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The Sum of the Parts

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Scoobies & Stargates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What happens when you cross the Key, a Ferula Gemina, and SG-1 traveling through the Stargate?

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Chapter Nine

Dawn was scared, but not for the reasons you might expect.

She wasn't scared because her vision was so faded that she couldn't tell what she was looking at, or that Dawn was pretty sure her hearing and sense of touch was going too. As for her sense of taste - judging by the culinary disasters Dawn had eaten with relish over the years, it was doubtful whether she'd ever had one. Dawn was pretty sure that she should've been scared by that, but she wasn't.

Dawn also wasn't scared because she had suddenly found herself in her bedroom with no memory of how she had gotten there. After being shot by whatever weapon Toth had used, which had wiped out her memory of most of that day, Dawn wasn't unduly fazed by the loss of a few minutes - especially given that she had probably just walked upstairs but had been so busy trying to see that she hadn't noticed.

What Dawn was scared of was Spike. Well, not precisely Spike, but what he had reminded her of. For some reason, the image of a vampire face had been indelibly linked with another face - one with grey/green skin, white hair, and cruel, inhuman yellow eyes. Dawn even had a name for them - Larua.

But the odd thing was, Dawn had never seen one of these Larua. So she didn't know how it was that suddenly their appearance was as known to her as that of a vampire. And having memories shoved in her head that weren't hers did scare Dawn.

But, as Dawn sat on the edge of her bed and wondered what she should do, she found, to her intense relief that the memory of the Larua was fading, until Dawn was incapable of envisaging its face. Smiling, secure once again in the knowledge that her mind was her own, Dawn drifted off to sleep.


Willow, the one without magic, knew that something had happened even before the alarms had gone off indicating that Caelus had broken out of his cell.

It wasn't the same as the sensation that Willow always got from someone else doing magic. That, to her, had always been just a muted version of the ecstasy that she felt casting even simple spell.

This was more like someone had struck a guitar string, causing it to vibrate wildly - and making Willow vibrate at the same time.

Willow felt that she had to find out what had caused it. At least it might help with the useless feeling that had been growing inside her as she found that she couldn't fix the Stargate, couldn't do magic, couldn't even manage to do whatever it was that had allowed her to break out if her cell in the first place.

So, whilst everyone else rushed to the nearest computer monitor to review the camera footage from Caelus' cell to find out what he had done, Willow left to find the source of the curious feeling.

Willow wasn't unduly surprised that the trying to find the source of the feeling happened to lead her to Caelus. She'd expected that, when the feeling just happened to coincide with his escape.

Willow was surprised, however, to find that Caelus hadn't actually escaped. He was still in his cell. Admittedly, the cell door was nowhere in sight, and Caelus was sitting on the floor idly tracing a pattern on the oversized scythe in his lap, eyes closed, but at least he was still in his cell.

Caelus heard the approaching footsteps and was mildly surprised that they had decided to only send one person for him. He didn't bother opening his eyes - the truth was, bending time in order to retrieve his scythe had taken rather more energy than he had hoped. Caelus doubted that he would've been able to open his eyes even if he tried.

"What did you do?" asked Willow curiously, as she examined the space where the cell door should've been.

Caelus found, much to his surprise, that he could open his eyes. But that wasn't the only thing that he found surprising.

He stared at Willow. Sure, Caelus had been told that everyone had been split into two, and that one Willow had magic and the other didn't. But Caelus had never thought that that would mean that the magicless Willow had something else instead. He couldn't quite put his finger on exactly what Willow did have, but he had a feeling that it wasn't anything good.

Willow, though, didn't know that Caelus was thinking that. She just thought he was staring at her. Despite developing a lot from the painfully shy girl she had been before meeting Buffy, she still didn't really like being the centre of attention. Especially when said centre of attention happened to belong to a Goa'uld who had previously tried to kill her, and was now armed and there was nothing to stop him from killing her. So Willow naturally demanded shrilly "Stop staring at me!"

"Ignosce mihi" Caelus said, although he didn't stop staring. "It’s just that something about you is... wiggy."

Willow looked at him oddly. "Why did you say that? Only we - only the Scoobies say that." she said.

Caelus shrugged. It had been from absorbing the memories of several inhabitants of this planet (including Willow) that he had learned English in the first place - a language which he had previously never heard, let alone heard of. He supposed that the Alterrans had merely suppressed those memories rather than wiping them out entirely, which explained why he still knew the language and had evidently just used a colloquialism. He wondered what else the Alterrans had done with his memories, and wondered if he would ever find out.

Caelus didn't have to explain any of this, because at that moment a half-dozen Airmen rounded to corner with guns at the ready. Caelus sighed - it looked like he was going to have to give up his scythe again, and he really didn't want to do that. And who knew what they might do to him for breaking out in the first place?


Dawn began screaming at the top of her lungs, thrashing this way and that in her sleep. Buffy and Joyce came rushing into her room thinking she was under attack, and Spike followed not far behind (he wasn't going to miss a demon attack in the Bit's bedroom) but, to their surprise, there wasn't any nocturnal invader. Dawn was alone.

So, naturally, Dawn's mother and sister tried to wake and comfort her, convince her that she had had a bad dream. Neither of them took much account of the still-sleeping Dawn mumbling inaudibly - they just took it as her getting over the shock of whatever it was that she had dreamt - until Spike said forcefully "Be quiet, will you? She's trying to tell us something."

They instantly quietened, playing rapt attention to Dawn's words. Not that they made any sense to any of them - it sounded just like the nonsensical babbling that people make when they were asleep.

That is, until Dawn said "astria porta". Buffy knew that one - Stargate. Upon hearing that, she instantly took a pen and some paper from Dawn's bedside table and began scribbling down what Dawn said - or at least, what Buffy thought Dawn was saying, as she was barely audible.

Then Spike neatly snatched the pen and paper from Buffy's hands, forestalling the inevitable protest with "I've got better hearing than you do, and besides, I speak a little Latin. I'm more likely to get it right."

After several more moments of muttering and frenzied scribbling, Dawn woke up to see anxious faces peering at her. This pleased Dawn - not the anxious faces, she got enough of those - but the being able to see them part. Of course, she could hardly mention that, so she settled for saying snarkily "What do you want now?"

Buffy let Joyce answer - she was sure her mother would come up with some suitably calming thing to say so as not to alarm the excitable teenager. Besides, she wanted to call Giles and see if he could make anything of what Dawn had been saying. But first, she was going to call Willow and see if her archaeologist beau could translate it. Anyway, if it had anything to do with the Stargate it was bound to be bad.

But Buffy was going to find whichever alien was speaking through her sister and make it wish it had never even heard of Earth.


"Step away from him, ma'am." an Airman said to Willow politely.

"Why?" Willow responded, much to her own surprise and evidently that of the Airmen too.

"Because he's armed and possibly hostile." the Airman said, trying to keep his voice as respectful as possible, which was difficult when, to his mind, Willow was being unbelievably obtuse.

Willow nodded. "Yes, there is that, but if he had wanted to hurt me I'm sure he would've done so by now. Besides, he's supposed to be here to help us, and he can't really do that from a cell now, can he?" she said reasonably, then wondered why she had. Given that Caelus had tried to kill her, she should probably be happy with him being taken to another cell, or whatever it was that they were going to do with him. So why was she defending him?

"Ma'am, please move aside."

Suddenly, Willow felt anger rushing through her, the same white-hot fury that she'd felt shortly before the black globe had appeared around her hand. "NO!" she shouted, and a wall of darkness erupted from her, washing over the Airmen as though they weren't even there - and, by the time the wall had passed over them, they weren't.

Willow fell to her hands and knees, coughing frantically as she tried to draw a breath that simply wouldn't come.

"Well" said Caelus to himself, having watched the whole thing "That's worrying."
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