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Something Beautiful

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Summary: The Winchester brothers meet some sisters while on a hunt. Chaos ensues.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS StorieskissrocksFR1855,843051,3058 Feb 138 May 13No

Chapter Four

Sam had found out a lot about the Mendez sisters from his research.

Leila was 26. She’d had a lot of achievements in high school but afterward she had kind of fallen off the grid. Sam wondered if Leila’s mother hadn’t been teaching her oldest daughter the trade well before she had passed. And her mother was, in fact, Lola Mendez. Sam tried but couldn’t remember what he had heard about her. He’d be making that call to Bobby in the morning.

Avery, though she didn’t look it, was 23. The same age as Sam. She had much in common with the youngest Winchester. She had gone to college, too. Her major had been journalism but, like Sam, she had dropped out to hunt demons for the sake of family. She seemed to have settled into the life a little better than he had though.

After a couple hours of research, Sam decided that he needed some air. He closed his computer and grabbed a handful of change before heading out the door.

Just as Sam had selected his drink of choice from the vending machine, he heard a shuffle behind him. He turned quickly, prepared to fight. Bad things had a tendency to sneak up on him. To Sam’s surprise, it wasn’t a monster standing behind him.

The cheap lights of the motel should have been harsh on her features but only managed to soften them as Avery smiled at Sam.

Sam noticed that she had changed clothes. Where before she wore blue jeans and a leather vest, now she wore yoga pants and a tank top.

“Small world,” she said with small chuckle

“Yeah,” Sam said unable to keep himself from smiling back. “I guess so.”

“Look, I’m sorry for Leila earlier. She’s really paranoid of other hunters,” Avery explained apologetically.

“Why?” Sam asked as he picked up his drink.

“I’m not sure,” Avery said but Sam could tell that she was lying. “Anyway, that’s her hang-up, not mine.”

“Yeah, well, Dean could have been a little less…,”Sam started.

“Piggish? Infuriating? Immature?” Avery could have kept going though she really didn’t have anything against Dean. She liked his playful personality. Her sister was the one who thought these things about Dean (while also totally crushing on him).

“Okay, okay,” Sam said laughing. “He’s guilty on all counts.”

“I still think we should talk,” Avery told Sam. “Maybe without the siblings though.”

Sam agreed that they should talk. He felt drawn to this girl. It wasn’t just that Sam found her attractive, there was more to it. He just hadn’t been able to figure it out yet.

“The bar’s still open. Do you want to head over there?” Sam asked after checking his watch.

“Yes,” Avery agreed glad that she was getting some time to herself with one of the Winchesters. “I just need to leave Leila a note. She’ll flip if she wakes up and can’t find me.”

“Sure,” Sam consented as he placed his soda on top of the drink machine. He wouldn’t need it, now.

Sam walked Avery back to her room and waited patiently while she scribbled a note for her sister and grabbed her jacket.

Back at the bar, Avery picked a booth and slid out of her jacket while Sam got them some drinks. Harry the beer-bellied biker was nowhere to be seen which made both of them feel more comfortable.

“Thanks,” Avery said as Sam placed her drink in front of her and slid into the seat on the other side of the booth.

“You’re welcome,” Sam said with a crooked smile.

“So, I guess we should start where we left off?” Avery asked

“You mean the part where we were asking each other questions or the part where everyone was refusing to answer the questions?” Sam asked sarcastically.

“Hey, I already told you: Leila’s hang-up. Not mine. I’ll be happy to tell you whatever you want to know.”

“Why?” Sam asked. “Why do you trust me so much? You don’t even know me.”

Avery played with her beer bottle for a minute and wouldn’t look Sam in the eye. She struggled with what she should tell him but decided that the whole truth was the only option. At least, about this subject.

“Okay. Confession time,” Avery said taking a deep breath before spilling her guts. “We checked up on you guys. Turns out we have a friend in common. Ellen from the Roadhouse.”

Avery was expecting Sam to be angry or, at least, irritated but the hunter just laughed.

“Okay. Not the reaction I was expecting.”

“We checked you out, too,” Sam explained with a smile. “By calling Ellen.”

“Oh,”Avery slapped a hand to her forehead as she finally got the joke.

“Now that confessions are out of the way, tell me about this thing where you lock a demon into his host,” Sam leaned toward Avery to regain her focus. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

The short answer was yes. Once locked in, the demon would stay in the host until the lock was broken. This meant that the demon couldn’t be exorcised unless the lock was damaged. The girls had a brand that looked like a capital ‘Q’. Once burned into the host’s flesh, the mark held the demon in.

The girls had planned on locking the demon into its host and dragging it back to a place where they had a devil’s trap ready and waiting. Once the demon was in the trap, the girls were going to break the lock and exorcise the demon. It was a daring plan and it had always made Avery uneasy. If the demon got away, no one who didn’t know about the lock would be able to exorcise it. Leila was never worried though. The plan had worked numerous times and never once had they lost a demon.

After Avery explained about the lock, which Sam agreed was unnecessarily risky, Sam explained to her about the devil’s trap that the boys had already set up. The brothers had been hunting the same demon and hadn’t noticed the sisters’ presence until it was too late. As for how they had made the trap, the boys had scoped out the area and picked the same spot that the girls had for the demon’s final battle. They had used black powder and a stencil, which Dean had bitched about being too girly, to lay out the trap.

“Wait,” Avery said not quite believing her ears. ‘You made a stencil of a devil’s trap?”

Sam smirked at the way she said it. It was like she was saying ‘You bake cookies?’ or something equally unbelievable.

“No,” Sam answered. “A friend made it. Another hunter. But you have to admit that it does come in handy.”

“I’ll give you that,” Avery said finishing her beer.

Sam went and got them another round and they sat for a while just talking about their lives. Somewhere along the way, Avery had decided that Sam was definitely her type. She didn’t get too over the top with her flirting though. Sam hadn’t given her any sign that he felt the same. He did though. He felt a connection with Avery that he hadn’t felt in a long time. She was wild and funny and like no one else he’d ever met before.

At last, the bartender announced last call and Sam glanced at his watch to see that they had been talking for roughly two hours.

“Maybe I should walk you back your room now,” Sam told Avery.

“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea,” Avery answered and stood picking up her jacket.

Sam took the jacket from Avery and helped her put it on. She giggled a little and let him.

A few minutes later, they were back at Avery’s room. Avery pulled out the key but didn’t use it right away. Instead she turned back to look at Sam.

“Thanks,” she said. “For earlier. For being my white knight.”

“You’re welcome,” Sam told her with a smile as she finally unlocked her door. He felt a kind of warmth spread through him at the praise.

Avery opened the door a little but instead of going in, she turned to Sam again. And before she could talk herself out of it, she did what she’d wanted to do for the past two hours. She kissed him.

Sam was surprised at first but then he gave in to it. His hands on her back, he pulled her closer.

They stood like that, kissing in the doorway to Avery’s room, for a full minute before she pulled back.

Avery flashed Sam a smile that dazzled him almost as much as the kiss had.


“Hey, do you want to have breakfast with me tomorrow?” Sam asked, not quite as ready to say goodnight as he had been a few minutes ago.

“Is that an invitation to spend the night?” Avery joked.

“What? No! Not that I wouldn’t…” Sam stumbled not getting it.

“Relax,” Avery said placing a hand on Sam’s arm to calm him. “I would love to have breakfast with you.”

“Oh. Great,” Sam said, suddenly realizing that he’d just made a fool of himself but trying to play it off. “Is seven okay? We can walk to the diner together.”

“Sounds great,” Avery accepted before kissing Sam on the cheek and saying goodnight again.

“’Night,” Sam answered and walked back to his own room in a daze.
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