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Summary: Adopted from MarcD. Xander Harris his birth hidden from those that could love him taken by those who would try to corrupt him. What happens when he, the Scoobies and his real family learn the truth?

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Chapter Three

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters that I am about to mangle around for my own purposes, sadly Buffy and Charmed remain the properties of their respective creators.


Chapter Three

Rupert Giles anxiously paced the length of his apartment’s living room waiting for news from Buffy on the exact outcome of the battle to stop the latest evil plot to open the Hellmouth and bring about the end of the world. Not for the first time he wondered what it was about demons that made them constantly want to open the Hellmouth and bring about Armageddon. It would seem to be counterproductive for them in the long run as none of the demons that they’d faced – save Wilkins after his ascension – had anywhere near the strength or power to be major players should the Hellmouth open and some of the nastier denizens of the hell dimensions come into the world. In fact many demons would be lucky if they weren’t simply relegated to the bottom of the food chain along with humanity.

As a result you would think the idea of not opening the Hellmouth would be a no brainier for the demons and not a goal to aspire to. But it wasn’t which only went to show that for all the physical and sometimes mystical power that demons had they weren’t exactly the smartest things in creation. Something that he knew they should be thankful for as if demons were to ever get their act together and work as one then not just the town, or the United States but the whole world would be in very serious trouble. Indeed from what he remembered the Watchers Council Archives were full of examples of what could happen when demons organised themselves. Cataclysmic was a good way to describe it as the Watchers Council had information that confirmed it had been a demonic and not barbarian army that had finally brought about the end of the Roman Empire and plunged Europe into a darkness it had taken centuries to recover from.

The sound of someone knocking on the door roused him out of his thoughts. Turning he hurriedly moved to the door and checked through the peephole and saw Buffy standing outside along with Willow and another woman he’d never seen before. He also saw that Buffy seemed to have Xander over her shoulder in a fireman’s carry with the dark haired teenager appearing to be unconscious. Eyes widening in concern he opened the door.

“Good Lord what happened,” he asked standing aside to let them enter in the normal tradition of Sunnydale. “Is he alright?”

“Xander’s fine Giles he’s just fainted,” Buffy replied as she pushed past her Watcher before carrying her unconscious friend into the living area and setting him down on the couch before giving him a worried look. That fact that Xander had keeled over on them in a dead faint had shaken her deeply as it was such an un-Xander thing to happen it had certainly never happened before and they’d dealt with some pretty wiggy things over the last few years things that would have sent most people running away screaming, yet Xander had never once reacted this way. Though if I’d just been introduced to my long lost twin whose travelled back in time and been told that my lover is out to kill me I’d probably have reacted the same way, she thought.

“He fainted,” Giles repeated sounding incredulous as everyone – including somewhat to his surprise the mysterious young woman – came into the apartment as well allowing him to close the door and follow his Slayer into the living room. “Are you sure there isn’t something wrong? Xander doesn’t faint.”

“There is nothing physically wrong with him, believe me I would know if there was,” the stranger replied, “he’s just a little overwhelmed by what I told him. Under the circumstances it’s perfectly understandable that he’d keel over in the way that he did.”

“And who might you be?” Giles asked looking at the mystery woman with interest. It was her facial features that really caught his attention, especially her brown eyes as they were exactly the same shade of hazel brown as Xander’s were. Coupled with a noticeable similarity in features he would have said that she was an older sibling of his, though Xander didn’t have any siblings at least as far as he knew.

“Oh sorry where are my manners. My name is Paige Matthews,” Paige replied, “and you are?”

“Rupert Giles.”

“Giles is my Watcher well technically ex-Watcher as he was fired by the asshole head of the Watchers Council,” Buffy explained before addressing Giles. “It’s okay Giles she knows I’m the Slayer. Paige here is a witch a powerful one she helped us defeat the Vahrall demons and keep the Hellmouth closed.”

“And the talisman,” Giles asked referring to the Word of Valios.

“It will never be able to be used again,” Paige replied with a smile, “I cast a banishment spell it is now somewhere in space where no one can retrieve it.”

“I see,” Giles answered feeling a profound sense of relief that they would not have to worry about another group of demons coming after the Word of Valios to use its power to open the Hellmouth. If he had known precisely what that little talisman had really been he would have destroyed it when he’d first acquired it a few years ago. As it was he’d kept it as a simple curiosity that he’d never truly gotten around to researching as shortly after he’d gotten it he’d been appointed as Buffy’s Watcher replacing the much lamented Merrick.

“Oh and Giles Paige here is apparently Xander’s twin sister and she’s apparently travelled back in time to save him,” Buffy continued stunning Giles and giving Paige a faint look of suspicion. While the other woman had helped them and seemed genuine when they’d spoken afterwards she was still wary of her claims. “But isn’t time travel impossible? Plus as far as I know Xander doesn’t have any siblings.”

“When it comes to magic Slayer you’ll find that almost nothing is impossible as long as you have the magical strength and skill for it,” Paige explained. “I simply used a time travel spell to come back here and save the brother I never knew about, not until Alexander was murdered to prevent him finding out the truth about just who and what he is. And why he’s had to grow up in such an unsuitable home as I’m sure you’re all aware by now that his ‘parents’ aren’t exactly the nicest people to live with.”

“That’s an understatement,” Willow muttered even her own often absentee parents were better parents than Anthony and Jessica Harris were. Indeed her mom Ira had a few times tried to get social services involved on Xander’s behalf – especially whenever Xander had come over hers or Jesse’s to escape his parents drunken rows – but for some reason nothing was ever done about the situation. For the first time she wondered if Sunnydale Syndrome extended to things other than the supernatural as never once had they found evidence of the verbal and physical abuse that the Rosenberg’s had known was going on.

“Is it really that bad,” Buffy asked softly as she had little knowledge of Xander’s home life as in all the years she’d known him she’d never once heard him say anything about it voluntarily. Which when she thought about it should have been a dead giveaway that it was a far from nurturing environment. Willow simply nodded in response. “Jesus,” Buffy muttered under her breath.

Before she could say anything more and start interrogating Paige a bit about what was so special about Xander a groan from the couch caught her attention. Looking over she saw Xander stirring and as she watched the familiar pair of hazel eyes flickered open, before Xander groaned again and carefully sat up.

“Oh man I just had the weirdest dream,” he muttered before blinking and realising that a) he was on the couch in Giles apartment, b) Buffy and Willow were present along with said apartments owner/occupier and c) the woman from the dream, the woman who’d claimed to be his sister, was here. That could only mean… “It wasn’t a dream was it?”

“No it wasn’t,” Buffy confirmed. “How are you feeling?”

“You want an honest answer? I’m confused as hell, hell I’ve known for years I was adopted Tony never let me forget it but this is…” Xander’s voice trailed off and he shook his head.

“Overwhelming believe me I know,” Paige replied sympathetically recalling how overwhelmed she’d been when she’d first learned the truth about her connection of Piper and Phoebe, that they were her half-sisters and that was before she’d even learned that like them she was a witch, well half-witch. “I felt the same kind of thing when it happened to me. Only in your case its worse as your entire life has been manipulated with the goal of trying to turn you to evil.”

“WHAT!” Xander, Willow, Buffy and Giles all exclaimed at the same time.

Paige nodded. “The Source himself has been trying to turn you to evil since a short time after you were born,” she explained.

“By The Source you don’t mean the ruler of the underworld,” Giles queried a profound feeling of dread settling on him as he awaited the answer.

“The very same,” Paige confirmed.

“Good lord,” Giles replied taking off his glasses and starting to polish them in his normal coping mechanism for situations like this. “That is concerning.”

“Giles we can speak Watcherese by now when you say that we know its break out weapons and prepare for apocalypse time,” Buffy pointed out frowning worriedly. “Is this Source that dangerous?”

“He is more dangerous than you could ever imagine Buffy,” Giles admitted. “No enemy you have ever faced – not even The Judge or Mayor Wilkins – comes anywhere near the power of the Source. The fact that he’s interested in Xander is bloody worrying to say the very least.”

“But why would he be interested in me,” Xander wondered as he was just the Zeppo, the normal one which had caused a few problems with Buffy trying to force him out of the slaying a few times especially last year only to reluctantly admit she needed him to take down the mayor as he was the only one of them with knowledge of bombs and explosives.

“Because of what you really are, Al… Xander,” Paige replied remembering at the last minute that her twin preferred to be called Xander as opposed to his full name. “As I said outside you may believe that you’re a normal human being but you’re not. You only appear that way because your powers are bound.”

Xander raised an eyebrow. “Powers,” he repeated, “I have powers?”

Paige nodded. “You do but right now they’re bound so to intents and purposes you appear to be and are a normal mortal human man,” she explained, “the Source himself put the binding on you when he realised he couldn’t magically corrupt you that you were just absorbing and purifying the magic expelling the demonic taint while making the raw magic itself a part of you. Fortunately it need not be permanent as I brought a potion with me that will remove the block and give you back the powers that are your birthright.”

“So let me get this straight Xander’s meant to be a witch like you,” Willow asked feeling a slight hint of glee. If she was right and Xander was meant to be a witch and they could remove the binding it would be an awesome coincidence. Despite her increasing relationship with Tara, and the revelation that she was bi-sexual, she still cared deeply for Xander. Him having magic would give them something else to bond over, even if they never developed a sexual relationship as she’d come to realise that that was a pointless dream. Xander would never see her that way instead he loved her like a brother would and she was surprised to realise that she was fine with that.

“Well yes but I’m not just a witch and by extension neither is Xander,” Paige replied before sighing. “Do you mind if I sit down? If we are going to discuss this now I would rather be sitting down.”

“Oh sorry please sit,” Giles replied gesturing to one of the chairs before disappearing into the kitchen momentarily returning with another seat so he himself could sit down. Once everyone was sitting down he spoke again. “So what are you Ms Matthews,” he asked, “and by extension what is Xander supposed to be?”

“Do you know anything about whitelighters?”

“A little the Watchers Council has only had a few encounters with them down the centuries,” Giles answered frowning, “they’re supposed to be guardian angels of a sort. But what do whitelighters have to do with you and Xander?”

“Because our mother was Patty Halliwell, a witch of the Warren line and our father was Sam Wilder her whitelighter. Until very recently – from my perspective at least – it was forbidden for witches and whitelighters to have relationships beyond a friendship, certainly they weren’t supposed to fall in love with each other. But they did and from there nature took its course culminating in our,” she gestured to Xander then herself, “birth. We’re hybrids half-witch/half-whitelighter the powers of both in one being. Though until recently no one remembered Xander’s birth as that memory was blocked within seconds of him being born mere minutes before my own birth.”

“Did this Source fellow do that,” Xander asked.

“No this is where it gets a lot more complicated and convoluted so please bear with me,” Paige replied before launching into explaining about everything how another whitelighter had taken Xander and blocked their parents memory of him intending to place him in a good home and watch over him herself while their parents ensured that Paige was adopted herself by a good couple.

“Why were they giving you up for adoption,” Buffy interrupted.

“Patty already had three children Prue, Piper and Phoebe,” Paige explained, “she couldn’t have managed anymore as a single mother plus she was afraid, afraid our elder sisters would be denied their powers and destiny if she kept me. Remember the birth of a witch-whitelighter child was forbidden at the time. After she was released from the hospital Sam orbed them – orbing is a kind of magical teleportation ability that whitelighters and whitelighter hybrids have – both to a church where they left me with a nun with instructions to find me a good home and she did. I never knew much about my birth mother or my sisters until about a year or so from now your time. But back to the history.”

As calmly as she could she explained how the Source’s Seer had learned of Xander’s birth and intercepted the whitelighter who was either going to watch over – or possibly raise him – herself nearly killing her and taking baby Xander. She went on to explain everything that Sam had told her and her sisters about what the Source had planned and how it went wrong again and again. Ultimately explaining how in exasperation the Source bound Xander’s powers and placed him with the Harris’s hopefully to make him learn to hate humans through his experiences with them.

“Nice to know you could always piss off the big bads Xander,” Buffy said laughing at the mental image of this black haired toddler resisting everything that the mighty demon lord did to him in his attempts to turn him to evil and driving him to distraction with the repeated failures. You could always guarantee that Xander would irritate the big baddies to learn that it was apparently a lifelong talent of his was honestly not that surprising.

“Guess it’s a gift,” Xander replied with a shrug.

“Guess so.”

“So what happened next I imagine the Source wasn’t pleased when I didn’t dance to his tune,” Xander asked directing the question to Paige.

“One thing with the Source he’s a patient bastard if ever their was one,” Paige explained, “He didn’t see you latching on to two friends as a surrogate family. Instead he saw it as an opportunity. He wanted you to get close to Willow and Jesse before taking them away from you by getting them turned into vampires.”

“The Source was behind Jesse’s death,” Willow demanded before Xander could feeling the old grief and anger over Jesse’s fate come surging back to the fore.

“Yes he planned to take you as well but neither he nor the Master Vampire in his employ factored in Buffy here coming to the Hellmouth and stopping them,” Paige replied. “That really put a crimp in his plans but the Source is nothing if not pragmatic he adapted and he certainly didn’t mind sacrificing a few minions now and again on the Hellmouth to keep you all busy. It took him a few years but in the end an opportunity came up to let him put a spy in your ranks.”

“Anya?” Xander asked feeling a stab of pain and betrayal at the thought that Anya was only with him to spy on them and to ultimately kill him.

“Yes after her power centre was destroyed and Lord D’Hoffryn refused to replace it the Source himself sort out Anyanka and made a deal with her,” Paige explained, “in exchange for demonic powers and a place in the underworld as one of his elites Anya would spy on you and take charge of the sect of demonic watchers assigned to keep an eye on Xander.”

“Anya can’t be a spy she’s so tactless that she couldn’t lie to save her life,” Willow exclaimed.

“It’s all an act, Willow,” Paige explained, “Anyanka is a lot smarter and more devious than you give her credit for she wouldn’t have lasted eleven hundred years as a vengeance demon if she wasn’t. The tactless thing is all a ruse designed to make her fly under your radar and let her operate without risk of being vanquished as while she is very powerful and capable of flinging powerful energy balls she’s not invincible. She can be killed either by potion, spell or decapitation.”

“Are those energy balls what she…” Willow’s voice trailed off shuddering as she imagined Xander’s death at Anya’s hands.

“Yes,” Paige confirmed. “Two or three years from now she’ll fire one at Xander killing him before shimmering away to evade being vanquished in retaliation.”

Xander shuddered and looked down. “Why,” he whispered softly feeling like someone had kicked him hard in the stomach at the knowledge that Anya would kill him.

“A contingency,” Paige explained, “the Source is well aware that if Xander was to ever find out what he really is then he could become a very serious threat. And in the future that I came from you did learn the truth when Sam found out about you and came to find you. When she saw him with you, talking to you she knew the game was up so she killed you. I came back in time to prevent that, I was only planning to come back a few weeks but instead the spell brought me back a few years. Why I’m not sure but like many good spells the time portal spell has a mind of its own, it brought me back this far for a reason.”

“What could be the reason for that,” Giles wondered having listened in fascination to everything Paige had been saying. He would have never in a million years thought of anything like this but in light of what Paige had been saying the yearly apocalypse attempts suddenly made a frightening amount of sense. The Source had been acting like the worlds biggest puppet master pulling their strings from his throne in the underworld, all to keep them busy while he tried to come up with a new plan to cause Xander to fall into darkness.

Paige shrugged. “That I don’t know,” she admitted. “It will no doubt reveal itself in time. Until that time I will help you battle the evils of this town to the best of my abilities.”

“Thank you,” Buffy replied with a smile as she would welcome the help of another witch, especially one as powerful and experienced as Paige seemed to be, who knew she might be able to even teach Willow a few things. Though she got the distinct impression that Paige would be spending a lot of time with Xander essentially getting to know her brother and probably in teaching him how to use his powers if they were unbound. And isn’t that wiggy Xander having powers, she thought, it’s going to take some getting used to assuming his powers get unbound.

“So what do we do about Anya,” Willow asked.

“Simple she’s a demon I slay her,” Buffy replied.

“That might not be a good idea just yet Buffy,” Giles cautioned. “Now that we know Anya is here to spy on us for the Source we can use that against her. Only include her in things we want to include her in, show her what we want her to see and conceal what we don’t want her to know.”

“False information,” Xander replied thoughtfully his soldier memories coming to the fore and seeing the sense in Giles argument. “That could work especially if Anya is the solo point of contact between the demons in Sunnydale and the Source.”

“As far as I know she is,” Paige confirmed before frowning. “I would prefer simply vanquishing her outright but using her against the Source does have a certain appeal, especially as he’d destroy her immediately upon realising she and through her him have been played. Still if we do this there is one thing we should do first.”

“Which is,” Xander asked.

“Unbind your powers,” Paige replied with a smile. “That way if she does catch onto our deception and tries to kill you you’d be able to either fight back or escape by orbing out.”

“Good point,” Buffy agreed looking at her best male friend to see the thoughtful look on his face. “Well Xander?”

Xander sighed. “Will it hurt,” he asked softly though he could see the logic in unbinding his so-called powers – which he wasn’t entirely convinced he had – and truth be told having powers of his own would stop Buffy’s sometimes not very subtle attempts to exclude him from the slaying.

“It doesn’t normally,” Paige answered “Though I’ve never had mine unbound by potion. Though I’ve had to take potions before and they generally don’t taste that nice. I have the reversal potion with me I would advise if you drink it to do so quickly.”

Xander made a face at the thought of taking a revolting potion. Knowing his luck it would taste like liquid shit or something equally unpleasant. The question was did he really want his powers unbound? He already knew the answer. “Fine let’s do it before I change my mind,” he said.

“I promise you won’t regret it,” Paige replied holding out a hand and summoning her personal power, “reversal potion.” Immediately a tiny swarm of white-blue orbs appeared in her hand before fading away revealing a slender glass vial containing a green potion. “Here,” she said offering Xander the potion.

Slowly almost reluctantly Xander took the vial from her and looked at the grass coloured liquid inside the vial for a few moments before popping the lid. Aware that everyone was watching him he brought it up to his lips though he noticed with surprise that it didn’t smell bad; indeed it smelt almost like peppermint. Huh maybe it won’t be so bad, he thought taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly before resolutely downing the potion as quickly as he could and noting with surprise that it didn’t really taste that bad. If anything it reminded him of the taste of whisky with some overtones of honey and liquorice.

For a few moments nothing seemed to happen then he felt it. A strange tingling that seemed to come from the very core of his being and spread throughout his body. He closed his eyes and shivered as if suddenly cold his skin coming up in goose bumps half a second before a curious light sensation momentarily filled him.

Before everyone’s eyes he began to glow from within with a white-blue light that pulsed and flowed forming an aura around him. But only for a moment as for an instant he turned into a man-shaped cloud of white-blue orbs that pulsed rapidly before shimmering green for several seconds before turning back to the normal blue-white orbs. A moment later they faded away and Xander re-materialised before slumping back on the couch shivering slightly with reaction.

“Whoa that was weird,” he said opening his eyes again and sounding almost like he was out of breath.

“Are you okay,” Buffy asked concerned just beating Willow and Giles to the punch.

“Yeah I feel fine better than fine actually,” Xander admitted as he felt, he wasn’t sure what he felt as if he was suddenly complete for the first time in his life but hadn’t realised before now that there was something missing, some part of him that had been locked away which he realise it had been. He hadn’t even felt this good when he’d been Hyena Boy. And there was something else. A sensation of profound happiness and elation at an accomplishment. With a jolt he realised it wasn’t coming from him prompting him to look at Paige whose eyes widened at the same time as his did as she realised the same thing.

“I can feel you,” they said at the same time.

“Whoa freaky,” Buffy said blinking, “you two do realise you spoke at the same time in the same tone of voice? Guess that proves you really are twins despite an apparent major age gap.”

“Guess so,” Xander admitted. “So where are you going to stay Paige. I would offer for you to come and stay with me but I won’t inflict Tony and Jessica on anyone,” he shook his head, “I really need to get around to finding an apartment of my own.”

“Olivia’s not coming back from England for a few days and I have a spare room,” Giles pointed out, “you would be welcome to stay here with me. At least for awhile it would be safer than finding a hotel in the middle of the night. Not that I don’t doubt you could deal with any vampires you encountered Paige.”

“If you’re sure Mr Giles.”

“I’m sure I wouldn’t have offered otherwise.”

“Alright I accept.”

Giles smiled. “You’re welcome,” he said. “Now given the time I suggest we all begin heading to our respective homes you and Willow especially Buffy since you do have classes in the morning.”

“Good point,” Buffy agreed knowing that the first lecture tomorrow was with Professor Walsh and if there was one thing the self described ‘bitch queen of death’ despised it was tardiness on behalf of her students. “Come on Willow.”

“Much as I would love to stay here and chat to Paige for a bit I should go home myself,” Xander admitted with a sigh, “I have to go to work in the morning.”

“Oh really what do you do?” Paige asked honestly curious about what her brother did for a living beyond fighting evil at night.

“Construction worker,” Xander replied, “we’re refurbishing some apartments out by Kingsman’s Bluff right now if you want to come and find me during the day.”

“I might do that,” Paige admitted though she guessed she’d be quite busy during the day finding a hotel or something to stay in during her time here in Sunnydale. “Though we are going to have to meet to pencil in some time for me to teach you about how to use your abilities now they’re unbound. We also need to figure out what your active witch power is and if it’s influenced at all by your whitelighter half in the way mine is.” Seeing that her twin was about to ask a question she held up a hand. “I’ll explain tomorrow.”

Xander nodded reluctantly before looking over at Buffy and Willow. “Shall we go then,” he asked and got nods from the two of them, he’d walk with them for awhile as the neighbourhood where he lived wasn’t too far from the east side of the university campus. For a moment he hesitated then he hugged Paige goodnight before heading for the door with the two girls a few steps behind him.

Paige watched them leave until she heard the door shut. A moment later Giles cleared his throat to get her attention. “I’ll show you to the spare room,” he said.

“Thank you Mr Giles.”

“As I said before your welcome and please Paige just call me Giles.”

“Alright Giles then.” Giles smiled back before turning and heading to the hallway that separated the living area off from the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Paige followed a few paces behind her a faint smile on her face, the first part of her mission here had been completed and her brothers powers were now unbound. Of course there was still the job of teaching him how to use them and figuring out just which Warren line ability he had as an active power. Maybe that’s why I’ve been sent so far back, she thought, to ensure Alexander learns how to use his powers properly after all he doesn’t have our sisters around to teach him about magic or a friendly whitelighter in the form of Leo to help with that side of things. He just has me.

For a moment that thought and the revelation that they were both alone here, without the support of the rest of the Halliwell family disturbed her. She’d gotten so used to having her sisters and Leo around to help her with things that being without that safety net was going to be difficult to say the least. She shrugged after a couple of seconds thought, she’d adapt to it no matter how difficult it was as it wasn’t like she had any other choice.


The Heavens
That Same Time

The heaven-like realm of the Elders was normally a stately quiet place, filled with peace and serenity as the Elders and their whitelighters watched over the human race both the magical and the mundane parts of it with equal care. Now though that serenity was absent as moments before a powerful wave of magic had washed through their awareness and transformed the normal calmness of the heavens into a literal beehive of activity as they investigated the source of the wave.

It hadn’t taken them long to trace the source of the magical disturbance. To say that they’d been surprised to find it had come from Sunnydale would have been an understatement, especially as the wave had had no dark magic connotations to it. Instead it had felt like a powerful witch had just come into his or her powers yet different at the same time. That surprise turned into shock when the Elders Council reviewed the last few hours on the Hellmouth.

“How is this possible,” Elder Odin said into the silence that had fallen on the council chambers as the seven members of the Council considered what they had just viewed. “How could the Matthews girl have travelled back in time from the future and still have her powers?”

“There are a few time travel spells capable of doing such a feat I did not believe the Halliwell Book of Shadows contained any of them though,” Gideon admitted. “Though if you recall Odin Ms Matthews was expecting to only travel back in time a few weeks and not nearly three years. Someone must have interfered with the spell sending her much farther back than she ever intended.”

“But none of us did it we would have sensed it the moment the vortex opened in this time,” Odin replied, “someone else must have interfered. Maybe the Powers?”

“No they wouldn’t do something like this it would affect that stupid balance they’re forever going on about too much,” Sandra broke in, “they have never approved of Mister Harris as we all know quite well given he has had this nasty – at least from the Powers point of view – habit of interfering with their prophecies and foiling their plans.” A few smiles and chuckles went around the council chambers as while they and the Powers were technically on the same side they didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye on a great many things. “Though what interests me is the fact that none of us knew that Mister Harris was the son of Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder before now. Save one of course,” she gave Angela a pointed look making the other female Elder cringe knowing she was in the celestial equivalent of the proverbial dog house with her fellow Elders.

“It was confidence I was asked to keep,” Angela defended herself. “That’s why I stopped Sam and Patty from ever remembering Alexander’s existence. After the Source took him I assumed he’d killed him when he couldn’t convert him.”

“Obviously he didn’t and now we’ve got a very powerful being out there who’s grown up on the Hellmouth of all places. That is bound to have had some affect on him are we just going to let him walk around,” Gideon replied scowling at her but then of all the Council he was the most outspoken on the issue of witch-whitelighter hybrids. While the rest of them had come to more or less accept it as inevitable and destined to happen Gideon was still absolutely against them.

“Enough Gideon we know your views on the issue of hybrids and they have been outvoted I will not warn you again about bringing the matter of them up,” Ramus warned. “We shall discuss Angela’s conduct regarding Alexander later. Right now he presents us with an opportunity that we would be fools not to take advantage of.”

“What do you mean Ramus,” Odin asked curiously looking at the oldest and most respected member of the Council of Elders. Though soft spoke Ramus could be wily and crafty when he wanted to be and he’d clearly spotted an opportunity for them to advance their own goals.

“What I mean Odin is that Alexander being both witch and whitelighter gives us a legitimate reason to assign a whitelighter to help Ms Matthews and possibly eventually facilitate her return to her own place in space and time.”

“And why would we wish to do that,” Sandra asked curious.

“Alexander has the right to understand and know both sides of his heritage and in helping him we can also – quite easily – arrange to help young Ms Rosenberg understand and learn the true ways of magic,” Ramus replied. “She currently has a great deal of potential power, almost as much as Melinda Warren had centuries ago, but unlike Melinda she lacks all but the most basic of knowledge of the rules of magic and how to and how not to use it. Knowledge that the Powers could have arranged for her to be given but which they have not done so.”

“Knowing those fools they probably have some complex, convoluted and self serving plan for her,” Gideon agreed with a snort, “no doubt aimed at furthering their absurd ideas of balance regardless of the cost to Ms Rosenberg and any innocents around her. I agree this does give us the opportunity to interfere and send down a whitelighter to assist, guide and let us foil whatever plan those pricks have in store for her.”

“Are we all in agreement,” Odin asked looking around at the council and receiving agreeing nods and acting in his capacity as the celestial equivalent of a chairman for this particular meeting of the council. “Very well then it’s decided we will assign a whitelighter to assist Ms Matthews, Mr Harris and Ms Rosenberg. Now who should we assign Leo?”

“No Leo has his hands full enough with the Charmed Ones he does not need more charges on top of those he already has. Besides there would be too much risk of him slipping up and informing Piper and through her the other Charmed Ones of the existence of their little brother and sister before its time for them to know,” Angela pointed out getting nods of agreement from around the chamber. “I have a much better idea a new whitelighter who’s just finished his training and is only a few years older than the temporally displaced Ms Matthews in Sunnydale so he will have an easier time relating to her. There is also the advantage that he has yet to be assigned a charge.”

“Who are you thinking of,” Odin asked. Angela told them prompting a series of thoughtful hmm’s from her fellow Elders as they considered the proposal.

“He would be the best choice,” Ramus said after a few moments. “And Angela is correct that his current lack of any other charges would be an advantage as he could focus all his effort on helping the three of them.”

“Agreed,” Gideon answered with a nod. “If we are going to do this then it would only be fair that we send a whitelighter who can give the matter his full attention. Especially as we have Anyanka and the Sources other minions in Sunnydale to factor in as well, the last thing any of us wants is the Source learning what has happened and showing up on the Hellmouth. Wilkins ascending into an avatar of Olvikan was bad enough I shudder to think what could happen if the Source spent any length of time on the Hellmouth.”

“Are we agreed,” Odin asked and once again got nods. “Then it’s decided, Angela as it was your idea you go and tell him. In the meantime the rest of us will discuss your own actions regarding Alexander.”

Angela winced and cringed. “As you wish,” she said standing up from her seat and leaving the council chamber. She knew she was in serious trouble with the other Elders about what had happened with Alexander, trouble she knew she deserved as a day hadn’t gone by when she hadn’t regretted what had happened to him.

Pushing aside those thoughts she slipped her hood up and began walking towards the whitelighter dormitories. She had a whitelighter to brief and send on his way to Sunnydale. It was a small thing but it was the only thing she could do to help right now, especially with her peers being more than a little annoyed with her. She would keep an eye on the situation and regardless of whatever the others did to punish her for her actions nearly two decades ago do everything in her power to help Paige and Alexander.

It was the least she could do for them.


Authors Notes: Well here’s another chapter completed and up. I will reveal the identity of the chosen whitelighter in the next chapter though I wonder if anyone can guess who it is, a little clue he has appeared on Charmed before but not as a whitelighter and that’s the only hint I’ll give as to his identity.

This will probably be my last update of this fic for a few weeks as I want to give my other works some attention as well, plus I have an idea for a Ship of the Line challenge response that is refusing point blank to leave me alone. So I’m going to listen to that particular muse and see where exactly it takes me in between working on updates for some of my other works.
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