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Excalibur: Sentinels

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Excalibur". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Champions continue to rise as now the Champions of Magic rise to take their place amongst the chosen defenders of the world. The magical users must now stand firm against the coming storm.

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texaswookieFR18882,7451228,49815 Feb 132 Jul 14Yes


Another addition to this series of comic book inspired heroes mixing themselves with. I own nothing of the universes in this story. Hopefully this one will get a better reaction than the Soulfire one did. Some of the crosses in this part will be expected but I think one chapter will be something of a surprise as I don't think I've ever seen a cross on it for this site. With that said I own nothing of the characters being used and they belong to their respective companies.


A brown haired girl in a burlap sack of an outfit sighed as she stared out into space for a moment, as she considered the way her life was now as opposed to what she remembered it to being. Winifred (Fred) Burkle had been many things over her life. At least she thought that she had been that is. There were times that she wasn’t sure what was just in her head and what was real. A part of her felt like she had been a cow for the people of Pylea for all her life, a lesser being that had been placed to serve the people of Pylea. Then there were the times that she remembered another way of living. She remembered places like Dallas and Los Angeles. A place where humans not demons were the dominant species on the planet. The names of people or groups like John Wayne and the Dixie Chicks. Whenever she tried to speak of these thing to others like her though she got confused and pitying looks. None of them had heard of the names or places, and were unsure how to respond to her mad ravings as she spoke of people and places that none of them had ever heard of.

There were those amongst her fellow cows/slaves that enjoyed her tales, but that was all. She was a source of amusement for the others for the most part. She knew that while there were those that seemed to enjoy her company that she was likely to be amongst the first of the women to be offered up to their master for food or sacrifice when the time came. None of the males felt the need to mate with her since there were times that they could not count on her to do things correctly. While she knew their ways, she was also considered something of a troublemaker. Her habit of running away was one that annoyed both their masters and the slaves since they sometimes bore the brunt of their annoyance. She would be gone for short or long periods of time, always trying to remind herself of the symbols that had brought her to this place. Trying to find the right combination that would allow her to go back to that world with delicious tacos.

Not that finding the combinations was all that easy, there were hunters that found great joy in tracking and dragging her back to whichever demon decided that she was worth the most. It had actually become something of a game for them to let her loose and let her fend for herself before bothering to hunt and track her down. She knew that there were others that they allowed to run and she also knew that as soon as they decided that she was no longer fun to hunt then she would be sacrificed. She had seen what happened to the other runners that they had become bored with. Many of them had been offered up in sacrifice to those that they considered heroes fed to these great warriors. It also didn’t help to try and fight either, since they had all the weapons and even if she occasionally tricked one or two lone hunters into provoking wild animals. She knew that if she made a habit out of it that they would send all of their forces against her, and even the occasional cow that did survive that there was still the Groosalug one had to contend with before they could ever allow themselves to be free. The half Pylean and half human warrior was reputed as one of the strongest and powerful fighters around. The ultimate champion of Pylea. She had known several other runners that had tried to fight that had managed to survive past hunting parties of all sorts to be taken down by the Groosalug. He was their champion that kept peace within the lands, answering only to the High Priests of the Wolf Ram and Hart. When Groosalug came for you, it meant that you were dead. He was simply too relentless in his chasing of you.

She finished her latest equation, and prepared to try out her latest incantation so that she could try and get out of here. She looked up though upon seeing one of the hunting packs. She recognized the green skinned figures. It was members of the Deathwok clan. Some of the best trackers that came from this dimension they possessed some sort of sensing ability that made it near impossible for someone to manage to get away from them once they had the scent of your essence. They must be taking her most recent escape seriously if they of all beings were hunting her. Either that or they had run across her trail and decided to earn a little bit of extra money by bringing her in. She was only glad that she wasn’t at her cave. She would have hated if they were to discover her hideout where she normally worked on these things.

She would have to try making her wormhole later, preferably when she wasn’t being hunted by the Deathwok Clan. If she was lucky, she would even remember the formula for her latest theory. Hiding the bark that she had been using as paper she made sure it was protected and then began circling around. If she could lead them away, then perhaps she could get a chance. She began rushing through already hearing the sound of her trackers as they began chasing her. The joking manner that the group was chasing her let her know that they were treating this as nothing more than a game. She bit back a sob even as she could hear them thundering after her. They would have already caught her if it weren’t for the fact that they seemed to be having to much fun with the chase.

“Come brothers, the cow goes this way!” She heard one of them call out.

“The last to reach it must buy the first round.” Another called out. She heard the crack of a whip and realized that despite how fast she was going they were quickly closing the distance between her and them. She stumbled as a whip wrapped around her legs and with a jerk the leather cords tightened and sent her sprawling to the ground. The slave girl groaned as she rolled to her side. Before she could do much more her slave collar activated and she was introduced to pain as energy flowed through her. She wished she had remembered to deactivate the collar, but she had been busy working on her equations and it had slipped her mind.

“So it’s this one again is it?” One of them said, as he forced her onto her back with the toe of his boot. “How many times have we chased this one brothers?”

“It is not our fault that they cannot keep track of their Cows brother.” Another said bemusedly. “Although I would think that they would feel properly shamed at having the same Cow always managing to escape from their pens. Then again, if it did not escape we would not have as much fun either.” The brothers all snickered at the fact that this one slave could manage to beat all of the best methods of containing a Cow.

Fred noted that there appeared to be three of them. One of them had a heavy net slung over his shoulder another had the end of the whip that had captured her in his hand and the final one was carrying an ax. The green skinned and orange haired beings seemed oblivious to the fact that she was in so much pain. There were times she wished that she could return the pain that these creatures were so quick to deal out.

“Come Cow, we will return to our camp for tonight, then tomorrow we shall take you back to your masters.” The one with the net ordered, as he tied a rope to her collar and forced her to her feet. “Tomorrow we shall be rewarded for returning this one back to where it belongs yet again.”

“Do you think that he’ll honor the gamble and let us keep it this time?” The ax wielder questioned. “Did he not bet that he could keep it in or we could claim the cow for ourselves?”

“Indeed he did brother, but it is still right that we bring it back to him so that he knows that we did not steal it. It is the honorable thing to do.” The whip wielder noted. “If the Merchant wishes to honor the bet fine, if not we shall not question him on it either. This is as our high mother has commanded the horrid giantess that she is. Unless you wish to defy her as Krevlornswath did? There has still been no sign of the little maggot that acts like a Cow. Did you forget that the dance of exultation was ordered by her upon his being proclaimed as missing?” The others nodded their acceptance of the ruling none wanting to counter the woman that may have killed or banished her only surviving son in order to maintain order within the Deathwok Clan.

“It’s a shame, he always did make for such fine bait on quests.” One of the others said with a grin. “Using Cows as bait is nowhere near as amusing as that of Krevlornswath.” This comment caused the others to snicker in remembrance of some past quests that Krevlornswath had gone on with them before his disappearance.

“Move cow.” One of the demons ordered, pushing Fred harshly in order to make her speed up. “Perhaps you will tell us some of your gibberish of worlds where Cows are the supreme beings at a later date.” He jeered at her in amusement causing all of the demons to laugh at the idea of Cows being anything more than the slaves that they already were. Cows were to weak and simple minded to ever be anything more as far as they were concerned.

The group returned to what appeared to be a campsite and while the one with the net tied their captive down the others went about various tasks of preparing food. Some of the lesser duties were foisted onto Fred so that she at least make it easier on them. As the night wound down the group finally fell into sleep.

Fred was relieved at the even breathing of the group. The brother’s had slapped her around so many times that she had bruises on her bruises it felt like. She also had a split lip a few burns from hot soup that had splashed on her arm and the back of her head hurt where one of the brothers had pulled her aside by her hair. That didn’t even count the injuries she had from her owners attention. Now that they were asleep Fred began trying to recall everything that she had written on her bark and what needed to be changed or added. She was unaware that she was mumbling the equations out loud. She began stumbling over the latest attempt of what she thought was the pronunciation for the spell that brought her here.

She was shocked when there was a flash of light and when it faded one of the darkest birds that Fred had ever seen was now sitting on a nearby tree branch. The sun was already nearly gone and the firelight didn’t seem to be able to make it any more visible than the outline of the animal that she could see. The feathers were all black and they seemed to absorb the very light of the surrounding area up into it. The bird regarded the girl with interest cocking its head from side to side as it examined her. Fred felt her face heat up as she realized that on someway or other she was being judged by the dark creature. She was unsure if that was a good or a bad thing though when one considered just where it was that she was. There was no telling what the bird wanted.

She nearly screamed when she heard an echoing voice in her head. “Greetings child.”

She quickly bowed her head to the creature. “You speak?” She asked cautiously, unsure if it was her own fractured mind that was making her believe that the bird was talking to her somehow.

“Not in the way that you do.” The voice in her head returned. “My body is incapable of using words like you would understand. I am communicating with you through my mind to your mind.”

“A mind meld?” Fred asked, as she remembered the person she thought was her father having been a fan of Star Trek and talking of such things long ago.

The bird paused as it considered that reference before shrugging it off. “If you wish to call it that then you may.” It finally conceded.

This more than anything else convinced Fred that the voice was real since she had been thinking of the idea of what a mind meld was, the bird continued on though unaware of the multiple thoughts that were flying through the girl’s head. “You are Winifred Burkle of the Earth dimension are you not?”

“Am I? I mean, I think I am.” Fred returned to the bird uncertainly. “It’s hard to remember sometimes.” She explained to the bird that was staring at her.

“Yes, the beings here have tried your mind to its limits and beyond young one. All that you have unjustly suffered because of one man’s jealousy is a shame. That is not why I answered your attempts at trying to return home though.”

“Who or what are you though?” Fred asked meekly.

‘I am the Spirit of the Plains. Some call me Crow, others know me as Raven, and still other have known me as Coyote. I am both Creator and Trickster. You may call me Tejas though.”

“Are you?” Fred asked hopefully as her mind recalled the land of her birth and what that word was supposed to mean. In the old days Tejas had been the way you said Texas. Translated into English though Tejas had another meaning. Tejas also stood for friend.

“I would like to think so.” Tejas returned to her.

“Why are you here though?” Fred wondered to the figure.

“You are a child of Texas.” Tejas returned to her as if that explained everything that she needed to know. “While you are not of the people I normally protect those whose people have been in my land longer than yours but those that are destined for more interesting lives I watch from time to time Winifred Burkle. And you were destined for something great.”

“I don’t have a destiny.” Fred argued back meekly. “I’m not strong or anything like that.” The girl knew that there were those that had life missions. These people were usually champions or great beings that would do much. Such a fate was for those like the Groosalugg not for one like her. The idea that she had such a fate was amusing to her. How could she ever be a hero when she couldn’t protect herself?

“You did though.” Tejas argued back at her. “It was to be your mission to help the Ensouled one with finding his place within the world. You were to be the mind to the street warrior’s muscle. After that you were to host a great power that would change the tide of battle. Your memories was going to turn a Demon-God-King into a Champion of Light. Your legacy would be remembered long after you would have died because you were what made heroes. It would have been a life that would prove most interesting. The current overseers of destiny were unprepared though and much of what was planned was destroyed because they were not willing to protect those that it was their duty to protect. With their failures having destroyed many plans that could have purified your world having woken many of the Elder Gods back to watching out for the world we find ourselves now scrambling to find suitable representatives for us. Yours is but one of many destinies that we Elder Beings now have to fix thanks to the others. With your own destiny having been derailed you are mine to choose what to do with. I have chosen you to be one of the Earth’s Guardians. You shall not face them as a brain or as a sacrifice but as a Champion.”

“But I’m not a champion.” Fred reminded Tejas stubbornly. “I’m well, I’m me.” She said pitifully.

Tejas regarded her for a moment assessing her abilities as they were now. “True enough but when I am done with you, you shall have power.” Tejas assured her. “I offer you a piece of my power to take the name of one of my aspects and to become a strong champion that will fight for those that need it.”

“And you’ll take me back to Earth?” Fred asked the bird hopefully.

“When I am done with you child you shall take yourself back.” The large bird assured her. “I shall make you my Raven when all is said and done.”

“Raven, like the comics?” The girl asked as she recalled some of the comics that her friends had sometimes read while they were experimenting with things.

“Indeed young one.” Tejas said. “In fact that is exactly what you shall become. You Winifred Burkle will truly be my Raven. There is only one question left for you now. Are you ready to be strong?”

Fred looked the large bird in the eye. “Yes,” She whispered out.

The large bird didn’t say anything as it stretched its wings and rose into the air for a moment and the animal seemed to grow until it was taller than the tree that it had been sitting on a moment ago. The outstretched wings then folded around her.

Fred gasped as she felt the power filling her. It was like nothing that she had ever felt before. This was like being warm and comforted and frozen with terror all at the same time.

As the power filled her Tejas talked to Fred through the mental communication. “Easy young one, I am changing you in ways that you are unprepared for.” It warned her. “Having the power is good, but you will need more than the power you need basic knowledge of how to control the power. Let me show you what you will be capable of.” Fred felt knowledge fill her mind she even learned the reasoning behind her being summoned. She learned of the loss of Harry Potter and Hermionie Granger one dead and one that disappeared. With them gone the dark wand wizards known as Death Eaters were gathering amongst themselves. The American Military taking an interest into the supernatural and trying to find a way to force it to bow to its control. Many of the people that had once hunted demons and other supernatural creatures having been destroyed while there was an increase in demon numbers thanks to the Devils Gate that was cracked open. The rise of Illyria happening about two or three years early and retaining more of its power than expected. Add in the fact that the Illyria wasn’t helping, and had nearly taken over the entire European wizading world. Even now the Illyria had a tight grip on parts of the wizarding world even if they were no longer united in their efforts to control it. The loss of so many of the Seals of Hell and the Angels that were supposed to guard them. The breaking of the box that held Lucifer prisoner. The raising of the Four Horsemen who were even now out in the world causing all sorts of terror and destruction to all that they came across. That didn’t even count all of the other people that had died while trying to keep the world safe. She realized that the world that she was going be returning to was a world that was just as scary and dangerous of a one as Pylea was. Even when she did return to her home it would not be to return to the life that she had before. Tejas was giving her a responsibility.

Suddenly the darkness from the wings broke apart and she fell to the ground. The bag like shift that she wore had disappeared, she was now wearing a dark cloak complete with a hood, under that she was wearing a long ankle length dress that was split on either side giving her legs a freedom of movement. Her feet which had been bare were now covered in simple yet tough boots that went up her calves. On closer inspection she noticed that her cloak was not cloth but was made of feathers that were woven together so finely that they appeared like cloth unless the light hit it just right. The slave collar that had been around her neck broke and fell down in front of. The girl could only look on in disbelief as she saw the broken bits of metal lying on the ground. Her hands went to her throat where she felt her neck. She was free.

She looked up to see several Pylean Priests gathered around her. Each of them had a staff that was glowing with magical energy. Standing nearby were several warriors holding a variety of weapons. “What’s going on?” Fred questioned worriedly as she looked at the assembled forces that were staring at her.

“Changing you into a being of power is not an overnight task when we are not in our home dimension young one.” Tejas chided his champion. You now have the power to become the champion now be my champion be the Raven and battle those that would try and enslave and kill you.

Fred nodded her head in acceptance of the command even as she looked at the group that surrounded her with a keen eye as she tried to figure which were the most dangerous to her.

“Good luck my Raven.” Tejas said telepathically, Fred watched silently as the entity flew up into a tree and took up a spot where it could watch what would happen next.

“You Cow, what is the meaning of this?” The leader of the Wolf Ram and Hart the High Priest Silas demanded arrogantly as he marched forward till he was standing halfway between her and the ones that had her surrounded. Raven only recognized him because of the various items he had that gave away his position. “The price of Cows practicing magic’s is death.” He ground out at her angrily he then pointed a gnarled hand at her. “Kill her and place her head on a pike as a reminder for all of those that would dare to ignore the edicts of the masters of this land.”

Raven clenched her fists and her cloak billowed in an unfelt wind. She then rose up into the air so that she was hovering several feet above the ones that held her in slavery for so long. It was finally her turn to show what she was made of. Her turn to take back the life that they had stolen from her. She free, and she was strong.

“Fire!” Silas ordered.

Several of the soldiers nodded raised their weapons and launched them at her. Crossbow bolts and spears flew at her. Raven didn’t even flinch as the weapons came flying at her. She raised her hand in the air and a shield of darkness seemed to rise around her and blocked all of the incoming projectiles.

“So you choose to resist do you?” Silas demanded in annoyance. “Very well then Cow, we will show what true magic is. Sorcerers show this Cow what happens when a true user of the mystic arts uses their true power.”

Various mages stepped forward from behind the soldiers and started muttering spells that flashed from them and rained down on the barrier. Raven gritted her teeth under the assault as she poured more and more energy into her shield. The force of the spells knocked her from the air until she was hovering but other than that she didn’t have any damage.

“This one is strong my lord.” One of the sorcerers noted. “Perhaps we should capture it and find out where it gained its knowledge and turn its power to our uses.”

“Take her down find out what her knowledge and where it comes from and then you can decide what to do with her.” Silas returned with an uncaring shrug. “Just make sure that she’s made an example of.”

The Sorcerer nodded its heads in acceptance as it waved its companions forward. “You heard the High Priest I want a spell casting Cow serving me.” The lead Sorcerer ordered the others. The group began casting more powerful spells. This time the blasts ripped through the shield that had protected Raven and forced her to go flying back. Magical chains and ropes appeared and wrapped themselves around her arms and legs stretching her out in a spread eagle position making it impossible for her to make even the slightest gesture.“Perhaps she is not as powerful as we thought.” The Sorcerer said looking disappointed at the thought. “She must have stolen her raiment and she learned a levitation spell and a powerful shield spell. Otherwise she is nothing special. Now press the attack and finish her off. If the Cow is not skilled enough to be a decent Mystic then the magic in her blood shall serve as our next sacrifice.” He declared to his companions. The others roared their approval as they prepared spells to bind the female Cow and her powers until they were ready to use her.

“Enough!” Raven declared as she pulled her arms and legs back snapping and shattering the various enchanted bindings that held her much to the shock of the various demons. She then shot back into the air and sent a telekinetic wave out that bowled all of the sorcerers over. “You want a challenge? I’ll give you a challenge.” Raven said as a dark bird like image appeared around her and began yanking trees out of the ground and flinging them back at the various gathered demonic sorcerers. The group was caught by surprise as they were now being forced on the defensive side of things something that they were not used to. The group despite their falling back were holding their own though as they destroyed trees as they came at her. Raven smirked as she readied another distraction for the group.

“Look up there.” One said and they all turned to see several more versions of the girl shimmer into view above and behind them.

“There are more of them?” A sorcerer grumbled out in surprise as the group switched from the single target to focus on the newly arrived group that was flying above them. They fired an assortment of spells to bring the newest group down before they could cause anymore problems.

“Hold.” Silas commanded as he watched the group not even seem to notice the wave of mystical energy that was thrown at them. some of the blasts had actually gone right through them in fact. “They are not there, it is only an illusion.” He said in disgust at how easily they had been tricked.

“Correct.” Raven said, as she was suddenly amongst the group. Moving arms in a sloppy type of combat that had her arms curled into claws she lashed out with telekinetic energy grasping at the sorceress and hurling them away like a temperamental child throwing toys to the side. Several of the sorcerers spun around and fired mystical energy blasts at the figure that was now amongst them. Raven moved and blocked the attacks with either her telekinesis or creating a shield. The blasts that did manage to break through those defenses splattered harmlessly against her cloak which seemed to be acting as some sort of armor against magical attacks.

“Enough!” A voice barked out causing both sides to stop their fighting to see who had interrupted them. Standing there watching the fight was a single figure that was wearing a cloak which he quickly flipped off of his head. There were several gasps when they saw who it was. Dressed with a metal chest plate and armor with long hair that framed their face people could see the well chiseled face of the Groosalugg the champion of Pylea. “Do not throw the lives of your warriors away, not when one such as I will try to subdue this Cow.” Groosalugg offered to the High Priest.

Silas waved the sorcerers and soldiers away while Raven kept herself at the ready. Raven noted that by the standards of her old life that Groosalugg would be considered incredibly handsome. Which was something of a surprise since she had heard that he was such an ugly being. Then again human and demon standards of beauty were vastly different as well. She mused to herself as she continued to take him in. Standing around six foot with well-defined muscles and moving with an easy grace of a predator that would make most people jealous. One of his more impressive features were his eyes though. The entire eyeball was completely black leaving only the whites to hold the black. It gave him a rather exotic look. Raven shook her head as she focused on the figure noticing how he was drawing a shield and sword from a nearby pack. With the chest plate he was already wearing it would make this difficult. The weapon and armor were also of a much higher quality than what the soldiers wore as well. No, the Groosalugg was going to be a much more serious opponent for her it would seem. She thought as she waited for him to approach her.

“To battle shall we go.” Groosalugg said brightly hefting his weapons eagerly.

Raven snorted in amusement as he managed to mangle the rather simple saying. He was either rather stupid or English was not his first language. Since she doubted an idiot was the undisputed best fighter in Pylea she figured he must have other language skills. Which made him even more dangerous since it would be real easy to underestimate him and fall into the trap of believing him a simpleton. “Let’s do this.” She said as she felt her power gather around her hands.

The pair moved at each other. Raven began grabbing various fallen tree branches and head sized rock and began flinging them at Groosalugg. The half-breed responded by ducking or intercepting the attacks with his weapons. His shield managed to block some rocks, his sword sliced through a couple of branches and the smaller items bounced off his chest plate harmlessly. Scowling she gathered some of the fallen spears and crossbow bolts and flung them at him.

Groosalugg ran forward at the attack and then at the last moment he dropped to his knees sliding the last few feet. The weapons she had flung at him sailed harmlessly over his head. He then came to a stop at Raven’s feet. He swung the sword only for it to be stopped by a piece of wood. Dropping the sword he performed an uppercut punch with his shield arm the edge of the shield catching Raven in the chest as he moved to his feet. Raven gasped in shock and pain from the blow as she staggered back Groosalugg followed the attack with a downward hammer blow aimed at her head.

Raven raised her hands in front of her and a black bird shape in the form a kite shield appeared between them blocking the attack from connecting with her. The shield then shot forward slamming into Groosalugg knocking him back. “I'm not ’going to let you put a collar back on me.” Raven said angrily, as she raised her hand up and a giant bird claw shot out of nowhere and knocked the shield away another one came from the other side slammed him into a tree and pinned him. “You think you have power? Let me show you power.” She said angrily her eyes glowing with unrestrained energy as she tightened her grip the claw dug into the tree causing it to crack.

The pinned warrior grunted in pain as he felt his ribs crack from the power of the claw that was getting ever tighter. The Groosalugg had not gotten to the point that he had though for such an attempt to hold him for long tough. With a burst of strength he managed to break the hold that Raven had on him. He then slid to the ground while a disbelieving Raven watched as he landed on his feet in a hunched over posistion. “You are a strong one.” Groosalugg complimented her as he finally straightened himself up. “This shall make our battle all the more amazing.” He said excitedly.

“We’ll just have to see about that.” Raven returned as she lifted herself back into the air.

“You have power, and even have some knowledge on how to use it, but you have no experience in using it.” Groosalugg noted as he twirled his sword between his fingers a few times.

Raven realized that her original assessment of Groosalugg was correct he was not some mindless simpleton with a sword. While they had been fighting he had been learning how to deal with the threat that she represented. He was probably also trying to consider the best way to deal with her as well.

Groosalugg continued unaware of the thoughts that the witch was thinking. “I on the other hand have been trained for battle.” He drew a knife and flung it at Raven who raised a shield to block it. While she was distracted the Groosalugg ran and leaped at her. His sword raised overhead he then slammed it down. The shield wavered for a moment before it shattered.

Raven swore angrily as the sword slashed her arm. The cut wasn’t deep, but it was painful and she lost her concentration falling to the ground again. Groosalugg rolled on the ground and came back up to his feet throwing dirt at Raven.

Raven tried to blink as dirt now blinded her. She summoned her power and sent a psychic blast at the warrior who winced in pain at the strike. His advantage lost as quickly as he had gained it as his opponent showed yet another method of attacking.

“This is taking too long.” Silas grumbled as he watched the fight go back and forth. “The Groosalugg is supposed to be some sort of incredible warrior and yet this new user to the craft somehow manages to stand up to him. This half-breed has obviously been overrated for his skills if this girl is able to stop him. Kill her, if he gets in the way, it is no true loss if the half-breed is destroyed.” The sorcerers nodded as they began muttering and resumed firing blasts of magical energy at the Cow.

Groosalugg laughed as he began dodging the attacks that the mystics were sending at them. “This will truly make the fight all that much more of a greater challenge.” He declared excitedly as he danced around the magical attacks. His eyes lit up in excitement at the new challenge that the sorcerers were giving his battle. “Now back to our battle.” He declared as he rushed at her. He was forced to back off though as several of the spells came dangerously close to striking him.

“Back off.” Raven said, as she raised her shield and blocked the spells from hitting either of them.

“A most honorable action.” Groosalugg complimented as he watched as his opponent protected them both from destruction with her shield. For a Cow she was not all that bad. He thought to himself. He held his hand unwilling to attack someone that was protecting them both. Unimpressed with the counter that the cow had come up with, the sorcerers began to chant and suddenly the very ground itself seemed to lift up and close in around them. Groosalugg looked uncertain at this not sure if his powerful and honorable opponent would be able to stand up to this attack.

Silas smirked as he saw that two problems were being deal with at once. While the Groosalugg had his uses, he was also an annoyance considering his Cow like appearance. It had been rather embarrassing that a lowly creature such as him had managed to rise above what many of the other pure people of Pylea had been capable of. The fact that all of his deeds meant he was likely the prophesized ruler of the realm had not been one that he had been looking forward to. The day that the seer would be found and the creature would Com-Shuck with it. To see him now dead buried beneath him, trapped within the might of the ground itself was indeed a pleasing sight. No longer would he have to pander to the simpleton and his longing for tasks and battles. The ground began to shake and he could only imagine that this was the earth grinding their bodies together. He would have to be sure to compliment the sorcerers for adding in that bit to the spell. It was a fitting end for the pair that would try to rise above their stations. He was surprised when the ground erupted and a giant black bird like creature made of mystical energy flew out of the hole. He half expected for the beast to let out some sort of predatory shriek as it rose from the earth.

When the dust cleared they were all shocked to see the Cow mystic hovering above them while glaring at them like they were cockroaches. Hovering alongside of her was the battered Groosalugg who seemed too dazed to do anything right now.

“You thought that was going to be enough to stop me?” Raven asked in annoyance. Several of the sorcerers shifted nervously as they realized that while the girl was dirty se was nowhere near as dirty as she should be after having been buried alive.

“Destroy her.” Silas ordered fearfully as he realized that this thing was not going to do as he wanted and quietly die. They all began attacking throwing weapons and firing spells in an attempt to destroy the Cow that defied them. The various attacks splashed harmlessly against a black orb shield barrier that was holding them back.

“I don’t have time for this.” Raven said as she let forth a burst of power all of the demons froze as they felt their senses being taken over. Raven seemed to turn into a dark figure as her soul-self came out to fight. The soul-self was her raw mental energy and was one of her more impressive attacks. With this she could wage mental war against her opponents. Her soul-self passed through each of the beings that were still on the field. As each mage was passed through they fell to the ground soon a few members of the Deathwok Clan and Groosalugg were all that remained standing as the others had all fallen to the ground.

“What magic’s is this?” Groosalugg questioned with awe as he looked at the fallen forms of the leaders of the land.

“Mind magic’s.” Raven returned to him shortly. “Only those who wish to protect the people will walk away from this fight.”

“And who shall rule now?” Groosalugg questioned her curiously. As he saw the fallen forms of the worshipers of the Wolf Ram and Hart. “Will you be taking the seat of power now?” He asked her as his eyes darted around the ground looking for a decent weapon should he need it.

No, you will” Raven said. “Free the humans and make it so that all beings have equal voices in the world. If they don’t like it challenge them to combat. Let the winner decide who is king.”

Groosalugg’s eyes lit up at that prospect of deciding on who would be master of the land. “Very well, with you as my advisor we shall wait for the one of foresight comes so that I may Com-Shuck and once I have the power of visions I shall be the greatest of rulers with the power of sight and you to aide me as needed.” Groosalugg said happily, as he considered all that the future now held for them and that was going to happen.

“No,” Raven returned darkly as she glared at him defiantly. “I have a life of my own to return to. This is not my home and it never will be. Pylea has done nothing for me and I only did what I had to too prove myself worthy and because they attacked me first.”

Groosalugg didn’t look happy and the few members that were still conscious were afraid that the newly appointed leader was going to have a very short lifespan. The figure finally nodded his unhappy acceptance as he stepped back from Raven.

Raven nodded her thanks and raised her arms and all those that were conscious stepped back as they saw a giant bird spread its wings. When the bird disappeared so to had Raven.

Los Angeles

Raven smiled as she found herself appearing on the top of a building. She looked down and saw several familiar looking sights of the city that had become her home so long ago. She took a deep breath even as she pushed her hood back. The air was slightly polluted but it was a smell that she was actually happy to have coming back to her senses. To her it meant that she was back.

It was good to be home. Fred though happily. Now she needed to find a Mexican food buffet place. As she turned around her thoughts were on tacos and enchiladas ones that weren't made out of bark. She did smile though at all the black birds that flew around her though. Who knows she might even return to her home state after this.
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