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How to Not Die

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Summary: McGee's vacation goes a little off course and his muse gets some unexpected inspiration.

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Terrible Beauty

A/N: I'd had another chapter in mind all along, and all of your lovely reviews definitely encouraged me to write it. I'm now working on mentally plotting a third, probably encompassing the plot of McGee's next book (with potential excerpts if the muse will cooperate ;)). So we'll see how long that takes for me to write.

McGee looked up from the table to smile at the next fan who wanted their book signed and felt his jaw fall open in shock as he saw a familiar beautiful blonde wrapped around an equally familiar gorgeous brunette, accompanied by the same lovely young tag-along, all smirking at him. “So, Tim,” Buffy drawled, “do we get a cut of your profits from Terrible Beauty? I could always use a bigger shoe budget.”

“No, you couldn’t,” Dawn reprimanded her. “Now money for a new laptop, and maybe that first car I’m getting a little old for... that would come in handy.”

“You’re both boring,” Faith interjected. “If Timmy’s buying us anything, it’s that Bahamas vacation Giles refuses to authorize. I still need to get Buffy to a nude beach.”

Buffy blushed and murmured something in Faith’s ear that made the sultry brunette laugh throatily and Dawn glare at both of them.

McGee blinked bemusedly. “Um,” he managed to say, then fell silent again, not sure how to react to this unexpected reunion.

Dawn chuckled, pointedly turning away from her sister and Faith. “How about you buy us dinner and we’ll call it even.” She winked at him, causing his cheeks to pink. “Maybe we can give you some ideas for your next book.”

“Well, I,” McGee cleared his throat and summoned his confidence. “I can’t do dinner. But unless we get a new case tomorrow, I can do lunch?” All three women nodded and he managed a smile. “There’s a great cafe -”

“We’re just tourists, really,” Buffy interrupted him with a winning smile he was sure had gotten her a lot of things she wanted, “How about we pick you up at work, which we do know how to find, and you can direct us from there.”

McGee blinked, wondering why they knew where the Navy Yard was, and how everyone there would react to these three. “Um, I guess. I’ll need to add you to the list of cleared visitors, it’s not like walking into a police station.”

“No need, Timmy boy,” Faith told him with a cheeky wink, “We have clearance coming out of our asses.”

Dawn rolled her eyes and Buffy laughed. “Uh, right,” McGee answered, wondering distractedly if the only reason the rest of the people in line hadn’t complained about the delay yet was because of the ridiculous level of attractiveness presented by the three women in front of him. “See you at one then.”

“Peachy,” Buffy said, a little more mischief seeping into her smile. “Can’t wait to meet your old muses.”

McGee swallowed, hard, and felt a little faint as the three women wandered off into the bookstore. It took his next fan three tries to get his attention and he spent the rest of the signing wondering rather desperately if he should call in sick the next day.


McGee had almost managed to entirely forget about the three women invading his life once again, caught up in the details of wrapping up their last case while ignoring Tony’s latest attempts at office warfare. How on Earth DiNozzo had managed to slip a USB controlled rocket launcher past the Boss was beyond him, but McGee was also fairly confident that he could take control of it easily, and Tony would learn (once again) that anything connected to a computer was not the best idea to use as a weapon against him.

The Boss clearing his throat forced Tony to stop shooting things at him and McGee to raise his head from his computer screen. He’d never seen that particular expression on Gibbs’s face before, wasn’t sure what it meant, but before he could really consider the anomaly, he caught sight of the three women standing behind the Boss and felt faint again. Oh. Right. Fuck.

“Hey Timmy,” Faith said with a smirk, her eyes flicking between him and Tony, who was staring at the three beautiful women with something akin to awe on his face.

“We have official permission to kidnap you for lunch,” Dawn added with a wide grin as she glanced at Gibbs, a look of appreciation in her blue eyes that did funny things to McGee’s brain.

Her sister also seemed to have caught the look and she shot her younger sister a forbidding scowl. “Don’t even think about it, Dawnie, or I might have to have a conversation with Giles about your new thing for silver foxes.” Dawn pouted and Buffy rolled her eyes before turning a surprisingly serious gaze on the Boss. “Thank you for the tour, Agent Gibbs, I’ll be in touch.”

Gibbs nodded, that indecipherable expression still gracing his face, before he turned to McGee and raised an eyebrow. “Well? Don’t keep these lovely ladies waiting.”

McGee flushed and quickly logged out of the system, rising to his feet and knocking a foam rocket off his shoulder. Tony snagged his sleeve as he walked past and McGee paused. “Wait,” Tony hissed. “Who are they? Why do they look like the women in your book? What’s going on?”

Grinning, McGee shook his head. “Sorry, Tony, that’s none of your business.” Pulling away from the other man, his grin faded into a half grimace as Dawn latched onto his arm and began to pull him toward the elevator. One glance back at Tony, staring at him with his mouth hanging open before Gibbs cracked him upside the back of the head was enough to restore his good humor and he turned to his companions with unforced cheer. “So, killed any exciting demons lately?”

The End

You have reached the end of "How to Not Die". This story is complete.

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