wraith ship. “How long do you think it will take to wrap things up in this galaxy?”

“It shouldn’t be that long… if our other team can wipe out their cloning facility then we can start luring them into traps and destroying their ships. I figure less than a year which means we’ll be on schedule for dealing with the Ori.”

Buffy nodded, “How is Colonel Sumners doing?”

Forrest shrugged, “He’s looking forward to finally being able to go on the offensive.”

Buffy didn’t particularly care for the military but at least Sheppard was likeable. “Get it done.”

“Yes sir.” He gestured for the girls to line up and follow them back through the gate.


Vala stared at the screen of Carter‘s laptop, “How is that even remotely fair?”

Carter shook her head, “I’m not sure it is…”

Daniel smirked, “I kind of like the idea of being in charge of a whole starship.”

Vala rolled her eyes, “Not fair.”

Colonel Mitchell said, “We could use more ships.”

“This would be a great chance to study the ancients. Plus it would give me an excuse to travel to Atlantis… Can we go Jack?”

Jack smiled slightly at the enthusiasm on his friend’s face. “The ZPM is charged then?”

Carter nodded, “I ran the tests myself, it’s fully charged sir.”

“If this city ship is half as impressive as she looks on paper then we can’t really afford to turn it down.” Carter was almost drooling over the potential discoveries that were likely locked in the ship’s database.

Jack looked at Teal’c, “What do you think?”

“It is a great opportunity.”

Vala grinned, “I bet there is treasure hidden in the ship.”

Daniel chuckled, “Will the general agree to the mission?”

“One of the benefits of my new position is that I can tell Landry to approve the mission.”

Carter snorted, “In that case I’ll let you clear it with him sir.”

Daniel laughed.


Raven leaned back on the control chair, “Okay, let’s see what we have.”

Dawn watched the hologram of the solar system appear over the chair, “So where are you moving the ship to?”

“Someplace other than here as we don’t really want the SGC knowing about the Asurian planet.”

“Well duh.”

Raven stuck her tongue out at Dawn.

“Remind me to have your mother spank you when we get back.”

“Willow’s nicer than that. I’m starting the stardrive now so be quiet.” She concentrated on starting up the stardrive.

Dawn closed her mouth and watched the monitors as the shields raised and the city lifted off the ground.


Daniel stepped out of the gate and looked around, “Not exactly what I was expecting.”

Teal’c stepped out of the gate. After a couple of seconds it shut down.

Cameron Mitchell ignored the people dressed as SGC members and stared at the collection of people in shorts and less, “Can’t say I saw that coming.”

Weir looked at the people that had just exited the stargate with her. “Welcome to Atlantis.”

Vala stared at Jenny Calendar’s silver skin, “What are you?”

Carter shook her head, “Vala!”

“Complicated.” She smiled at Vala.

Weir looked at Jack, “Do you want introductions or do you want to see the other city ship first?”

Jack looked at Carter then back at Weir, “I guess introductions wouldn’t hurt.”

Weir went through the introductions as quickly as she could knowing that everyone was anxious to see the city.


Vala was way more amused by the trip than she had thought she would be. She had only tagged along with the group because it beat staying on base back at the SGC. “Why give Daniel a city?”

Xander stared out of the puddle jumper’s window, “I’d rather not put a city ship directly into the hands of the government. Jack, while trustworthy is military.”

Jack sighed, “As much as I hate to admit it, he’s got a point. One of the idiots in charge would try to order me to turn it over or use the ship for something that it shouldn’t be used for.”

Carter stared at the city ship as it exited hyperspace, “That’s impressive.”

Teal’c smiled, “It is.”

Jack brought up the landing protocol by thinking about it. “Very nice.”

Carter frowned, “I still can’t believe that you’re just going to give us a ship… What‘s the catch?”

Xander sighed, “To be honest we have a couple of ships…”

Mitchell glanced at Xander, “How many is a couple?”

“Ah… that information is classified…”

Jack snorted, “Of course it is.”

“If you want to know then you can‘t tell your superiors.”

Jack thought about it for a couple of seconds, “Agreed.”

“Jack.” Carter looked at Jack, “Sir?”

“This wouldn’t be the first time we haven’t been completely honest with the brass.”

Daniel smiled as he remembered Jack covering for him a couple different times. “So how many?”

Xander started to open his mouth and tell them about the hundred plus city ships then thought better of it as Jack was getting ready to dock with the ship in orbit. “Actually, I’ll tell you once we land.”

Jack brought the puddle jumper in for a smooth landing. “Okay, now that we’re here, how many?”

“Not counting Atlantis or this one we have one hundred and seven city ships…”

Jack’s mouth opened in shock. After a couple of seconds his brain started working again, “How the hell did you get that many?”

Carter stared at Xander in shock.

Mitchell frowned, “That’s good right?”

Daniel nodded, “Just one of these ships could crush the Goa’uld that are left…” While that might be a slight exaggeration it wasn’t much of one.

Xander chuckled, “Probably true. As for how we got it… we might have cheated like mad. We had advanced knowledge of what could be found in this galaxy.”

Jack frowned, “So you’re telling me that someone had one hundred and some city ships just laying around?”

“Yeah… the ancients were losing… the wraith were using stolen cloning tech in order to fight the ancients. There were playing the numbers game and winning. Anyways the ancients did something rather stupid to try to even the score.”

Mitchell frowned, “Created a bunch of ships?”

“No… they created a bunch of replicators as warriors.”

Carter scowled as she thought about the trouble the replicators back home had caused her, “Is that what killed the ancients?”

“Not in this timeline… though in the other world the replicators killed the last of the ancients when they came back and kicked the crew off Atlantis.”

Jack chuckled, “Let me guess, you took the replicator weapon here, wiped them out and stole their city ships?”

Xander grinned as he got out of his chair and walked toward the back, “Yes.”

Jack snorted, “Are you sure that the replicators are dead?”


“In that case I really don’t have a problem accepting one of the ships. If you want to part with a couple more I‘m sure we could find a use for them.”

Vala briefly wondered how much you could sell a city ship for then realized that they were so expensive as to be virtually priceless.

Jack stood and walked toward the back of the ship, “Let’s see the ship then.”

Xander opened the door and walked into the jumper bay, “I think you’ll like it. This is actually the city where the Asurians or replicators stored their cultural studies.”

Daniel smiled, “That sounds promising.”

Jack frowned, “Does that mean it has less weapons?”

“Nah, it’s actually got a fair amount. We also added a couple plasma beam cannons just to make sure that it could take out anything you ran into.”

“Nice… Carter what’s a plasma beam cannon.” His smirk was barely noticeable.

Carter opened her mouth to explain then realized that he was teasing her a little, “A really big space gun sir.”

Teal’c said, “Indeed.”

Mitchell sighed, “This is going to be a long day.”


Raven looked at Xander then over at the rest of SG1, “You want me to get another city ship for them?”

Xander nodded, “That’s what I said. That would give them two city ships, four battle cruisers and bunch of jumpers for missions.” He tossed a thought to Raven and Dawn, ‘It‘s not like we can really take all of the city ships with us when we leave. We’re giving a couple of the ships to the travelers and we’re taking as many as Willow can fit in her realm.’

She shrugged, “I don‘t see a problem if we give them another one as long as you can keep the military from trying to steal it.”

Dawn piped up, “Or even another two. We should give Jack’s clone one as well. It would give him something to do.”

Carter thought about Jonathan O’Neill’s last e-mail to her. He had mentioned graduating high school and acing the tests to get into the air force. “He graduated with honors recently… and was looking to join back up with the air force so I could see that working.”

Daniel was looking forward to hearing from his friend a bit more than just the occasional visit and e-mail. “Plus he has the ancient gene so he can fly the ship.”

Jack felt a shiver go down his spine at the idea of his clone having access to a city ship, still it was him so really the worst that would happen is that his clone would beam Kinsley into space or something. He could actually see that being a good thing depending. “No objection here…”

Cameron Mitchell shook his head, “You’re seriously going to let us borrow three of the most powerful ships that we’ve ever seen?”

Dawn laughed from her spot on the edge of the control chair, “Sure why not. It’s not like we have enough people to crew them all. Besides, I know Daniel and the Jacks will put them to good use. Sure, maybe giving a ship to Jack is a bad idea because he’s military but better to know that the SGC isn’t trustworthy now rather than later. Besides, I’m sort of curious what Samantha will come up with having a better tech base. The other Samantha Carter came up with some interesting things after she got the Asgard database.”

Samantha smiled, “I don’t suppose you brought a copy of that…”

Dawn shrugged, “We actually have better… well sort of.”

“What do you mean sort of…?”

Xander frowned, “Dawn…”

“They should know… we aren’t going to be here forever.”

Samantha frowned, “Should know what?”

“We… actually know Vala, Daniel and Samantha’s alts and have access to like fifty some years of their memories…”

Daniel stared at Dawn, “You’re serious aren’t you?”

Vala smiled wistfully, “Fifty years… hopefully I remember some game scores…”

Xander winced, “Probably yes.”

Dawn laughed, “Cheater.”

Vala smirked, “What? A girl has needs.”

Carter frowned, “Are they willing to share part of their life?”

Xander said, “I actually already asked once we knew that you were coming… They’re willing to share the knowledge and some of the memories…”

Carter frowned, “How would you share the knowledge.”

Dawn shrugged, “We’ve got a couple of telepaths… basically fifty more years of playing with Ancient tech, the Asgard language and their databases…”

Daniel considered whither or not he wanted another fifty years of knowledge stuffed in his head. All things considered he realized that he would like a glimpse of the future. “I have to admit that I’m curious.”

Jack frowned, “How safe is this?”

Dawn laughed, “Way safer than sticking your head in a repository of ancient knowledge.”

“That’s not saying much.”

Dawn shrugged, “It’s actually decently safe…”

Jack frowned, “How long would it take?”

“A couple of hours. It would give us time to collect two more city ships for you.” Dawn looked at Raven.

Xander looked at Raven with a grin.

Raven sighed as she looked at Xander and Dawn’s grinning faces. “You’re going to stick me with flying them back aren’t you?”

Xander nodded, “Unless you want Beckett to fly the ship back?”

“Would you make me ride in it?”


“Then hell no.”

Mitchell chuckled, “So now what?”

Xander said, “I figure we show everyone around while Raven shows Jack how to fly the ship. Then we collect the people that have their memories and do the memory transfer. After that we leave and you guys ride back to Earth with Jack in style. Raven and her squad can collect the other two city ships and drag them back to Earth.”

Jack pinched himself and smiled brightly when he found that he wasn‘t dreaming. He wasn‘t sure how long he would actually get to keep the new ships but he was going to enjoy it while he had them, “Big honking space guns.”

Samantha shook her head, “You’re way too easily amused sir.”

Jack shrugged, “It’s just nice to run into people that are actually willing to help out for once that are able to.”

Xander grinned, “Considering we’re from an Earth, we’re just helping out our planet as well.”

Raven rolled her eyes, “This is great and all but we’re wasting time. Let me show you a couple of things Jack while these guys explore the ship then we can go collect some memories.”

Jack nodded, “She’s got a point.”

Xander started walking for the exit, “Follow me.”


Daniel Jackson woke up with a massive headache that reminded him way too much of caffeine withdrawals. His head only felt like it was going to explode which was only slightly better than having his head actually explode because in the later case the pain would at least end. A couple of memories floated up to the front of his mind that reminded him why he had a headache in the first place. He was paying the price for knowledge. It was a bit sad but even with his skull feeling like it should be split in half it wasn’t the most painful experience in his life. The most painful was probably when he had died of radiation poisoning or maybe when he had had a replicator stuff her hand in his head looking for ancient knowledge.

Dawn whispered, “There are a couple of Aspirin on the counter.”

He groped blindly for the Aspirin and swallowed them then took the glass of water someone handed him. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

“That other me went a little insane…”

Dawn smiled at Daniel. He was laying on a cot in a tent on the beach in limbo. They hadn‘t wanted to do his memory transfer on the same plane of existence as the ascended considering some of the things in his memory, “Maybe a little… you should be fine.”

Daniel felt his headache lessen slightly, “That feels a bit better.”

“I tried to cut the pain a little.”

“Thanks… so what exactly are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you look like Dawn Jackson… but you are and aren’t… not really at least. I sense power in you…” He studied her face. He didn’t feel like she wanted to harm him or anything but he knew there was more to her story than she was telling. Though it suddenly made a lot more sense why they trusted them to have the city ships.

Dawn sighed, “Yeah… let me tell you a story… it all started in a different world on Halloween.”


Vala yawned as she woke up in the infirmary not too far away from Carter, “Hey lover.”

Carter winced, “I could have done without a couple memories… especially of your nails.”

Vala shrugged, “Fifty years on a ship without enough entertainment…”

Carter sighed, “I should have known there would be a catch… Xander was smirking way too much last night… it was last night right?”

Vala yawned as she sat up, “Probably… Still way better than the memories from my time as a host. Who knew Daniel had that much stamina.” She smiled as she remembered a bunch of different times when he had made her feel like she mattered.

Carter looked up at the ceiling and wondered how hard it would be to look Daniel in the face knowing that the other her had slept with the other Daniel on occasion. “Have you seen Daniel?”

“I just woke up as well.”

“Let’s go find some coffee.”


Jack looked up from his coffee as Carter and Vala walked in, “How did the memory transfer go? Are you still you?”

Carter chuckled, “More or less sir. I’ve got way more technical knowledge now… it’s sort of scary.”

Jack snorted, “You were always scary.”

Jack looked over at Vala, “What about you?”

Vala smiled as her and Carter walked over and took a seat at Jack‘s table, “I picked up a couple of new skills.” She smirked at Carter.

Carter shook her head, “Where are we?”

Jack nodded, “We’re near Earth actually. I flew through the night then crashed out.”

“Ah… have you seen Daniel?”

“Not yet, I suspect that he’ll be coming for his coffee sooner or later.”

“Funny Jack.” Daniel walked in with Willow and Dawn.

“So how did the memory transferal go?”

“Fine… lots of meditation and then a massive headache when I woke up.”

Jack smiled slightly, “Could be worse.”

Dawn smiled, “So… I’ve got a great idea about what to use one of the ships for.”

Jack raised an eyebrow, part of him knew it was too good to be true. Free ship my ass. “What’s that?”

“Well, I’ve got these alien spacecraft…”


Jonathan O’Neill was not amused to find himself on a strange alien spacecraft again. He was just about to throw his cup of coffee at the person or thing responsible when he recognized the man that was sitting in a chair. “Jack?”

“Hey. How’s life?”

Jonathan looked around noting his surroundings, “The fact that I’m here means something went wrong, so spill.” He took a sip of his coffee to cover for the fact that he was rather nervous that something had gone horribly wrong.

Jack shook his head, “Actually it’s the opposite. We finally got some help and we got a couple of cool space cities.”

Jonathan raised an eyebrow, “If this is some type of sick joke… I will shoot you.”

Jack shook his head, “It’s not a joke. I‘ve got an important mission for you.”

“I’m listening.” He took another sip of his coffee.

“Basically we need someone to run a flight school and to take care of a ship much like this one.”

“Flight school eh? In case you haven‘t noticed I‘m not exactly old enough to be an instructor.”

Jack shrugged, “You’re eighteen plus the memories… the long and short of it is that I need people that I can trust to pull this off.”

“Trust? You don’t call, you don’t write.”

“Same goes both ways Jack.”

Jonathan sighed as he realized that he could have picked up the phone as well, “Fine… why me?”

“Because you’re a damn good pilot and I know you’ll do it right. Hell, I would be doing it if I wasn’t trying to keep the damn politicians from screwing things up with the stargate.”

Jonathan nodded, “How much do I get paid? What’s my rank?”

Jack sighed, “No rank, the deal is for a civilian job. Commander of a city ship.”

“I’ve been out of the loop a bit, what the hell is a city ship?”

“We’re actually on one right now. It’s basically a flying city.”

“You’re shitting me.”

Carter smirked as she walked into the command tower, “Actually no he isn’t.”

Jonathan smiled brightly, “Good to see you Carter.”

Jack rolled his eyes, “Carter tell my annoying half that I’m on the level.”

Carter smirked a bit as she looked right at Jack, “He’s on the level.”


“Sorry sir, had to.”

Jonathan stared at Jack, “You’re serious? What type of funding would I have?”

Carter laughed, “We have access to a replicator… funding is a bit irrelevant but you‘ll be well funded.”

Jonathan raised an eyebrow, “Like Star Trek?”

“Actually yes.”

“Huh…” It sounded like the last two years had been interesting ones.

Jack sighed, “So will you do it?”

Jonathan considered if he wanted to spend the next four years repeating the air force training programs and realized that he really didn’t. High school had been amusing because it was easy and there had been enough eye candy around to keep him interested. Not that he had dated because that would just be strange but he had a couple of friends that he might ask out in a couple of years if they were still around. “I’ll try it Jack but I want a decent paycheck.”

Jack nodded, “I can swing that.”

Carter laughed, “You didn’t even tell him what ship he’ll be showing off at the school did you?”

Jonathan smiled, “Something new?”


Jack chuckled, “You’ll love it. Carter why don’t you take him to the hanger and show him. I need to check in with Landry and Hammond.”

She grinned as she headed toward the hanger, “No problem.”


Daniel wasn’t particularly amused by Willow’s plan but honestly he wasn’t sure how else to deal with the Ori. “If you build it then she’ll come for you.”

“That’s the part I’m worried about. Well okay, more that I‘m actually considering your plan.”

“You remember what they were like, that arrogance, that indifference to anything that doesn’t effect them even when it was their fault that there was a problem in the first place. They partially descended Anubis because they wanted to rub it in Oma’s face. They let Anubis cause massive destruction because they wanted to have Oma see what she had done. They wiped out a whole planet when Orlin gave a group a weapon to defend themselves… Sure they went nuts with it… but they could have stepped in earlier and said something rather than let it get as bad as it did. Most of them are like petty children. Those are not the kinds of gods that I want.”

Daniel sighed, “Still taking them all out… seems a bit excessive…”

Willow chuckled, “So don’t take them all out. If we invite the ones we want to keep to hang out in my realm for a bit then we can destroy the others. You know what the Ori do, you’ve seen it or at least a version of it.”

Daniel sighed, “I don’t suppose you have any thing that will keep me off their radar so that we can get to Merlin so that he can make Sangraal do you?”

Willow nodded, “I do in fact know a couple of spells that will keep you off their radar.”

Daniel sighed, “Let’s get started then.”


Morgan Le Fay was not amused as she felt a pull toward the chamber where Merlin’s stasis pod was. Someone was messing with it. She wasn’t sure how they had gotten through everything to get there but she wasn’t going to allow them to take him. She quickly traveled to the location only to find the pod gone and a dimensional rip still open. She flew through the rip. She felt like screaming as a bolt of energy slammed into her and changed her from energy into flesh and blood. She fell out of the air to land sprawled on the sandy beach. She turned and saw that the dimensional rip was gone. She spun back around and glared at the two people in front of her. Not ten paces from her stood a crimson haired girl with a glowing blade and Daniel Jackson. She felt everything twist as she tried and failed to use her ascended awareness to find out information about the girl. “What have you done?”

Daniel sighed, “Saved your life actually.”

She felt a rush of understanding as she looked at him, “Oh…” She felt a moment of dread as she realized that the girl’s blade could kill her. Though she wasn’t able to pull up more information about the girl other than that she was the ruler in this world and it bent to her will which was restricting her powers.

Willow watched the spirit creature and tried not to let her fear show. “In another life you make a choice and toss yourself against evil for all time. Look upon the future and weep.”

Morgan fell to her knees as memories flashed past her eyes.

Daniel frowned, “Willow?”

“I’m just showing her the other world so she understands why we‘re doing this.”

After a couple of minutes Morgan pulled herself to her feet, “I know a couple of people that shouldn’t be destroyed with the rest.”

Daniel nodded, “I’m all ears.”


Merlin scowled as he came out of the stasis chamber and saw Morgan, “Come to finish me off?”

Morgan shook her head, “No, I realized a long time ago that the Ori were dangerous… I’m sorry. I need your help building the Sangraal.”

He coughed, “I don’t think I’ll live long enough to complete it.”

Willow shook her head, “I can stabilize you but you’re too far gone to heal completely.”

“I accepted my death a long time ago.”

Willow gestured toward the various tools that they had recovered from Merlin’s chamber. “Your tools await.”


Daniel watched the portal close to his universe, “Do you think she’ll betray us?”

Despite there being some people she was planning on keeping contact with Willow was looking forward to being done with the stargate world and moving onto the next world. “Possibly but she knows that we’ll have a way to destroy her and the others. The only path forward for her friends is de-ascending. We’ll pick her back up and she can re-ascend them later.”


Chaya Sar was enjoying a quiet walk when she felt a disturbance. She turned and noticed a rift into another realm. Looking into the rift she saw a human. “Hello?”

Daniel smiled at the lady, “Chaya Sar or do you prefer Athar?”

Chaya frowned slightly, “Either works.”

“Well enough then. If you could join us we have much to discuss.”

Chaya was curious enough to step through the rift. “What did you want?”

“I want to keep you from dying.”

She laughed, “If you know what I am then you know that I’m an ascended.”

He nodded, “Yes, you‘re also one of the few ascended that took a stand.”

Willow gestured toward the portal and closed the portal to her realm sealing Chaya in and her and Jenny out. “She was the last that we needed to save.”

Jenny glared at the Sangraal that Willow was carrying, “Are you sure that thing wouldn’t hurt the rest of us.”

Willow shrugged, “Mostly.” She pushed the button that turned the device on.

Jenny winced and rubbed her ears, “Fuck that’s annoying…”


“Not really but that’s as close as I can come to describing it. It’s an energy wave.”

“Do you know if they’re dead?”

“Give it another five and they will be for sure.”

“That works. Then we grab a stargate to the Milky Way. Then I’ll toss the thing into the Ori’s home galaxy.”

Jenny shivered, “It’s a nasty piece of work.”

Willow nodded, “Yeah…”


Chaya Sar stared at Morgan Le Fey, “What’s going on?” She and Daniel had walked up the beach for a bit until they saw Morgan and Merlin talking on the beach.

Morgan sighed, “What was needed to keep the Ori from destroying everything…”

Merlin coughed up some blood, “I’m sorry…”

She reached out and touched his face gently, “I’m sorry if we had dealt with this when we should have…”

Merlin shook his head, “They wouldn’t have listened.”

“I know… do you want help?”

He shook his head, “No… I lost too much and did too much. I don‘t need eternity with my sins.”

Morgan watched her long time friend and enemy die with a tear in her eyes, “I hope it was worth it.”

Daniel sighed, “I hope so as well.”


Willow turned the Sangraal off then waited another two minutes to make sure it was powered down then opened the portal back to her realm. She felt a bit bad about destroying the ascended in the Milky Way but she wasn’t sad that the Ori were gone. She knew that there were still the priors to deal with but the SGC could deal with them. She stepped through the portal and allowed it to close behind her. Now she just had to get the two ascended out of her realm.


Daniel Jackson watched Chaya leave through Willow‘s portal. They had had a nice talk while waiting for Willow to return with transportation out of the world. Basically she had agreed to continue keeping her world safe and move the stargate to the ground so that her people could explore other lands now that the others weren’t around to stop her protecting the planet even if more people came. He could respect her desire not to want to be responsible for destroying an entire species especially after he had just helped clean house with the ascended. He watched as Morgan Le Fay approached, “I’m sorry it came to this.”

She sighed, “It is what it is… they were little more than ghosts… echoes of a past that they couldn’t escape. At least you’ve given them an end. We’ll see each other again Daniel Jackson.” She walked through the portal.

Willow waved her hand and closed the portal. Then sat down on the sand and stared at her ocean. “I had hoped that it would bring me peace of mind… it doesn’t.”

Daniel sat down next to her, “I know. What are you going to do now?”

Willow shrugged, “I don’t know, dealing with the ascended was the last thing on my list. Now that that’s done, we‘ll probably wrap up a couple of projects and then leave. We’ll leave a couple people here to keep track of things, mostly because a couple of our people want to stay and wrap the wraith up. I’m looking forward to seeing more dimensions. You know you’re welcome here anytime dad.” She sighed, “Sorry.”

“I don’t mind if you call me dad…” He had surely called her daughter in enough of his alt’s memories.

“Thanks… my other dad wasn’t around much.”

“Is that why you created that particular back story?”

“Probably… captive audience and all that.”

He smiled, “I’m still a bit surprised that we’re characters on a television show in your world. Then again I guess all it would take is an ancient quantum mirror or something.”

“Or magic.”

“Or that.”

“Maybe one of the times you visit I’ll have enough time to teach you a couple of spells.”

He chuckled, “I’d like that.”

“So… you probably want to get back soon?”

He shook his head, “In a bit, I’m enjoying the company.”

Willow smiled sadly as she thought about wiping out the ascended, “Thanks…”


Loki chuckled as he watched a shocked Prior staring at a spot on the wall that used to have continual flames. “Just not the same is it?”

The prior turned and glared at the strangely dressed man, “How dare you defile this holy place.” He waved his staff at Loki which did absolutely nothing. He asked in shock, “What?”

Loki laughed, “Yeah… your gods are dead.”

“That can’t be true.”

Loki laughed, “You want truth? Let me show you the truth.” He teleported close to the prior and reached out and placed his hand on the prior’s forehead. He held the mortal in place as he unleashed his magic on the prior and into the rest of them through the prior‘s staff, “Your gods are dead, long live Loki. Let me show you how you honor me.” The priors around the galaxy started screaming as image after image burned through their minds.


Xander stepped back in surprise as Loki appeared out of thin air dressed in a black silk tux that several Wall Street executives would kill for, “Whoa.”

Loki smiled as he handed Xander a white envelope, “I’ve got your next assignment for you.”

He took the envelope, “I thought we had time to finish up with the wraith and a couple of side projects.”

Loki shrugged, “You do, I just wanted you to know that as far as I’m concerned you did me seven solids here. Which means that you only have ninety eight more to go.” Loki laughed as he vanished.

Xander could still hear Loki’s laugher for a couple of seconds after he vanished. ‘Seven… Replicators, Asurians, Asgard…” He sighed, “I have a bad feeling this is going to bite me in the ass.” He carefully ripped open the envelope and looked at his next destination, “Oh…”


Xander zod + Anakin Skywalker + Vala’s and Daniel’s kid
Dawn super girl + Rachel Logan Grey + Samantha’s kid with Daniel
Willow Power girl + Illyana Rasputin + Samantha’s kid with Daniel
Buffy Faora evil krp + Emma Frost + Vala and Daniel’s child
Joyce Lorna + Caitlin Fairchild + Samantha Carter
Giles Reed Richards + Sorcerer supreme + Daniel Jackson
Cordelia = Felicia Darkstalkers/Wonder Women/Emma Frost.
Faith = Supergirl/daughter of Thor/Agatha Heterodyne
Tara = (Kryptonian sorceress)/Jean Grey/Molly Carpenter

Jenny Calendar = Frankie Raye + Zatanna + Vala
Spike = gambit
Harmony = Shego/Kim/Hell Cat (Mage sight talent and minor sensitive)
Amanda = Barbra Gordon/Supergirl/Zantanna Zatara (Failed)
Jonathan = Forge/Firestorm/Scotty
Tucker - Giovanni Zatarra/weather wizard/James Bond (Failed)
Andrew = Wildchild, Green Lantern, Captain Kirk

Riley = Colossus
Graham = Forge
Forrest = Bridge

Green Lantern + Kryptonian + professional team (Foot ball team)
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