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A New Valkyrie

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Summary: Buffy thinks of an idea to deal with Glory. Afterall, only a god can kill a god right?

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Marvel Universe > Thor > Buffy-Centered
Marvel Universe > Avengers > Buffy-Centered
SelonianthFR1559,7191511330,21810 Feb 1312 Aug 13No

The Valkyrie That Is

It wasn’t till morning that Buffy ran across Thor in person again, she’d begged off of joining them in their already cramped living arrangements and thus hadn’t run into him in their trailer.

She was walking down one of the more main streets when he’d apparently spotted her and rushed out of a diner he’d been eating with the good Doctor Foster at shouting for her to stop. Stopping she turned to face him, “Did you want something?”

Thor shook his head in confusion, his hair bouncing all over the place from his attempt to unconfuse himself. “You. You were there when I could not lift my hammer. Who are you? Why are you here? Did the Allfather send you?”

“No he didn’t. I came on my own, against Odin’s orders,” Buffy responded keeping an eye on the shaken god of thunder.

“None of Asgard may so easily disobey the Allfather. Not without higher purpose, why are you here?” Thor pressed.

Buffy frowned, her gaze turning toward the location of the Bifrost’s landing zone. “I don’t know why I’m here. Maybe to protect your powerless ass till you learn your lesson, maybe for some other reason entirely, I only know that I must be here, rather than on Asgard.”

Thor took a moment to regard her, nodding slowly, “Who are you?”

Buffy seemed about to answer when they were interrupted. A shout of joy from down the road had the pair of Asgarians turning toward it to find four people Buffy at least had not been expecting to see. Sif and the Warriors Three had turned up, fully dressed in their Asgardian battle attire and Buffy nearly facepalmed when it occurred to her that they, unlike her for some unknown reason, couldn’t use magic to shapeshift. She still didn’t understand where that skill came from, Brunnhilde couldn’t do it so why could she?

She was drawn out of her musing’s when the Warriors Three and Thor met in an embrace. Her eyes went to Sif who gave her a mildly respectful nod, impressed by her defeat of Valkyrie perhaps? She half-listened to their discussion with Thor but snapped to full attention when she felt something land on Earth. “Thor, Sif... You three,” She snapped at the estatic group, unable to remember the names of the warriors. “I hope you’re done chatting, because something is here. Something big, and something that doesn’t need the Bifrost to travel.”

Suddenly she had their full attention, for a moment anyway until what Buffy had felt came into sight. She swore, it was the Destroyer. She didn’t have the power required to fight something like that, it could shrug off any physical damage that didn’t utterly destroy it. Still, the valkyrie that wasn’t took a breath, and as she exhaled power flowed from her like water and her armor appeared in the ripple that followed. It wasn’t the same armor that coated Valkyrie however, Buffy’s showed a flare all her own the armor forming in a way not dissimilar from Thor’s when he had his power. Diamonds of metal piece by piece assembled on her arms, her breastplate, though not nearly as intricate as Thors was still fully metalfrom shoulders to waist where it returned to the diamond-metal pattern.

She caught Sif, the Warriors, and Thor staring at her like she’d grown a second head. “What?”

Thor was the one to recover, “It’s just that... not many of Asgard have the gift of magic.”

“Fewer still have armor like that.”

“I don’t either, that’s my one trick. I’m all physical. As for the armor, well... that’s me, defy-the-odds-girl” Buffy shrugged, her eyes snapping back to the Destroyer as it started tearing up the town further down the road. “Sif, you and the warriors go try to distract it. Be careful. Thor, me and you need to get people the hell out of here.”

Thor nodded and they went in separate directions, aided by Jane Foster, her older doctor friend, and her intern Darcy. Darcy would have amused Buffy greatly, had she not been focused on saving lives, threatening people with being tazed if they didn’t move their asses.

Just as they finished, and Buffy was beginning to get extremely annoyed with the good Doctor and her friends who refused to leave, the expected happened and she could hear the Destroyer nearing them, having barely been slowed by the warriors.

“Friends, you must leave, he only wants me,” Thor begged to the warriors and Sif, trying to get them to abandon him. Buffy rolled her eyes, if he tried that with her she’d stab him herself.

“No. We will not abandon you.”

“Leave! There’s no reason for all of us to die!”

Still they refused and he sighed, turning to face the Destroyer, walking slowly toward it. “Loki, my brother, why are you doing this? These people have done nothing to you. Cease this madness. If you have come for me, then take me, there is no reason for all of them to die!”

Oh great, he was trying to reason with the megalomaniac like that ever ended well, Buffy knew that from experience.

As expected Loki’s response did nothing to assure her he wasn’t going to attempt to wipe out the human race at some point. The destroyer turned away, but spun with a backhand to Thor’s head sending the god flying. In his current state it should have crushed his skull, the fact that it didn’t... this ought to be interesting.

Sure enough, a short conversation with Jane later she could sense Mjolnir beginning to wake up from it’s forced slumber. It was the only way Odin could stop Thor from simply calling on his weapon which would eagerly run back to it’s one true Master’s hand. Now though, it was waking up. It would seem the god of thunder had learned his lesson.

Everyone stopped to watch the arc Mjolnir flew, it’s speed creating a visible trail of displaced air. Selvig moved to pull Foster away but Buffy was faster, dragging Jane back away from Thor, she knew seldom few could be at the epicenter of what was about to happen and the human doctor wasn’t one of them.

When Mjolnir contacted his hand, and the Destroyer turned back from where it had been walking away, the expected event happened as a bolt of lightning stronger than any other individual example that had ever hit the Earth. The ground cracked from the sheer force of the energy that impacted Mjolnir and Buffy almost had to shield her eyes but she forced herself to keep them open to watch Thor’s ascension back to his Godhood. When the lightning finally stopped and the others uncovered their eyes she couldn’t help but agree with the various mutterings of ‘Wow’ at his appearance, so utterly different from how he’d looked as a human.

Then the Destroyer had resumed its attack, the energy blasts being deflected easily by Mjolnir. Then Thor had taken to the air and forced the Destroyer to follow him, his power over storms manifesting itself in an extremely localized twister descending to lift the Destroyer, normally a protector of the most dangerous items in Asgard, into Thor’s domain where it continued it’s ineffective attacks until Thor drove Mjolnir into the maw of the Destroyer during one of it’s blasts, it’s energy rebounding onto it and dissolving the magic that held it together.

As the Destroyer fell to Earth and Thor descended Buffy couldn’t help but throw a glance toward Jane and smirked at the look of attraction and adoration that shown through. Only Thor could find a girl who became even more attracted to him by creating a tornado and destroying a theoretical indestructible enemy.

Thor landed and Buffy turned her smirk toward him, “Have fun?”

Thor’s answering grin was all the answer the slayer turned god needed.

Buffy saw the black SUV’s coming and S.H.I.E.L.D. pulled up and Coulson jumped out, “Excuse me! Donald? I don’t think you’ve been entirely honest with me.”

“Hear this, Son of Coul, I would be proud to be counted as your ally if,” The god paused to illustrate his point, “you return the things you took from Jane.”

“Stole,” Jane piped in with a giant grin on her face.

“Borrowed... and of course. You’ll need your notes to resume your research,” Coulson replied with a smile.

The god of thunder turned toward Jane and, still grinning, asked, “Would you like to see the Rainbow Bridge I told you about? I must have words with my brother.”

“Yes! Of course!” Jane cried happily, Thor’s arm wrapping around her and pulling her up against him making Buffy smirk at the ‘oh’ the scientist gave out.

“Wait I still need to debrief you!” Coulson shouted as Thor took to the sky again, this time to fly to the Bifrost site. “Damnit...”

Buffy nodded to Sif and the Warriors and they took off at a run toward the Bifrost, followed quickly by Selvig and Darcy who jumped into one of the few non-destroyed . She wouldn’t be joining them, her feeling that she was needed more on Midgard than Asgard anchored her. “If it makes you feel any better, I’ll be staying.”

Coulson turned and trained an eye on her. “You never did tell me who you are Miss. Or what exactly that means.”

“Buffy Brunnhildedóttir, of Asgard,” She replied, there was no way she was going to try to explain her origins right now. Coulson’s raised eyebrow made her growl, “Don’t say a word about my name.”

Now, Coulson wasn’t stupid. A stupid person didn’t become a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, a stupid S.H.I.E.L.D. agent didn’t become the Director’s right hand, so when she warned him not to say anything he drew on his years of experience keeping his face and facade as calm as possible to not gulp in response. “Why are you staying?”

“Call it a feeling,” Buffy replied, shrugging off the new raised eyebrow that had nothing to do with her name.

Coulson sighed and motioned for her to follow him, not really expecting her to but was pleasantly surprised when she did. They’d been going over what had happened as best as Buffy could explain it when she suddenly froze and her head snapped in the direction of the Bifrost. “Well... fuck.”

Coulson swore internally. In all his years as an agent not once had those two words put together like that equalled anything good. That they were said by someone who was essentially a demi-god only made it worse. “What is it?”

Buffy winced, “In a phrase? Thor’s gonna be late.”

Coulson couldn’t stop the confusion from showing, “That means... what?”

Buffy sighed, it was hard to explain to someone who wasn’t an expert in Norse Mythology. “The gateway is broken. I don’t know how but he won’t be able to come back without it. Not unless Odin wants to send him on a one way trip.”

A/N: So, got yelled at because Brunnhilde, and therefore Buffy, isn’t technically one of the Æsir even if they are gods, or close enough, in Marvel. Terribly sorry... I’ve now removed every instance of the word from the story, even the ones that were technically correct (like the ones that referred to Thor being Æsir), just so I don’t confuse myself. Tried to use it to give it a bit more of a legitimate feel but it kinda backfired.
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