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Chaos Comes to Hoggywarts

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Summary: Harry has 2 siblings older then him and when all of them have finally died their Reaper brings them together to let them now what has happened in their lives and what is being done to fix mistakes that were caused by Dumbles.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other HetdraeFR1811,6210141,9267 Feb 137 Feb 13No

This is an idea that I am playing with based off of Death Challenge by Coastalfirebird
Harry has 2 siblings older then him and when all of them have finally died their Reaper brings them together to let them now what has happened in their lives and what is being done to fix mistakes that were caused by Dumbles.

Death’s waiting room

“Ah Mr. Harris it is about time you joined us here we have only been waiting 125 years for your to join your brother and sister” Came from what Xander could only call one of Hugh Heffner’s Playmates, in a stretched body suit that he could swear he can see through.

“Wait brother and sister but I am an only child!”

“Yes about that if you would d go through the door over there all will be answered for the three of you. They are wait in there for you now.”

“A good of you to join us Alexander please be seated so we can get this all worked out and get the three of you where you were suppose to be instead of where you were tossed out by Albus “The GoatFucker” Dumbledore.” A portly cheerful man exclaimed as Xander entered the room.
Looking around he saw a 5’9” knockout raven hairewomen, and a 5’8” messy haired male teenager.

“Now before we begin call me Mort, and no I do not talk in a loud voice unlike in the book.” He said while chuckling at his own joke.”You have all been brought here because you were all separated one night by Harry’s Headmaster because he figured that it would be easier to control one child to point at his target then three where one or more would question what was going on with the others. You three are brothers and sister born from James and Lily Potter in Godrics Hollow in England and when between the three of you disincorprated a Thomas Riddle out of his body said Headmaster set out to have one pawn to use as a disposable weapon to weaken Riddle when he cam back so that Albus could finish him off an claim all the glory for himself. Making himself the next Merlin an with Harry here dead he would claim the Potter Fortune along with the use of the Philosophers Stone rule as emperor of the Wizardly world.”

“Now for introductions the eldest is Alexander (Harris) Potter, raised on the Hellmouth but really sent there to be killed by the vampires that run rampant there. A deal had been set up for Alexander to be killed as soon as could be between Albus and a bastard son of the Malfoys, but because of his bound magic being just able to get out of most of he situations he was in by the skin of his teeth with mostly minor wounds he survived and kept others alive with him. In the process he broke a prophecy before he was 18 and split the Slayer line.”

“Bloody hell that was you that did that my school and the Ministery of Magic was in an uproar for a few months because of that” exclaimed the male teenager. “They wanted to see if they could get the extra Slayer and since she is classified as a dark creature us that to study her and see if they could control her and find a way to make more like her to use for their own purpose since it was now prove that there could be more then one at a time, but they could never fin the extra one.”

“Next we have Aspen (Meadows) Potter dropped in the ocean to drown by a “malfunctioning” portkey. The only reason she was able to survive is that she is a water elementalist, and with accidental magic called into existence full water elemental to protect her till a passing ship rescued her.”

“Last we have Harry Potter the supposed Boy-Who-Lived”

“Wait what do you mean supposed Boy-Who-Lived, I have the scar that marked me as his equal.” As he lifted the fringe of his hair showing the lightning bolt shaped scar.

“Alexander, Aspen if you would?” asked Mort

Aspen pulled up her shirt showing the same mark on her sternum as Xander showed the one on his shoulder. They were all the same size and looked just as fresh as Harry’s.

“Why are you telling us all this. We are dead from what you had said; why we have just not gone on to meet our true parents.” Asked Aspen in a quiet voice.

“Because of what Albus did in breaking you up, when Harry died at the hands of Riddle it allowed him to go on and take over the wizarding world which was not supposed to happen. So the boss has called a redo with all that entails, while allowing you to keep you memories of what you have all done. This includes any muscle memory so you do not have to get your bodies back to where your minds ay your should be. Also we are setting a few things up to help you out. One Alexander to make you not worry about your friends a tip has alerted the American Department of Mysteries as revealed what the Mayor of Sunnydale has planed so your biggest problem there will be taken care of. Also Angel (Angelus) situation has been fixed where he can never lose his soul. He still needs to earn his redemption, plus he will retain his memories of you and all that you did, just unable to talk about them to anyone. That way if you do need his help you can call on him and he has a reason to answer.”

“Aspen in regards to the Blue we have reached an agreement to ship all their people and belongings to a non populated planet to be on their own so as to cause any strife here we really don’t need those problems again on earth.”

“Harry your core will be unblocked before you go to Hogwarts. Plus since Alexander will be over 15when you are in your fourth year when he is moved to England, he can claim Head of House Potter and will get custody of you from the Dursley.”

“A couple more things then I have to send you on the way. Harry you need to learn to trust Snape in your next year. He has been oblivated to the fact that he and your parents made up when Alexander was born and sent to the dark by Albus for his use. That means he was forced to give up you and your family by the Headmaster. We will be feeding him his true memories when he sleeps to help you all out. To protect your own minds we are giving you all strong natural mind barriers, not that Alexander needs them with the Hyena in his mind but better safe then sorry.”

“Harry you need to stay away from Ginavera cause she was the one that ended up killing you with an overdose of love potions. Along that line you do have two soul bonds, one Su Li and Katie Bell. Aspen you have one in a Blaise Zabini. Alexander you had one but for some reason Aphrodite got approval to add two more they are Faith (Lehane) Black lost daughter to Regulus Black, Nymphadora Tonks and Fluer Dealcour. Now we are going to set you up in what would be Harry’s fourth year since everything before that does not need to be changed. Though by strange happenstance Amelia Bones somehow came across Petter Pettigew and his trial is set up to be held on the first day of the school year so Albus can not be there to interfere. That is the only change Riddle is still planning on getting a body back during the tournament he will just have different help. So good luck you three. Oh and Alexander Faith will be wait for you on the train she is going through her own separate briefing.”

Mort leaned back and looked at the ceiling, “so tell me why I did not get to tell them the other gifts you and the minor gods gave them?”


“Ah I see you want some things to be a surprise and for them to figure out what they are so they have a sense of earning them that makes sense.”


Yes Alexander is going to be surprised with that, but hey if he thinks his three soul mates is all he has do deal with that is his fault. He should have known better then to call on a goddess of love and think that she would not play with his love life. Gods do get bored after all.” He chuckled at the chaos that was going to cause.” Plus let’s see Aspen claimed as a champion of Poseidon, Harry champion of Hades, and Alexander Defender of Diana’s chosen, champion of Janus and Ares. Oh this will be so much fun to watch. Tell me you are going to let us actually record this for the shits and giggles we will get to rewatch all the wrenches they through in others plan latter.”


“Thanks boss you’re the best, so the poker game on next week?” as he stood up and his appearance change to include pure white wings with a sword strapped to his side.”Ah come on you know what would have happened if I told them I was the Archangel Michael, it was better this way.” Was heard as the newly revealed angel faded away.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Chaos Comes to Hoggywarts" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Feb 13.

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