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Something Beautiful

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Summary: The Winchester brothers meet some sisters while on a hunt. Chaos ensues.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS StorieskissrocksFR1855,843051,3058 Feb 138 May 13No

Chapter Two

The boys lead the way to the nearest bar. They were in the Impala while the girls trailed behind, much to Dean’s delight, on motorcycles.

The bar happened to be right across the street from the cheap motel they were staying at and if Dean had any say in it, he’d be going back to the room with one of those hot sisters.

Sam had originally thought that trading tips was a good plan but as time went by and the sisters kept adding to the pile of things that his brother found attractive about them, Sam became more and more apprehensive about the whole thing.

“Dean,” Sam warned his brother. “Behave.”

“What?!?” Dean asked. “I’ve been a perfect gentleman so far.”

“If you say so,” Sam scoffed knowing that his brother was going to be trouble even as they sat at a booth and ordered the first round of drinks.

“Hey, you think Avery is old enough to drink? She looks kinda young to me,” Dean asked, but what he really wanted to know is if she was even 18. After all, he wasn’t looking to go to jail.

“I don’t know. I’m sure Leila will say something if she isn’t. She seems like the protective type, trying to keep her little sister out of trouble.”

“Yeah, I know how that is,” Dean said earning a glare from Sam.

When the girls walked in all eyes turned to them. A few guys who had manners turned back to their dates. Those were the guys that were going to get laid. Most eyes stayed on Leila and Avery though. Even as the girls split up, Leila making her way to the booth that Dean and Sam had reserved and Avery heading to the jukebox, lustful eyes followed one or the other.

Avery was looking at the selection, trying to pick a song when she felt a presence behind her. She chose to ignore it for now. No way was she going to ruin the night by getting into a bar fight first thing. Besides, maybe they were just waiting to play a song. She saw the song that she wanted and pushed the corresponding buttons.

As “More Than a Feeling” started playing, Avery turned around to find a bulky biker with a beer gut giving her the once-over.

“Hey there, little lady,” Beer Gut said leering at her.

“Not interested,” Avery said trying to go around the guy but he kept stepping in her way.

“Well, I am,” he said.

Sam, who was facing the Jukebox, noticed what was going on and quickly made his way to Avery’s side.

“She’s with me.” Sam said trying to sound menacing. His height usually gave him the advantage in these circumstances but the biker wasn’t buying it.

“I didn’t see her walk in with you,” he said with just as much menace.

“Well, you’re gonna see her leave with me,” Sam answered leaning toward the guy so that he could see the steel in Sam’s eyes.

“Harry, don’t you be starting any fights in my bar!” The bartender yelled.

Harry gave Sam one last hateful look before returning to his stool at the bar.

“What is with you guys?” Avery asked sounding irritated.

“What?” Sam questioned.

“You’re always rushing to the rescue,” Avery answered glaring at him. “I don’t need a white knight.”

“You’re welcome,” Sam muttered bitterly before following the retreating girl.

When Avery arrived at the booth she found that Dean was the only one there.

“Where’s Leila?” She asked.

“Restroom,” Dean answered taking a swig of his beer.

Avery nodded in acknowledgement and sat down next to Dean. At the moment, she didn’t want to be near Sam. She knew that she should thank him but her ego had just taken the second hit of the night. When were people going to start believing that she was capable of taking care of herself?

Sam sat down across from Dean and Avery and scooted into the booth so that Leila could have the end seat. It made him a little uneasy being blocked in like that. He liked knowing that if he needed to make a quick exit he’d be able to. Dean was the same way but both boys were trying to be polite for the sake of the girls.

“Boston. Nice,” Dean said referencing the song Avery had chosen with appreciation.

“Thanks,” Avery replied reaching for a beer but Dean pushed it further away.

“Hold up, sister. You got some I.D?” Dean asked holding out his hand.

Avery looked at him with disbelief. “Seriously?!?”

“Hey, I’m not looking to contribute to the delinquency of a minor,” he replied.

“Fine,” Avery conceded, pulling out a wallet and handing him a driver’s license. She didn’t sit back down next to Dean though, instead moving to Sam’s side of the booth.

Sam grinned, noticing how quick Avery was to forgive when someone else was offending her.

Dean ignored the move as he studied the license.

“Samantha Taub?” Dean asked quirking an eyebrow.

“The birth date is right,” Avery answered with a shrug.

Sam laughed quietly, amused that his brother had expected anything other than a fake I.D. All hunters had multiple aliases.

“She’s old enough,” Leila said as she made her way to the booth.

“Did you fall in?” Dean asked as Avery grabbed her beer.

Leila had been about to sit down next to Dean despite her obvious dislike for him but at his comment she stood up straight again.

“Avery, switch places with me,” she ordered.

“Huh-uh,” Avery refused shaking her head and smirking at her sister.

Sam tried hard not to laugh.

“Please,” Leila said through clenched teeth but her eyes were pleading with her sister. If Avery didn’t switch seats with her, she was pretty sure that she would end up stabbing Dean before the night was over. You know, in the leg or something. It’s not like she was a total psycho.

“Oh, come on!” Dean said, realizing that his chances with both girls were slipping by the minute.

Avery sighed and switched places as Sam snickered behind his hand. Dean, seeing his brother laugh, kicked him under the table.

“So, what’d you use to make that devil’s trap?” Leila asked, trying to get to the real reason they were there. She was sort of regretting agreeing to this and wanted to get back to their room at the motel as quickly as possible. While she had to admit that both of the guys sitting with them were hot, one of them knew he was which turned her off. The other was younger than she liked and a tad too serious.

“How do you lock a demon into his host?” Sam asked.

“We asked you first,” Avery piped in.

“We asked you second,” Dean answered with a smirk at Avery.

“Well, this has been… not fun at all,” Leila said full of snark as she stood up. “Come on, Avery.”

“Leila, just show them,” Avery said refusing to get up.

“Yeah, Leila, just show us,” Dean repeated as he lazily threw his arm across the back of the seat.

“I don’t think so,” she said pulling her sister up and dragging her out of the bar.

“Thanks for the drinks!” Avery called just before she disappeared out the door.
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