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Excalibur: Sentinels

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Excalibur". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Champions continue to rise as now the Champions of Magic rise to take their place amongst the chosen defenders of the world. The magical users must now stand firm against the coming storm.

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The Worst Witch characters is the copyright of Jill Murphy and CITV as I understand. Witchblade is a Topcow copyright, and the bad guy is a HP inspired victim.

Cambridge England

In a small café a girl was studying through a large book. The girl had brownish red hair that was cut short, a long ways from the pigtails that the young woman had once worn all of the time. The book in her hands was unlike any book that most people would read. The book talked about magic as if it was something that a person could really use. The chapter that the girl was turned to discussed the underlying principles of working magic in triad groups as opposed to attempting the spells independently. It noted both the strengths and weaknesses that this type of spell casting caused. The girl was currently studying magic at one of the most prestigious schools of magic in Cambridge, the Weirdsister College. She was Mildred Hubble, a young teen witch that was trying to gain an even greater grasp on her magical abilities than she already did. She had come to the college on a scholarship, in the hope that she could learn more about all things to do with magic and learn more about some of her more unique mystical gifts.

The girl was broken out of her thoughts at a loud explosion that echoed throughout the block. The noise also set off several alarms and shattered glass from many of the various shops. Rising from her seat, Mildred headed toward the source of the explosion. She gasped as she saw that the source of the explosion was. A large figure in a robe with a white mask hiding his features was directing several large trolls at the secret entrance of Weirdsister College. She looked the trolls over and quickly identified them. They were bridge trolls ranging at around 7 feet tall. The trolls were all carrying large spiked maces and heavy axes. They were currently beating their weapon against the school’s wards, which was the only thing that was keeping the school safe from being invaded by the creatures. The magic wielder was also firing what looked like explosive bolts of magic to drain away at the defenses. The attacks were causing the shield to flare with each hit the magical ones more so than the blows from the trolls. This was like nothing that she had ever seen. She couldn’t imagine why the wizards would want to attack their school. It wasn’t as if it even kept any powerful artifacts or anything. At least none that she was aware of. Maybe they wanted one of the professor’s research.

“Put yer backs into it!” The wizard ordered as he fired another spell. “This school will learn what it happens to those that dare to sully themselves by trying to mingle the ways of the magical world with the ways of muggles. I want this abomination to magical teaching to be burned to the ground.”

Mildred looked nervous as she stared at the figures. She had never been overly skilled when it came to magical combat. Sure she had taken the basic courses, but her skills had always been rather inadequate in comparison with those of people like her old nemesis from Cackle’s Academy, Ethel Hallow. Her skills had always been in area effect spells with conjuration and illusions. She had actually spent more time in learning counter curses than in learning dangerous spells. She quickly waved her hands, and several chains appeared and wrapped around the trolls binding them from attacking.

The masked figure waved what looked like an honest god wand. She knew that most wizards used staffs, as it seemed they required them to perform magic. She had never seen any wizard use a magic wand before though. With a single wave of his wand the chains just disappeared from the trolls. “Foolish girl, you didn’t really think yourself able to challenge me did you?” The wizard demanded, as he turned to face her. “While you may be of the wandless witch type, it’s obvious you have no real skill with magic. I had heard that the wandless witches might prove to be of some challenge, but you are as weak and useless as any muggleborn.”

Mildred didn’t know what a muggleborn was, but she was going to stop this figure that was attacking the school. With a wave of her hand, she sent a bolt of magic at the wizard, only for him to flick his wand and deflect the spell with an almost casual grace. He then flicked his wand again and another spell came speeding at Mildred.

Using what she remembered of magical combat, Mildred deflected the spell away from her by crossing her hands and knocking the spell into the air. A skilled fighter could have swatted the spell away. Mildred wasn’t a real fighter though. She knew that she had gotten lucky though, and that the next time the wizard would probably overwhelm her meager defenses.

“Hopefully there are more challenging magic users within these walls other than you girl. Because you are hardly worth the time it took play with.” The wizard said in disgust, as he fired another spell at her.

Mildred tried to move out of the way, but she still felt a stinging sensation on her arm. Looking down, she saw that she now had a long cut on her shoulder that was bleeding quite a bit. Clutching her arm she rose to her feet only for the wizard to make a couple of jabbing sensations with his wand and she screamed as she felt her ribs break.

“Yes, scream little witch.” The wizard said mockingly. “Give me music to work with. Already the wards on your school weaken, and soon I shall be within its walls and learn all of your secrets.” The wizard taunted the young witch.

“No.” Mildred said defiantly, as she raised her hand and muttered a few words, causing mist to spring from all over hiding everyone from view.

The wizard laughed at this. “You think that you can hide from me with some mist?” He questioned, as he waved his wand and a purple flame leapt from his wand, and blasted where the girl had been a moment before. “Someone should have taught you the futility of trying to hide from a Death Eater girl. When we have chosen our target, there is none that will get in our way.”

Mildred kept her head down as she tried to think up a way to stop this figure with his wand. Every time she felt that she was safe a new blast of magic struck out blasting something else away. She had to admit that the wand made the casting that the man performed to be quiet fast in his spells.

Reaching into her book bag she pulled out one of her sketch books. She quickly flipped through the pages before finding the picture that she wanted. Holding the page out she concentrated, and suddenly the picture that was on it leaped off of the page. Now there was a large tiger that was pacing up and down. “Get him!” She ordered the animal. The tiger nodded and padded away into the mist searching for its prey. Mildred quickly began searching through the rest of her sketch book to find more things that could help her with this fight. Soon two knights joined her, and stood near her in a protective stance. Mildred Hubble while a only fair witch even if she did say so herself had a rather unique ability that very few in the magical world had ever heard of. She had the ability to make pictures to come to life. If she had a Whitelighter, she would have known that the ability she possessed was classified as Thought Projection. Mildred had been brought up in a different part of the magical world though, and had never even seen a Demon much less Whitelighter.

The fog cleared as Mildred focused more on her drawings than on hiding and the Death Eater was slicing the tiger in half at the time. “There you are mudblood.” The Death Eater said smugly, as he pointed his wand and began casting various cutting curses at the girl. The knights quickly moved forward and used their shields to block the spells even as they drew their swords out. They were now ready to fight with the dark wizard. “Avada Kedavra!” The Death Eater roared out the incantation and a bolt of green slammed into one of the knights knocking him over. As soon as he struck the ground the knight caught on fire and disappeared. Another spell and Mildred’s other knight was destroyed as well.

Mildred began paging through her sketchbook desperate to find something else to fight with, as it was becoming obvious that she needed something stronger. “Come on, come on, come on.” She pleaded with the sketch book, even as the wizard aimed his wand at her. She dropped the book, as it suddenly caught fire. The flames burned at her hands even as she dropped the book. She clutched at her hands, even as she saw the blisters that were popping up on her hands hurt like everything

“Not a bad trick little witch, such a skill must come in handy.” The Death Eater noted angrily at having been delayed by the girl. “The time for you and your little games are over though.” He slashed his wand at the girl and Mildred gasped as she felt the spell cut into her. The wizard walked over to her and knelt down beside her. “You really are the worst sort of witch aren’t you?” The man asked mockingly.

Mildred flinched as she heard her old title from school being flung in her face. It seemed that no matter where she went, or what she did that name would stick with her even unto death. She closed her eyes and waited for the death low that was sure to come.

“If you manage to live through this mudblood, I might find something to feed you to.” The Death Eater said as he stuck his wand under the girl’s chin. “Now how do I get past the wards girl?”

“I’ll never say.” Mildred coughed out defiantly, doing her best to glare at the man despite the fact that she was broken and bleeding out. She wondered where all of the others were and why no one had come out to stop this wizard yet. Perhaps they figured that they were safe within the confines of the school wards and she had rushed forward and had accomplished nothing. It was just like her to rush headlong into trouble when she should have just stayed back she thought to herself.

Scowling the wizard backhanded the girl before rising to his feet. “It matters not mudblood. Soon these wards will be down anyways. Once that is done I shall take this school and prove the power that I hold. Soon the others will see that I am right and that there are other places of magic that we can take from and become stronger.” He huffed as he kicked at her prone form. Stupid mudblood, you’re too far gone to be of any concern to me. “The Death Eater said as he turned his back on the witch and resumed his attack on the wards. He grinned as he saw that the constant pounding was actually bringing them down. The power was weakening and soon he would be through despite the interference of the girl.

As she watched the figure move away from her Mildred’s vision started to go blurry and she imagined that she was back at Cackle’s Academy with Enid and Maude while dodging the dark and forbidding looks of Miss. Hardbroom and Ethel’s petty little tricks. Her vision seemed to swim before her eyes, as she remembered every misadventure that she had ever had and seemed to be reliving it. From her first day of entering Cackles Academy, to what had finally drawn her here and her futile attempt at stopping this wizard and his pets. As she imagined herself safely back at Cackle’s Academy, she imagined that there was a large rabbit that was staring at her as if watching and judging her. The animal seemed to make a decision though as it leaned toward her, and the witch was somewhat surprised to hear the animal start to talk. “You have done well for one such as yourself Mildred Hubble.” It said in a soft and musical voice that echoed throughout the dream world. “You have faced many different challenges, and fought with a fine strength of character.”

“Who are you?” Mildred asked, as she looked at the large animal. “Are you my spirit guide come to guide me to the other side?” She asked curiously. She never would have thought an animal as surefooted as a rabbit would be her guide. Maybe a bumbling hippo or elephant.

The animal actually seemed amused at that notion as it stared at the young witch. “No child, that is not who or what I am.” It explained to her. “I am a member of the Celtic Gods that your kind once worshiped many ages ago.”

“So you’re a goddess?” Mildred said in surprise.

“Aye child, that I am though I have been mostly forgotten.” The figure then morphed from its hare form into a young woman wearing armor, a sword, and a shield. “I am Andraste a Goddess of military victory.” The goddess explained to the witch.

“So why are you here?” Mildred wondered.

“I have come to give you a choice young one.” Andraste informed the witch. “You can die here and now, while this wizard with his many enchanted slaves runs a amok through your school, killing many of those that you consider friends before your professors manage to finally stop them. By my estimates half of your school will likely die before they manage to stop them. Trolls are a rather magically resistant type of creature after all.” The Goddess said idly.

“What about Hobbes Swoop, Ethel or Cas?” Mildred questioned, as she listed some of her classmates. While she had mixed feelings about Ethel and Hobbes they were both skilled magic users. Surely between the two of them they should be able to figure out something that could stop the wizard and the creatures that he commanded.

“With their own recent mistakes they have an urge to prove themselves.” Andraste reminded the witch. “They will likely fall to the power of the Death Eater or the might of his trolls. That is if they are not convinced that it would not be better for them to join up with the Death Eater that is attacking your school.”

“They wouldn’t do that.” Mildred said weakly not even able to convince herself that the pair wouldn’t try to gain power from this situation. “Surely there must be something that you can do though?” She pleaded of the Goddess.

Andraste was quiet for a moment as she seemed to be lost in thought. “Many things have changed for this world young witch. The lines of fate which are watched over and guide have become tangled and hard to understand. The one known as the Master of Death and his friends were supposed to be the ones to help deal with these remaining Death Eaters. With their unity broken though, the dark wand wizards known as Death Eaters have been gathering amongst themselves and attempting to make themselves powerful in their own right. It is why this Death Eater has come here. He plans to learn all of your magical knowledge then move on. Others like him will follow his example. It will not be long before groups like these become strong enough to move out and hit multiple schools of magic. This is but the first strike, and they will learn from it. After this though, they will come back in force and then even your precious Cackles won’t be safe from all of this death and destruction. If you’re lucky your young cousin will become a slave to a powerful magic user when she comes of age. If she is not killed outright for not being born into the right family that is. With so much magical conflict spilling out though, the governments of the world are now taking an interest into the supernatural and trying to find a way to force it to bow to its control. Such an interest in the supernatural by governments has not happened since the days of World War II. I’m sure you remember how bloody some of those conflicts became before the end of the war?” She questioned glancing over at the girl who nodded her acknowledgement of that. “Many of the ones that had once hunted the demons and other supernatural creatures have been wiped out while there’s an increase in demon numbers thanks to the Devils Gate that was cracked open not too long ago. The rise of Illyria happening about two or three years early and retaining more of its power than she was originally intended to. Add in the fact that the Illyria isn’t helping the balance of light as was foreseen, and has nearly taken over the entire European wand wizarding world. Even now the Illyria has a tight grip on parts of the wizarding world even if they are no longer united in their efforts to control it. Once they learn of this part of the magical world that has combined the regular world and the magical world they will be quick to take it over increasing their power even more. That is if the Death Eaters don’t manage it first. The loss of so many of the Seals of Hell and the Angels that were supposed to guard them. The breaking of the box that held Lucifer prisoner. The raising of the Four Horsemen who were even now traveling in the states causing all sorts of terror and destruction to all that they came across. The Death of Albus Dumbledore, who while manipulative was still a force of goodness. With him gone there is also the loss of Fawkes, one of the great phoenixes. The loss of the White Master as well makes this world all that darker.

“It is because of all of this that the Gods of old have awoken again. It is our hope that we can stop this world from being destroyed. Those that were supposed to watch over it all allowed things to fall apart and now it is our duty to repair all that they have permitted to be destroyed. However even with an increase in our powers and what we are allowed there are limitations on what we are allowed to do.” Andraste said sounding somewhat discouraged by the enormity of the task that faced it and its fellow higher beings. “We cannot become personally involved in shifting the balance of the world back to where it needs to be. This means that we cannot battle those such as the Death Eater and his servants directly.”

“Isn’t there anything that you can do to help all of them though?” Mildred pleaded of the Goddess for the sakes of all of her friends.

“Indeed young witch there is one thing that I might be able to do to help you and you’re friends.” Andraste said as she knelt beside the witch. “Many of the Gods of old are awakening, and have chosen champion warriors to battle with the darkness by imbuing them with a small part of their power. The Greeks have Amazon, the Morrigan have Blade, Hekate has Chosen a group of sisters, Raven has chosen one who has taken his name, the Aesir have Valkyrie, Merlin has chosen Gryffindor, and Gaia has chosen Fire.”

“What does this have to do with what’s going on here?” Mildred asked nervously.

“It is simple young one. I can stop this from turning into a bloodbath, but it will require a champion to infuse my power into.” Andraste explained to the witch.

“Then find Ethel or someone to accept your power.” Mildred said desperately.

“No, I have already chosen.” Andraste returned to the witch. “My champion shall be you Mildred Hubble. There are none but you that is worthy of this. While the various diviners would never have chosen you as a champion of the world, they would have chosen you as a defender of the people. You were never meant to be a champion, but with the imbalance of the world even those that were not originally intended to become heroes are now being chosen.”

“But someone like Ethel, or even Enid would be such better choices than me.” Mildred argued with the Goddess, not believing that she was really what the Goddess wanted or needed in a champion. “Those two know what they’re doing all the time.”

“They have their good points your friend Enid Nightshade has the warriors heart, but there are others looking toward her right now. She has some decisions to make still before the final decision will be made. She is also too far to help you right now. Though if she knew that you needed her she would come. As for your companion Ethel Hallow, she has not the right heart Mildred Hubble. She is loyal to her family and herself first before anything else. While not a dark witch, she is a gray one. This is not a onetime call to arms should you accept the power then you shall be my champion for life.”

“Will it allow me to keep people safe?” Mildred asked curiously.

“You will be able to protect all of them.” Andraste assured her. “The true question now though, is do you have what it takes to fight for those that you claim to care for? Are you willing to make a sacrifice of yourself for others?”

Mildred’s face took on a grim appearance as she stared back at the Goddess. “I’ll do it.” She said determinedly. “I’ll take your power and protect them all to the best of my ability.”

“Very well then Mildred Hubble, the Worst Witch of Cackle’s Academy.” Andraste said as she waved her hand over the witch’s arm. Take this then young one, you shall need it for the things that are about to come.”

Mildred looked down at her arm and saw that a large silver bracelet had been placed on her arm. “What is it?” She asked as she looked at it. On her arm was a heavy bracelet covered in a variety of Celtic designs that she recognized and in the center of it was a large red jewel that seemed to glow with untold power.

Andraste smiled in amusement at the question. “As you are not an American and your life is full of wonder already you may not be as familiar with the world of comics and superheroes as some of the other champions are. This here is the Witchblade. It is an enchanted weapon. When you are wearing it like this it shall give you slightly enhanced physical abilities when you are at full power it shall put you on a level that is like that of a Vampire Slayer. I am entrusting the power to you young one, do not disappoint me. You now have the power to fight, show them what you can do now wake and stop this dark wizard. If you do manage to survive this, be sure to ask your teachers what the Age of Champions is for it has now returned. Such a thing is both wonderful and awful all at the same time.”

Mildred nodded her head in understanding, as she felt strength beginning to rush through her body. Her vision blurred again and she found herself back in front of the entrance to the school lying in a puddle of her own blood. She rose to her feet and looked at her arm seeing that the jewel within the Witchblade was practically shimmering with power. She examined her wounds but saw that the injuries were already starting to seal themselves back over. This was faster than the strongest healing spell that she had read about. She raised her arm, and watched in shocked wonder as the bracelet grew over her arm. First it turned into a giant bracer, but then sped up into a metal gauntlet and then into armor that continued to grow all around her. Soon she was standing in a chain mail suit over that medieval plate armor that was covered in various Celtic designs grew. The armor grew in two layers over her body one a dark metal while over that in her more vulnerable areas a bright silver armor molded itself to her. Gauntlets covered both of her hands following that was a cowter that protected her elbows spaulders that covered her shoulders following that was a dark colored gorget that covered her upper chest and neck while the rest of her chest was covered with a silver breastplate, following that was a stuuded skirt made out of sheets of metal. The skirt gave her a feminine look while taking away none of her mobility. Her legs were also covered in chain mail which ended in a pair of armored boots and greaves that traveled up to her knees. On her head a protective headpiece framed her head. All in all, she was much more deadly and scarier version of the girl shad been moments before. She held her hands out and watched as two swords sprang out from the wrists of her armor. It was as if the armor was somehow alive and responding to her need for protection and weapons.

Mildred turned and headed toward the group of attackers. She flipped over the Death Eater, who was so shocked at seeing this figure, that he stopped casting spells as he watched to see what the newcomer would do. With her swords leading, Mildred charged and slashed through the backs of two of the trolls. She then turned around slashed at the other trolls as they tried to deal with the unexpected attacker. The dim witted creatures were slow on responding to the attacks though giving her plenty of time to jab her sword at them several times before they managed to complete their turn to face her. An explosion landed near their feet through forcing the trolls back into the wall while their assailant was tossed into the air. With a twist the armored figure managed to land on their feet in a crouch and facing the direction that the spell had come from. Mildred glared at the one that had interrupted her fight with the trolls. There with his wand already pointing at her was the wizard that defeated her once already. Hopefully the second round would go differently.

“It appears that there is more to you than meets the eye girl.” The Death Eater noted, as he began firing curses at the young witch.

To Mildred the spells seemed to be moving at a much slower speed, as she was able to see the spells and react to the magical attacks by bringing her wrist blades up to block the attacks. The spells bounced off of the swords and cut gouges into the walls. Mildred smirked as she raised one blade and forced a spell to go hurtling back at the wizard.

Snarling, the Death Eater deflected the spell with a shielding spell. “Yes, there’s obviously more to you than at a first glance, but I’ll still deal with you and any others that get in my way. Kill her.” He ordered the trolls who nodded as they lumbered toward her.

Mildred eyed the group up and down looking for any strengths or weaknesses. There were three of them left. One had a hammer, the other an ax, and the final one had a mace. They must have some sort of magic nullifying power or other enchantments to be able to wear the wards around the school down. She raised her arms and caught the mace and the ax on her blades. She grunted as she felt the sheer power behind the lows as the two creatures tried to force their weapons down.

The wizard watched in stunned disbelief as he saw that the creatures were being held off by a mere slip of a girl. That shouldn’t be possible, yet somehow she was holding her own against magical creatures that were many times stronger than she was. It simply didn’t make any sense. He watched as the troll with the hammer came swinging in and caught her in the stomach lifting the girl up and sent her flying away. She slammed into the wall and crumpled to the ground. The wizard sighed with relief, while she had a few surprises it was obvious that she still lacked many of the skills that were needed for her to become a true threat to him and his plans. She would fall just like all of the others would. Soon he would be the one that they referred to as the dark lord and feared to speak his name. Europe had quivered at the name of Voldemort that would be terrified of what he became and did.

Mildred shook the echoing pain off and focused on the creatures that she was fighting. She hadn’t expected the trolls to have any form of teamwork to their skills but they had done it somehow. She wondered if it had been an accident or they were really that good of fighters to have managed that. Then again it wasn’t like she actually had a lot of experience with fighting anyways. Shrugging her concerns off, she rushed toward them again. This time she went low, the blade cutting deep into the leg of the troll she then raised her other arm up skyward and finished the troll off by gutting it. Leaping into the air she performed a spin kick that caught its partner and sent it stumbling back. She then turned to look at the hammer wielding troll. She intercepted the hammer with her blade. The clanging sound echoed all throughout the alley. Her arm felt numb from the power of the blow. The troll came in for another swing. This time she dodged the hammer as it came crashing down beside her. One of the sword on her hands morphed into an ax and she swung snapping the head of the hammerhead off. The troll raised its weapon and looked at the remnants of its weapon in disbelief. It tossed the remains to the side and began swinging massive fists at her instead. As one fist came close several spike erupted from the armor and while she was tossed to the side the creature howled in pain.

Mildred picked herself up and noticed that she had burst through the door, she noticed that her teachers and several of her fellow students were lying in wait.

“Mildred Hubble?” Ethel asked in disbelief. “Just what is that you are wearing?” She asked arrogantly as her eyes wandered up and down the first generation witch.

“Not now Ethel.” Mildred returned as she raised her hands and fired several spikes from the tip of her gauntlets at the remaining two trolls who faltered for a moment before falling to the ground. Mildred fell down to one knee in relief that the trolls were done for. The fact that the wards had been shattered in the fight did make it a hollow victory though.

“Impressive.” The Death Eater said as he casually stopped in from of the doorway that led into the school. “There aren’t many that have the power to meet three bridge trolls in combat and win. Not even you can beat what I have next though.” He said as he raised his wand and fired several sparks into the air. “Even as we speak I have summoned some of my strongest allies. There is going to be nothing that you can do to stop me this time around.”

“And what have you summoned?” Headmistress Thunderblast demanded. The woman was old having come along in her years but was still able to move about with the speed of a younger person.

“Just some leftovers from the last war.” The Death Eater returned mockingly. He smirked as he saw several figures come into the ally the figures then blocked the entrance.

“What are they?” Hobbes questioned with interest even as he was preparing a spell. Had anyone looked at the young wizard they would have thought that they were looking on the child of Severus Snape. The youth shared many of the same physical traits that the former Hogwarts Headmaster had. He was dressed in black robes, was pale skinned, had dark calculating eyes, dark hair, and had an aura of darkness around him.

“Dementors.” Professor Johnathan Shakeshaft noted. The immortal wizard scowled as he saw the creatures. “They are amongst the most powerful and evil of creatures, capable of making a person relive their worst memories while feeding on your good emotions and only the most powerful of light spells can even affect them negatively. It would be wiser to fall back than to try and confront such creatures.”

“Only the strongest of spells huh?” Hobbes asked with a grin as he raised his staff and aimed it at the creatures. Speaking a long incantation a jet of magical shot from the staff only to bounce off the long black cloak. “Impossible.” The young wizard said in disbelief. “It would have to be a being with massive magical reserves to not even notice that spell.”

“Which is exactly what it is.” Shakeshaft returned to the boy. “Set up a second line of defense, we’ll hold them off long enough for you to get here.” The young witches and wizards in training nodded as they rushed off leaving the teachers and Mildred in the hallway. “You to Mildred Hubble.” The old man said.

“But I can fight.” Mildred argued.

“I’m sure that you can.” The man said condescending tone. “We want you to live though. I doubt even all of that armor will help you that much against an opponent like this. This is a wand wizard Miss Hubble. They’re some of the fastest spell casters around, they also live in a deluded world where might makes right most of the time as well.” The old man said as he eyed the wizard with contempt. “There’s a reason why our type of magic user try not to interact with them very often. Because usually some idiot wand user decides it’s time to start yet another magical war or something similar. On the plus side, it keeps the idiot population down somewhat since they’re always fighting amongst themselves. Unfortunately they never can seem to contain their wars and they almost always end up spilling out into the rest of the world somehow.”

“Watch your tongue before I am forced to severe it from your head you miserable excuse for a wizard.” The Death Eater said angrily as he clenched his fist tightly. “It would be better if you were not to talk of those that you have no real knowledge of.”

“I have more knowledge of you and your kind than I care for.” Shakeshaft returned to the wizard, looking none too pleased at the wand user that had assaulted the school and students under his care. “You’re not the first wizard that I’ve seen that has embraced the teachings that dark magic has offered.”

“Go Mildred.” Thunderblast ordered her student. “If we fail, you will need to help the others with the next line of defense while the others prepare the evacuation.”

Sighing Mildred took off and soon found herself in the main hall where the others were preparing for the next stage of the confrontation. She turned around and prepared for the incoming attacks. As much as she would like to believe that the teachers would stop the Death Eater she couldn’t help but remember what Andraste had said would happen without a champion of some sort. Without a champion the school would fall followed by many others if not today then soon. She let her blades extend as she got into a ready posistion. She only hoped that their teachers didn’t get hurt too badly.

“Where did you find that anyways?” Hobbes asked with interest as he looked the enchanted armor over with appreciation. Normally he would have been scanning it with his magic, but like the others he was building up his power for the upcoming confrontation. He had already set up several crystals to help increase his power. He only hoped that he could do this. He still had a few spells in his arsenal that he wanted to try against those creatures before he was ready to admit defeat.

“It’s probably just another one of her crazy ideas.” Ethel said in disgust. It always irked her when Mildred caught the attention of the wizard.

“Not now Ethel.” Mildred returned in a steely voice.

Ethel shrugged at the other witch in an unconcerned manner as she quickly cast a spell that conjured a wall between them and the monsters.

“Ethel take that wall down the teachers can’t get back through with that there.” Swoop told the girl. “Its effectively trapping the teachers inside with those dementor creatures.”

“Like I care.” Ethel shot back at the older witch as she tried to plan a way to survive this latest catastrophe. “What did you do this time anyways Mildred Hubble?” She demanded of the armor wearing witch.

“What makes you think that this is my fault?” A shocked Mildred questioned her year mate as she turned to face her former school rival.

Ethel snorted at this as if this was the dumbest question she had ever heard. “Simple Mildred, only you could manage to annoy someone enough to have them send an army of magical creatures after us.” She spat at her acidly. “If you would just stop sticking your nose into places that it’s not wanted we might not be in this situation again. I swear, its just like being back at Cackle’s Academy with you sometimes. We somehow end up with some huge mess that you or your pathetic friends somehow created, and the rest of us have to deal with the consequences of your idiocy.”

“You know what Ethel, we’ll worry about this later. Right now we have more important things to worry about than who is it at fault for the school being attacked.” Mildred returned, before turning face the wall.

“You do remember that Mildred was the first one to forgive you when you and Hobbes summoned that Dark Wizard on accident right?” The redheaded Cas Crowfeather questioned in annoyance. The Canadian girl glared at the girl. “Had it been up to me we would have expelled the both of you, but Millie thought that there was something worth saving in the both of you. Or maybe it was just Hobbes that she wanted to save, and she thought he was worth the price of both of you.” She added in with a smirk.

“Can we please fight amongst ourselves later?” Hobbes asked dryly, causing the girls to stop their fight and focus on the wall. There were several shouts and they could hear the echoing sound of magic as the two teachers battled with the dementors and the dark wizard. There was a moment when there was a lull in the noise and everyone then watched as ice began appearing on the wall the entire wall was covered and then it shattered. When the dust cleared, they could all see the dementors and wizard standing next to the unconscious teachers who were hovering beside him like lifeless puppets.

The Death Eater looked somewhat the worst for wear though, as his robes were smoking and his mask was cracked. The wizard walked with the dementors his mask going from side to side as he saw the group of students that had formed up in a defensive circle. He waved his wand, and all of the damage that he had suffered seemed to disappear as the robes straightened and the crack sealed itself up. “Your teachers had some skill.” He said stiffly, as he scanned the group. “They still fell to me though. Do not be fools. Surrender and accept your defeat and some of you may yet live.” He offered to them.

“I’ll take my chances. “Hobbes said stoically, as he channeled a new spell through his staff and fired at the wizard.

The wizard fired his own spell and the two spells intercepted. The Death Eater was older and stronger though and his spell ripped through Hobbes spell and sent him flying across the room where he landed with a sickening crunch before sliding to the floor.

“Fine, I’ll stop him.” Mildred said as she moved forward to take Hobbes place as the center of their defenses.

“Stop her.” The Death Eater ordered to the Dementors. The creatures hovering several feet off the ground began chasing her. Mildred leaped at a column, and then using it she climbed to the top of the building and then out a window.

“I should have known she was a coward.” Ethel shot off.

“You idiot, she’s drawing them away.” Swoop said pointing to the creatures that were flying after their armored friend. With the dementors gone that just left the Death Eater. “Besides, it seems as if we have our hands full with this then.” She added pointing to the wand user. The others nodded in agreement as they each cast a variety of spells in the direction of the wizard.

“Ha none of you are in Potter or his companions caliber.” The wizard said as he began firing counters to the spells being directed at him.

Mildred was up on top of the roof now while the dementors were circling around her. The ice that their mere presence created would have made standing here extremely dangerous, but thanks to the way her armor created spikes in her boots she was easily gripping the shingles beneath her feet. Her weapons shifted again and she fired a chain whip at one of the creatures. She was somewhat surprised when she saw that the chain actually wrapped around the creature. With everything that the creatures had shrugged off she hadn’t been expecting for them to be caught by this. With a jerk she pulled the Dementor toward her and with her other arm skewered the creature. The creature let out a death cry that shattered many of the surrounding windows and caused blood to trickle from her nose and ears. She looked up as many of the Dementors fled, but two of them had remained behind. They flew at her and tackled her the force of the strikes was so great that the ceiling buckled and they fell back into the hall. Mildred twisted in the air and somehow landed on top of the creatures, she then slammed her twin blades into the chests of the Dementors. The creatures screeched again causing all of the students to fall to their knees and cover their ears. The wizard waved his wand and seemed largely unaffected. Mildred pulled her blades out of the cloaks as the ragged garments drifted to the ground.

“Impossible.” The Death Eater said in shock as he stared at the girl. Her armor appeared to be roughed up somewhat after taking the brunt of going through the roof, but she was still standing somehow. He looked towards the two empty cloaks in disbelief. Only legendary weapons that could affect spiritual creatures were supposed to be able to do damage Dementors, and never had one been found that could kill one. Yet the strange armor that this girl wore allowed her to do just that. He had entered with a dozen dementors, he wondered where the others had gone or if they too had been destroyed. The witches and wizards at this school had not been a threat to him. It seemed as if the magic users had grown soft while away from the real magical world. They were all lying around two of them had even been treated to his Crucio. This armored girl though, he wasn’t sure what to think of her. Still if he wanted to show his fellow purebloods that they could continue the dark lord’s mission then he would have to keep going. “Die mudblood filth.” He said as he raised his wand and pointed it at her. “Avada Kedavra!”

Several shields popped into place as everyone tried to save the witch from the nasty looking spell. Mildred ducked beneath the spell and appeared alongside of the man. Grabbing the man with her armored hand she pulled up. They all heard the crack of bone as the wand fell out of useless fingers. The professors that had been held up by the spell fell down as without his wand the spells were broken. A moment later Mildred had cast several binding spells of her own while the others were slowly checking themselves over for serious injuries. The fight had been a close thing, and had it not been for Mildred and her armor it was likely that they would have all been taken out.

“Well done Mildred.” The headmistress said as she painfully climbed to her feet. “I see that when Cackle’s Academy recommended you for this school that they knew just what an amazing witch that you were.”

“Thank you professor.” Mildred said gratefully. She wondered how she was supposed to get out of the armor now though. As if it understood that the danger was over the armor began retracting. Everyone watched in amazement as the armor that had protected the young witch made several click and clanking sounds until it had reformed back into the heavy bracelet that she had been wearing before. Mildred opened and closed her hand a few times as she examined the bracelet that was on her arm.

“A remarkable piece of magic you have there Mildred.” Hobbes said, as he eyed the Witchblade hungrily. His mind was already trying to figure how the device actually worked and what spells had gone into it.

“One that is not yours.” Thunderblast reminded the young wizard. The teen didn’t look happy about that, but appeared to accept what she said for the moment.

They all turned to look at the damage that had been done to the school. “I suppose that you can tell us what that was all about Miss Hubble?” Professor Shakeshaft questioned the girl curiously as he was helped up.

“I was told to say that the Age of Champions has returned.” Mildred promptly answered the wizard. “Does that mean anything to you Professor?” she asked curiously.

The Age of Champions? The man said his eyes widening as he heard a phrase that had been long forgotten. “Yes Mildred, yes it does.” Shakeshaft returned solemnly. “The Age of Champions is a dangerous time. The last time people acknowledged that they lived in the Age of Champions was in the days of Arthur Pendragon. Some think that many of the American Tall Tales are an indication that there was another one that may have happened. It is a time when the battle between light and dark are at their strongest. Higher beings choose Warriors or Champions to fight in their name to battle and restore balance to the world or to push society forward into the next age. If we are seeing a return to the Age of Champions then things are about to get very bad indeed as their will be many such battles as the one we just experienced. This was but the beginning of things to come.” The old man said solemnly as he thought of all that would and could happen if it was truly a return to the Age of Champions.

“Whether or not such is the case we should all be pleased that we have a champion amongst our own ranks in the form of Mildred Hubble.” Thunderblast said proudly while she looked the girl over. “If this is but the beginning, then we shall meet it head on with Mildred at our sides.” She declared to those gathered in the hall who all gave weak cheers.

“You do realize that it’s just as likely that Hubble drew them here somehow right?” Ethel questioned snootily her arms crossed as she glared at the girl.

“Enough Miss Hallow.” Thunderblast ordered. “We will continue to treat Mildred Hubble the same as before. Unless you feel that you need to leave that is?” she said as she turned to look at the girl questioningly.

“Its a nice thought, but I doubt it will work.” Shakeshaft said with a sad smile as he regarded the witch in question. “Mildred has a new life though. She should be learning combat magic and be apprenticed to someone who can either help her, or train her in the ways that she needs to be trained. We could give her much of the theory, but there is much we cannot do. She needs a knight or battle mage to train her in the arts of magic and in physical combat. Classes of that order are simply not taught here. Though I have no doubt that there is going to be a renewed interest in those items in the coming years.” He said knowingly.

“And where do you suppose I find one of those?” Mildred asked worriedly.

“You can’t be serious?” Swoop exclaimed as she saw that the girl was seriously considering leaving Weirdsister to train her magic elsewhere..

Mildred didn’t look overly happy as she looked at her friends. “We all know that he’s right, I can’t stay here with all of you. I need a different kind of training. It wasn’t my fault this time, but next time they might come looking for me. Then it will be my fault. I need someone that can teach me how to fight with magic and weapons.”

“I’ve heard rumors of a new battle mage that has been doing a number of things to keep the dark wizards at bay.” Shakeshaft admitted. “He might be the one that you need to talk to. At least stay here until you have heard from our contacts. You can also continue your studies until you make a decision.”

Mildred finally nodded her head in agreement causing the others to breath sighs of relief. They still had some time to convince their friend that she could still train here and learn what she needed here. It was true that she would probably need extra classes but the loss of their friend hardly seemed like a fair trade to some of them.

“Good, you can start by help with the cleanup of this mess.” Beetle said. As the stout woman in a military style uniform glanced around at the mess. “I would love to charge you for it Hubble, but this time it wasn’t your fault.” She looked up at the ceiling in distaste calculating how much the repairs were going to cost. She then began organizing the people into cleaning crews so that they coud get as much of this out of the way as fast as possible.

Mildred sighed, her heart sinking as she realized that her time at Weirdsister College was already coming to a close. She had hoped that her time would be much longer and that she would have finished her education before she was forced to leave these halls. She had truly enjoyed the various studies and experimentations that they had performed here. The magic had been such a wonderful thing for her to experience. She wondered what things would be different for her once she was out in the real world. It seemed that already her life was about to change from what she had thought it would be. She wondered what Miss Cackle and Miss Hardbroom would say if they knew what was happening. When she was younger saving the school used to mean that she got to stay at the school not have to leave it. She paused as she thought more on that. Actually she was pretty sure she didn’t want to know what Miss Hardbroom had to say to her becoming a real live hero and defender of magic. The stiff woman would probably have something less than complimentary to say to her about her qualifications at being a hero and the number of shortcomings she had that prevented her from being truly good at such a job. She would likely tell her to tie her boots up as well just for the sake of doing it. The woman would then say how Ethel would be a much better candidate for the job as a hero and representative of their part of the magical world than she Mildred Hubble could ever hope to be. At least she knew that Miss Cackle would be encouraging to her and try and comfort her for the tasks that she ahead of her.

All she could do now was study and prepare for the next time that she and the Witchblade were needed. She looked down at her wrist where the weapon was now resting. She never noticed the hungry looks that Ethel and Hobbes were sending her arm either. She hoped that her cat Tabby didn’t mind all of the traveling that they were most likely going to be doing soon. It seemed as if their lives had gotten even more wild and unexpected than they had originally thought that they would be.

The Worst Witch is a very Harry Potter style series even though it predates HP by quite a bit. Wouldn’t be surprised that JKR got some inspiration from it. As the books originally came out in 1974. It spawned a weak movie and a fun t.v series with two spinoffs in 2001. A majority of which you can find on youtube. Think HP without a war looming in the background. Any of the scoobies would likely have flourished in such a world of magic and its somewhat similar to BTVS style magic. How is that for weird and obscure source material? I’m going to blame batzulger and their The Military Option series for that. Now that is a writer that likes to use several rather obscure books/movies/and T.V shows in their fics.

Link to a picture of the armor I tried to describe here.
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