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Summary: Adopted from MarcD. Xander Harris his birth hidden from those that could love him taken by those who would try to corrupt him. What happens when he, the Scoobies and his real family learn the truth?

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Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters that I am about to mangle around with for my own purposes. Charmed and Buffy remain the property of their respective creators.


Chapter Two

“There maybe away to save Alexander,” Chris said breaking the silence that had fallen upon the kitchen.

“How,” Sam asked looking at the mysterious dark haired whitelighter and feeling a desperate hope blossom in his chest. He could see that everyone else was giving Chris the same look of intense interest in what he had to say.

“You know I came from the future right?” Chris asked him getting a nod from Sam as the news had been all over whitelighter circles after the whole thing with the Titans went down. Nobody upstairs quite knew what to make of the whitelighter named Chris Perry as they’d never encountered a whitelighter who’d yet to be born before now. He was a mystery wrapped in an enigma and thus somewhat disconcerting to deal with.

“The spell that sent me back here wasn’t a one time thing it could be used again to send one or all of us back in time to before Alexander’s death,” Chris explained with a smile prompting eyes to widen around the table.

“You mean we could go back and prevent it?” Phoebe asked getting a nod from him. “But wouldn’t the Elders stop us travelling back?”

“If we all went then yes they probably would. They didn’t stop me but then they were all dead by then,” Chris admitted knowing that in his future Wyatt had deposed the Elders killing them all and most of the whitelighters as well, eliminating them as a threat to his power. Though he hadn’t told the Sisters that yet or the fact that he was Leo and Piper’s second born son as that would be oh so awkward. “Sending one person back would be a lot easier to slip past them.”

“That’s reasonable. So who should go? Sam?” Piper asked.

“No Anyanka would kill Alexander the moment she saw me just like she did before,” Sam replied, “no it has to be someone who could fit in with the crowds at Sunnydale University and thus not attract her attention as while Alexander doesn’t attend he’s around there enough with his friends that Anyanka wouldn’t think anything of him meeting someone new on or near the campus.”

“I’ll go,” Paige said, “I’m younger than the rest of you I should be able to fit into the crowds in Sunnydale easily enough.”

“Plus your twin bond with Alexander should draw him too you,” Sam agreed “though you would still have to prove you are who you say you are to him though you do look somewhat like him so that should help. Plus there is the issue of his powers being bound while the binding is in place he wouldn’t be able to escape or defend himself should Anyanka catch on to who and what you actually are and attempt to kill him.”

“That shouldn’t be too difficult as there is a reversal potion in the Book of Shadows that can remove the binding placed on someone’s powers,” Chris said surprising everyone that he knew that. “What?” he asked as everyone abruptly stared at him.

“How do you know there is a potion for that in the book,” Phoebe asked frowning suspiciously. “I’ve never seen you read the Book of Shadows.”

“It doesn’t matter how I know I just do,” Chris replied mentally kicking himself for the slip up as he had read the Book of Shadows many times while he’d been growing up at least before Wyatt had shown his true evil colours. At the looks he got back from the sisters and Leo he sighed. “Alright fine I read the Book of Shadows in the future. Where did you think I got the spell that sent me back here from? Please don’t ask me to explain more as it’s complicated and not relevant to saving your brother’s life.” And incidentally preventing Wyatt from turning evil and enslaving or destroying the world, he thought to himself.

For a few moments nobody spoke. “We’ll talk about what else you know from the Book later Chris,” Piper said at last making Chris inwardly cringe as he knew that tone of voice and knew that he would get one hell of an interrogation later and even orbing away wouldn’t stop the interrogation for long Piper would either send Paige or Leo to drag him back. “Right now though you’re right it’s not relevant to saving our brother. This potion to remove a binding do you know how long it would take to brew it up?”

“I’m afraid not as I’ve never brewed it up myself,” Chris admitted, “though the potion isn’t that complicated compared to others so it shouldn’t take that long. The trick will be getting Alexander to drink it.”

“Okay then why don’t you go and get the book and show us this potion and the time travel spell,” Piper instructed him.

“No problem I’ll be right back,” Chris replied with a grin before orbing up to the attic. Materialising he moved quickly over to the book and began flicking through the pages looking for the potion and soon finding it. Then he checked that the time travel spell was in the book as well and felt a profound relief that it was still there as he had had a nagging fear that it wouldn’t be there for some reason as the book was currently quite a bit smaller than he remembered it being.

Carefully picking up the book – being sure not to loose the pages he wanted – he orbed back down to the kitchen where everyone was waiting expectantly. “Here you are,” he said putting the book down on the table and pointing out the pages in question. “The time travel spell is a bit different to most in that the portal it creates doesn’t stop you using your powers when you reach your destination.”

“That explains why you still have your powers when you technically haven’t even been born yet,” Leo mused as he’d wondered how Chris was able to use his whitelighter powers as he should have been reverted to mortality upon materialising in their time. Chris nodded.

“Well that will make things easier though how far back will this portal send Paige,” Phoebe asked.

“That’s the one downside of this particular spell, like all good spells it seems to have a mind of its own. The portal it creates will go back as far as it needs to go in order to fulfil the intent of the caster,” Chris admitted. “Which could be a few months could be a year or two there is no way to be sure. Unfortunately using it is the only way I can see to save Alexander.” And my brother and with him the future, he thought.

“It’s the only chance we’re likely to have,” Piper admitted after a moment of silence. “What about returning?”

“To return to this time Paige would simply need to cast the spell again and the portal will open to the last place she cast the spell from which would naturally be here.”

“It will be dangerous going to the Hellmouth,” Sam cautioned worried for his daughter as he had just lost his son he didn’t want to loose his daughter as well. “Sunnydale can be a very, very dangerous place in some ways going there can be as dangerous as going into the underworld.”

“I’m willing to take the risk if it will let me save my brother,” Paige replied firmly and felt a warm sensation inside when Sam gave her a concerned but at the same time very proud look. “I’m going and that’s all there is to it.”

“What about the demons the Source assigned to watch over Alexander?” Phoebe asked.

“They’re not that difficult to vanquish,” Sam replied. “They’re all low level demons with abilities more specialised in stealth and observation than direct combat. Most of them are capable of at least invisibility and shape-shifting but the specialisation in those abilities has come at the cost of their combat capabilities none of them – bar Anyanka – are capable of flinging lethal strength energy balls. While a few do have weapons they rely more on either brute force or trickery to escape when directly confronted. A basic vanquishing potion will be more than sufficient to destroy them.”

“Then we can brew up a few batches of a basic all purpose vanquishing potion alongside the reversal potion” Piper said, “that should help against any other demons you encounter on the Hellmouth besides the ones watching Alexander.” Paige nodded in agreement. “Okay then are we all agreed on this course of action?” When no one raised any objections all knowing that Chris’s suggestion to use this spell was the only real course of action open to them she continued. “Alright then, lets get started getting everything ready.”


Sometime Later

Paige felt like there were rattlesnakes performing a mating dance in her stomach as she accompanied by her sisters stood in the attic of the manor. The last few hours had been hectic as they raced through the preparations to send her back in time to prevent her brother’s murder at the hands of Anyanka. As Chris had indicated it hadn’t really taken that long to brew the reversal potion to unbind Alexander’s powers. The bulk of the time had been taken up preparing a number of potions for her use while in Sunnydale as well as her packing a suitcase to take through with her as she’d be staying at a hotel in the town for the duration of her mission.

Now at last though they were ready. On the wall nearby Chris had just finished using some chalk – purified and properly prepared for use in magic – to draw a large triquetra which when the spell was cast would contain the space-time portal. The only thing they had left to do was cast the spell that would create the portal and from what Chris had told them she would have to be the only one to cast it as the spell apparently read the mind of the caster to determine exactly how far back in time to go. Now that they were on the precipice of casting she felt as nervous – if not more so – as she had the day she went for her first job interview.

“We’re ready,” Chris indicated breaking the silence in the attic.

“Will it hurt going through the portal,” Paige asked.

Chris shook his head. “No it will be just like stepping through a door. The actual transport through space and time does feel a little weird but its not painful or disorientating in anyway well so long as you don’t mind riding roller coasters if you don’t like them well it won’t exactly be the most pleasant of experiences,” he said with a slightly cheeky grin that she couldn’t help but respond to with a smile of her own.

“Are you sure you want to do this Paige,” Piper asked looking at her youngest sister in concern. “It’s not too late to back out and find another way.”

“I’m sure,” Paige replied, “and I don’t think we would be able to find another way. If we want to save our brother then I have to do this.”

“Then before you go take this,” Sam said breaking into the conversation and handing his daughter a piece of paper. “It’s a spell one of my past charges used to use whenever she had to stay anywhere other than her home. It will keep vampires from entering your motel room once cast.”

“I thought vampires needed an invitation to enter somewhere?” Phoebe commented frowning.

“That only applies to someone’s home Phoebe,” Leo explained. “A hotel room or motel chalet indeed anywhere that is only a place of temporary occupancy can be accessed by any breed of vampire at any time as the ward that would normally stop them cold on the threshold is either not present or is so weak that it might as well not be present at all.”

“But there is a spell that can correct that which is what I just gave to Paige,” Sam added. “There should be a copy in the Book of Shadows as your mother said she was going to put it in there after I told her about it.”

Piper and Phoebe exchanged a look mutually deciding to check the Book of Shadows later as such a spell sounded like it would be an incredibly useful thing to have. Plus given Phoebe’s skill at writing and adapting spells it was conceivable that they would be able to adapt the spell to block other demons and not just the sunlight hating, bloodsucking kind. Which would only be a good thing to apply to the manor as it would put a stop to all that shimmering in and immediately loosing energy balls thing demons were prone to doing usually at the most awkward times. Of course the trick would be adapting it in such away that it didn’t block all forms of magical teleportation otherwise Leo, Chris and Paige wouldn’t be able to orb in or out whenever they were needed.

“Okay enough stalling lets do this,” Paige said breaking the moment of quiet and starting to move towards the Book of Shadows. Only to be stopped by Piper who promptly gave her a hug a sentiment that was echoed moments later by Phoebe, Leo and Sam.

“Be careful,” Sam whispered in his daughter’s ear before pulling back and letting Paige go to the book.

Paige looked at the spell and closed her eyes for a moment. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly to settle her nerves before opening her eyes again and in a clear voice speaking the words of the spell. “Hear these words. Hear the rhyme,” she incanted. “Heed the hope within my mind. Send me back to where I’ll find. What I wish in place and time.”

As the last syllable left her lips the chalk lines of the triquetra on the far wall began to glow with a brilliant blue light. The light spread until the entire shape of the triquetra was filled with nothing but the light which pulsed and swirled slightly giving the feel that it was something immensely powerful that was being kept contained by the powerful mystical shape of the triquetra.

It’s beautiful, Paige thought gazing at the open time portal in amazement for a few moments before mentally shaking herself. Picking up her suitcase and handbag – which also contained the prepared vanquishing potions along with the one to unbind Alexander’s powers – she walked up to the portal and paused taking a moment to look back at her family committing the image to memory before resolutely walking into the portal.

Immediately she felt herself become insubstantial almost in the same fashion she felt whenever she was orbing somewhere. Around her the portal became a glowing blue tunnel streaked through with crackling white arcs that twisted and turned in every possible way. As Chris had described travelling down the tunnel felt almost like riding a high speed roller coaster at an adventure park. For what seemed like an eternity she shot down the tunnel through the space-time continuum before a white light appeared at the end of the tunnel. In seconds she reached it…

…and suddenly she was flying through the air to land on a damp grassy surface.

“Whoa that was a rush,” she muttered to herself before standing up. To find that it was night though there was enough warmth still in the air to indicate that it hadn’t been dark for very long. A soft breeze filled with the scent of flowers blew across wherever she was and in the faint silver light of the three quarters full moon she could see a building nearby.

A building that was completely and utterly wrecked from what had to have been an extremely ferocious fire that had gutted huge parts of what had once been quite a grand structure. Now it was a wreck with large parts of the building actually collapsed and blackened by the inferno with debris littered all around from either fire fighters dampening down the building after putting out the blaze or by explosions during the height of the conflagration. Nearby a damaged sign indicated that the wrecked building was - or had been - Sunnydale High School.

Who would burn down a high school, she wondered gazing at the shattered, scorched ruins with a thoughtful look on her face. After a few moments more studying the ruined building she started to turn away to see if she could find her way to the Sunnydale Motor Lodge where she could make her temporary home before beginning the task of finding and saving the life of her brother. She had just started walking when movement out of the corner of her eyes caught her attention.

Slipping into the shadows so she wouldn’t be seen easily and watched as four people hurried into the ruins of the high school. Three of them were in their late teens or very early twenties while the other looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties. But it was the teenage boy that really caught her attention as there was something about him that seemed familiar even though she had never seen him before this moment.

Yet in an instant she knew who he was.

The teenager could only be Alexander. Deep within she felt the part of her that had been severed – even though she hadn’t even known it was there – when Alexander had been torn apart by Anyanka’s energy ball reform as she sensed Alexander’s presence. Somehow though his powers were bound the magic within his soul reached out for hers through the bond they shared as twins. It was strange but wonderful and she couldn’t believe that she’d found Alexander so soon. The only explanation that she could think of for it was simply their magic – the spell had done exactly what Chris had said it would do and taken her back in time to save her brother, though it had obviously moved her quite away back in time as Alexander – from the brief glance anyway – looked to be three or four years younger than her and not the couple of minutes older that he was supposed to be. Clearly she had a few hurdles still to overcome if she was to save him as the spell wouldn’t have sent her this far back without a very good reason.

After a few moments more thought she decided that now was as good a time as any to introduce herself to them, at least part of the way as explaining she was Alexander’s long lost twin sister from the future and that Alexander was a witch/whitelighter hybrid would take awhile and would be better carried out elsewhere else than a burned out high school. Carefully she started to follow pausing when she noticed another man in his late teens early twenties dressed in what looked like somekind of battle dress and carrying a strange looking weapon head into the shattered building as well. He showed no sign of having seen her as he disappeared into the structure and she let out the breath she hadn’t even realised she was holding, before resuming her own journey into the building.


Whistler frowned in puzzlement as – concealed from behind an invisibility spell – he watched the blond haired young woman follow the self styled Scooby gang into the ruins of Sunnydale High School. He had absolutely no idea who she was only that she was very powerful magically as he’d spotted her emerging from a space-time rift that had literally wreaked of Wicca magic specifically the kind of Wicca magic that only a very powerful born witch could wield. Nor did he have any idea where she’d come from as there were no natural born witches with anywhere near the kind of power she’d have used to create the rift as only a very old witch line would have the magical strength necessary for it and no line that old came near the Hellmouth instinctively repelled by its tainted magic emissions.

One thing was clear though she had an interest in the Scoobies and in particular in Alexander Harris the one who hadn’t gotten many brownie points with his bosses as he’d – unknowingly – mucked up quite a few of their plans and prophecies over the last few years. Quite why she was interested in him though he had no idea though it was concerning that she was as a witch of her power level always had a whitelighter close by. And the very last thing the Powers would want was one of those poking their noses around the Scoobies especially around the witch practitioner Willow Rosenberg as they had big plans for her plans that would be under serious threat if the Elders were to become aware of her as they certainly would as any whitelighter worth his or her salt would immediately sense just how powerful, and how undisciplined in magic, she was and immediately act to rectify the situation either by instruction or if Rosenberg didn’t listen by stripping her powers from her.

So curious and concerned in equal measure he began following.


What a mess, Paige thought as she made her way through the burned out shell of the high school. All around the floor was littered with debris from the ceiling and walls. Lockers, twisted and warped by the intense heat of the inferno, were strewn everywhere a few having come up spreading their scorched contents everywhere. The air inside the building was still and still stunk of fire even though it was quite obvious that the fire had been extinguished long ago.

For what seemed like an eternity she wandered down the maze of hallways passing burned out and shattered classroom after classroom. Before at one point stumbling as she stepped on something that didn’t feel like rubble and nearly fell. Glancing down she shuddered in revulsion as she saw that it was a chunk of flesh the size of a toaster barbequed to a crisp in the blaze. Yet it was clearly not human flesh as she could see in the half carbonised skin a distinct pattern of scales just like those you would find on a snake but bigger much bigger as each scale looked to be half the size of her hand. Yeech what was that part of, she thought feeling sick at the very sight of it before the sound of fighting coming from somewhere off to the right caught her attention.

Looking up she hurried in that direction wondering just what her brother had gone and gotten himself into. She came upon a broken wall into what had probably once been the schools library as it was far too small to be the canteen or gym right now though it like the rest of the building was a shattered, burned out wreck with debris everywhere and a large and very ominous hole in the floor.

It was also the scene of a battle.

The five people she’d seen entering the building were engaged in combat against three demons that she’d never seen before. Demons who seemed determined to dive into the crack in the floor with three items one of which appeared to be human bones, another somekind of pendant and the third what looked like a bottle full of blood. As she watched one of the demons holding the bottle of blood jumped into the hole. Huh demons committing suicide what’s going on here, she wondered a moment before a violent earthquake rattled the building, seemingly in response to the demon diving into the hole.

“The demons they are the sacrifice,” she abruptly heard a male voice say. Looking in the direction the voice had come from she saw that it was Alexander who abruptly seemed to pause. He can sense me, she thought before Alexander looked around until his eyes hit on her then he froze as two identical pairs of brown eyes stared at each other.

Who the hell is she, Xander wondered gazing at the strange woman who looked to only be a few years older than him. She was carrying a case and had a purse slung across her shoulders but it was her eyes and face that really caught his attention as it was like looking at a feminine version of his own face. “Paige,” he whispered before blinking wondering where on Earth that had come from.

“Spike not in the hole,” Willow’s voice abruptly yelled drawing him back into the fight, just in time to see Spike hurl one of the Vahrall demons – carrying the bag full of bones – into the pit that led down to the Hellmouth.

“What I was helping,” the platinum blond haired man answered a moment before another violent tremor rocked the building.

“Get out of here the whole place is going to come down,” the blond haired teenage girl answered as she fought with the remaining demon, displaying in the process speed and strength that was far beyond a normal human let alone one her size. The Slayer, Paige realised with a gasp before a support beam fell from the ceiling and hit the white haired man dropping him senseless to the deck.

Paige decided then and there that enough was enough. “How can I help,” she called looking at Alexander as he moved to assist the knocked down man. Alexander froze again and looked back at her.

“The talisman,” Xander said not really understanding why he was talking to this woman just something inside him was saying he could trust her and at the same time saying he should know her though they’d never met before now. “Get the talisman without it they won’t be able to complete the ritual and open the Hellmouth.”

“That’s easy,” Paige replied before holding out a hand and focusing on the talisman that the last demon was just picking up off the floor having thrown off the Slayer and the dark haired man in battle dress who was helping her. “Talisman,” she said reaching out with her personal power.

Immediately the talisman glowed blue in the demons hands before to the shock of everyone in the shattered room dissolving into a stream of white-blue orbs that shot across the room to Paige’s hand. Whereupon the orbs coalesced back into the talisman known as the Word of Valios, for a second the now talisman-less demon gaped in disbelief before roaring in anger and starting to move towards her intent on getting it back.

“Vanquishing potion,” Paige yelled holding out her other hand calling a vanquishing potion from her back, the moment it finished telekinetic orbing into her hand she threw it at the demon with all her might. It hit full on the glass vial breaking with a crash spewing its contents onto the demon which immediately convulsed as red and orange lines snaked instantly across its body. The Vahrall screamed in a combination of surprise, pain and fury as it felt its very nature being destroyed by the powerful magic of the potion, then in a brilliant flash of magical flame it exploded and crumpled into dust.

Silence filled the room everyone but Paige gaping in disbelief at where the Vahrall demon – a creature physically more powerful than even Buffy – had been standing before being incinerated by the potion thrown by Paige before turning their eyes on the woman herself. Paige shifted uncomfortably under the scrutiny she was getting.

After a moment Riley Finn cleared his throat. “Okay what was that,” he asked drawing everyone’s attention to him.

“That is what I would like to know,” Buffy replied before turning her attention to Riley for a few moments noticing that he was in his full battle kit as opposed to the civilian clothes she was used to seeing him in. “Riley what are you doing here?”

“I was passing by and I thought I heard people inside,” Riley admitting thinking quickly and mentally kicking himself for following them in here without a plan for getting out without being identified. He hadn’t even put on the balaclava that the Initiative field teams had worn during their first few missions before they’d stopped wearing routinely them as it had proven far too easy for HST’s to rip them off in the heat of battle.

“You routinely walk around in military battle dress,” Paige asked with a smirk that instantly reminded Buffy, Willow and Spike of Xander.

“You do look very conspicuous Riley,” Buffy added smirking herself.

“Your one of the commandoes that we’ve been hearing about aren’t you,” Xander asked.

“C…c…commando no not me,” Riley answered, “it’s for paintball, yeah this a paintball get up.” Great one Riley, he thought wincing at the disbelieving looks he was getting. He inwardly cringed Director Walsh would have his head when she learned of this and his poor plausible deniability skills.

“Yeah right,” Xander replied sarcastically and resisting the impulse to laugh when Riley winced clearly knowing that he wasn’t fooling them. It was quite amusing really. After a moment he decided to take pity on the very uncomfortable commando and turned his full attention back to Paige. He still had no idea how her knew her name and why he felt such a connection to her. Buffy followed his gaze.

“So who are you?” she demanded, “what was that thing you did to get the Word of Valios and throw that potion at the Vahrall demon?”

“My name is Paige Mathews,” Paige replied, “as for how I dealt with that demon and got this talisman well that’s easy magic. Oh and speaking of this talisman what do you want to do with it?” she held up the talisman. “Those demons seemed to really want it presumably for some apocalypse ritual.”

“We should get rid of it its far too dangerous,” Buffy said, “Anything that can cause the Hellmouth to open is too dangerous to exist.”

“That’s easily done,” Paige replied with a smile before wracking her memory for a spell she could use before eventually deciding to trust herself and make one up as Phoebe had tried to school her to do a few times since she’d first met her sisters and become a Charmed One. “Sun and moon, earth and sky, hear my cry. Take this amulet from this place, exile it to outer space.”

Silver-white orbs immediately flared into existence and swirled around the talisman before it vanished taking the orbs with it. Paige lowered her hand and noticed how the one called Riley was gaping at her – clearly magic being a new experience for him – and also noticing the intense interest she was getting from the redheaded girl.

“You’re a witch,” Willow exclaimed awed by the display of power. Despite her own skills in magic she doubted she’d have been able to perform such a banishment spell, there was also the fact that Paige had spoken the spell in English, albeit with a hint of a rhyme. Whenever she cast spells herself she always had to speak in Latin or Romany to get the spells to work at all. Clearly Paige was a powerful witch and she’d be sure to pick her brains later.

“Among other things,” Paige replied with a smile.

“How did you get the spell to work in English I always have to use Latin or the Romany language?”

“Chill Will’s I don’t think this is the best place for this conversation,” Xander said smirking at the way his long term friend was metaphorically bouncing up and down to ask magic questions to Paige. He hoped Paige didn’t answer Willow too much as it was starting to concern him how Willow regarded magic as if it was some arena in which she could show off. Though he was no expert on magic, indeed it never seemed to work right around him for some reason; he doubted it could be used like that without consequences, consequences Willow seemed to ignore far too often for his liking.

“Xander’s right we need to leave,” Buffy agreed. “This isn’t a safe place for any of us to be. Paige I appreciate it that you came to help us but this isn’t a safe place to be. Where are you staying?”

“Nowhere right now,” Paige admitted as Buffy started to lead the way out of the burned out high school through what had been the libraries fire escape. “I got into town literally a few minutes ago. I was about to go find a hotel or something when I spotted you coming in here.”

“So what brings you to town,” Buffy asked hoping to make an ally of Paige as like Willow she’d guessed that Paige was a very powerful witch and the more magic users she had on her side the better her chances of living at least some semblance of a normal life. Even if she wasn’t going to be in town long she might be able to teach Willow a few new magical tricks which would only make the slaying easier.

“It’s personal,” Paige replied as they stepped out of the ruined building back into the cooling night air. “I’m here looking for someone.”

“Anyone we can help you find? Assuming you don’t mean any harm.”

“No I’m not hear to harm who I’m here to find,” Paige answered. “In fact I’ve already found him. Magic can be a wonderful thing it brought me right to him.”

“So who were you looking for,” Xander asked having a feeling deep down that he already knew the answer, why he felt that way though he had no idea.

“You Alexander,” Paige confirmed.

“Me!” Xander exclaimed shocked that what he’d thought the answer was going to be turned out to be correct.

“Why were you looking for Xander,” Willow demanded before Xander could while noticing out of the corner of her eyes Riley pull away and vanish into the darkness. She paid Riley’s departure no mind, focusing all her attention on the witch who’d apparently come looking for her best male friend.

“As I said its personal.”

“Come on you can tell us?” Willow prompted.

“Not right now I would rather speak with Alexander about it alone first if that’s alright. If he chooses to tell you afterwards that’s his decision.”

“I don’t have secrets from Buffy and Willow,” Xander told her.

Paige sighed. “I came here three to four years back in time to save your life,” she said deciding to tell at least part of the truth now hopefully enough to throw Buffy and Willow off the scent for a bit. She wanted to be alone with Xander before she told him the truth that she was his sister and that he was half whitelighter half witch just like she was.

“Someone’s threatening Xander’s life,” Buffy demanded whirling to give Paige a sharp look. Paige nodded. “Who,” Buffy demanded seething that someone would threaten the life of one of her friends, whichever vampire or demon it was were going to be sorry when she got her hands on them. You could threaten her with death but you didn’t ever go after the people she cared about.

“Who would want to kill peaches,” Spike asked smirking wincing when Buffy and Willow alike threw glares at him that made him shake in his vampiric boots.

“Someone you already know and don’t call Alexander by that derisive name Spike,” Paige growled warningly. “Keep doing it and I might be tempted to do something very unpleasant to you.”

Spike blanched. “Okay, okay,” he replied holding up his hands in surrender as he knew better than to piss off a witch. “I better go see you back at the basement pe… Xander.” With that the vampire fled into the darkness with a speed like his pants were on fire prompting a laugh from Buffy.

“You scare vampires well,” she said grinning.

“Spike’s a vampire? Why have you not vanquished him?”

“An effectively neutered vampire at the moment, there’s a chip in his head that prevents him harming of feeding on a human it was put there by the government programme Riley works for. I maybe the Slayer but I won’t kill him when he’s unable to fight back as that wouldn’t be fair,” Buffy explained gaining an understanding nod from Paige. “Now whose threatening Xander?”

“You know her. You all do.”

“Her? Cordelia,” Buffy asked.


“Then who…” her voice trailed off as she thought about the new woman in Xander’s life. “You don’t mean Anya do you?”


Silence greeted that statement. “But why would Anya want to kill me,” Xander asked as they resumed walking and feeling like someone had just punched him in the stomach. He had only just started to really get close to the eleven hundred year old former vengeance demon, to learn that she wanted to kill him for some reason was heart breaking.

“The exact reasons are complicated but in the end Alexander it boils down to who and what you really are.”

“Tell me,” Xander demanded. “And please stop calling me by my full name, call me Xander everyone does.”

“I’d rather tell you that privately Xander.”


At the slight pleading tone in her brothers voice Paige sighed and conceded that she would have to tell them at least part of the rest of the story. “Though you may think you’re a normal person Xander you’re not and you never have been from the moment you were conceived you were never meant to be normal. As to how I know that your not normal well there’s no easy way to say this so I’ll just say it.

“You’re my brother, specifically my twin brother.”

Xander froze in shock as the words left Paige’s mouth. He wanted to deny her words, say that he wasn’t her brother but something within him stopped him. Something that told him that Paige was telling him the truth, she was his sister. And not just his sister but his twin sister and she’d come back in time to save him from death at Anya’s hands. On top of everything else they’d been through tonight, everything they’d learned the information was too much. The word spun then everything went dark as he fainted dead away.


Authors Notes: Well there’s the second chapter folks, all the work from this chapter on is mine so I really hope you like it. I know I could be seen to be going a bit too fast in the introductions but I don’t want to really drag things out too much and thought the sooner Paige tells Xander and co the truth the better as for what they’re going to do about it, how they’re going to deal with Anya and so on and the reality that Xander is half whitelighter well you’ll just have to wait and see.

I think it should be obvious by now that Paige has been transported back in time by about three years to Buffy season four which coincides with season two of Charmed. Events take place from the ending of the Buffy season four episode Doomed. I made this decision because at this time Xander’s relationship with Anya is still quite new and truth be told I’m not that familiar with Buffy beyond season five. Its been a few years and I haven’t caught up with those episodes online yet.
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