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Vets office

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Summary: A place for my plot bunnies, that may or may not become full stories someday

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralAbsenceFR1812,7590590917 Feb 1317 Feb 13No
Disclaimer: NCIS and BtVS are properties owned by wealthy people, not me.

A/N Just a short idea spawned by the Bad Boy Soldier Xander's Family challenge I saw earlier. Ziva as Xanders big sister amused me as a concept. Not sure if I'm going to write this out fully, so if anyone wants to take a crack at it just leave me a review.

The phone was ringing. It was the last thing that Ziva wanted to deal with, she had just spent the better part of two weeks on a stake out. All she wanted to do was curl up and get some much needed sleep. Dealing with Tony over the past two weeks had been exhausting. Still, she would answer. After all it was one of the rules that you could not be unavailable. Besides the number of people who had her home phone number was limited.

“David,” Ziva snapped as she picked up the phone. Her tone left no doubt that whomever was on the other end had better have a damn good reason for calling. Her American friends would recognize the tone as her I can kill you with just a paperclip tone.

“Ziva… it has been too long,” Her fathers voice floated down the phone line. Ziva could feel her jaw clenching and her desire to kill rising even higher. She hadn’t spoken to her father since he had set her up to be killed, and she did not want to deal with him now.

“What do you want Abba,” Ziva managed to keep her tone civil, barely. It wouldn’t do to further burn her bridges even if she had taken American Citizenship.

“I have an issue,” Eli said slowly. He knew he was already on very thin ice with his daughter and this latest issue would only further hurt his relationship with her. He wouldn’t even have called her if he had any other options.

“And you need my help,” Ziva found herself rubbing the bridge of her nose. Her father was begging, that was never a good sign.

“… Yes…” Eli winced as he admitted that.

“What is your issue?” Ziva drove straight to the point instead of letting her father dance around it. He would do so all night if she let him, and she wouldn’t get any sleep.

“Years ago I had a conference in LA,” Eli began slowly. “I met a women…”

“And cheated on my mother yet again,” Ziva gritted out already seeing where this was going.

“…” Eli declined to answer and then continued his story. “Last week one of our African offices was hit. Blood left at the scene was tested and one of the samples came back as a paternal match to me. The sample also caused the entire investigation to be dropped at the highest levels. Despite my efforts no one can tell me anything about this event, only that the blood triggered an alarm at the prime ministers office and that we were not to investigate it.”

“You are telling me this why?” Ziva snorted contemptuously.

“Because your half brother has an American file, a highly classified American file,” Eli admitted. “I do not know who he works for or what he does… but he does have a file.”

“Which you wish me to acquire for you?” Ziva was all set to say no.

“No, I wish to know this child of mine,” Eli spoke softly, in a tone of great sorrow. “Of my children you are the only one I know of who is still living. One died hating me, one died too soon, and you have been driven away by my own hubris. Ziva, I am an old man, is it too much to ask to know my son before I die?”

“You want me to find this person and tell you what kind of person he is,” Ziva found herself nodding. As much as her father was a bastard he had always at least tried to look out for family, even if it was only to use them for Israel’s benefit. That he had missed a child was a source of shame to her father. Besides if she were the first one to contact this person she would be able to warn him away from her father.


“I will need a name.” Ziva said mentally acknowledging that she would do this.

“Alexander Lavelle Harris.”

“This will be the last time I do you a favour,” Ziva quickly wrote down the name and slammed her phone down.

“Giles? We have a bit of a problem…” Andrew said cautiously. He had just gotten back from Rome and still was getting into the swing of things being the councils IT person. With the explosion of LA and that disaster he was also feeling less confident then he ever had before. Buffy had just about killed him throwing him out of Rome for not telling her about Spike. So he had been forced to retreat from being a fully accredited field watcher to a member of the support staff. It was a demotion, but one that he could take with some grace. Giles had made the paperwork look like he had gotten a promotion but the Slayer grape vine would know.

“Yes Andrew?” Giles said with a fair bit of compassion. He knew that his own choices had adversely affected Andrew and was doing his best to make up for them. Frankly he still thought that he had made the right call in dealing with Angel. So he had done his best for the young man, shielding him from the repercussions as best he could. It wouldn’t do to garner the reputation that the old council had for throwing away people like broken tools.

“Someone tried to hack our records in the past week.” Andrew shifted from foot to foot. He still wasn’t used to being in a position of power. All of this reporting directly to Giles was still too new.

“Someone is always trying to hack our records,” Giles snorted as he admitted that. “There is a very good reason why the old council preferred to do everything the old fashioned way.”

“Yes, but this hack triggered our alert system,” Andrew swallowed heavily. “They were trying to get a look at Xanders records and since he’s a core Scooby…”

“Bugger.” Giles said tiredly. “I just got him to take a bloody vacation. Do we know who was doing the hacking or why?”

“No, it was a hack originating out of Russia but it was a hired Hack. We hit their computers but it was a dead end, all we know is someone hired them to look into Xander and since they’re part of the mob…” Andrew grimaced as he trailed off.

“It’s a dead end.” Giles sighed. “How hard were they looking?”

“Hard, someone paid them the better part of half a million for the hack,” Andrew drew himself up. “They hired the Boba Fett of the cyber world, the best of the best.”

“This is the last thing we need,” Giles pulled off his glasses and started to polish them. It was a slow, well-practised motion that everyone in the council had learned meant that he was thinking hard. “Where is Xander now? I’m afraid I paid little attention to his itinerary once I had convinced him to take a vacation.”

“According to what he filed he’s somewhere in the US.” Andrew shrugged as he said that. “You know how he is about paperwork.”

“All too well,” Giles sighed heavily. Not even running an entire continent had broken Xander of his habit of avoiding paperwork. If anything it had honed his avoidance tactics down to a fine art. Of course as the director of African operations he usually had his secretary fill out what the council needed. “Has Cathy sent in anything further?”

“No, she was given a vacation at the same time,” Andrew snorted. Robin Wood was covering for Xander and the two men did not get along. That Xander had given his secretary a vacation at the same time so as to inconvenience the older man wasn’t a surprise. He was notorious throughout the council for holding a grudge, especially if one of his girls was hurt. Given Faith and Robins spectacular break up… Giles really should have assigned anyone else to cover for Xander.

“Bugger, I presume the whole office was given vacation?” Giles sighed heavily. He really thought that Xander was mature enough to not pull this sort of petty crap no matter how much he disliked the man covering for him.

“Just about…” Andrew actually grinned a bit at that. Xander’s antics could be rather amusing and he didn’t like Robin any more then Xander did. So anything that Xander did to Robin was okay in his book, after all Xander could get away with getting petty revenge on Robin and he couldn’t.

“So we have no idea where he is,” Giles polished his glasses faster as he said that. “Get me Riley, we might as well use our connection to the American government.”

“You don’t want me to call Willow?” Andrew asked mildly.

“Willow is rather annoyed with me at the moment, something about the LA incident,” Giles scowled as he admitted that. “I doubt I could get her to take my call unless I used the emergency line.”

“Even though it’s Xander?” Andrew felt his eyebrows rising.

“She’s annoyed with him as well. Apparently he agreed with me about Angel,” Giles shrugged as he said that. Despite the distance that had grown between the core Scooby’s over the whole Angel issue it was pleasant to know that at least one of them had agreed with him. Actually Xander had done more then agree he had taken Buffy to task, stating flat out that she was not rational on the subject of Angel and therefore shouldn’t be involved in any decisions that had to do with him.

“I’ll go dig up Riley’s number then,” Andrew said withdrawing from the office.

“To the X MAN!” Graham Miller yelled across the bar. He and his squad were on leave from their latest swing through Africa. It was a prime rotation for any of the Lilac teams, one that he had managed to swing multiple times thanks to his work with the head of the African branch of the council. He and Xander had reached an understanding quickly after Xander had been assigned to the continent, one that continued to this day. The Lilac teams would back up the watchers looking to retrieve slayers from dangerous locations and in exchange they could call on Slayer support for their demon hunting operations. It was a very informal type of agreement but the two men had made it work over the years.

With that agreement in place Grahams team had the lowest casualty ratio in the Lilac project and the highest success rate. Not to mention that the African branch of the Watchers Council had the highest recovery rate. It was a very useful thing to have a US spec ops team on call when one was dealing with UN or AU peacekeeping forces. Both organizations were more inclined to cooperate if you looked like you were looking to recover US citizens or dependants from a conflict zone then if you were just some random Englishman offering a scholarship.

That Xander had finally taken enough of a break to join the annual ‘we survived’ party was a bonus. Everyone on the team got along with the man, he was just easy going enough to be liked and hard assed enough to be respected. Well that and every member of the African Lilac squad had served on one of the other Lilac squads and been forced to deal with the other council affiliates. Buffy and Willows dislike for the military infused the rest of the council, and their Slayers. Making joint operations a pain in the ass. Xander on the other hand saw the use of having a purely human demon hunting organization, not to mention that the Maasia had introduced him to the usefulness of modern weaponry during his first month in Africa. They were the reason that demons refused to enter Kenya after all.

“Fuck that,” Faith roared out, already drunk. “To the goddamn marines!”

“Semper Fidelis!”

“You do know it’s a good thing Riley couldn’t join us this year don’t you?” Graham said to Xander as he raised his beer.

“They’re still having issues?” Xander commented as he sipped his tonic water. Xander didn’t drink much, a legacy of his parents, and he had agreed to be the designated driver for tonight. Hanging out with Faith you either were the DD or you walked, because otherwise you would find yourself without a way to get home. Despite maturing Faith still partied hard, she knew all too well that she was not going to live to old age.

“Riley’s an ass and Sam isn’t helping things,” Graham shrugged. “With a newborn they’re even more touchy then usual.”

“I like the guy, but he really needs to ease up,” Xander commented. “Or at least he needs to get that stick out of his ass.”

“He’s a Ranger, they wedge those sticks in good and proper,” Graham grinned as he ribbed his missing buddy. As he had taken a commission in the Marines following the Initiative disaster he felt comfortable using the inter service rivalry for his own ends.

“As if you’re any better, you marines and your gung ho bull,” Xander snorted. “Still its good to see you out of the field. Not something that happens often, so thanks for inviting us.”

“Hey, you’ve been a good allies for years,” Graham, admitted uncomfortable with the appreciation. “Surprised you brought Faith though…”

“Council policy, as a director I can’t even go on vacation without a body guard of some sort. Normally it’s a slayer squad, but if I take Faith then I can ignore that.” Xander grinned slightly. “She is after all the last of the chosen, so none of the other slayers dare argue with her. Besides, Giles sent Wood to Africa to cover for me, and taking Faith with me on vacation will piss him off good and proper.”

“Still mad at him?” Graham scoffed. He had heard enough of the rumours running around the Joberg compound to have an idea of what had happened.

“Fuck yeah, if he wanted to break up he should have just done that, not cheated on her. I was this close to summoning Anya’s replacement for her,” Xanders eye glowed with his anger. Graham was pleased to note that Xander was using Anya’s name without wincing.

“Who talked you out of it?”

“Giles, something about a violation of the treaty with D’Hoffryn. I still say he was just ruining my fun,” Xander pouted.

“Hello my Hebrew ninja!” Abbey bounced out of her office as Ziva entered the lab. “To what do I owe the honour of your presence?”

“I…” Ziva paused and considered how to ask for this favour. She didn’t want Gibbs or any of the other members of her team to find out about this. It would lead to a rather more confrontational investigation then the one she wanted to launch. “I have come to beg a favour on a personal matter.”

“Oh,” Abbey grinned as she asked.

“My father called me last week, he had a lead on another child… following the last debacle I felt it best to investigate this before it bites us all in the leg,” Ziva admitted, still hesitant to raise Ari with any of the team. She may have killed him but his legacy lived on in terms of distrust. Her father’s actions had only deepened that distrust when one of his agents had almost killed Tony.

“Another child? Why would a child matter?” Abbey asked slightly confused.

“Supposedly he had another child,” Ziva frowned as she said that. “Given his actions over the years… and the actions of my brother…”

“Ah,” Abbey paused before hitting her radios remote and pumping up the volume. “You want to know what’s coming before it happens this time?”

“Exactly,” Ziva nodded. “Supposedly he has a file with the American military, if this is the truth would you be kind enough to run a DNA test? I do not want to drag him into my fathers world if he is not really related.”

“Or even if he is,” Abbey snorted. “You have a name?”

“Alexander Harris,” Ziva grinned. It was good that Abbey was willing to do this for her.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Vets office" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Feb 13.

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