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Xander Harris and the Nightmare King

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Summary: Xander was four when he met Pitch Black. A look into the life of a child growing up friends with the Nightmare King.

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Movies > Rise of the GuardianssouldrivenFR71011,59079423,7875 Feb 132 Jan 14No

Age Six: Thoughts

author's note: Xander makes me laugh in this one. It's just... he gets things so wrong. Anyways, sorry this one is so short but, it felt repetitive as it was.

Age Six: Thoughts

Xander was not stupid. He might not be as smart as Willow, no one seemed as smart as Willow, but he was not stupid. Pitch acted really weird after he learned Xander did not believe in Santa Claus. Xander knew a lot of kids believed in Santa and really did not like it when you told them Santa was make-believe. But Pitch, Pitch just laughed and was so happy that Xander did not.

Maybe Santa was like Pitch. You had to believe in Pitch in order to see him so maybe you had to believe in Santa in order to see Santa. Except Santa never gets spotted. He always hid from kids. Maybe Santa does not like being believed in, all the kids trying to catch him must make Christmas hard. The same must be true of the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Pitch must be weird for liking Xander.

Xander decided then and there if Santa and the others did not like being believed in then Xander would not.

They probably weren't real anyways and Pitch was just happy someone else knew that.

But who was the Sandman? Pitch never answered him.

"Who's the Sandman?" Xander asked Willow because she probably knew. Willow seemed to know everything (except that Pitch was real).

The red head frowned thoughtfully at Xander's question, growing sad. "I don't know," she admitted quietly, feeling defeated. It seemed like every day there was more and more she needed to learn. Once she knew everything her parents were sure to be proud of her. Yet she did not know the answer to Xander's question and she tried so hard to always know the answers for him. "I know where to look though!" she added quickly, eager to at least help Xander find the answer. Then they would both know it.

"The library?" Xander guessed and sighed when Willow nodded happily. He did not like the library. The librarian was still mad at Xander for spilling his dad's drink on one of the books he borrowed and dad was still mad about it too. The librarian liked Willow though so maybe Xander would be okay if they went together and Willow asked all the questions.


The Sandman turned out to be like Pitch. Except the books said he gave good dreams to kids with his dream sand. And left dream sand in your eyes. Xander did not believe the last part. He's pretty sure that's just eye gunk. Like when you get pink eye but not as bad. .... Did the Sandman give kids pink eye? Or maybe another sand spirit did.

Still, Pitch said he gave nightmares, he was the nightmare king, even if Xander did not think his dreams were that bad. So it made sense, kind of, that someone else gave kids dreams as well. Maybe Pitch and the sandman were brothers that did not get along. All the kids that Xander knew complained about how annoying their siblings were.

Or maybe Pitch and Sandman were rivals competing for children's dreams. Pitch seemed like a sore loser, maybe the Sandman usually gives kids more dreams than Pitch.

Maybe the Sandman was like Santa and the others and did not like being believed in.

Xander did not know and decided if Sandman and the others were real they must not like kids. It's not like Xander has heard any other kids talk about meeting or even seeing them.

Xander thought Pitch must be jealous; he's real and wants to be believed in but kids rather believe in people that don't exist. Or worse, kids believed in people that didn't even like them.

This is what happens when The Guardians "are very busy bringing joy to children! We don’t have time... for children." Just saying.
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