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War of the Gods

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Summary: A series of battles between the many heroes and villains causes the government to put harsh rules into effect to deal with them, this splits the entire super powered community as they chose either to obey the law or reject it.

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Chapter One

War of the Gods

By Razial
Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters in this story bar the ones I created. The rest are the property of Marvel Comics and Stan Lee and that includes characters out of Spiderman, The Hulk, X-Men, Captain America and Iron Man and many others, which all belong as mention before to Marvel Comics.

Pairings: Logan/Jean, Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson/Felicia Hardy, Kurt Wagner/Wanda Maximoff

Notes: This is a complete redo of my earlier uncompleted story called Ultimate Civil War. I now have a ton of new ideas and understanding of the characters backgrounds which will hopefully make this new version more enjoyable. The game Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and Web of Shadows as well as the Civil War comic saga all serve as sources for the plot.

Summary: A series of battles between the many heroes and villains causes the government to put harsh rules into effect to deal with them, this splits the entire super powered community as they chose either to obey the law or reject it.

Chapter 1

(West Chester, X Mansion surrounding area)

Logan groaned as he picked himself up from the crater he’d made when he had been flung into the ground. His entire body ached as the skin healed the damage he had taken from the hit. Looking up into the sky he saw Jean Grey hover above him, bathed in the fire of the Phoenix force that she possessed. However at this moment in time she wasn’t in control of that power, the Hellfire Club had tried once again to gain control of Jean and through her the Phoenix and again they had failed. However they had Jean’s mind and unleashed the dark Phoenix, a dark twisted version of Jean and the Phoenix combined. The last time they had encountered this part of Jean they had a real hard time of stopping her and Jean had barely been able to regain control of herself.

He looked around and noted Emma Frost was out cold next to him as was Beast, Archangel, Kitty, Psylocke and Storm. This left only him, Rogue, Kurt and Cyclops to try and stop the Dark Phoenix from causing anymore chaos. He was certain a half dozen people had already been injured in the town that rested next to the mansion. They had tried to stop her reaching it, but hadn’t been very successful in that attempt. Phoenix was one of the most powerful beings in existence, bonded to Jean only made it more so.

“We have to stop her Logan and quickly,” Scott Summers, also known as Cyclops and Jean’s former husband shouted to him. “This is getting out of hand,” he added as he bent to check on Emma Frost, his new lover.

Logan still couldn’t get his head around the fact that Summers had cheated on Jean with the blond bitch who had at one time been an enemy of the X-Men, from what Jean had admitted to him the marriage had already been breaking down. But catching Scott and Emma together had been the last straw. Still why he would leave Jean for Emma was beyond him. His own feelings for Jean were well known, but he had never been able to pull Jean away from Summers, even now she was single again he knew she needed time to sort herself out. He’d made no move to try and finally win her affections, knowing she wouldn’t appreciate him being forceful in his pursuit. So he would wait and hope when she was ready for another relationship, she would come to him.

“Well what do you bloody suggest one-eye?” Logan growled back, still having little care for the leader of the X-Men.

His relationship with Scott had always been bad mostly down to the fact he had fallen in love with Jean, even knowing Scott and Jean were together at the time. Even though Scott was no longer with Jean, their relationship hadn’t improved one bit.

“We have to at least knock her unconscious so the Professor can recage the Phoenix, or at least help Jean regain control of her body,” Scott yelled back, frustrated as ever with Logan’s tone where it concerns him.

“Fine you set it up and I will distract her,” Logan grunted in response before taking off as fast as he could towards Jean as she came back down to face Rogue and Kurt.

Logan charged Jean who deftly turned to face him having sensed him coming at her. He collided with her full force, knocking them both down a nearby hill. He didn’t want to hurt Jean, but he’d do all he could to stop her from harming herself or others. He swore he was going to gut the members of the Hellfire club for what they had done to her. He tried to pin her to the ground, but was blasted off her by her telekinesis. He rolled with the blast and quickly got back to his feet. Kurt suddenly appeared with a soft ‘bamf’ with Rogue by his side, and he quickly noted she wasn’t wearing her gloves.

‘Bad idea Summers,’ Logan thought as he realized what Summers had come up with, but before he could shout out a warning Rogue grasped Jean’s head in her hands and began to absorb her powers.

Rogue let out an ear piercing scream as she was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer force of Jean’s Greys power. Kurt backed away as Rogue began to glow with the flames of the Phoenix. Jean screamed as well as her powers and memories were drained. Logan looked around for Summers, but couldn’t find him. Growling he charged both Jean and Rogue, he had to split them apart now before Rogue did permanent damage to Jean. He smashed into them both and sent Rogue flying, but before she did so her naked skin brushed his arm and he felt the brief draining of his own power and memories. Thankfully it was too quick to do any real harm. Rogue collapsed still screaming at the overload of sensation she was feeling from Jean now coupled with the brief touch of Logan. Kurt watched unsure what to do. Logan snarled as he looked for their supposed leader and finally noted him coming down the hill supporting Frost. His snarl got louder as he realized Scott had instead of helping with the attack used the time to try and revive his damn girlfriend.

He resisted the urge to yell at Scott as he moved to Jean’s side and with great regret rendered her unconscious, just in case Rogue hadn’t taken enough out of Jean. Turning to Rogue he could see she was struggling to control what she had taken from Jean. Letting out a curse he moved and did the same to her. He caught a slight growl from Kurt for hurting his sister, but when he looked to meet Nightcrawler’s eyes he saw resigned acceptance.

“Where the hell where you, Cyke?” Logan finally demanded as Scott and Emma reached them and he noted she was still being supported by Summers.

“Waking Emma up, I was hoping while Rogue weakened Jean that Emma could put her to sleep with a telepathic hit,” Scott shot back with a glare at the other man. “I didn’t know you were just going to knock her out while she was down,” he added.
“You shouldn’t have had Rogue do that,” Kurt growled out as he checked on Rogue who was still glowing with the Phoenix power but it was fading. “She could have been seriously hurt,” he spat as he carefully picked her up and began to head back to the jet.

“Elf is right, you should not have endangered Rogue like that,” Logan spat in agreement with his friend. “Had it overcome her and it seemed to be on its way to do that, had I not split them apart, we would have had two Phoenix’s to deal with and then we’d be fucked, plain and simple,” he stated coldly as he headed back up the hill with Jean in his arms.

“I made what I thought was the only call we had left to make Logan,” Scott shot back as he followed with Emma, still using him as a walking aide. “And it worked,” he pointed out.

Logan just grunted as Kurt returned to pick up the rest of their unconscious team mates. He was certain the Professor wouldn’t be pleased by how this mission had gone.


(New York)

Peter Parker also known as the web slinging superhero Spiderman wasn’t having a good day, scratch that he hadn’t been having a good week. What had begun as a simple fight against one of his nemeses had become a war, a war for what might have been mankind’s survival. Venom had attacked him again and during the fight he had been infected by a Symbiote. Somehow Venom had begun spawning new Symbiotes and infecting people on a massive scale. He had done his best to stop him and S.H.I.E.L.D had arrived in their hellicarrier to aide in the fight, but as time had gone on he’d begun to struggle against the Symbiotes influence on him. The city was a burnt husk now, the people either turned into Symbiote hosts or cowering in the last safe holds in the city. The few other heroes’ within the city wanted nothing to do with him, they didn’t trust him anymore and neither did S.H.I.E.L.D. Not that he could blame them. He had caused just as much damage as Venom had and the arrival of Felicia Hardy also known of the thief Black Cat hadn’t helped matters in the fight or in his personal life either.

Felicia Hardy was an ex-girlfriend before she became Black Cat, used as the prototype for what Kingpin hoped would be a way of creating unbeatable soldiers. It failed due to his efforts, but not before Felicia ended up transformed into the Black Cat using almost exact formula that had created Captain America. Black Cat wasn’t a bad person or a villain. She didn’t work for the bad guys unless forced by some circumstance. They had teamed up on many occasions, but each time they crossed paths old feelings came back and Felicia would always push his boundaries and try and rekindle the flame between them. So far he had managed to stay loyal to his wife Mary Jane, but the truth was he loved both women and he could find no way to let either of them down without seriously hurting the other. Now he had to make a choice or at least he thought he did, maybe it was time he faced the truth and told Mary Jane just how stuck in the middle he was. Maybe her reaction could lead him in the right direction that is if he got a chance to ask her, but first he had to face the music on his actions.

“Stand down Spiderman,” Nick Fury demanded as S.H.I.E.L.D soldiers surrounded him. “You are under arrest,” he added.

“Where is Black Cat?” Peter asked in response.

During the final stages of the war, Felicia had become infected by a Symbiote and he’d been forced to fight her. He had barely managed to bring her down and knock the Symbiote into a kind of hibernation as he done to his own. It had hurt him greatly and he was certain Felicia had felt the same pain much to his regret, he’d left her in Mary Jane’s hands to be cared for while he went to finally put Venom down and end the madness around them. He couldn’t see Mary Jane just handing Black Cat over. If these idiots had harmed Mary Jane in their rush to arrest Black Cat he was really going to hurt them.

“I said where is she Fury?” he repeated, not caring about anything else but Felicia right now.

“Please Webhead, do not be stupid about this,” Fury responded evenly. “Look around at the damage you, your thieving friend and Venom have caused, you all have to pay for the damage as each of you fell under the influence of those damn Symbiotes,” he added. “And let us not forget you both still have one attached to you, which is why the Black Cat is under arrest and now so are you,” he finished.

“I’m not going to allow you to arrest me Fury, not now and not ever,” Peter shot back heatedly. “I did my best to fight the Symbiote and you damn well should know that. You have no idea just what kind of affect it has on your mind,” he vented. “I can’t be held accountable for this, Venom can,” he spat.

“Not good enough Spiderman, not in these times,” Fury shot back with a shake of his head and trying to fight the annoyance he felt at Spiderman’s refusal to give up. “As for not understanding the effects of a Symbiote on a human being, well that is one thing we intend to clear up with yours and Black Cats help,” he explained. “Now give up or,” Fury threatened before he pulled someone towards him who had been hidden by some of his men.

Peter growled low in his throat as he realized it was Mary Jane who had been pulled close to Fury. He could see she was sporting a black eye and that pissed him off even more. ‘How dare they touch her?’ he thought as he began to get ready to act.

“Now I know this red head means a lot to you Spiderman, I’ve seen far too many vids of you two together which makes me wonder if you are actually Peter Parker which would make sense as this is his wife you keep saving,” Fury shouted, having had enough of this argument. “That Black Cat was found in her care and that tells me you trust her greatly, again it makes sense if you are Parker, now give up or she pays the price for your defiance,” he warned knowing he was drawing a line and if this was Parker he wasn’t going to take it well.

“God damn you Fury,” Peter exploded as he flung himself at the elder man smashing aside three of the guards pointing their guns at him.

Taken by complete surprise the guards were flung aside as Mary Jane ripped herself away from Fury as Peter smashed into him. She had heard the utter hatred in her husband’s voice as he spoke and knew he would make a move and she was ready for it. Fury was flung backwards as Peter smashed a fist into his face and then as the other S.H.I.E.L.D soldiers moved to shoot at him, he launched a web up to one of the nearby buildings and pulled himself upwards scooping up Mary Jane who jumped into his arms as he went. Bullets followed them, but Peter was an old pro at avoiding bullets. Mary Jane clung to her husband as he got them away from Fury and his men. She could see Fury waving a fist at them and shouting orders, she could hardly believe how things had turned out.

Peter’s life as Spiderman had always been dangerous and he had some close calls with being made a wanted fugitive for his choices, especially where it concerned the Symbiote’s and his black suit. But he’d always managed to come through it and keep in the people’s good graces as well as S.H.I.E.L.D’s, but not this time. Things had gone too far and his anger at her being hit by a S.H.I.E.L.D soldier when they came for Felicia Hardy had finished any chance of this being resolved nicely. She knew her husband better than he thought. He would not leave Felicia in the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. He would go after her thus making himself even more of an enemy in their eyes. But she wouldn’t stop him, Felicia wasn’t a bad person and like with Peter what happened here was the Symbiote’s fault and not theirs. The only problem she had with Felicia was her feelings towards Peter.

She wasn’t stupid not to see how Felicia looked at Peter or how Peter looked at Felicia, but she knew Peter had remained loyal to her. She knew in her heart he would not betray her or their vows, but she knew also that Spiderman was a different question altogether. She knew that Felicia was more herself when she donned the mask of Black Cat, and that she was more in love with Spiderman than she was Peter. Peter was the same, when he donned the mask of Spiderman he almost became a different person. It was when he allowed his feelings for Felicia to surface far more clearly, had Peter developed a split personality after all this time? She didn’t know and the idea sounded foolish, but it made almost sense. What was she to do? This was going to force them both to reshape their relationship in some fashion.

“Are you okay MJ?” Peter asked as he landed them on the roof of the Daily Bugle and removed his mask.

“I’m fine Peter really, except being pissed at that guard who nailed me in the eye for trying to stop them taking Felicia,” Mary Jane responded as she pulled him into a deep hug.

“And Fury allowed it?” Peter demanded to know as they pulled away from one another.

“Not really, but he quickly forgot about it saying I may be needed to bring you in without a fight. I think all he cares about is his mission whatever it maybe,” Mary Jane answered.

“That sounds like Fury all over,” Peter told her with a sigh before giving into the urge to pull her into a soft passionate kiss. Mary Jane didn’t fight it and let herself fall into the passion the kiss evoked inside her. “The mission is all that matters, if he has to use or manipulate people he will, but usually he doesn’t allow civilians to get hurt,” he explained after he ended the kiss.

“The world has changed Peter. There has been so much destruction due to the battles between heroes and villains that they are trying to crack down on you all,” Mary Jane said with a sigh. “I think with the people up in arms about the damage and injuries they no longer care you are trying to help. They just want to be seen doing something about it, no matter what it is they have to do to do that. “Maybe this was a step too far on both sides, but Fury doesn’t care that you were under some alien influence and only sees you as one of the culprits responsible for what has happened to New York,” she finished.

“I know and I’m afraid my status with S.H.I.E.L.D is going to get worse,” Peter admitted with a sigh as he let her go and began to pace a little.

“You are going to go after Felicia, aren’t you?” Mary Jane asked, already knowing the answer and it was right then she made a choice she knew would change things between them all.

Peter looked her in the eyes and gave her a small smile. “Yes, I can’t leave her in their hands, not now and especially not after what Fury just said,” he added. “Mary Jane, it is time I admit something I’ve always tried to ignore,” he stated with a heavy sigh and his posture became one of nervousness.

“You love Felicia just as you love me,” Mary Jane said cutting him of. “I know Peter, I’ve always known,” she told him much to his shock. “But I know that Felicia is more herself when she is Black Cat, and she is more in love with Spiderman than she is with Peter Parker,” she continued. “I also know that you react more to her when you are Spiderman than Peter. I don’t understand it really, but I see it all the same,” she went on as she moved to his side and made him lock eyes with her. “I’m not giving you up Peter, understand?” she stated seriously. “We’ve been through too much, suffered too much to lose each other now, but if you seriously love Felicia as much as me then do something about it,” she told him bluntly.

Peter stared at Mary Jane is complete shock as she told him all this, when she explained just what she saw through her own eyes things began to fall into place in his own mind. She was right, he reacted far more to Black Cat when he was Spiderman, which was odd and he began to wonder just how much he changed when he wore the mask. How strange that he had never noticed that before. What was it about putting on the mask that changed him so?

“What are you saying MJ?” he asked, turning his focus back on the last thing she said to him.

“I don’t know exactly what I’m saying Peter. I just know that if your feelings for her are as strong as the ones you have for me then maybe it is for a reason,” Mary Jane responded, not really sure how to explain her thoughts. “But whatever that reason is I think she deserves to know how important she is to you, but no matter what happens you are still my husband and I love you with all my heart,” she stated.

“And I love you Mary Jane, believe me I do,” Peter responded pulling her back into his arms. “Nothing is more important to me than you, but Felicia also holds a place in my heart that I’ve never been able to explain,” he admitted. “It just is, I will rescue her from S.H.I.E.L.D and where we go from there I have no idea, but we’ll sort it out together so I’m asking you to come with me,” he went on.

“Then let’s go Peter, before Fury and his goons find us again,” Mary Jane said with a smile as they pulled away and Peter nodded and put his mask back on.

She climbed onto his back locking her hands around him tightly as he jumped off the building and began swinging them away. She just hoped whatever happened they would always be together.


(West Chester, X Mansion)

Scott Summers watched as the Professor finished up rebuilding the barriers in Jean’s mind. The damage done to the nearby town was still been worked on by the majority of the team, but what he was confused about was the Professor sending Logan away on what he claimed was an important mission.

“Sir, why did you send Logan away on what we both know is a mission that is not as dangerous or as important as you made it out to be?” he finally asked as Xavier moved away from Jean, looking quite tired.
“Because Scott before you returned I received a message from Nick Fury stating a team will be arriving to take Jean into custody. It seems the government is beginning to crack down on events like this as they happen more and more frequently,” Xavier responded with a tired sigh. “I tried to argue that Jean wasn’t in control of herself, but that seemed to make things worse, hence for now I have agreed to turn Jean over to them on Fury’s word she will not come to any harm,” he admitted.

“You’ve done what?” Scott asked in shock.

“Fury has told me that with far more destructive battles happening more and more, there has been a change in how we are viewed and I’m not just talking about Mutants here Scott,” Xavier explained. “The people and the government view those of us with powers even more dangerous than ever before. There is talk he says of harsh laws being brought into place if we don’t do all we can to make them see we obey the current law,” he went on. “Hence Jean will be turned over in hopes of keeping these harsher laws coming down on us all. I know it sounds like I am betraying Jean, but for now I can’t see any other way to stop a great darkness coming into being by refusing Fury’s demand,” he finished.

“I see and I guess I understand your stance but Jean is not exactly going to be happy about this when she wakes up and neither are some of the others, Logan especially,” Scott pointed out.

“Which is why I sent Logan away while S.H.I.E.L.D is here to collect Jean, less chance of any violence breaking out,” Xavier told him as he rubbed his forehead hoping he had made the right call. “We are living in dangerous times and we must watch our steps carefully Scott. I just hope Logan will understand why I made this choice when he gets back,” he added.

“I wouldn’t count on it Professor. Where Jean is concerned there is no reasoning with the Wolverine,” Scott responded as he turned and left, wondering if he was correct in letting the Professor do this. “I hope you are ready to face Logan when he gets back,” he added over his shoulder.

Xavier watched him leave sensing his troubled thoughts, thoughts that only increased the doubts within himself. Turning he looked to where Jean lay on the medical table and sighed. “Forgive me Jean, but it is the only way I see us stopping this getting worse,” he whispered before he left the room.


(S.H.I.E.L.D Hellicarrier)

Nick Fury growled as he listened to the reports from the team heading to the X-Mansion to arrest Jean Grey. He hoped Xavier had listened to him and wouldn’t resist as he didn’t want to make this worse. The whole situation concerning the super powered individuals on either side was reaching a boiling point. It would only take one more incident to explode. Spiderman had chosen to resist arrest making his actions in New York all the more worse for him when they finally capture him. Maybe had he not brought out Peter Parker’s wife things would not have gotten so bad which reminded him.
“What the hell did you think you were doing hitting Mary Jane Watson, soldier?” he demanded rounding on the man who had decided violence was the answer when the woman had tried to stop them taking Black Cat into custody.

“I’m sorry sir I just got frustrated with her refusals to let us have the target. I lashed out in the heat of the moment,” the soldier responded in a clear voice. “It was wrong and I know that, I will accept any punishment you deem fit,” he added. “But I will add I strongly believe people like Spiderman and Black Cat should be either in jail or controlled by us,” he added.

Fury glared at him for a few minutes before he noted quite a few nods of heads from the other S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel watching, especially from his second in command Maria Hill. ‘God damn it,’ he growled in his head as he realized things were worse than he thought. “Get out of my sight soldier and don’t let it happen again,” he finally snapped. ‘This is only going to get worse,’ he thought. “I want Spiderman and the woman tracked down now,” he ordered.

“We are already on it Sir,” Maria Hill responded quickly.

“Good, monitor all Avenger channels just in case he contacts any of his allies there,” Fury shot back before he headed for his office.


(West Chester, X Mansion)

Xavier watched as the transport that now carried Jean Grey away with a heavy heart, turning he saw quite a few accusing faces in the crowd of X-Men who now knew the choice he had made. He also saw understanding in others, and then some confusion in one or two making him turn away from them. Jean had barely awakened when he had appeared with the S.H.I.E.L.D guards. He had only a few minutes to explain everything to her. The look of betrayal she had shot him when she understood he was sacrificing her had hurt worse than any pain he had endured in his life. Hopefully she would come to understand why he had to do this. A sudden silence from the crowd made his blood freeze in his veins as he sensed a presence he hadn’t expected to see for a day or two. Turning he watched as Logan stormed through the crowd towards him, and he didn’t look happy.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?” Logan’s angered voice shouted as everyone gave him a wide berth.
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