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Excalibur: Sentinels

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Excalibur". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Champions continue to rise as now the Champions of Magic rise to take their place amongst the chosen defenders of the world. The magical users must now stand firm against the coming storm.

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texaswookieFR18882,7451228,49515 Feb 132 Jul 14Yes

Sister Witches

And we're back with another chapter, one that's super long too! I nearly broke it into two parts, but figured this way I could get it all out there. Besides this way I can start working on the next part which has crossover that I've never seen with this site.

Now for the disclaimer: I own nothing of the various characters that are being portrayed in this work of fiction and am in no way receiving any monetary compensation. So the Charmed characters belong to the WB, the comic book characters belong to Marvel and D.C comics, and from last chapter Fred Groo and the whole dimension of Pylea are Joss Whedon's creations. Did I miss any?

San Francisco

Two sisters faltered a bit as time was reset. Their memories of everything that had happened that day destroyed as the effects of Tempus the demon of Time used his power. They had but moments to react, as the demon Shax burst into their home. A few years ago they would have been terrified at the sight of the elemental demon, but now they knew what was going on and how to face it. Learning that they were witches and that they were champions of the world had been awfully disturbing, but they had learned and grown into formidable magic users. Now as time had passed, they had also learned that they weren’t completely alone in the fight of Light vs. Dark. They may not have been the most knowledgeable, but they made up for it in their power and willingness to continue on despite everything that they had encountered.

These women were sisters, and they had learned much in the past few years. They were the Halliwell sisters’ descendants’ of one of the most powerful family of witches. They were the descendants of Melinda Warren. Each of them was gifted with the ability of one wandless skill like all of their kind of witches possessed. A prophecy had been made years ago that told of their births and how they would fight the darkness that was demons.

The eldest, a tall dark haired blue eyed woman was Prudence ‘Prue’ Halliwell. Prue was arguably the more power of the group with her personal power being skilled in telekinesis and astral projection. The younger and shorter sister with brown hair and eyes was Piper. Piper while not as powerful as Prue had a more destructive ability, as she could slow or speed up molecules causing something to either freeze or explode. They were two thirds of the legendary Charmed Ones.

This was not on their minds though as they began battling with the demon assassin that had just invaded their home to kill their innocent. A large wind blew every loose item around the room as it appeared in a small tornado. The demon was gray skinned, had long white hair, made moaning sounds instead of talking, and wore loose clothes that hung off its body. With a wave of its hands it sent the two witches hurtling across the room before it turned on its target, and the innocent that it had been sent to destroy, and that the witches had been ordered to protect. Heedless of the danger that she was in, Prue rushed back to her feet and pushed the man out of the way.

Shax who had been aiming for the doctor instead hit Prue with his full power. The strike was so strong that it sent Prue flying through the wall behind her. Piper rushed the demon intending to deal with him only to get blasted through the remains of the wall that her sister had been flung through, tearing the last of the wall apart.

The demon Shax smiled as he then turned to look at the small doctor. “What are you?” The man asked in a terrified voice.

“Death.” Shax returned, as he fired a bolt of elemental energy at the man. The man was lifted up and tossed through a large window. Shax smirked as he looked around the room at his handiwork. He had managed to take out not only his target but he had also managed to destroy two of the more powerful members of the Charmed Ones. He returned to his twister form and spun out of the house, the large doors slammed shut behind him shattering.

As the pair of witches landed and began to bleed out from their various injuries, a single invisible figure watched over them sadly as Leo appeared and began to heal his wife. The blonde whitelighter worked quickly doing everything that he could to save the life of his wife. Once she had been revived he then turned and began trying to heal his sister in law, but there didn’t seem to be any affect despite all of the effort that the whitelighter was putting into it.

The invisible figure ignored the whitelighter as he desperately pushed his power into the eldest of the three sisters. The figure said nothing as it knelt down beside his favorite of the three sisters. He hated it when it came time to collect the souls of those that he knew. It was why he disliked allowing himself to get to close to anyone. He was a Death Angel though, and whether he cared for a person or not it was his duty to collect their souls when the time came. As a Death Angel he was a hybrid creature, being one part Angel and one part Reaper. One of the few collaboration projects that God and Death had ever worked on together. He stood outside the influence of many others, obeying neither one aspect nor the other. Only God and Death could command him, much to the aggravation to a majority of the Holy Host who thought he should be one of them and follow the commands of the other angels. He was too powerful for most of them to confront though, being only slightly below Michael and Lucifer. This forced most of the Angels to leave him alone.

Early into her career as a witch, Prue Halliwell had forced herself into his existence. Despite her initial dislike of him the pair had formed a mutual respect for each other. It was the closest thing he had had to a friend in a long time. It was true she thought that he was Death itself and not Reaper. It made things easier though if witches didn’t understand everything. With the release of the true Death though, he wasn’t sure how that was going to work now. Knowing his master, he doubted that he would care as long as he collected the souls that he was supposed to. Speaking of, he had a job to do right now. He reached over to take the soul of the young woman who had forced him to interact slightly with others, even as her sister knelt down beside her, calling out her name begging for her to live.

“Stay thine hand Azrael.” Several echoing voices ordered him.

Azrael, the Angel of Death looked up in surprise as he saw who was before him and trying to stop him. “Hekate.” He greeted in his usual solemn tone. He watched her warily as she somehow managed to hold his grasp of Prue back. While there were few ways that he could die, there were ways of imprisoning or hurting him and one such as this had that ability if he wasn’t very careful. “You know the way the world works, better than most do. I have to take her, there can be no exceptions even for her.” He explained to the Triple Goddess. “Death has ordered it, and so I must do so.”

Hekate arched her brow at this as she looked the figure up and down. He looked the same as ever, the only difference was the look of remorse that was in his eyes. “So the rumors are true. You, the eldest of Death’s Reapers and holder to the title of Angel of Death have created a bond of friendship with a witch. It has been some time since that has happened old friend.” Hekate noted to him with a sad smile.

“Indeed, and despite that, I have to carry my duties out.” Azrael informed the Goddess as he sadly looked upon the figure before him. “Even she understand this.”

“Not this time.” Hekate said as she placed her own hand over the hand of Azrael. “The balance has finally tipped. The loss of a Charmed One is a burden that the Earth cannot take at this time. I am here to help mend the balance though, before it threatens to tip beyond recovery. You know very well what could happen if such a thing were to occur.”

“The Elders have not altered the balance that would make such a thing necessary though.” Azrael returned confused as to what the old God was trying here. He had naturally heard of the imbalance within the world, and was well aware of the rise of the rebirth of the Age of Champions because of it as the various powers that had been choosing new avatars. The Pagans had become as much a part of the problem as they were the answer, and it was time to start again. That being said though, the Charmed Ones were under the jurisdiction of the Elders, unlike the Slayer or the Vampire with a Soul who had been given their freedom from the Powers that Be. Of all the champions he had figured that the Charmed Ones would be the least affected by the imbalance of good and evil considering their relationship with the Elders. While it was not perfect, it was better than most Champions had with their supervisor.

“True, unlike their fellow higher beings the Elders have not ignored the plight of the Champions as others have.” Hekate admitted to the Angel of Death. “The rules have bound them to do only so much for so long though. The bindings that have dictated such things have finally been loosened though. Thanks to others, the Balance has tilted and we need to repair it. Even you must have known that the sisters were fighting more demons than even they should have had to.”

“If what you say is true and you are here to alter the balance, then how do you plan to do that?” Azrael questioned her with interest.

“We balance the power of the world by creating champions and increasing the power of some of our current Champions.” Hekate explained to him. “There are those that will help change the balance if we let them.”

Azrael nodded he understood that there was reasoning behind this action. There were still rules and laws that he had to obey though. “And you want me to hold off on my duties why?”

“You mean beside the fact that I’ve already healed your witch and returned her to the living?” Hekate questioned him with a smile.

Azrael shook his head not seeming to care about this little trivial matter on the still unconscious witch. “I deeply wish I could allow you to do this, I truly do. But even if I were to allow you to do so what of the others? You really think that the Angels of Destiny are going to allow you to meddle in this?”

“The balance that the prophecies that they have been safeguarding have all been rendered useless thanks to the gathering of darkness in this world and the bumbling of others.” Hekate returned to him coolly. “They have no say in this matter, besides with the momentary death of Prudence Halliwell however brief that it was the power of the Charmed Ones has been broken and tilted things even farther into the dark, granting The Source and those like him even more power.”

The Angel of Death didn’t look very happy, but he could see the reason in her words. “Very well, I have but a small favor to ask in return then.” Azrael requested of the woman.

“If you wish to be a source of power for this one you know that I cannot allow that.” Hekate returned to him. “They are witches, and they are mine, which is why I can affect them. Besides, after all this, there won’t even be any Charmed Ones left. They shall be powerful though, more powerful than they ever thought possible. All of the sisters shall enjoy the power that I shall give them.”

Azrael nodded as he got up and gave the old goddess room to work. While she did that he sent his mind to request guidance from Death. While he was still bound to obey Lucifer, Death could still give out orders and commands that the Reapers and Azrael could follow. The answer he received was as quick as it was startling to him. Back off and let the Goddess do her work. Death was not known for playing favorites or granting favors even to higher beings, but it seemed that something had caused him to call his most powerful agent off for some reason or other.

Hekate smiled as she raised her hands and a burst of light erupted all around them.

Piper froze as she tried to figure out where she was. She could see Phoebe off to the side and some unknown pale skinned woman. They were no longer at the manor though and Leo wasn’t with them either wherever here was. It actually looked some sort of courtyard or temple. That didn’t matter to her right now though her big sister was dead in her arms.

“Um Piper, could you get off of me?” Prue pleaded with her younger sister who had a death grip on her.

“Prue, you’re alive!” The brown haired witch said in relief, tightening her grip on her older sister in relief.

“Not for much longer if you don’t let go of me.” Prue gasped out. Piper ignored her and just held onto her sister for the moment. Crying with relief that Prue hadn’t died on them like she and Leo had thought that she had.

“Um excuse me, but can someone please tell me what is going on here?” The pale skinned woman questioned nervously as she eyed the pair of emotionally spent women that were holding onto each other.

“Not sure yet really.” Phoebe admitted, trying to take charge of the situation while her sister had a meltdown. “So who are you?”

“Who me, I’m Paige, Paige Matthews.” The woman said offering her hand out to the other woman.

“Okay, do either of you know her?” The youngest of the Halliwell sisters questions getting negative shakes of the head. “Huh that is odd.” The young woman said as she offered her own hand. “Well I’m Phoebe, the crazy one is Piper and then the one being squished to death is Prue. So any idea how it is you got here or how we got dragged along?” Prue and Piper nodded to the unknown as they climbed to their feet. Piper had yet to completely release Prue though, and was still holding her arm in a vice like grip. As if her grip was the only thing that was keeping her sister alive.

“Um no.” Paige returned nervously. “I was hoping that you could tell me what is going on actually.”

“Uh huh.” Prue said suspiciously her eyes narrowing as she looked at the woman. She had already died once according to what she could make out from Piper. She didn’t want to chance it happening again with her sisters.

“Peace Prudence Halliwell.” An echoing set of voices spoke out cutting any dangerous remarks off. They all turned to see someone seeming to appear from nowhere. She had a regular looking body until one noticed that it was ever changing. One minute it was a teenager then it appeared to be an old woman and then a middle aged woman. “This girl has done nothing wrong, and knows not what is happening as she is thy half sister and knows not of our lifestyles.”

The Charmed Ones looked at each other in surprise and Piper finally released her grip on Prue. “She’s our what?” The witch asked in shock and disbelief. The newest thought seeming to add even more stress to her.

“The seed of another was in thine mother sister of Time.” The figure explained.

“Okay way, way, way, too much information.” Phoebe said holding her hands up, as if to ward the unknown woman from saying anything else to them.

“I apologize Sister of Foresight, I meant not to bring forth disturbing images.” The figure said with a smile. “I merely wished to speed the introductions along without the need for the confusion that situations like these bring. Particularly after the emotional day that you have had.” She said knowingly as she looked the witches over.

“Considering that you know all of this about us I can only guess that your one of the Elders or something similar.” Prue noted, as she looked the figure over.

“She is something like that Prue.” Azrael said as he finally made himself known to the others.

“Death,” Prue greeted somewhat warily. After her close brush with dying, seeing him was really not something that she wanted to be doing right now. It could mean things that she really didn’t want to consider, particularly when her sisters were here with her.

“As in the Death.” Phoebe asked, as she and Piper looked at the figure that Prue had told them about meeting before.

“One and the same.” Prue returned to her sister. “So what’s going on Death? Where are we, and who are your friends?”

“Don’t worry you really are alive.” The figure assured the young woman before him, ignoring how wary she seemed to be at the moment. “Although it was a near thing there until she interfered.” He added calmly nodding toward the woman that kept changing her appearance beside him. Prue swallowed at that remark, but kept silent. “Despite the occasion, it is good to see you again. I also think it would work better if you call me Azrael. I’m merely the Angel of Death, the Real Death is actually working his way North from the Southwest right now.”

“I’m not sure if that is supposed to be comforting or not.” Prue returned to him dryly. The humor seemed to force a grim smile upon each of their faces.

“An interesting companionship you have here Azrael. Who would have thought that the Sister of Might would be a comrade to you of all people?”

“So, who are your friends?” Prue asked, looking to the woman that they had appeared with and the unknown figure that they were saying was responsible for her still being alive.

“This is Paige Matthew your Half-Sister, and this is Hekate of the Titans, the Tri-Goddess and Witch Queen.” Azrael explained casually waving toward the pair. “As for where we are, we are in a dimension that is cut off from time and reality while everything is explained to you. We didn’t figure that waking up in the room that you died in would be very comforting.”

“Good point.” Prue conceded to the pair.

“Half-Sister?” Piper squeaked out in disbelief, her mind having ignored the rest as she tried to process that tidbit of information that he had dropped on them.

“Indeed,” Azrael returned emotionlessly, “she is the daughter of your mother and of a Whitelighter.”

“Huh, guess Piper has more in common with mom than we thought.” Phoebe said with a grin.

“Not helping.” Piper said, while tossing her younger sister a glare that she was easily ignoring.

“Wait, so I’m related to you guys?” Paige asked, as she looked at the group still trying to understand what was happening around her.

“Indeed Sister of Light.” Hekate said. “You like your sisters are the heir to a great and noble bloodline. You are the latest to be claimed by the legendary Warren line. The line of witches and more importantly the Charmed Ones.”

“What are you talking about?” Paige asked fearfully.

“Simple child,” Hekate returned, “magic both the good and the bad are real, and you are a part of the world in which it exists.”

“Yeah, consider us the police of the magical world.” Phoebe said with a grin. “It’s our job to stop the evil demons from trying to kill people.”

“What?” Paige said.

“It will be easier if I show you Sister of Light.” Hekate said. “I shall show you the life of your sisters if they are willing that is.”

“It would save time.” Prue said with a shrug. “Besides, if anyone could do it, it would Hekate. Her records go back to the Carians of Anatolia, she’s the Goddess of Crossroads, Entrance-Ways, Fire, Light, the Moon, Magic, Witchcraft, Knowledge of herbs poisonous plants, Necromancy, and Sorcery. She has command over Earth, Sea and Sky. She was one of the main gods worshiped in Athenian households as a protective goddess and one who bestowed prosperity and daily blessings on the family.” She said as she rattled off what she remembered of the Goddess from her time working at the auction house and her own research since becoming a witch.

“Cool.” Phoebe said.

“Why not.” Piper said in agreement. “Having someone explain things to us would have made things easier for us instead of only having the book.” She said as she thought of all that she had been forced to learn and all that they had to piece together.

“Then gather around and hold hands.” Hekate ordered, the sisters did as they were told.

Paige was somewhat hesitant as she joined the group. “Okay now what, we sing Kumbaya?” Paige snipped at the group.

“Now you watch and learn.” Hekate returned, as her hands began glowing the other sisters hands then began glowing as well until they finally started on Paige.

Nothing happened to the pale skinned woman for a moment and then she gasped as a rush of images flooded her mind. The woman watched flashes and snippets of various confrontations with the supernatural happened to the women that claimed to be her sisters and she learned of the life of a witch. She shook her head as she released her grip on the women as if she had been burned and took a fearful step back away from them. “Stay away from me, I don’t want any part of what you are.” She told them as her eyes darted around looking for a way to get away from the group.

“Unfortunately, that may not be a choice for you anymore young one.” Hekate told the woman. “You are a witch and know who and what you are now it is your duty to choose a side of the battle that you now find yourself involved in. However, the rules have changed, the prophecy of the Charmed Ones means no more, and I offer you freedom from the prophecy. However,” she said holding her hand up to halt the eager looks that Paige and Piper were sending her. “It comes at a cost. Your powers will be magnified and the beings that you will find yourselves facing will be much greater than any that the others have met. Will you four take the challenge though will you take more power?”

“What kind of power?” Prue questioned cautiously. Having been on the receiving end of some spells, she knew that there was usually a consequence somewhere along the way like getting turned into a dog or something similar.

“Along with your natural magical gifts, you shall also become powerful spell casting champions in your own right.” Hekate explained to the four sisters that were all listening to her intently. “In the world of fantasy there are many mighty witches that I shall gift you with the essence and abilities of one each.”

“And this will make us better witches?” Phoebe questioned with interest. “Or at least more powerful.” She quickly amended.

“Yes sister of might, it shall make you extremely powerful.” Hekate assured her.

“Why though?” Piper questioned the Goddess warily. “Why are you offering us all of this power? I can’t imagine that you’re doing this out of the goodness of your heart or whatever it is that you have.” She said this last bit nervously knowing that this figure had saved her sister from death she didn’t doubt for a minute that she could put her in a hole in the ground.

“Indeed Sister of Time you are correct.” Hekate agreed with the club owner. “I am doing this to help restore order and balance to this realm. Much has been damaged and lost while we Elder Gods have slept. While you’re Elders and the Whitelighters have done their duty, there are others that have not been as diligent in their missions to keep humanity moving on the course that it should be, so that this world may survive. Now all of the prophecies that governed this world have been nulled and voided, and new heroes and prophecies take the place of the old. With the loss of the Lions Sage and the Master of Death two important beings have been lost to the wizarding world. With them gone the dark wand wizards known as Death Eaters are gathering amongst themselves again preparing to continue the war that they refuse to give up in. Your American Military has taken an interest in the supernatural and is trying to find a way to force it to bow to its control. Something that could be very dangerous for all sides of the magical communities. You all know the reaction of what could be if the world decides to take notice of the world of magic. Many of the normal mortals who tried their best to fight creatures and that once hunted demons and other supernatural creatures have been lost while there was an increase in demon numbers thanks all of the plans of the late demon Azazel. The rise of Illyria happening about two or three years early and retaining more of its power than expected and is not siding on the side of light has also altered the balance greatly. Even now the Illyria had a tight grip on parts of the wizarding world even if they refuse working together. The destruction of many of the Seals of Hell and the Angels that were supposed to guard them has also weakened this world’s position in the light. The breaking of the box that held Lucifer prisoner. The raising of the Four Horsemen who were even now out in the world causing all sorts of terror and destruction to all that they came across. Then there is the breaking of the power of three. The good that you represent is too important to this world to forget.”

“But you said yourself that if we accept that the Power of Three will be broken.” A rather confused Phoebe pointed out.

“Indeed daughter of Foresight I did.” Hekate agreed with the Seer. With all the sisters of the Warren line being alive and aware of their duties though the Power of Three has been disrupted. You would need to have three more lost sibling and create the Power of Seven in order to make your powers right again.”

“Right, because 3, 7, and 13 are the numbers of power.” Piper said in understanding.

“So a fourth sister actually destabilizes the balance of the Power of Three.” Prue noted. Making us as just a regular group of witches instead of the power that we’re supposed to be.”

“Err sorry?” Paige said to the others nervously.

“Don’t worry about it sweetie.” Phoebe assured their new sister, wrapping her in a hug.

“Yeah, we’ll figure something out.” Prue said reassuringly. She turned took at Hekate. “I take it that’s part of your plan?”

Indeed it is Sister of Might.” Hekate agreed with a smile on her face. “I shall be replacing the Power of Three with a power even stronger than that which has already been broken. With this you will have an all new power within yourselves to call upon.”

“Powerful enough to take on Shax?” Prue pressed. “What?” She asked looking at her sisters, whom were staring at her in disbelief. “I owe him for killing me and our innocent.” She said defensively. “Not to mention that was a cheap shot that he hit me with to start with as well.” She grumbled, as she thought of the demon that had managed to hit her. “If I hadn’t pushed the innocent out of the way he never would have managed to get that close anyways.”

“Uh, uh Prue, you are not going up against Shax again.” Piper argued with her sister, crossing her arms and glaring at her older sister stubbornly. “Besides, you know as well as I do that more power means more danger, and we have enough of that as it is. There is no need for us to get involved in this.”

“Piper has a point Prue, I mean come on, think about what just happened.” Phoebe said as she tried to coax her sister away from the offer.

“And the next time Shax comes around and decides to take us or someone we’re protecting out?” Prue returned to her sisters. “Face it, whether we like it or not we’ll need the power if for no other reason than to meet what’s coming. Also without the Power of Three there are going to be a lot of demons out there looking for some payback for everything that we’ve done.” She pointed out to the others.

“She kind of has a point.” Paige said nervously, a little unsure if she should be entering the conversation or not. “I mean if there are things out there that coming after you with a lot more power wouldn’t it make sense to be ready for them by having the power needed to take them on?”

“At least someone has been paying attention.” Prue said with a triumphant smirk. “Come on, whether you like it or not we need this.”

“I don’t know.” Piper said still looking unconvinced that this was really the path that they needed to be taking. I mean this could be our chance to finally take a step back and live our lives without always having to worry about demons every day.”

“Even if it keeps us all safe?” Paige asked curiously. “I mean I really don’t want whatever power it is that you’re suggesting, she informed the Goddess, “but I’ll take it if it means that I stay alive. I mean you guys may all be ass kicking witches, but I’m only a caseworker waiting on a promotion.”

“Yeah and I’m a Club Owner, Prue’s a photographer, and Phoebe’s a college student.” Piper returned to the newest member of their messed up family. “You really think careers like that really help in learning how to fight the demonic? I mean when Prue worked at the Auction House her knowledge of art came in handy from time to time, and allowed us to identify a few old pieces of work or such things. My skills in the kitchen help with the creating of various potions. And Phoebe good at research. Other than we got nothing in the way of training in this at all.” She explained to Paige.

“Really?” Paige said in disbelief. “You mean you’ve been somehow faking all of this for the past few years?” she asked somewhat in disbelief at the admission that their sister was giving her. I thought that you had to have some sort of training though.”

“Yeah we have done this by the skin of our teeth. Piper returned glad that she was making the younger woman understand somewhat how dangerous this really was. “And it hasn’t always been easy.”

“Ah, before we get too much farther into this, what kind of power are you talking about?” Phoebe asked the Goddess, as she reminded the group of the topic of the conversation.

Hekate nodded her head in appreciation. “I offer you the power of witches of great power.” She said as an image hovered over each of the sisters. “Mortals have dreamed up witches to be extremely powerful and I would offer you the same chance to this power. It will prepare you for anything that comes your way.”

“Comic book characters?” Piper said looking unconvinced as she recognized some of the images. “You want to turn us into comic book character witches? That’s your big plan to give us extra power?”

“Despite your personal dislike, the power contained within these characters is great enough that it will allow you to battle many of your enemies on your own and only the most powerful will ever be capable of facing you again.” Hekate reprimanded Piper.

“This sounds like a really stupid idea.” Piper said. “I mean seriously comic book characters?” She demanded of the others. “What next, comic book style villains start coming after us?” She demanded. “When does the craziness end?”

“You saw what happened to us before.” Prue returned. “If we followed the path that destiny had for us I’m dead and the rest of you get scattered until something brings you together.” Prue reminded her sister. “What’s going to stop the next demon from doing something like that to the rest of you?”

“Sounds like all the more reason to be ready for whatever evil demons or magic users throw at you then.” Paige returned. “I don’t like it, and think I’m already in way over my head, but I’m in if you guys are.” She said determinedly.

“Alright, if it means we stay alive I’m in as well.” Phoebe said finally.

The others all turned to look at Piper who did not appear to be the least bit happy with the consensus that her sisters had come to. “Fine, but I still think it’s a dumb idea.” She finally said crossing her arms and huffing in annoyance at what her sisters were dragging her into now. Her agreement caused the others to sigh with relief.

“Gather around then daughters.” Hekate ordered, waving her hands and four glowing circles appeared with her in there center. The sisters quickly each took a position and clasped hands as they waited for the Goddess to make her next move.

“By the North, South, East, and West I call the elements four.

To grant the power of new armaments for the coming war.

I summon the elements five to stand witness.

Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Metal answer the call of your Mistress.

The days of Old need new Champions to defend.

Bring forth those that the world has thought pretend.

The sisters four stand ready.

The witches four shall keep the world steady.

For the sister of Might.

The witch full of fight.

I call forth the essence of Zatanna.

With strength as mighty as the savanna.

For the Sister of Time.

The witch that shall move forward and climb.

I call forth the essence of the Scarlet Witch.

The one with the power to bewitch.

For the Sister of Foresight.

The witch who bound the sisters tight.

I call forth the essence of Magik.

The witch that lived a life so tragic.

For the Sister Light.

Who has the hidden power to smite.

I call forth the essence of Daytripper.

Whom has the speed of a clipper.

Gift these sisters of the night.

With the power of this rite.”

As the spell finished each of the disks surged with power, covering each of the sisters as light rose up and blinded each of them from view. When the light faded each of them was in a different outfit. Prue was dressed as a sexy stage magician who wore tights instead of pants. Piper was wearing a light pink bodysuit while a dark red leather one piece bathing suit body armor with matching boots gloves headband and a cloak. Phoebe’s clothes had changed into a black a yellow body suit with a yellow skirt over it. In her hand she held a sword made of some sort of silver metal the silver also seemed to encase the arm holding the blade all the way up to her shoulder. Finally Paige was wearing form fitting bright red bodysuit with silver markings around all of her curves and a light blue cloak.

“Well this is new and interesting.” Phoebe said as she examined her clothes. Usually when they got power ups things like their clothes remained the same.

“New and interesting?” Piper huffed at her sister. “We look like we belong up on a table with a pole. How are we supposed to fight in this?” She asked Hekate.

“Simple little witch, if you feel you cannot then change it.” Hekate returned to the witch in her echoing voice. “You have the power to do so now.”

“But what about the rules about personal gain?” Piper questioned worriedly.

“Is it persona gain when you are fixing your clothes so that you can fight without turning as red as your costumes?” The Witch Queen questioned curiously. “Within you all is the knowledge of how to use your powers both the old and the new.”

Prue nodded as she looked her own outfit over. She waved her hands over her legs. “Eganhc Sehtolc!” She said and they watched her high heels turn into boots and the swimsuit bottom lengthen to leather pants. “Much better.” Prue said, as she looked her altered outfit over. “And can I say that is such a cool way to do magic.” She added.

“How come you always get all the really cool powers?” Phoebe questioned with slight jealousy. “I mean I’ve never even heard of Magik before.” She grumbled as she looked herself over.

Swallowing Piper waved her arms over her own legs and a skirt seemed to sprout out and cover her legs and her top changed to include a white shirt with the red armor on over it while the pink bodysuit disappeared. Leaving Piper with more of a female pirate or gypsy look than the super heroine one that Hekate had tried.

“What about you two?” Piper wondered looking at her sisters.

“Well ours aren’t quiet as revealing as yours were.” Phoebe mocked. “So I think I’m okay for the moment. I mean ours at least cover us.”

“Rub it in.” Piper grumbled back in annoyance.

“Oh trust me I will.” Phoebe said in her eyes bright with amusement at the discomfort her older sisters were in over their first outfits. The new uniforms were much more practical for demon fighting than the skimpy bathing suits they had been wearing.

Paige grinned at the group. “She has a point, I mean at least now you don’t have to worry about getting a wedgie anymore.” The older two sisters huffed at their younger siblings who snickered at the memory.

“Too bad there wasn’t any cameras handy I’m sure Leo would have loved to see you dressed like that.” Phoebe added in suggestively. This caused Piper’s cheeks to turn red.

“Now that we got the power, now what though?” Paige asked nervously turning to look at Prue who seemed to be the one that made a lot of the decisions.

“Now we go and find Shax.” Prue informed her a dangerous glint in her eye.

“Oh no you don’t, you are not going to chase after Shax just because he got a lucky shot in at you.” Piper said defiantly while glaring at her older sister in annoyance. “That is the dumbest hair balled scheme that you’ve ever had, and considering some of the plans that you’ve come up with that’s saying an awful lot.” She said hotly. “We just got you back after we thought you died Prue, we’re not about to lose you so that you can prove who the bigger badass is to some demon looking to put another notch in his belt with your life.” She said while poking her sister in the chest.

“Oh come on, I owe him for throwing us through that wall.” Prue argued, as she remembered the large demon that had done what so many others had tried to do. The fact that he hadn’t been even coming after her made it all the more annoying. “There’s no way that I’m going to let that stand.” She grumbled. “Besides, if I hadn’t taken the shot for the innocent then I so would have kicked his ass.”

“Does anyone remember what happened to our innocent by the way?” Phoebe questioned the others curiously.

The other two older witches looked slightly embarrassed at this as they realized that they had forgotten the man somewhat with everything else that was going on. Dying, getting transported to a pocket dimension, talking Azrael, meeting Hekate, meeting a half-sister that they didn’t know that they had, getting more powers. When you added it altogether it was all rather overwhelming when you got right down to it. With all of that, it was rather unsurprising that they had forgotten about the man that they were supposed to be saving.

“Azarael?” Prue asked curiously. “Did he manage to escape or is he dead?”

“He’s dead Prue, and no I won’t be bringing him back either. Azrael said stopping her from making the request. “It was a big enough deal that they made me stop from collecting you, don’t expect the same sort of favoritism to be shown to the people you failed to save.”

“Yet another reason for us to take Shax out.” Prue said to her sisters triumphantly. “We can’t allow him to continue wandering around like that.” The others rolled their eyes at the single mindedness of Prue and her willingness to get some pay back.

“Hunting a demon for vengeance is a dangerous road to travel.” Hekate warned the witch. Hunters have lost their very selves by doing such things. You chance losing yourself in the very shadows that you wish to destroy. Learn from those like John Winchester, and you will find that sometimes the road of vengeance is not the best road in this business. Besides, while Shax is indeed a threat, he is not the primary danger right now.” Hekate informed the women. “The Source always has been, and always will be your enemy. He and the Triad must be stopped before you can move on in your lives and take up your new positions in the world. It is also the destiny of another to do battle with Shax and those that are like him.”

“The Triad?” Paige asked a little unsure. The information download was helpful, but there were still things she had to learn.

“The real power behind the throne of the underworld.” Phoebe explained to her sister. “Technically they work for The Source, but they also are the ones that do a lot of his dirty work such as assign demons to kill certain people. At least that’s the way Cole explained it. The Source may give the orders, but the Triad are the ones that tell the demons what they can and can’t do and even how to do it. They’re also kind of considered to be the demon equivalent to the Charmed Ones. But I thought that Cole had killed the Triad, and that’s why all the demons had put a bounty on his head.”

“Your lover did indeed manage to kill the bodies of the Triad Sister of Foresight, however the Triad are too powerful for even a demon of Belthazor’s power could destroy them as easily as that.” Hekate told the witch. They merely had to send their essence into the bodies of three other demons and they were reborn without any consequences. While they are somewhat weakened which is why they have not been seen but in time their full strength will return. Your lover’s kill order has more to do with the betrayal than anything else.”

“Great.” Phoebe said with a scowl, as she realized that despite all that he had sacrificed, Cole had accomplished very little in the grand scheme of things. She did wonder if he had known any of this when he had attacked the Triad, or if he really had believed that he had killed them.

“So what, we need to get back and figure out how to take on the Triad?” Paige asked curiously.

“That is it indeed Sister of Light.” Hekate returned.

“Do you have any other things for us to worry about?” Piper asked as she looked toward Hekate curiously afraid that the Goddess would have more tasks for them to fulfill now that they had accepted the power that she had offered to them.

“No, just know that you are taking a step into a much more powerful and dangerous world now that you have accepted the role as my champions.” Hekate informed the sisters while staring at them all as if judging their reactions to what was to come.

“Right, lets go and deal with this Triad then so that we can figure out just what it means to be superheroes then.” Paige said.

“So who wants to do the honors?” Prue asked curiously. “We can all teleport now can’t we?

“Not all of us.” Piper said with a scowl.

“Eh you’ve married your transportation.” Phoebe said dismissively. “Besides it finally means that I have some skills that at least one of you doesn’t.” She added happily. Although it’s still unfair that Prue can do just about anything I can do.” She grumbled slightly annoyed that Prue had so much power still. It was the one bone of contention that she had about their skills. It seemed that her sisters got all of the cool powers no matter what. She then waved her hands and the group found themselves on one of her stepping discs. A moment later the four sister witches disappeared from the strange dimension where they had received their new chances at life and destiny.

“Do you think that they’ll be able to go up against the upcoming challenges that they will now be forced to live through?” Azarael questioned the Goddess. “While I do not doubt their power or abilities, they are still going to be facing extremely powerful foes. Foes who have had decades at the least to prefect their methods of destruction.” He reminded the Goddess.

“Unfortunately there is only so much that we can do to help them.” Hekate returned to him. “I have done all that I am allowed to. The next move must be theirs and theirs alone. All that we can do now is watch and hope that the choices that they make are good ones. Thanks to other beings who were supposed to watch this dimension we are having to do all that we can to repair this world. To do so much must be lost even as much is gained. We can only hope that the scales will agree in the end that we are creating heroes that will be good for all when this world faces its own judgment.”

The two beings stared at each other for a moment before they disappeared to watch what would happen next as the way things went could change everything that happened from now on if the sisters survived this task then there would be more missions for them if they failed though then the world would have lost some of its greatest magical champions. To save the life of a Charmed One, they had to risk the lives of all of the members of the prophesied sisters. Now they would have to see if their gambit had paid off.

The witches grimaced a bit as they stepped out of the disc and saw all the damage that their earlier fight had caused to the manor house. The place looked exactly like the war zone that it had been earlier. The wall where Prue and Piper had been thrown through, was barely even standing up, their innocent was lying halfway out of the window with glass impaling his body, and the glass on the front doors had also been shattered. The trail of destruction that Shax had left was enough to make anyone stop and take note. The dead body really added to the destruction.

“Leo.” Piper said in relief as she ran up to her husband who was still in a kneeling position.

“Piper,” Leo said in surprise as he turned to see his wife rushing up to him. Which was hard to believe since she had just been right beside him a moment ago holding Prue. He held his wife in a comforting way, her clothes were a little odd but he wasn’t going to question that at the moment. He was patting her back in a soothing and comforting way doing his best to ignore the fact that he had failed one of his charges. It was as he was doing this when noticed the group that was standing behind his wife. “Prue?” He said in disbelief, as he looked at the young woman dressed in black stage magician’s outfit. Alongside of her he saw Phoebe carrying a sword with armor on one arm that traveled up the shoulder and ended on one breast, and an unknown woman wearing some sort of skintight outfit with a cloak. He could practically feel the power leaking off of the entire group. It was so much greater than what the sisters had before. It was actually what he expected them to feel like ten years from now.

“Prue.” He said, as he released his wife before he grasped his sister-in-law in a tight bear hug. “I’m so sorry Prue, it’s just when I saw you both like that I panicked and had to heal Piper first I wasn’t trying to be selfish.”

“It’s alright Leo.” Prue assured him as she hesitantly patted him on the back. “You did what you thought you had to do. Besides you probably thought that using your love for Piper would let you use your powers faster.” She rationalized for the Whitelighter. “Besides it all turned out alright.”

“How are you alive though?” Leo asked desperately. “I know that I saw and felt you die.” He said his eyes darting to where he had last seen the witch when his healing powers simply hadn’t been enough to help her. “You all feel so different than how you used to, it’s kind of worrying.” He admitted, hoping that Piper and Phoebe hadn’t messed around with magic’s that were better off left alone with the loss of their sister. He knew that it was possible though when you considered everything that the sisters had risked for each other. If that was the case then things could get out of hand very quickly.

Prue smirked at him as she slipped out of his grasp and swung him at his wife. “Piper, take your husband and explain everything that’s happened to him I’m sure that there are a lot of things that he needs to know about.”

“What, but shouldn’t I be helping you guys?” Piper asked not sure she trusted the others not to try something crazy.

“I’m sure that you’ll be able to explain it all to him. After all it’s only Paige, Azrael, Hekate, and the new powers we now have.” Prue said casually. While that’s happening Phoebe I want you to find Cole and get him here. She ordered the witch nodded before she disappeared onto a stepping disk.

“Hekate,” Leo said in awe, “as in the Patron Queen of the Witches?”

“Yep one in the same buster, now sit yourself down so that we can talk.” Piper ordered. Leo complied with the order, and he was regaled with the tale of the last half hour that the witches had experienced starting with Prue’s death, how they now had powers based on comic book characters, and how they now planned on taking out the Triad for good.

“So you’re saying that all you were wearing was that bathing suit and a bodysuit?” Leo asked with a knowing grin his eyes glazing over slightly at the thought.

“Yes and if you behave I may even show you how it looks.” Piper promised him with a mischievous grin. “But only if you promise not tell Phoebe that I did that.” She added sternly.

Leo nodded before he began going over the more important things that his wife had told him about. “With Paige a part of the group now your power has jumped by several times.” He noted to her. “Spells that require the four elements will be easier than ever and spells that require a trinity may not be as taxing on your abilities either. I would have thought that the Power of Three would have been destroyed with their being four sisters of the Warren Line at the same time though. If Prue had died and stayed dead you power would have been greatly decreased unless you had managed to find Paige and gotten her to activate her powers. I’m guessing that it’s only because of your deal that you’re still the powerhouses that you are.” He theorized to his wife.

“Yeah about that, are you saying that nobody even knew about Paige?” Piper asked suspiciously. “I can’t imagine that something like that would have gone unnoticed.”

“I never knew about it and I’m supposed to be the Whitelighter for your entire group.” Leo informed her. “To find out that there was another one of you is rather surprising. I suppose that we could ask the Elders or your mom.” He said thoughtfully. “It’s likely that they hid her away and bound her powers though so that the prophecy wouldn’t become broken with her birth.”

“So you’re saying that they broke up our family just so we would fit their idea of a prophecy family?” Piper asked in annoyance.

“It’s possible.” Leo admitted uncomfortably, not liking the dark look his wife was shooting at him right now.

“So have you got him caught up yet?” Prue asked curiously, as she stuck her head into the room saving the Whitelighter from the wrath that his wife.

“Yeah she has.” Leo said in relief as he got up and gave Prue another relieved hug. He then smiled a greeting at Paige as she walked hesitantly into the room. “It’s good to meet you.” He said as he offered her a hand which she gladly accepted. The group paused as Cole and Phoebe shimmered into view.

“Prue.” Cole said with a relieved smile. “You’re looking pretty good for someone that’s supposed to be dead. Shax has been crowing all over the Underworld that he managed to take out the Charmed Ones.”

“It didn’t stick.” Prue returned with a shrug. She knew her sister loved the demon, but there were times she still had trouble trusting him. Considering all of the times that he had tried to kill them she thought that she was doing rather well for the most part.

“I can see that. Phoebe explained things to me, and says that you want to make sure that being dead sticks for a bit longer with the Triad.” Cole looked questioning at Prue whom merely nodded her head in agreement with that. “Which let me tell you really ticks me off as a former professional assassin. When I put someone down I like for them to stay down not get back up. Particularly when I have a bounty on my head for killing them.” He looked somewhat disgruntled at that.

“Can you get us into their old base of operations?” Prue asked.

“Yeah I can do that easy.” Cole said with a shrug.

“Good, as soon as we’re ready then we’re going to take the fight to them.” The witch told them.

“I should go and talk to the Elders and see what it is that they think of all of this.” Leo said nervously.

“You’re right you should.” Prue agreed. “With Hekate being back, we need to know if there is anything that we need to worry about. I would hate to find out we got tricked somehow. Particularly when things are actually going good for a change.”

You can also see if you can find out about how Paige came to be without anyone knowing about her either. Piper shot at him. Leo nodded his understanding of the order as he disappeared into several balls of light that traveled upwards.

“Alright Cole, can you get us to the Underworld? Base then then?” Prue requested.

“I already told you I could.” The former lawyer said cockily. “Gather everyone who is going and grab onto my hands this could be bumpy ride.” The witches all gathered around and shimmered away. They reappeared within a large cavern like tunnel. “Home sweet home.” Cole said mockingly. “Course now that I’m down here I might as well have sent a magical pulse out asking all of the bounty hunters to come and find me.” He added, while looking at the sisters hopefully. “So I really hope that you know what it is that you’re doing, or this is going to be a very short visit.”

“I second that hope.” Paige said uncomfortably, as she looked around the Underworld as if expecting something to come charging out at them any minute.

“We have maybe ten minutes before demons start popping up as an army.” Cole warned, as he fired an energy ball at a demon that shimmered into view. “If you really want to do this, then we need to get started on it now.”

“Then we better get going.” Prue said as she took the lead and headed down the hallway.

“Is she always like this?” Paige questioned the others in disbelief as she watched the determined stride of her oldest sister. The woman seemed capable of taking charge and getting the job done in ways that she couldn’t even imagine doing. It was somewhat daunting to see actually.

“Pretty much.” Phoebe said, as they fell into step. “Personally I think it’s just her showing off, but that’s just my personal opinion on the matter.” She said teasingly.

“Well if I didn’t do it then who would there be to show you the correct way to do it?” Prue shot over her shoulder.

“Well there’s Piper, and now there’s Paige, and it might be okay to let me win sometimes.” Phoebe said.

Paige could only stare as the pair fell into a well-practiced teasing routine.

“Don’t worry, most of its just to calm each other down.” Piper assured the new member of their team. “The two of them aren’t really as calm as they like to pretend, and once they get a little closer they’ll stop seeming so casual until then deal with their games soon enough they’ll be all business. There are times Prue does this though. Usually once she gets on one of her I am the biggest, baddest, witch-bitch around so back off phases. Which means she’s having fun with the new powers that Hekate gave her.”

“So why do you need me if you have Prue the super witch over there?” Paige questioned doubtfully. “I mean it seems that as long as you have Prue around there’s nothing that you guys can’t do, I’d just be an extra wheel as far as I can tell.”

“Don’t worry you’ll do fine.” Piper assured her while giving her a one armed hug. Besides there are still plenty of times that Prue screams like a little girl. She assured her sister.

“Yeah, and if nothing else you can always help me puncture her ego a little bit.” Phoebe said with a mischievous grin causing Paige to smile at her in return. “You know I think I could like having a sister around it would mean no more being the youngest.” She said speculatively.

“You’ll always be the baby to me Phoebes.” Prue shot off without hesitation, causing the others to smile in amusement at the pair.

The humor of the group died as they stepped into a darkened chamber. As they entered several torches lit up. “I see our deception no longer works.” A voice said as three robed figures appeared standing around a circle of light. “Welcome back Belthazar, I see that you intend to make our betrayal even greater by leading the witches here.” The Triad Member said.

“The Chosen Champions of Hekate demanded it.” Cole returned.

“Hekate has returned?” One of the three said not looking very happy upon that announcement. “How can this be? The balance here has been maintained.” He demanded of the group.

“Maybe here, but you know as well as I do that in other places that is not the case.” Cole returned to the demon. He looked behind them and saw several demons were striding toward them. “I think that you guys can handle these three, I’m going to go and deal with some very annoying old friends that I’ve been forced to run from for the past few weeks.” The four sisters nodded in acceptance as he turned to face the ones that had been hunting him even as he formed an energy ball in either of his hands.

“Huh, looks like we have our very own Jason Blood.” Phoebe said with a grin as she watched him draw an energy ball into each hand.

“Late Phoebe, we have some demons of our own to kill.” Prue ordered. “You can admire your boyfriend and his work later.”

“Not without me being here.” A voice said as a figure in a black appeared out of a ball of fire.

“Who is that?” Paige asked worriedly, even as she tightened her grip on the edge of her cloak.

“The Source.” Piper said grimly.

“The Source?” Paige questioned.

“Yeah, the head honcho of the demon world.” Phoebe said in faux bravery as she watched the figure warily. The demon overlord could see this as a chance to watch them fight, or he could join in on the fighting. It all depended on how he was feeling at the moment.

“So you are the descendants of the Warren line.” The Source said as he examined the witches. “I must say, you hardly look like the kind of threat that I was expecting.”

“We’ll just have to see if we can’t make you believe we’re dangerous then.” Prue said as she drew a long thin staff out of her sleeve that looked just like a giant magician’s wand. “Tsalb Citsym!” She incanted, and a bolt of raw energy rushed at The Source.

The Source raised his hand and deflected the beam away from him. “It will take more than a simple increase in power to stop me Prudence Halliwell.” The demon mocked.

“Then let’s get started.” Prue said, as she made a swatting motion with her hand which sent The Source flying into one of the far walls.

“Okay, while Prue keeps him busy I guess we have to deal with these guys.” Piper said as she looked at the members of the Triad as they glared at them. Their plan was already falling apart before it had even begun. The idea had been to have Paige act as backup while the rest of them did their best to fight the Triad Members. With this being Paige’s first battle they wanted to give her a chance to learn. That plan only worked when they had their opponents outnumbered though. With the addition of The Source it made things a lot harder.

“So all we gotta do now is beat the Triad, then beat The Source, and then beat whatever demons that get past Cole. All the while somehow staying alive.” Paige said faintly. “Is there any way to get out of this crazy family business?” She pleaded of the other two.

“Believe me, we’ve tried.” Piper said to the younger witch. “No matter what, they just seem to keep coming. Seems that the only way to stop them is to vanquish them.”

“Then let’s try and get this done.” Paige said as she raised her hand and fired a bolt of mystic energy at one of the robed figures.

The Triad member merely sneered as he deflected the bolt to the side. “It will take more than a beginner such as yourself to take on one such as myself witch.” He jeered at her. “I have been doing this for longer than you have been alive witch. It will take more than basic knowledge of the mystic arts to deal with ones such as ourselves.”

“Then I guess I’ll just have to try harder.” Paige said, as she felt her power dig deep into the earth and then fling the energy at the demon. Snarling the demon flung his own energy at the witch and the two found their power meeting between them and they tried to push against each other and over power each other. Paige did her best not to scream, as she felt herself slowly but surely losing the fight between herself and the Triad member. She really hoped that the others could find some way to win because as it was she didn’t think that she was going to last much longer if it kept up at like this. As the blast threatened to overwhelm her she disappeared in a sparkle of lights that looked just like orbing and reappeared on the other side of the room. “Whoa, that was weird.” Paige said before she fired another blast at the Triad member.

The demon didn’t even looked worried as he brought a shield up to stop her attack and then began firing a series of blasts back at her. The surprise of her orbing not having bought her more than a moment of relief from his own attacks.

Magical binding flew from her hands and tried to capture the demon, but he seemed to easily block the attempt with one hand and fired another attack with his other hand. Paige orbed away again this time appearing a few feet away from the demon and two the left.

The Triad member began fling energy balls at the witch only for her to move a few feet off in a slow circle as the two exchanged fire with each other. Neither of them seemed to be capable of winning, as Paige could not seem to manage to stop the more experienced demon, and whenever Paige was trapped she would disappear in a swirl of lights reappearing somewhere off to the side. The two would then begin to exchange fire with each other once again, and the process would repeat itself. The demon stopping her attacks and her being forced to orb away before she got hit.

“Enough of this!” The annoyed Triad Member hollered at her. “Stop running and face me witch.” He demanded, tired of being forced to try and keep following after its young and inexperienced opponent.

“Hey, you’re the one that going on about how I wasn’t old enough to be a challenge to someone like you.” Paige returned in her defense. “If it’s so beneath you to fight me then why is it taking you so long to deal with me?” She questioned curiously with a mocking grin at the Triad Member. “Maybe I’m not doing nearly as bad as I thought I was.” She said thoughtfully sounding somewhat relieved. “Then again, I’m amazed to still be alive as it is.” She explained to the demon.

“You think that you can stop me girl?” The Triad Demon demanded angrily. “I have been around for ages, and seen overconfident upstart witches like yourself fall countless times. One like you is not going to be the end of me, Charmed One or not.” It declared at Paige.

“We’ll just have to see about that.” Paige returned, as she fired more magical bursts at the demon. She was determined that even if she couldn’t stop him, that she was going to slow him down. The demon growled, as he made a gesture and several daggers suddenly appeared and flung themselves at her.

Paige waved her hands at the blades. “Knives.” She squeaked out, not sure why she was calling at the blades. The weapons were orbed away and appeared beside her, but facing toward the demon where they restarted their forward momentum. The demon waved its hand and the blades disappeared as quickly as they had come at him,

“Not bad witch you have a lot of raw potential, it’s a shame that you’ve already chosen a side. You would have done well on our side.” The Triad member noted causally as he flung another energy ball at Paige.

Paige grimaced as she realized that despite everything that she was doing she wasn’t causing him any real damage since he was countering everything that she threw at him. She hoped that the others were having more luck than she was. She figured the longer this went on, the more likely it was that he was going to kill her.

Phoebe looked at her opponent, the enchanted sword that Hekate had given her in her hand. A part of her was beginning to wonder if she had been a bit too hasty in agreeing to come after the Triad. True she had been a bit pissed though, what with Prue having been killed and she really wanted some payback if not for that then about a dozen other things that the Triad had been responsible for over the past few years. The fact that taking them out would break some of the control that The Source had over the other demons was another plus and would make it easier for her to have a relationship with Cole made it all even more appeasing. At least it had when she was safe at the manor, instead of being down here where she was having to fight off a member of the Triad on her own.

Like the other members of the Triad he was dressed in a brown robe. In either hand he held an energy orb. He began throwing the orbs at her and the witch squeaked in fear as she bobbed and weaved around the assault that was being thrown at her. This was why she hated the fact that Prue and Piper always seemed to get all of the cool powers, and with her luck Paige was also going to get some super cool ability leaving her with her current abilities. At least with Hekate, her powers had become somewhat more impressive. She was left with, many of the less offensive ones. It left her rather jealous at times of the power and abilities that her sisters had. The time that she and Prue had switched powers had been one of the cooler moments in her witch career. She was broken out of her musings though as another attack came at her. She screamed as two orbs came at her and she raised one of her arms up. The incoming orbs splashed harmlessly against her armor.

Phoebe was shocked and the Triad member seemed somewhat startled as well as he realized that the attack had done nothing to her. “Finally I have a decent power.” She cheered as she realized what this meant.

“You forget witch, that your armor only covers a part of your body.” The Triad member snarled out as he resumed firing at Phoebe.

Phoebe grimaced as she realized that he was right. Her armor only covered her arm shoulder and part of her chest. The rest of her body was unprotected and she didn’t know if she could do anything else with the armor, and right now was probably not the best time to find out what it was that she could and couldn’t do. She yelped in fear as another energy ball passed close to her face. The demon smirked at her and released another pair of energy balls at the witch.

Phoebe swallowed nervously as she realized that he had spaced the energy balls so that if she dodged or blocked one she would have to take a hit from the other. She leaped into the air and her body lifted high above where the attack had been. Phoebe then landed back on the ground. Sometimes having the power of levitation really helped in fights like these.

“Not bad reflexes.” The Triad member said grudgingly. “Who would have thought that the weakling Charmed One would actually has some sort of skill in fighting.” The demon said mockingly. “Considering your usual weak showing in battle, I’m rather surprised that you can do anything, since you usually rely on your sisters to do all of the real work while you cower behind them and shout useless advice. All the while trying to make it seem as if you’re the strong one of the group. When everyone knows that you’re really the weak one.”

“Are you really going to use the things that I don’t think about every day to try and make me scared of you?” Phoebe questioned him unworriedly. “I may not have the raw power that the others have, but I’m more than capable of kicking your ass all over the place.” Phoebe retorted cockily as she smirked at him confidently, unwillingly to let him get to her. The demon responded by firing more energy ball at her. Phoebe created a stepping disk and disappeared reappearing behind the demon and stab at him. “Besides, thanks to a few new tricks, I think that the gap is a lot different than you’d really like to believe.” She added in smugly as she moved out of range of his hands.

The demon shrieked as he felt the blade enter his side. He held his side where he had been stabbed. Growling the demon released his side and summoned a large energy ball and flung it at Phoebe. He then followed that up by aiming high with a scattering of small energy balls trapping her in a small area.

Phoebe raised her sword and swung her sword, her eyes closed anticipating the pain that was sure to follow. When nothing happened she opened her eyes to see that the energy ball had dissipated after being sliced though. Phoebe grinned at this has she gestured for the demon to keep trying.

Snarling the Triad member began flinging energy balls as fast as he could summon them. He watched in disbelief as the weakest member of the group danced around the attacks or they were brushed to the side by the armor and the sword that she was using. This was not the way that this fight should be going.

Piper didn’t know how she had gotten caught up in this, but she was really wishing that she hadn’t allowed the others to talk her into this. One of these days she was going to have to learn to put her foot down and tell them no instead of delaying them from doing whatever crazy stunt or idea that they thought that they should do this time around. Grams was depending on her to make them think their actions through. That she was currently in a one on one fight with a member of the Triad was ridiculous though, and made her think that she hadn’t done as Gram’s wanted her to. These guys were amongst the top ranks as far as demons went and were not demons that they should be picking fights with. What was surprising to her though, was that currently they were somehow at a stalemate with their powers. She waved her hand at the Triad Member in front of her and the ground beneath him cracked unexpectedly causing his aim to go off and into the ceiling.

“Curse you witch!” The Triad Member grumbled as he fired another blast. Every time he lined a shot up it seemed as if something happened that caused his aim to go off or she would dodge or shield against the ones that did get through. Piper Halliwell while powerful, was not supposed to be as skilled in fighting as this. She was showing a skill that she had not shown before, and it was becoming most annoying. She was also supposed to control time not luck yet somehow she was doing exactly that. A power like that could be extremely useful if they could end it to darkness. Only someone with conjuring or projection powers might be able to easily beat this luck power. It would seem that their spies had not been able to tell the true skills and abilities of the sisters if they were being slowed down like this. He waved his hands and muttered a spell and several stones began rolling at the witch.

Piper shot her hands forward and watched as the various stones froze as she stepped out of the way before letting the rocks resume their fall to slam where she had been a moment ago. Following this she attacked causing several explosions to appear on the hide of the Triad Member who stumbled back under the assault that he was being hit with.

“I shall not fall to you.” The Triad member growled as he muttered another new spell and lightning shot from his hand.

Piper raised her hands and an energy shield appeared in front of her, and caused the attack to splash harmlessly against the shield that she had somehow created. She returned with her own blast which lifted the Triad member up and off his feet and to slam into the wall. Piper followed that up with another gesture toward the demon.

The Triad Member climbed to his feet only to trip and fall again though as its robes somehow tangled up and forced him back down to his knees. “Your little annoyances are becoming tiring witch.” He said as he gestured again and a blast of flames seemed to rush at her. Piper responded by waving her hands and the rocks that had been aimed at her earlier came tumbling back and intercepted the attack and struck him with several boulders that the demon had to blast to keep the larger ones from hitting him. “You may have power and potential witch, but even you can’t keep this up for long. Everyone knows that you’re the least dedicated to the fight. Of all the Charmed Ones you would be the one most likely to return to the life of a simple unknowing mortal if it was at all possible.”

“Yeah but it isn’t so I’ll just have to settle for this.” Piper responded as she fired another hex bolt.

The Triad member fired his own energy ball and the two attacks exploded against each other. “Think about it witch, we could offer you that. Then all these battles would be over we could just reset time and as long as you stopped your sister from awakening your powers you would be safe from all of this. I’m sure I could convince Tempest to do such a thing if you were willing.” He confided, as he shimmered away and reappeared next to Piper with a drawn Athame in his hand. He swung the blade at her in an overhead strike meaning to take her in the chest.

Piper held her hand up and froze the Triad member she saw that despite her having frozen him he was already trying to break free as his body was still moving slowly. His current speed gave her the time to step back and punch the demon in the face. As soon as her fist hit him, he returned to the regular flow of time and was sent flying back. She followed that up with several more blasts at the demon.

An extremely angry Prue Halliwell was trading energy blasts with The Source. The Demon Lord was extremely powerful and Prue knew that if she had been in her right mind she would have tried to avoid getting to close to him, but at the moment she was simply to pissed to care about such trivial things. She was holding it together for the most part right now, but there was a part of her that was wanting to kill this demon for setting Shax on them. Since said demon wasn’t around she would take her aggravation out on him. “Kcolb Eci!” She incanted and a block of ice began forming around The Source. “Thanks to you, I’ve already lost several people that I care for.” She snarled as her mind flashed to all of the various people that she had lost to the fight against the supernatural. Her Mom, Grams, and Andy being the most important ones. There were others though that also filled that list. Ones that she couldn’t save or had run away because they couldn’t deal with things.

“I don’t think so witch.” The Source said as a ring of fire appeared around him, and melted the ice before it could capture him. “I see that you have gained much strength since last I heard of you Prudence Halliwell. Death obviously agreed with you and made you stronger somehow. It shall make my destroying of you all the greater. Now you are actually worth my time and I can use true power to deal with the nuisance that you and your sister are.” He launched a fiery energy ball at Prue.

Prue responded by using her telekinesis to bat the incoming attack away from her not even seeming to notice as it crashed into a nearby wall. “I’m tired of you threatening my family for whatever crazy power trip you’re on.” She growled, as she fired another blast of magic at the demon.

The Source held his hand up and caught the blast of magic. He then flung it back at her, forcing Prue to duck the attack. He followed that up with a lightning ball and a fire ball from either hand.

“Llaw htrae!” Prue called out and a wall of ground rose up and blocked the attacks from hitting her.

The Source angry at the witch actually holding her own waved his hands and the protective wall vanished from sight. Prue was waiting for him though and several athames exploded out of the bottom of her hat which was pointed at him. A metal shield appeared and deflected the blades before rushing at Prue.

The witch was surprised by the attack and was slammed away as the shield caught her in the chest. A beam of energy came surging at her next. “Latrop,” the witch incanted letting the beam travel into her hat and them come back at the demon from another portal that opened up over her shoulder and slammed into The Source.

The demon growled as he stopped firing, and the attack dissipated. Muttering for a moment, he then turned ground around them into mud. “That should slow some of your dodging down.” He said confidently, as the heavy mud made it difficult for the witch to move around now.

Prue scowled as she waved her hands again. “Sniahc nori!” She called out and several heavy chains appeared and began to wrap around The Source.

The Source allowed them to wrap around it and then with a heave of its muscles it shattered the bindings then using its telekinesis it flung the remains at Prue.

“Hsinav!” Prue said causing the chains to wink out of existence before they could hit her, she then placed her hands on the ground. “Yrd!” Causing the ground to harden again.

“You’re a powerful little witch, I’ll give you that, but you’re still not on my level yet.” The Source said as it began casting yet another spell at her. Five nearby rocks were changed into wolves who then charged at her.

“Dnib!” Prue said, and silk scarves came flying out of her sleeves and wrapped themselves around the jaws and legs of the wolves forcing them to fall to the ground. “Mrof lanigiro ruoy ot nruter!” She said and the wolves shifted to their rock states.

The Source raised its hands and alighting bolt appeared out of either hand and headed straight at Prue.

The witch countered this by having the boulders that had been wolves a moment ago rise up and intercept the lasts before they could hit her. She held her hand out and began muttering. “Sdrac evisolpxe!” A deck of cards appeared in her hands and she levitated them into the air causing the cards to begin spinning around The Source She then caused the cards to shoot downward hitting The Source from all sides causing several explosions on him.

“When the dust cleared, The Source was still there, even if he was on one knee. “Impressive witch, but not nearly enough.” He said as he used another attack that sent Prue flying across the cave.

She would have struck the wall had it not been for her telekinesis catching her and letting her fall to the ground.

Prue looked up as she saw The Source rise to his feet his robes billowing out behind him as he strode toward her. She realized that despite all the hits she had gotten in that The Source was still going strong. They needed a new plan if they were going to win. She looked around the room where her sisters were currently fighting the Triad members. Paige was barely staying ahead of her opponent, Piper and Phoebe were evenly matched with their opponents, and Cole appeared to be holding his own against the small army that had appeared upon sensing his intrusion.

“And now it’s time to die witch.” The Source said as it stared down at her. “You fought well, better than most beings. But now your time is at an end.” He raised his hand in which an energy ball was in.

“Noisulli!” Prue said and suddenly The Source found himself staring at several different Prue’s all scrambling onto their feet. Using the distraction Prue aimed at one of the members of the Triad. “Sgnir gnidnib!” She called out and several metal rings appeared around Phoebe’s opponent forcing the demon’s arms down.

Phoebe acted on the opening that she now had. She used her stepping disc to come up from behind and below him using her levitation ability to increase her speed. She slashed the demon in the back causing the demon to cry out in pain as the rings shattered and he fell to his knees. Phoebe twirled her sword and then grasped the sword in both hands and stabbed down impaling the demon in the chest. The demon exploded a moment later.

Phoebe looked over and saw that Prue was dodging back and forth between The Source while Prue attacked from one side her gloves were taking wild swings at The Source from the other side. She saw that Paige was disappearing and reappearing with her Triad member, while firing blasts before disappearing. And Piper and her opponent were firing raw magic at each other. A stepping disc appeared beneath her and she appeared beside the demon that Paige was fighting. A slash and the Triad member was groaning from the cut it was now sporting.

“How? The Triad member demanded of the pair. “How could you witches best us?” He demanded as he glared at the pair. “You are the weakest ones.” He continued as he tried to understand what had happened to it.

“And we still kicked your asses.” Phoebe returned.

Paige smiled at her sister even as she huffed tiredly from all of the teleports that she had been forced to do. Phoebe stood in front of her protectively. It looked like there were some good parts to being a part of this family and it’s magic. “Took you long enough.” She gasped out.

“Sorry, I’m used to being the youngster forgot you were still on training wheels.” Phoebe returned with a grin.

Paige groaned at this, wondering how long Phoebe was going to hold being older than her over her head. Considering Phoebe grew up as the youngest she wasn’t sure she wanted to know now that she thought about it. Paige then focused on the Triad member and began to mutter and suddenly the demon exploded.

“Nice,” Phoebe congratulated her sister, “come on, we have to help the others.” She ordered as the two of them stumbled toward Piper.

“So how do we help her?” Paige wondered, as she watched the two fight each other. She really didn’t want to get to close to the pair with all of the magic that they were throwing around at each other.

“We teleport onto different spots, and hit him all together?” Phoebe said a little uncertainly.

“Sounds as good as any other plan.” Paige said, and the two vanished only to reappear on either side of Piper and began firing their own spells.

The Triad member was shocked at seeing them but was able to adjust somewhat to allow him to face all three of the sisters. “You won’t win. Even if you destroy us do you really think even with a fourth sister that you have enough power to fight The Source?” He demanded angrily as he fired an energy ball at the two younger sisters. Phoebe raised her arm and the ball broke harmlessly off against her armor while Paige disappeared and reappeared and resumed her firing. She teleported again when another attack came at her only when she reappeared the Triad Member shimmered next to her and backhanded her into the wall.

“I don’t have time for such pathetic games. The demon informed her.

“Paige!” the other sisters said in worry as they watched the girl fall to the ground.

“Now die witch!” The Triad Member growled, as he fired another energy ball at Phoebe.

Piper froze the energy ball and a smirking Phoebe swung her sword at it, sending it traveling back at the surprised demon as his own attack struck him and caused him to catch on fire.

Piper followed that up with several blasts of her own which got through his defenses and burned him to a crisp.

The two sister ran toward Paige and checked her over. “I’m alright.” Paige grumbled, as she climbed to her feet. “Let’s help Prue so that we can get out of here though.” She pleaded with the others.

“Yeah with The Source, it’s going to take all of us.” Piper said worriedly. She didn’t think that she could take losing her sister again after everything else that had happened today.

“Then we better save Cole as well.” Phoebe said. The sisters turned to see that Cole was flinging energy balls as fast as possible at the moment and was holding the demons back but by all of the burns on his clothes it was also obvious that he was taking several dangerous hits.

Piper nodded at that. “Fine you teleport him to safety, and I’ll do the rest.”

Phoebe nodded and she stepped onto her disk and reappeared next to Cole. She grabbed him and the two disappeared back into the disc and the two were alongside of the sisters.

As soon as they were next to them Piper began firing spells at the entryway and they watched as it seemed to crumble and fall blocking them off.

“Thanks.” A tired and weakened Cole said to the sisters. The witches looked at him and saw that his shirt had been destroyed and that he was covered in burns. “Please tell me we’re ready to get out of here.” He pleaded with them.

“Not yet, we still have to take on The Source.” Phoebe explained, as she helped Cole to his feet while nodding toward where Prue and The Source were exchanging fire with each other.

Cole grimaced at that, but nodded his head in acceptant as he slowly rose to his full height. Fine, let’s do this.” He said as he began to slowly move forward.

“Before you do that, you might as well change.” Piper returned to him. “We’re going to need all the power we can get when facing The Source.”

The former demonic assassin/lawyer nodded his head in understanding as he changed and his body grew taller and more muscular and his skin was all red and he had black tattoos all over his body. Belthazar grinned as he created an energy ball in either hand. “Let’s go.” He said in a deep voice.

The sisters nodded and followed after him. The group climbed over to where the two powerhouses were fighting. They got up there just in time to watch Prue get blasted and sent hurtling into their group.

“Hi,” Prue said as she picked herself up. “Riaper,” she muttered waving her hand over herself causing her clothes to repair themselves of any of the battle damage that she had received. She held her hand out and her top hat, gloves, and wand shot into her hands. “Alright please tell me one of you has a plan.” She said hopefully, as she saw that The Source was marching toward them.

“Sorry.” Phoebe said sheepishly.

The Source stopped and regarded them, looking the group over before turning to look at the remains of the chamber where the Triad Members had fallen and the cave was now sealed off. “I didn’t think that it was possible for you to manage that.” The Source admitted to them. “Still, even with the deaths of the Triad there is little hope for you. Paige Matthews you still have a chance to walk away from this.” He offered to the witch. “Stand at my side, and not only will you live but you shall become a true and powerful witch. I don’t see why you have to die along with these others. While it is true that they may indeed be your blood family what is it that you actually them. They dragged you into the dangerous world of magic. What does that tell you about the kind of people that they really are?”

The witch looked hesitant for a moment her eyes drifting back and forth between the sisters on one side and The Source on the other. “Thanks but I think I’ll pass on that.” Paige said. “Besides with my luck you’d expect me to wear some skanky outfit if I worked for you. I’d like to keep my dignity.”

“So you have made your choice then.” The Source said. “A pity, I would have found some uses for a witch of your potential.”

“Okay the death threats and the offer to make one of us evil is over, does that mean we can get onto the fight now?” Phoebe asked curiously, even as she eyed The Source warily.

“If you are truly so eager to die then I shall be more than pleased to destroy you and your sisters Phoebe Halliwell. The Source returned to her as he fired an energy ball at the witch.

Belthazar threw his own energy balls and the two attacks canceled each other out. “You didn’t really think that you could attack Phoebe and I wouldn’t try anything did you?” Cole questioned The Source. “After all the time that I worked for you, I would have thought that you would know better than to try something like that.” He informed The Source as he created a new energy ball in either hand.

What followed next was truly amazing, as The Source somehow managed to fight and counter the entire group that had been arrayed against it. Belthazar had tried just throwing energy balls, but when that failed he had tried to use his raw strength only to find his own super strength was inadequate in comparison to that of The Source and found himself tossed to the side. Paige had remained farther back and had sniped The Source in an attempt to catch him, but the demon almost casually caught or deflected her attacks away from himself. Piper had tried to use her hex powers, but the bad luck effects barely even seemed to bother him. Phoebe had tried with her sword, only to find that The Source could go immaterial as he wanted and that a number of her blows slid right through him. Prue had fought as well, but hadn’t fared any better than she had earlier. Combined, all the group was managing was to keep the powerful demon back.

“So far the hitting him with everything we got plan doesn’t seem to be working to well.” Piper noted, as she glared at the cloaked figure before them.

“Yeah I noticed.” Prue said grimly, as she fired her own magic at him. “Do you have any ideas on how to stop him though?”

“My main idea is running away.” Piper admitted in embarrassment. “Sorry.”

“Not like I can blame you.” Prue returned, as she tried another spell. “The idea was to take out the Triad and make sure they couldn’t rise again anytime soon. We weren’t expecting to have another threat in which we had to deal with.”

“So do we have a plan?” Phoebe questioned them hopefully. “Because, a plan would be really good right about now. Paige is tiring and Cole has taken a pretty big beating.”

“Almost makes me wish the extra power we had didn’t destroy the Power of Three.” Piper said. “Being able to use one of those spells right about now would be really helpful.”

“Okay we don’t have the Power of Three anymore, but we’re still a lot stronger than we used to be. Surely there’s something we can do.” Prue said stubbornly, unwilling to quit just yet.

“Well the Power of Three is gone for the moment, but what about the four elements?” Phoebe asked, as she used her sword to deflect an incoming energy ball. She was finding that her new skills made her more situated for close range combat or long distance defense. “Hekate called on them to grant us power, can’t we call on them to do something against The Source?”

“Maybe.” Prue said, as her mind began trying to figure things out on whether or not such a spell might work.

Piper allowed her sisters to try and come up with a counter, since the two of them had studied magic more than she had. Then again she had a business to run instead of having to deal with some of the things that her sisters did. They had also immersed themselves deeper into the being witches aspect of their lives than she had. There was also the fact that when it came to potions she was the one that they got to make the truly difficult ones.

“It might work, but it would work better as a binding spell.” Prue said. “That means it would be better not to try and vanquish him.”

“Like we have a chance of that right now?” Paige shouted from where she was shooting. “I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m thinking that if you can just tie him up we’ll all be a lot better.”

“Fine keep him busy then while Phoebe and I try and work out a spell.” Prue said as the two witches ducked behind a boulder so that they could work the spell out.

“What a time to try and create a new spell.” Paige said. “Tell me is it always like this?”

“What, mind numbing terror followed with insane and crazy ideas that should have zero probability of actually working?” Piper questioned her newfound sister dryly. “Way more often than I would like to actually admit, or you want to know.” She said, as she fired another bolt only for The Source to casually deflect it.

“I don’t know if I should be worried or not.” Paige said, as she raised a shield. “I actually meant having to create a new spell though, because something unexpected happened.”

“Not as often, but still more than we like, Piper said, “usually when things start happening to go really good or really bad. Fortunately for us Prue and Phoebe understand a lot of the stuff required in making new spells.”

Prue and Piper came over at that moment. “Here’s the spell, we need to be standing on all four compass points around him for it to work though.” Phoebe hastily explained

While this was going on Prue caused several stalagmite’s to shoot out of the ground and encircle the demon. “Piper, bring the other side down.” She ordered.

Piper nodded and aimed at the ceiling and caused the stalactites fall down and like a mouth full of razor sharp teeth the demon was held.

Phoebe used the moment that the others were using to admire the handiwork to make her move and opened a stepping disc and thrust her blade through it and pulled back out. They all heard a bellow of rage. “What?” She asked as she hefted her sword onto her shoulder. “He deserved it.”

“And if he had decided to follow the blade through?” Piper asked in annoyance. “What would we have done then?” She asked while putting her hands on her hips and glaring at her sister.

“Oh yeah, ah oops.” Phoebe said as she realized that her sister was right.

“Never mind that right now.” Prue said, stopping the pair from having an argument. “Take your spots that will only hold him for a moment or two.” The sisters nodded as each of them took up their positions where they were told.” As they finished the rock shattered and The Source strode out.

“Cole stop him.” Prue ordered.

Belthazar nodded, and rushed forward grasping the demon and holding onto him. “Okay, do it.” Prue said.

“But what about Cole?” Phoebe questioned as she looked toward where Belthazar was containing the demon.

“We’ll have to trust in him.” Prue said.


“Phoebe do it!” Cole ordered. “If this is the only way to get this slime bag off of my back, then I’ll do it.”

“You heard him, let’s do it.” Prue said.

The quartet nodded and began to read off the papers that contained the spell.

“By the power of the North, South, East, and West we call the elements four.

Heed our call and help us with our chore

Paige raised her hands up over her head. “To the East the essence of Air the place of all beginnings.”

“Aide us and give us the blessing of winnings.”

Prue raised her hands next. “To the South the essence of Fire, and Power.”

“Grant us the strength to bind this one in our need of the hour.”

Piper raised her hands next. “To the West the essence of water, and healing.”

“Strengthen us with the power of sealing.”

Phoebe looked over at the struggling Cole who merely nodded his head at her causing the witch to start her part of the spell.

“To the North the essences of earth mystery.”

“Strengthen the power of our witchery.”

The four sisters then began to chant together.

“Bind this Source of Evil.”

“Away from all the powers of the deceitful.”

“Let strength be turned away, as magic rejects magic.”

“All who search will find static.”

Bound by the power of the elements four.”

“Trapped deep within the core.”

Bound through Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.”

“Bound so he can never return to their hearth.”

“Bound by the strength of North, South, East, and West.”

“A strength that can withstand any test.”

“A power from which there never will be an escapee.”

“So mote it be.”

Belthazar waited until the sisters were finished with their spell before he shimmered to the side. He was glad that they had added in the name of The Source or it was likely that he would have been caught within the prison as well. He watched as first the wind created a small cyclone around The Source, following that was a ring of fire, then a ring of water or ice, and finally the earth rose up and swallowed the entire prison dragging it farther beneath the ground. He shook his head. A binding spell that used all of the elements at that level was an extremely powerful and complex spell. He then watched as the sister began adding defenses to the area insuring that nothing could free The Source anytime soon. He quickly shifted back to his human appearance as the sisters turned back around to face him. He and Phoebe shared a quick kiss before the others joined them.

“Alright time to get out of here.” Phoebe said as she created a new stepping disc for them. I so do not want to be around here when they break through and realize that we somehow managed to defeat all of their bosses. The others nodded in agreement, as they all stepped into the glowing circle only to disappear and reappear in the manor.

The minute they reappeared in the manor they all found their way into the living room and collapsed into the various chairs. “Leo!” Piper called out into the air.

A moment later several orb lights fell from above and Leo appeared before them. “Piper.” The Whitelighter said as he rushed to the side of his wife and began looking her over. There were several burns and cuts on all of them and he quickly began the process of healing each of them. “What happened to all of you?” He queried, as he tried to assess all of the injuries that the group had from their mission.

“We went to take care of the Triad, only thing is The Source got there before we could get anything done. It forced us to take them all on.” Piper explained to her husband tiredly.

“You fought the Triad and The Source, and you managed to escape?” Leo said in disbelief as he listened to the tale of the group.

“Actually we somehow managed to beat them.” Cole said with a stiff grin as Phoebe brought in some bandages and helped him to wrap his injuries. Being of demon ancestry, a whitelighter’s healing touch had limited effect on him.

“What?” Leo asked in shock as the group then told him the tale of how they had somehow managed to fight off not only the Triad, but The Source as well.

“Well done all of you.” A voice said and the group turned to see Hekate standing there before them. “You have managed to do your duty well my chosen witches.” The Goddess said in approval as she surveyed the group.

“So what happens next?” Prue asked suspiciously, figuring this could be when they learned of the cost in accepting the power was.

“Now you continue as before daughters of Melinda Warren.” Hekate told the room of heroes. “While the prophecy of the Charmed Ones is no more, there are still many things that can and will happen. You are strong now, stronger than many others. The power you wield now could make or break the world. The challenges you face now will be even stronger and more powerful than they were before. Battling the Triad and The Source is but the first step for you.”

“I don’t know whether or not I should be happy about that.” Piper grumbled, as she considered what that might mean.

“Have no fear Sister of Time, while there are many more tests to come there are also many others out there that are coming as well. You are no longer as alone as you once thought yourselves to be. We will not let all that has happened stop good from being in this world.” Hekate smiled as she then gave them another it of news. “As a reward for all that you have done Scions of Melinda Warren, I have magically expanded your home a couple of extra floors to provide you with training space and living quarters for your sister should she choose to live with you.”

The sisters all looked relieved at that. And gave thanks to the woman.

The Goddess then turned to look at Cole who was doing his best to be unnoticed. A divine being that saw to it that the sisters defeated The Source and the Triad was not someone that he wanted to be on the bad side of.

“Well done Cole Turner, you have fought upon the side of good and triumphed.” Hekate praised, as she looked the demon over in approval. “For your willingness to grow above and beyond your nature, to embrace love instead of hatred I give unto you a gift.” The goddess waved her hands and Cole glowed for a moment. “You are now truly the Jason Blood of the group. Belthazar, your demon shall no longer control you young one. From this point onward the demon and the man shall forge the path they choose not the one that magic forces upon them.”

“You mean I can transform without worrying about going evil?” Cole said with a smile, as he realized what this meant. Giving up his Belthazar side had been hard for him since he had spent many years proving his strength and power. The downside of using any of his powers though was that there was a chance that the dark instincts of the demon would influence him into embracing his dark side. For Phoebe and the chance to be good though he was willing to try it. Now the Witch Queen was telling him that the use of his powers was no longer dangerous and that it wouldn’t turn him evil. Instead it would be like any other ability that the sisters used. The dark influenced was no longer going to be there.

“Indeed, the choice on what side you choose is now yours son of Benjamin Turner. Use the choice that has been given to you wisely.” Hekate ordered, before she blurred and disappeared.

“Wow.” Cole said he grinned then and gave Phoebe a kiss. “I guess I really am your Jason Blood now.” He told the group with a grin.

The witches all nodded their heads in agreement. It seemed that a new chapter to their lives as witches had started. They were all eager to see just how it went.

Prue looked towards the broken front doors. She had been dead but now she was alive and even stronger than ever. While not everything had worked out the way that they had wanted a lot of things had changed and left them with much to think about. She sighed before she waved the large doors shut.
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