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Something Beautiful

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Summary: The Winchester brothers meet some sisters while on a hunt. Chaos ensues.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS StorieskissrocksFR1855,843051,3058 Feb 138 May 13No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural.

A/N2: Takes place in Season 2 of Supernatural sometime after the episode “Playthings” and contains original characters. Leila and Avery are mine. Oh, and before you comment on it, yes, Dean is blond to me.

Avery Mendez’s heart beat faster as the green-eyed demon gave her the once-over. He could smell her fear and she knew it. If he thought that her fear weakened her, he was wrong. Now that she had him in her sights, she was more determined than ever to vanquish him.

Avery spied her sister, Leila, sneaking up in the forest behind the demon. She briefly wondered if Leila was as afraid as she was but shook the thought away and got her head back in the game. Of course, Leila wasn’t scared. Leila had always been the strong one, the sure one.

Avery wasn’t sure if Green Eyes knew that Leila was behind him but it didn’t seem like it. He only had eyes for Avery and the younger girl prayed that her sister would take the opening that she was about to give her.

Before Avery could make her move, she heard a gunshot.

Wait, that’s not right, Avery thought.

Leila and Avery didn’t use guns. They were strictly into blades. Blades were cleaner and quieter.

Avery was momentarily confused and a little afraid to move should the movement get her shot. But then she saw him. A blond Adonis with a shotgun was standing right where her sister had been only moments before.

For a second she feared for her sister’s safety but that faded when she saw the blood oozing from the demon’s chest. It appeared to be coagulated. That was good. It meant that the demon’s host body was already dead so they didn’t have to worry about his safety.

“You should pick on someone your own size,” the hunter called.

Avery felt vaguely insulted. The blond was maybe 5'8? 5'10? This wasn't too far from her own height. Leila’s, too. Was he saying that they couldn’t kill this guy because they were girls?

The demon had turned to the new guy. He sneered, obviously thinking that the hunter’s statement was laughable; especially since the demon’s host body was at least 6 feet tall.

“Like you?” The demon asked making a ‘come at me’ gesture with a chuckle. “Let’s do this.”

Avery was going to use the distraction to attack the demon herself when she felt a strong arm wrap around her waist. She would have screamed from pure survival instinct but another hand clamped down over her mouth. Her captor turned her so that she could see his face and signaled for her to keep quiet before he let her go. He was tall, brunette, and just as handsome as the other guy. She didn’t know if she should trust him or not but his warm, brown eyes told her that she could.

Meanwhile, the blond smirked at the demon as Brown Eyes crept closer.

“Oh, I didn’t mean me,” he said still smiling.

The demon, growing wise, turned just as Brown Eyes lit something on fire. Then, Leila and the blond ran up and lit a few fires themselves before the demon knew what hit it.

Avery was mesmerized by the flames. They had made a devil’s trap. Apparently, the boys had been hunting this fella, too. Or, at least, had planned to lure a demon of some kind to this exact spot.

“Avery!” Leila yelled bringing Avery out of her thoughts. When Avery looked over she motioned to the Book Avery had on her.

“Oh,” Avery said when she finally clued in. She pulled out the Book and exorcised the demon.

“Well, that was fun,” the blond said sarcastically as he hefted the shotgun to his shoulder and started walking away. The taller guy threw the girls an apologetic glance and followed the blond.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Leila yelled as she ran after the two guys. She grabbed the blond by the arm and turned him so that he had to look her in the eye. “What the hell was that? We had things under control until you jumped in to play the hero.”

Avery wasn’t as angry as Leila about the interference. She was still a little insulted at the implications of their butting in but it was obvious that these guys were way more experienced at hunting than she and her sister were. Avery figured they could learn some things from these guys.

Blondie rolled his eyes and scoffed at Leila’s statement.

“Oh, yeah. I could tell you had everything under control,” his tone dripped with sarcasm and barely veiled anger. “Tell me something. How the hell were you going to keep the demon still long enough to exorcise him?”

Leila wasn’t going to tell them. She figured it would be best to keep their trade secrets to themselves. Avery, however, didn’t realize that Leila wouldn’t want them to know.

“We were going to lock him in,” she answered earning a glare from her sister.

“What?” the tall guy asked. “How do you lock them in?”

Avery glanced at her sister to see her shaking her head.

“Come on,” the tall brunette coaxed. “We’re obviously all in the same line of work. We should share information if only to make ourselves better hunters.”

Avery nodded, agreeing wholeheartedly with the handsome stranger.

The other guy rolled his eyes and sighed but it was obvious that he was giving in.

“I’m in if you are, Sparky,” he said addressing Leila.

“Sparky?” Leila asked, instantly hating the nickname.

“Well, you obviously have a short fuse,” Blondie explained with a smirk.

“Nice,” Leila scoffed. “It’s Leila. And before you think up anymore cute nicknames, this is my sister, Avery.”

“Sisters. Nice!” Blondie said looking them over. Now that they weren’t in any danger and his anger at their seeming idiocy was fading, he could see that they were both extremely hot. They both had dark, wavy hair and an apparent interest in leather apparel. He liked that in a woman.

“You wish,” Leila said with obvious disgust as she crossed her arms to block his view of her chest. Avery just blushed. She wouldn’t mind taking this guy for a roll in the hay. Either one of them, actually.

“You’ll have to excuse my brother. He doesn’t always think with his upper brain,” the tall guy said before introducing himself as Sam.

“Dean,” Blondie said, giving them a half-hearted salute. “So, Leila, you up for Hunting 101?”

“Oh, please. You could learn so much from me.” Leila said, trying to turn the tables.

“I don’t doubt that,” Dean said leering.

“Come on, Leila,” Avery said trying to get her sister to agree. “They do seem to know what they’re doing.”

“Fine,” Leila agreed in a huff. “But keep your hands to yourself.”

Dean smiled at that.

“No promises.”
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