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Just another red-headed witch

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Summary: It was over ... he should be happy ... but something niggled at the back of Charlie's mind ...... Warning for character death

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredLyndymuiFR151620041,48217 Feb 1317 Feb 13Yes
Characters here belong to their respective creators; BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon, Harry Potter to JK Rowling. If anyone has been credited incorrectly this is just an error on my part - it doesn't make them my creations. Takes place after a different ending to "Grave" and can be slotted into the world of Harry Potter at any point you like


It was over. He should be happy. But there was a niggle at the back of his mind. Sure, he smiled as his family and friends partied around him, accepted their congratulations and pats on the back .... but still that niggle was there.

He should be happy that his family and friends survived albeit some changed by what they had seen and been through; others injured but recovering; all happy that it was over and partying hard. So why didn't the smile reach his eyes, and what was the niggle at the back of his mind about?

They had heard months ago that Voldemort had a strong new ally - a red-haired witch who appeared from no-where - alligned herself with Voldemort and began helping him plan, organise, threaten. No one knew who she was, or where she came from, but anyone who had stared into her inky, swirling black eyes and survived said it was the most terrifying experience they had ever lived through. So forces had mobilised, for both good and evil, and the final battle began.

Charlie had stared into those eyes but disagreed ... they weren't as black as he had been told, and he would swear, if anyone asked, that he thought they were starting to lighten and turn green ... eyes which had first snapped up meet his, in what he thought was shock, as Voldemort cackled manically and sneeringly about the arrival of the Weasleys. Charlie was still trying to understand the emotions he thought he saw flicker across her face, and to understand what caused her to falter as he raised his wand and aimed a curse at her.

He thought he saw her face change as she looked around, surveying the carnage. The cool impassive mask dropping to be replaced by a look of pain and horror. He thought he heard her whisper something as she looked sadly at his wand. He thought he saw her give up at that moment and he thought there was a look of relief in those eyes as the life ebbed out of her as his curse hit home.

But it didn't sit well with him that he, Charlie Weasley, was regarded a hero for killing the red-headed witch. Albus and Harry, who had finally managed to get rid of Voldemort in a way that everyone was satisfied he would not return from, were the heroes. Not him.

He smiled with genuine warmth this time as his sister moved to stand beside him and took hold of his hand. She looked up at him in concern.

"What's the matter Carly?" she asked, and he smiled again, remembering how Ginny and her long lost twin sister, Felicity, couldn't pronounce his name when they were small and would toddle around the house on chubby little legs shouting for "Carly" ... and then the niggle in his head exploded. He fell to his knees as pain ripped though his body, a sob caught in the back of his throat. Ginny slumped to the ground with him, wrapping her arms round his trembling body him trying to comfort him; to find out what was wrong.

Charlie relived those last moments again with the red-haired witch as he pointed his wand at her, her whisper now echoing as clearly in his head as a shout ...

"Do it Carly ...."

The End

You have reached the end of "Just another red-headed witch". This story is complete.

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