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The Sum of the Parts

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Scoobies & Stargates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What happens when you cross the Key, a Ferula Gemina, and SG-1 traveling through the Stargate?

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Chapter Ten

Hammond, Jolinar and the rest of SG-1 watched the computer monitor to try and ascertain what Caelus had done this time. Unfortunately, they hadn't had much luck on that front - Caelus had been pacing his cell (well limping badly. It was almost enough to make them feel bad that he no longer had a staff to lean on) and then, between one frame and the next, the door was gone without a trace and Caelus was on the floor with his scythe. No matter how many times they watched it in slow-motion, they couldn't find anything else.

So, they turned back to the live footage just in time to see Willow make a half-dozen Airmen disappear. They hadn't even noticed that Willow was gone - there was already two of her in the room. Both Jacks turned to the Willow nearest them and asked "What the hell did you do?" in unison.

Both Willows looked offended and replied "Don't look at me, I didn't do it. Well, technically I did, but it was another me and it wasn't magic."

"So, if that wasn't magic, what was it?" Jolinar asked. She was still unfamiliar with the concept of magic, and what she had just seen certainly looked like something of supernatural origin. No one had technology that could do anything even close to that, at least that she knew of.

"I don't know what it was" Sam replied, feeling odd that she was speaking to someone who was, physically, identical to her "but I'm going to hazard a guess and say that Caelus does. And anyway, we should probably head down there and investigate - it looks like Willow is having some trouble breathing." she finished, gesturing at the computer screen.


They were right. Caelus did know what Willow had done, but he also knew that Willow shouldn't have been able to do it.

It was something that a few Ancients had developed, a rare consequence of their highly evolved state. No one had ever managed to figure out what the darkness was - it destroyed everything it touched, even force fields, but sensors didn't even register it - but the effect it had on those with the power to wield it was well-documented. They became unstable, both mentally and physically. Their mood swings oscillated, from manic to ecstatic to angry to depressed, seemingly at random.

And, as Willow, who was currently struggling to breathe, testified, the body invariably suffered from using the power. Generally, those who had the power died from it after only a year, two at most. Or wished they had.

But Willow shouldn't have the power in the first place. She had the Ancient gene, but she simply wasn't evolved enough that she should begin manifesting a power like that. Which meant that whatever was happening to her was a side-effect of whatever had split her in the first place.

Then Caelus thought - Willow had the Ancient gene. Sam had been host to Jolinar, and still carried the protein marker in her blood. Caelus didn't know about Jaffa, they'd been created after his imprisonment, but he had to assume that they'd been human at one point. Daniel had been possessed by Willow. Jack also had the Ancient gene, so Caelus assumed that he would also develop an Ancient power.

It seemed to Caelus as though whatever it was that had split SG-1 had split them into their component parts. Which meant that if Spike had also been split, there was a human Spike and a ravening, unstoppable bloodthirsty demon hunting in Sunnydale.

Caelus' thoughts on this were interrupted by the arrival of SG-1 and Janet. Janet, Daniel (who'd recently transformed back from being Willow) and magical Willow stopped by the other Willow who was still struggling to breathe. The rest of SG-1, though, were concentrating on Caelus.

"What did you do?" demanded Jack angrily, regretting Hammond's order not to draw a gun on Caelus.

"Sped up the flow of time around the door until it disintegrated, sped up the flow of time around me so that I could get my scythe without being detected, came back here and watched Willow destroy those men." Caelus answered succinctly.

"How? You've got no technology on you, we checked that. Was it magic?" Jack asked.

"No, just the results of millennia of evolution. You know, like you could suddenly heal people after you'd absorbed the Ancient Repository." Caelus responded, suddenly recalling the event from Jack's memory. Apparently, the Ancients completely destroyed the memories he'd absorbed, merely repressed them.

"How did you make Willow do... whatever it was she did?" Jack questioned further.

Caelus raised an eyebrow in a manner reminiscent of Teal'c. "I didn't make her do anything, and couldn't if I tried. She did that all by herself."

"Do you know what it is that Willow Rosenberg did?" Teal'c queried.

"Well, apparently she has also undergone several millennia of evolution and developed an Ancient power of her own. I'd say that whatever split her split the part of her with the Ancient gene from the part with magic. I'd hazard a guess and say that one of the Colonels will probably have one too. Healing, most likely, you seem to have a proclivity for it." Caelus said, telling them what he'd thought earlier.

Before Jack could question Caelus any further, Daniel said "Umm, Jack? And Jack? If either of you can heal, would you mind healing Willow? She's not getting enough oxygen."

Jack turned to himself and said "Well, there's no harm in trying."

"Indeed." Other-Jack said in a passable imitation of Teal'c. "D'you want to try first?"

"Sure." Jack said, placing his hands somewhat tentatively on Willow's heaving shoulders, and tried to imagine her being well. To his everlasting lack of surprise, nothing happened. "Nothing. Your turn."

Other-Jack also put his hands on Willow's shoulders, but as soon as he touched her white light sprang up around his hands and just as quickly disappeared, as Willow took her first proper breath for some time. "Oh, thank you!" she said fervently, breathing deeply.

Jack didn't answer. He was too busy staring at his hands in wonder.

"Told you so." said Caelus.


Spike had planned to call Sam to tell her that, yes, something more than usually strange was going on in Sunnydale - namely, some kind of randomly appearing green ball of light and the fact that Dawn was speaking Latin in her sleep.

However, that meant that Spike had to find his phone first. He knew he'd had it when he had first seen the ball of light, but between rushing into the house, knocking over Buffy, and then transcribing Dawn's burst of somniloquence, Spike didn't know where he'd put it.

Spike eventually found it in the Summers' front garden, presumably where he dropped it. Much to his disgust, however, he found that the battery had died on it, and it needed to be recharged. Which meant that he couldn't call Sam and get her to convince her archaeologist friend to translate what Dawn had said.

Which meant that, to Spike's even further disgust, he had to go back into the Summers' house if he wanted to be involved with whatever was going on. And Spike very much wanted to be involved - this was the most interesting thing to happen for months, and besides, it would mean that he would see Sam again, which was always good.

Plus, he could annoy Buffy no end by hanging around.

So Spike went back inside to find Buffy flicking through her phone book, trying to find Daniel's number (why she hadn't saved it on her phone he'd never know). "What are you still doing here, Spike?" Buffy demanded without looking around.

Spike, despite himself, was mildly impressed. He knew he hadn't made a sound walking in here, and Buffy was preoccupied, but she had still known he was there. But Spike would die before admitting that. "I thought I might be able to help, 'cause, you know, I can fight aliens. Or, failing that, I can sit back and watch you fight aliens, cheering them on as they go." he said snidely.

Buffy sighed, but then brightened as she triumphantly held aloft the scrap of paper with Daniel's number on it. "Aha, I knew it was here somewhere! Now, shut up Spike, I've got a call to make."


"Are you alright?" Daniel asked Willow solicitously.

"I'm fine." Willow answered with a smile. "You seem to be ringing, though."

"What?" said Daniel with a frown, but then realised that his mobile was ringing. He pulled it out in order to turn it off, but stopped when he saw the caller ID. "It's Buffy." he said with some surprise.

"You'd better take it, then. She wouldn't call if it wasn't important." Willow suggested.

Daniel took her advice. "Hi, Buffy... Dawn's speaking what?... Are you sure?... No, I'm pretty sure that Caelus isn't behind it, don't ask me why... Sure, I'll translate it if you read it out to me, just give me a second to find a pen and paper." Daniel muttered as he rummaged in his pockets. "Okay, I'm ready."

So, with only a few interruptions to ask her about spelling, Daniel quickly wrote down what it sounded like Dawn had said. It didn't make much sense to him at first glance, but then he wasn't fluent in Ancient.

After they'd finished, Daniel said "Okay, I've got it all. Oh, by the way, how's Spike? Anything happened to him?... Oh, so nothing other than babbling Dawn and a ball of green light. Okay. Thanks, bye." He hung up.

"Okay, Spike's fine, nothing has happened to him. Dawn was hit by some kind of weapon that made her pass out, forget what happened to get for that day, and apparently speak Ancient in her sleep. Oh, and a green ball of light keeps popping up." Daniel said, quickly summarizing the result of Buffy's call.

"Well, that eliminates my theory." Caelus remarked. "Show me what she said."

"Why?" asked Daniel, surprised.

"Well, unless you happen to be fluent in Ancient, I'd think that someone who has spoken that language since infancy would be the best choice of translator." Caelus answered.

Daniel wordlessly passed Caelus the piece of paper, and the Goa'uld quickly skimmed through it.

"It seems to be someone ordering the evacuation of a planet under attack by Larua, and also someone ordering that some kind of machine - it doesn't say what it does, but from the context I would assume some kind of defensive system - be activated." Caelus summarized.

"What are Larua?" Jack asked.

Caelus shrugged. "I don't know, I've never heard of them. But in English, the closest translation would be 'Wraith'".
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