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Return of the Dagnir

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Summary: Buffy wasn't supposed to jump off Glory's tower, but once she did, she couldn't go back.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other LotRSelonianthFR1867,38012114,0255 Feb 1324 Aug 13No

The Dagnir Journeys

A/N: Warning- Lemony goodness in this chapter.

Arwen and Ariel had been moving for two days when they began their ascent into the mountains. It was nearly dark so Ariel was looking for the cave she knew was nearby. Finding it she let out an 'Aha!' and turned back to Arwen, a smile spreading on her lips, "Found our place for the night," Ariel paused to point at a ledge ten feet above the path they were walking, "You climb up there first, I'll go second."

Arwen looked to the stone cliff-face and admitted Ariel had a point in suggesting she go second, the climb was steep even if it was such a short distance and though it had handholds she was a very inexperienced climber. It would also have the side effect of forcing Ariel to look up at the peredhel's ass in her tight leather travel breeches and maybe give the dagnir a hint that her affections were not unwanted. A clever grin took hold of Arwen's face as she started up the cliff swinging her hips just a touch more than she needed to. She thought about slipping on purpose so Ariel would have to catch her but decided the worry that would cause outweighed the potential to pull on Ariel's emotions.

If Ariel didn't know better she'd think Arwen was teasing her, then her eyes caught the exaggerated hip movement and her eyes widened in stunned realisation that Arwen was teasing her! Quickly schooling her features she waited for Arwen to finish the climb then ascended the cliff-face with practiced ease.

Upon reaching the ledge Ariel led Arwen into the shallow cave leading from the ledge and feigned overheating as a reason to loosen her tunic at the neck, exposing the swell of her breasts, and placed her travel pack on the ground and bent over it in an attempt pretend to search for something while her cleavage was bared to Arwen. She was about to give up on her attempt to tease her charge when she felt the heat from Arwen's gaze across the bared top of Ariel's chest. With a smirk she looked up to find Arwen staring, "See something you like?"

Arwen knew she'd been caught and froze despite having tried to tease Ariel herself only mere moments before. Unfortunately for the dark haired elleth, or fortunately depending on who was asked, her body decided to act without permission from her brain and nodded, realising what was happening she blushed and tried to cover up her reaction, "Yes-I mean no, I mean I like you but not-"

Ariel, though amused by the floundering attempt to hide some simple staring, was not going to let Arwen back out now and lunged forward to claim the beautiful elf's lips with her own. Gently at first, Ariel was quite overjoyed when the object of her affections returned the kiss allowing her to deepen it and bring her hands up to cup Arwen's face.

Arwen moaned into Ariel's mouth and let her mouth fall open to be plundered as Ariel pushed her, none too gently into the cave wall. Her mind, almost overloaded with joy and pleasure and a mix of other emotions, all utterly positive in their charge, barely noticed when Ariel's hands began working to remove the older elleth's travel tunic. It finally snapped back to alertness when cold air greeted her breasts and instantly hardened her nipples. Finally breaking the kiss she grabbed at Ariel's tunic and hastily removed it, her mouth leaping to protect one pink nipple from the mountain air and her hand the other.

Ariel was stunned at the forwardness of her elven lover but not negatively so as she let Arwen worship her breasts for several minutes before she gently pushed Arwen's head downward, hinting at her desire. Arwen took the direction easily and happily as her hands loosened the dagnir's breeches and tugged them and Ariel's underclothes down so they could be stepped out of. Before allowing Arwen to feast on her core Ariel grabbed a bedroll and slung it on the floor, she'd barely waved for Arwen to join her when she had to stifle a scream as Arwen pushed her tongue deep into Ariel's soaked crevice and began twisting, sucking, and licking at Ariel's sweet core.

Arwen's mind was clouded with lust as she devoured the sweet nectar secreted by the golden maned warrior whose moans grew and grew until they reached a crescendo with an orgasm being ripped from Ariel's sweatsoaked body. Arwen continued licking, ever so gently, as Ariel calmed from her explosive experience.

Ariel sighed happily once awareness returned to her mind, pulling Arwen up her body by the latter's ebony locks she kissed her lover again in a short but passionate embrace of lips and tongue, "Hope you don't think we're done. I haven't tasted you yet."

Arwen moaned in response as her body was assaulted by Ariel's lips, hands, and tongue in a glorious reply to her own worship of Ariel's body. Hours later, and several orgasms each, sleep finally claimed the two elleth, finally exhausted from the efforts they'd gone to in their pursuit of the elusive emotion hanging between them.

They woke in the morning, still wrapped up in each other, and exchanged kisses as they put clothes on, a reversal of the previous night's activities. Then they were off, hiking through the mountain pass on their journey to Imladris and Arwen's father, a destination that now daunted the golden maned warrior as she led Arwen through the pass. The nightly activities repeated each time they stopped for the night, though without the fumbled denials and with much care for each other.

It wasn't long before they'd reached the end of the pass and from there it was but a short walk to the river, and the borders of Imladris.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Return of the Dagnir" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Aug 13.

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