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Dance with the Damned

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Summary: Johnny Blaze lies in the clutches of Blood-Slavery. Help will come but it wont be the kind he wants.

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Marvel Universe > Ghost RiderOtsanaBlazeFR1811,910013208 Feb 138 Feb 13No
Alright, here goes. I'm trying this one last time. I know I've really screwed up the story and I'm sorry for all the re-writes. This particular chapter is a test chapter however if it gets enough positive feed back then I'll keep it. Right now, I'm just asking for a few reviews. 'I'm sorry for screwing up the story so much but there's a few positives this time. I've actually seen the episodes and read some of the comics. Also, I went ahead and mapped out a plot. So please, if you can, review. If you do review please let me know how the story flows. Thanks. Like I said this chapter, is a test chapter. It's a draft because my Beta-reader is proofreading it but I just wanted to see if there was even anyone out there still reading my story.

Alright so, the second movie never happened and Johnny has had the curse since the late nineties. Johnny also looks the same as he did in the first movie.

Disclaimer: I do not own "Ghost Rider" or any related characters. Nor do I own "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"or any related characters. This work of fiction was created purely for entertainment and no monetary gain was made.

Russia 1917

Howling and barking could be heard through the trees of the ancient forest causing the young woman to turn around and sneak a look light of the men's lanterns shone on the thawing snow and she dug her spurs into the horse once old dirt road that she now traveled on had been to keep trade alive between the villages and it had been her plan to run to the main village to seek shelter.

However , endless carriages and horses had made the road into a muddy mess from the snow thaw. There was only one way she could go now. Pulling the left rein she kicked her horse hard and urged him up the snowy hill.

The animal's long graceful strides were shortened into hesitant, short steps. One last time she used her spurs embedding them deep into the animal's foaming flanks. It neighed in surprise and pain then she heard another shriek.

Looking back, she noticed blood flowing onto the snow behind her signifying the proximity of the crazed dogs. The horse's hamstring had been bitten rendering it useless. The beast's legs collapsed from under it but the woman was able to get her right foot loose from the stirrup.

She cast one last look back at the dying horse and then forged onward. A bullet ricocheted on a rock not two feet away from her. Throwing her hood back, the woman's blond hair and violet eyes were made visible in the light of the lanterns. A sharp burning pain bit into the small of her back . "Help me!" she shouted and then a wave of screams erupted into the suddenly still night.

Prague ,May 2002

How long had it been since he had seen the night sky? Felt the sun on his skin? A part of his mind, the part that had yet to become the fragmented mess that was the rest of his mind, questioned. Inside the two-story night club, the air was thick with smoke yet he dare not even cough for fear of being hit. The walls had been painted with some kind of fluorescent paint that glowed brighter than the sun in the black light.

On Johnny's lap sat a female vampire drinking from the crook of his elbow. Months and months of conditioning had trained him to sit still and stare straight ahead. The woman leaned her head back and looked up at him as he sat on the gaudy purple couch. In her eyes he saw hunger and darkness. Any man would've,should've been afraid yet to him there was nothing to fear.
What could hurt him, now that he was already dead?

The age-old euphoria that came with bloodletting was beginning to weave its way into the edges of his awareness . With his already fragile grip on reality, he let the traumatizing memories flood into his mind.

He was screaming again. He would scream until he coughed blood and then keep screaming. He knew no one could hear or rather that no one cared. His sides ached with hunger and he didn't know how long it had been since he had last had water. Deep gouges could be seen in the thick black stone that surrounded him from the day's times he clawed and banged his head in anguish. Voices came from the shadows begging him to talk. He happily obliged them, talking idly of past joys and sorrows.

Pain seared his skin and electricity arched up his spine. Days and months were lost to darkness and agony. The cold black stone beneath him burned his skin as circular patterns pulsated with power. His knowledge of the supernatural was extensive but not even he knew what these symbols meant. Each wall of his perfectly square cell contained what looked like a concentric circle of runes. Every few minutes they flared bright orange and his whole body was filled with unbearable pain. While the ruins were brightest he could see his cell clearly. There were no bars no windows and no doors. No way of escape unless he could get his other self to emerge. When he slept, which wasn't ever for very long, his vision was filled with hell fire lashing through his subconscious like whips attacking a lion. Right before being woken yet again by the torturous runes he could just barely see the silhouette of a woman with fiery hair.

Someone was screaming. The horrible sound came from far away until he opened his eyes and saw that his chest was covered in blood. Rolling his head to the side he saw the female vampire looking at him with fear and guilt. The look he gave her was pure apathy.

"Miserable wretch," someone screeched and the girl was pulled backward. He watched as the club's owner dragged the obviously fledgling vampire to the door. A man named Boris came to the couch and looked at the wound in Johnny's neck before yelling, "Bring me some blood and some wine."

It would seem like an odd combination to an outsider but he desperately needed a blood transfusion . As the blood transfusion was underway a bottle of red wine was pressed to his lips in an effort to stimulate red blood cell production.

"Come on, man. Stay with me." Boris said as he held the bag of blood. With half-lidded eyes the ex-motorcyclist sighed and sank deeper into the couch.

Thunder could be heard in the periphery and lightning flashed illuminating the dark underbelly of inky black clouds. The animal life in the city was silent. It was as if the world was holding its breath, not daring to make a sound.

Being careful to not walk through the dark puddles of water two women picked their way over waterlogged cardboard boxes and old newspapers. The two individuals starkly contrasted each other. One was rather short with blonde hair and firm well-toned muscles. The other was taller but not un-average with bright red hair.

"Where is this place?" The blonde asked out loud.

The red head frowned in thought, looking around the alleyway. "I don't know," she sighed, "I've only seen the building in a dream. I thought it would be in the warehouse district since most of these buildings are abandoned."

The blonde nodded, and frowned as the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

"What is it, Buffy?" The red headed witched asked.

"Nothing," Buffy responded, but she could feel the distinct presence of another being. They were being followed she was sure of it.

They walked until they came to a dark double story building. Once this had been a factory, but what interested them were the huge steel doors. A large lock had been placed between them.

"I can't break this Willow," Buffy said after trying to strain the metal with her hands.

The witch walked up to the lock and tried to force the lock open with magic but her spell just dissolved around it. The protection charm shattered easily when Willow tried to dispel it. The lock fell harmlessly to the ground. The magic would have kept out most minor magicians but nothing as powerful as the white witch.

The large doors opened easily to the vampire slayer and both entered the building cautiously. The interior was mostly empty, whatever equipment that had been in the building having been removed. The only object in the room was a large onyx cube.

Willow approached the cube keeping a safe distance. The object was giving off such strong magic that both witch and slayer could feel its negative energy.

Looking to her friend the witch began emphatically pointing at the offending object. "Do you realize what this is?" Willow exclaimed both excited and terrified.

Buffy shook her head no even though something like recognition was brushing over her memory.

"This" Willow pointed "Is a primordium cube!"

The blonde's eyes grew almost comically wide as she turned her full attention to the offending structure. She knew from a combination of the watcher's diaries and other more obscure texts that a primordium cube was a prison created by the old ones to hold their worst enemies. Whatever had been placed in the cube was so powerful not even a god could destroy it, at least not permanently.

Looking back at her friend Buffy wondered "Is it a friend?"

Willow focused on the surface of the cube. "I'm not certain; whoever put it here wanted it out of the way." She turned back to her friend "If it was a big bad in there surely they would have been placed in a more secure location than a warehouse."

Buffy nodded her head in agreement. If it had been her, or any of the other hunters she knew, this cube would be on the moon or the bottom of the ocean. A big bad though might have thought their plan of destruction so full proof that they needn't bother. Most of her bigger enemies had been reckless and sure of themselves.

"So" the slayer started to say. "Do we open it?"

Willow bit the corner of her lip an obvious sign to her friends that she was conflicted. For several weeks now the creature in this cage had screamed out to her in her dreams. She saw how tortured he was and how much pain he was in. She also knew that he was dark, much darker than even she had been at her lowest. He had blood on his hands. His soul was practically dripping with the blood of others. Even then she could sense that he was a man divided, he was of two minds. The human in him wanted to give up. He had done too much and caused too much pain. He wanted the agony to end even if that meant his death. The part of him that wasn't human wanted revenge, justice was the sole unbridled driving force in its existence.

Without speaking the young witch stepped closer to the onyx prison and placed both hands softly against its smooth surface. She didn't say a spell or incantation and yet something imperceptible passed between Willow and the cube. Within seconds all the heat in the room was gone and the cool black stone shifted and began turning orange then red as if it had been placed in a furnace. The cube was empty.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dance with the Damned" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Feb 13.

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