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Rise of the Red Queen

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Summary: Willow is horrifically hurt by her family and abandoned by her friends. Will she find better of both in the Wizarding World. Willow/Draco. WARNING: Graphic nonconsensual sex, incest (implied), and abuse in marked chapters.

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Draco MalfoyAlexiaVersilliaFR211129,9261274,97617 Feb 138 Mar 13No

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Disclaimer: Joss owns BtVS. JK Rowlings owns Happy Potter. I am just having fun and in no way claim to own anything that belongs to them.
Summary: Willow is horrifically hurt by her family and abandoned by her friends. Will she find better of both in the Wizarding World.
Author’s Notes: Through “Gingerbread” BTVS happened except Angel left shortly after he returned from hell. Anything else different before and here on out is AU. Harry Potter middle of sixth year, Sirius Black is alive and I plan of keeping him that way. The ministry knows that Voldemort is out and about with Wormtail in toe so Black has been exonerated. Do to were Draco’s bday land he’s a year older. Willow is a Weasley I don’t usually cross over with a family tie but that is how I started this story before deciding to submit it to TtH.
WARNING: This fic has some very dark parts. Graphic nonconsensual sex, incest (implied), and abuse are in parts of this story I will warn before those chapters. Also there is a bad cult in Prologue. If you are easily offended please do not read!!!

WARNING: Graphic nonconsensual sex, incest (implied), and abuse in this parts of the story


Willow was afraid and completely drained from the events that had taken place five days ago. The fact that she was starving only added to the exhaustion. The smell of smoke and singed hair still lingered even though she’d had a bath. She tuned her ears outside into the hallway to give herself as much advanced notice to impending doom as possible, like it made a difference. Why did she even bother? She tried to explain to her mother about the Hansel & Gretel Demon and the difference between Satanism and witchcraft but she would hear none of it. Her mother had not spoken to her in five days. She had been locked in her room and given bread and water through the small slot at the bottom of her door twice only after she prayed for forgiveness for selling her soul to the devil. Her mother had beaten her that first day and had her kneel on a bag of rice before the small alter in the corner of her room that had a cross, and the book of Samuel Deeds. Their Prophet, their Savior. She had Willow pray for forgiveness for six straight hours. Her room had been searched from top to bottom. All magical supplies confiscated. Her father and the Prophet were to return today to deal with her. The thought sent a shiver down her spine. She’d always hated the Prophet he had always given her the creeps, that’s why she never really cared that her parents were following him around the world, better than having him around here. Now since her father was a Brother it was scandalous that his daughter had been caught involved in witchcraft. So it warranted a visit from the Prophet. Willow heard the footsteps approach then the door open.

“So young lady you have taken the devil as your lover?” The voice slithered over her skin causing her to tremble and feel instantly unclean.

“I am not nor have even been in league with the devil.” Willow whispered knowing it was futile but still wishing to maintain her innocents.

“Y-you must confess it Willow you must.” Her mother cried.

“What must be done to save you child from the clutches she has delivered herself in is harsh and long, and no place for a fine upstanding woman like yourself. Go downstairs and pray for young Willow.” Willow didn’t bother to lift her head.

“Yes Prophet.” Shelia said before excusing herself. Willow heard the door close and lock.

“You say you are not in league with the devil…” Books and occult supplies were thrown on the bed next to her. “What do you call this…h-how dare you embarrass me…the Prophet had to take time from his busy schedule to come here.”

“Easy brother, it is easy especially in today’s society for the young to stray we will get her back on the path.” She heard a patting sound and knew the Prophet was probably trying to comfort him. “Go to your wife and comfort her while I do the initial exam. Think on this as well brother, we may have to go to extremes to save your girl. Think on how far you are willing to go.” Willow heard her father leave. “Willow stand up” she did as she was told still keeping her gaze to the floor. “Now remove you clothes.” Willow’s eyes flew up to meet the Prophet’s for the first time. That gaze that so often creped her out was burning brightly boring through her.

“What?” She gasped looking at him.

“Your communion with the Devil has left marks on you. I must see them to know how far you have fallen.” The Prophet explained.

“Father…” She called out before being backhanded.

“He will not come to your aid Bride of Satan, now do as you are told.”

“But …”

“You will do so by your own free Willow to save your soul or so help me I will rip them from you. I will save you no matter the cost.” The older man’s voice was eerily calm. Willow hung her head and began to undress with shaky hands. She stood before him naked waiting silently.

The need to vomit was hard to keep at bay as the much older man ran him hands over her body touching and exploring every inch of her skin.

“Kneel.” He said finally after the thorough inspection. Getting on her knees Willow kept her head bowed. She heard movements but could decipher all of them. Finally her chin was forced up so that she faced his exposed erection. Willow tried to back away only to have her hair fisted violently.

“You took his evil into you…you can take my good into you as well.”


“Listen here little bitch you remember Sarah Ross she was bad and did not do as she was told. She went missing stoned to death by her own family. All I have to do is say the word Shelia and Ira would follow suit. You be a good girl and do as you’re told I will save you from yourself. If you are bad you will beg for death long before I oblige you.” Willow stared at him for the longest time before feeling the defeat enter her. She had no place to run; she’d never make it out of the house without getting caught. She closed her eyes and tried to gather up energy, to find a way to protect herself. Willow felt the fist in her hair tightened as the tip of his erection was pressed against her lips. “Bite me and it will be the last thing you do.”

Willow opened her mouth allowing him to fuck her face. The brutal assault made Willow gag constantly. She was grateful when she did not vomit. She heard him grunt before he finally came in her mouth forcing her head to stay in place until she swallowed the last drop of his seed. Willow fell to the floor laying there in shock. She could not believe what had just happened. He kicked her over onto her back.

“Get up Devil’s whore.” Willow dragged herself up. “Go over to the desk and place your hands face down on it.” Willow moved and did as she was told. She felt his hands on her hips before the pain ripped through her as he stole her innocence in a violent thrust. Willow cried out. “Shut up whore. Did you think you tempt me and not suffer the consciences? I know what you are you want this to stop all you have to do is hand over your power.” he whispered in her ear. Willow was in so much pain she could barely comprehend his word. Even so she had no idea what he was talking about. It seemed like hours before it was over. When he was done he threw her to the bed. “The Devil is in you strong. This may take some time.” He said before resituating his clothes and leaving the room. She laid there crying. What was she going to do?

He came back day after day. He was the only person to enter her room. He brought food that she could only have after she paid for it in some depraved way. It had been a little over two weeks now that the Prophet started to visit her. The beatings, rape, and torture blurred into endless days and creped into sleepless nights. Willow was not sure how much time had passed since his last visit. Her body was overly sore. She had not performed to his liking and was punished for it. She could feel the swelling of her face where he had punched and backhanded her multiple times. She wanted to die. She prayed for it, but the solace never came. She laid in bed her back to the door trying not to move for fear of the pain that accompanied the action when the door finally opened. She felt her heart speed up. She was turned on her back coming face to face with her father. He looked pained and angry.

“Are you so far gone…so evil that you would try to seduce the Prophet.” He asked coldly.

“I…I didn’t…he raped m…” She could not even get it out before he slapped her.

“Liar!” He screeched.

“I’m not.” She cried.

“Ira you know what needs to be done. If you are to save her she must be purified in your seed.” Willow’s eyes got wide as she understood what he was saying. She saw him undo pants.

“I’m gonna save you Willow.”

Willow blacked out.

As she came awake Willow became aware of the excruciating pain she was in. Dragging herself out of bed she moved over to the mirror. She did not recognize the person who stared back. Bruises marred her flesh. As the images of what had taken place slammed back to her mind Willow could do nothing but fall to the floor doubled over in pain. Somewhere deep inside something roared to life. Rage was a tangible thing. But what…what could she do.

“Let me out…let me out and I will make it so that they never hurt you again.” came the cold deadly voice. Willow opened her eyes. Staring back at her was a vision of herself with black hair, black eyes and blue-black veins running over translucent white skin. Willow had a bad feeling that it was a bad idea. The problem was she was in too much pain and far too tired to care. So she closed her eyes and gave in.

Black leather encased her as the image in the mirror became her own. As it did the power unlike she ever felt before consumed her. Willow turned to the door, with a wave of her hand it flew off the hinges. She was halfway down stairs when her father came up. The horror on his face brought great joy as he began to back away bumping into his wife who started to do the same. Willow waved her hand causing both to slam into the wall behind them.

“Willow honey, you have to stop this now. Your soul is in jeopardy, let us help you.” Her mother pleaded.

“I think you helped enough. You sit down here praying for my soul while that evil bastard raped me, then had dad rape me.” Her voice was cool a murderous promise of retaliation.

“No…no I will not hear these lies.” Dark Willow backhanded her in rage.

“Willow stop th…” Her father started. “Shut up.” She said watching his mouth seal shut.

“You both decided to sacrifice the love and trust of your daughter for that evil old pedophile…I hope it was worth it.” She said simply before walking away with a wave of her hand their skin was ripped from their bodies before they were set aflame. As she walked outside she saw the Prophet trying to get to his car. Obviously her parents had sidetracked her enough for him to notice and try to run. Before he could she blew it up. He was blown away from it. But recovered quickly and started to run down the street. She stalked him slowly enjoying the fear that rolled off of him. She saw him run through the cemetery. Willow lost a visual but it did not matter she could easily track him. She could hear him talking to someone as she came to the clearing. There the bastard was with her friends.

“Willow what is going on…this man says you are trying to kill him?” Giles said walking toward her.

“He deserves far worse than that.” She growled.

“Wills have you been dabbling in the wrong magics again?” Buffy asked coming forward.

“Stay out of this all of you. You get in my way and I won’t hesitate to kill you.” Dark Willow said. Willow tried to struggle forward and take control but she was too weak.

“Wills we can’t stand by and let you kill this man.” Buffy said before attacking. The fight was short landing the Slayer into the nearby mausoleum. The rest of her friends advanced.

“STOP!!!” The very power of her voice sent them crashing to the ground. They screamed as bones broke. She stared at her target.


“Not to the likes of you.” He growled with false bravado.

“Pity” she laughed as the sound of crunching bones filled the air followed by his howls of pain. Then she started cutting him, thin shallow cuts nothing left untouched. Finally he begged. “Bored now” was all that she said before walking away. A flick of her hand set him ablaze. The delicious sound of his screams filled the air behind her.

End Prologue
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