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Return of the Dagnir

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Summary: Buffy wasn't supposed to jump off Glory's tower, but once she did, she couldn't go back.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Other LotRSelonianthFR1867,38012114,2435 Feb 1324 Aug 13No

The Problem Is Solved

Disclaimer: Don’t own LoTR or BtVS. Tolkien and Joss respectively.

As Buffy leapt from Glory’s tower to the portal below, knowing it would likely kill her, she felt at peace. Just a moment before she touched the ground a copy was made, of her mind and memories, by the Powers. They knew that eventually her friends would attempt to ressurect her, they could see it as the most possible of possibilities, and wished to prepare for it. Buffy had been a truly great Champion and they were not about to allow her reward be ended so easily.

Buffy thought them cruel, and perhaps they were in some aspects, but when a Champion had finally earned their rest it was something they allowed none to break.

The copy was given a sliver of Buffy’s soul, it would grow to match her own in time but likely not before they attempted to pull it out of where the Powers were keeping it and Buffy’s own soul would heal rapidly where she was heading.

For the Slayer who’d given everything for a person who only existed because of some monks stupid plan to keep it safe was not heading to the afterlife, not quite, for while the portal did need to be closed and Glory could not be allowed to go back to her own dimension, neither was Buffy supposed to die and her sacrifice, misguided by the incorrect interpretation of her gift being death, had put the Powers in a bit of a quandary.

Even if the Powers had not made a copy of Buffy so convincing that even their counterparts the Partners wouldn’t be able to tell it wasn’t her, if the Powers hadn’t told them after extracting a binding promise not to inform any of their people, the blonde slayer still needed to leave their realm. Her sacrifice, and in fact death, before her time made for a complicated situation. Because she died they could not let her go back, doing so would damage the balance as they had seen in most possible futures. Neither could they let her into their realm’s heaven as it was not her time.

It saddened them but they would have to send her somewhere new, outside of their personal jurisdiction. Hmm, the Valar had asked for aid, their own chosen path for how to keep the balance seemed to be going astray. The one who was supposed to lead the peoples of the Valar against the darkness threatening to eclipse them was afraid of his responsibilities and that was not all. If the Powers sent her there she would have her work cut out for her indeed. That said, they knew the Valar and the powers that ruled the dimension and it’s connected dimensions of Arda would be kind to Buffy... much kinder than they were, than they could afford to be.

Decided, the Powers pushed her into the Valar’s hands, first to explain, then to place in Arda as they would choose.

Buffy opened her eyes, having closed them as she was about to impact the ground to see Whistler sitting in an old chair, the kind you see in really old movies, made of wood with a barely padded seat. “Oh good, you woke up,” Whistler spoke in his smarmy accent.

“What are you doing here Whistler. I jumped off a tower, let me rest.” Buffy growled.

Whistler shook his head gently. “Can’t do that Buffy. I’m not even here as The Powers That Be’s messenger-boy this time. You died before your time you see. No one expected you, well I can’t say no one did... I certainly saw it coming, to sacrifice yourself rather than what is essentially a magical clone.”

Buffy boggled at the neutrality demon, “They expected me to just let family die like that?”

“Don’t look at me, I knew what you’d do but they insisted that since your time wasn’t up that you would clearly choose to let Dawn die,” Whisler shrugged back.

“For someone who isn’t here as the Powers’ messenger you seem to be doing a lot of messengering.” Buffy observed with a pointed stare.

Whistler sighed and looked at her, she was really gonna hate this part. “I’m just explaining, the Powers didn’t send me, I sent myself. See, because it really was before your time the Powers can’t let you into your eternal reward but you can’t go back where you came from.”

Sure enough, Buffy glared at him with an awe-inspiring death-glare that only a Slayer could ever put out. “Why not?”

Whistler winced, just because he didn’t think she’d take it out on him didn’t mean the glare wasn’t bloody terrifying, “You died sweetheart. Actually died this time, your soul left your body, unlike when your friend was able to save you with CPR. You can’t go back because once a soul has left the plane of existence it started on by dying it can never go back. If it never actually left, sure, but you did.”

Buffy sat in her chair for a while, staring at Whistler. “What now?”

Well, no ribcage-hat threats, that was better than he expected, “Now the Powers have to... I suppose you could call it trade you to another team. Not to the Partners, no. That would require something changing what makes you... you and still wouldn’t fix the dilemma you’re in.”

“They’re giving me to another set of good guys.”

Whistler nodded. “I don’t know what your job will be with them but I do know you won’t deal with vampires anymore. No more weekly apocalypses. No need to hide what you are.”

Buffy sighed, as deals went, it wasn’t bad. “Who are these guys?”

“I’ll let them explain the rest, I just came here so you wouldn’t be so jarred and so someone you know, if not totally trust, was the one to tell you. I’ll never see you again kid. This is goodbye,” Whistler replied, getting just a little choked up. He knew he’d still be dealing with someone who was, for all intents and purposes, Buffy, but at the same time she wouldn’t be Buffy at all.

Buffy smiled and said, “Goodbye Whistler, can’t say I’ll miss you.”

As Buffy’s sentence ended she faded out, presumably officially being given to the Valar. Whistler smirked. He’d miss her but he’d see her again, well... what was her in every sense of the way.
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