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The O.C. Rewritten

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Summary: How different would "The O.C." be with Buffy Summers living there? (Chapter One Now Rewritten)

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Chapter Two: Pilot Part 2

Chapter Two: Pilot Part 2

Previously on the O.C.:
“You both are weird.” stated Ryan.
“Agreed” Stated a voice by the door.


It had been almost a week since he had seen her and he missed her terribly. This was no surprise to him considering how much he loved his beautiful girl. It wasn’t easy trying to keep his thought off of her this week considering every time he saw his brother he was either with or talking about his own girlfriend, Elena. Stefan really was whipped and Damon loved teasing him about it. He considered it only fair to tease his little brother considering Stefan teased him about Buffy all the time the same way.

He can distinctly remember the first time he saw Buffy he had just turned ten and it was love at first sight. He remembered thinking how he couldn’t wait to go home and tell his mom about her. He and his mother had always been close. Shaking himself free of his depressive thoughts about his mother Damon pulled up into the Cohen’s driveway in his sports car. He walked around the house ‘more like mansion’ Damon thought, as he headed toward the back of the house. This past week was one of his most dreaded weeks of the whole year he truly hated it, each year on this date he had to go a whole week without his girl. He always wishes he could go with her but he knew she needed to go without him not just to visit her mother but to see her surrogate father. He could barely hear the voices coming from the pool house as he entered the backyard. He reached the pool house just as Buffy was making a joke about Seth looking like an extra from Fight Club. He saw another guy in the room with Buffy and Seth but as soon as he saw Buffy he turned his full attention to her. He stood there starring at Buffy realizing he has missed her even more than he thought ‘I didn’t realize that was possible’ Damon thought. Once the mystery male made a joke about Buffy and Seth being weird he finally made his presence known by agreeing with him.

***BTVS/OC/TVD ***

Hearing a voice Buffy, Ryan and Seth all three looked towards the door. They all three saw a tall, dark haired guy, with blue eyes who looked to be about eighteen.

“Damon” Buffy said and darted toward him, jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist. Their lips automatically met. ‘God I’ve missed this’ Buffy thought as she moaned at the taste of him.

‘Finally’ Damon thought as he felt and heard Buffy moan as their lips met. ‘I have missed this’ Damon’s thoughts echoing Buffy’s.

“As you can see they are dating.” Seth said sarcastically to Ryan while he starred at the scene that his cousin and her boyfriend was making. ‘This isn’t awkward at all’ Seth thought.

“I noticed.” Ryan replied also starring at the scene while trying not to smile.

“So I guess you missed her, huh Damon” stated Seth, making Ryan finally crack a small smile.

Buffy and Damon ignored him and continued kissing passionately.

Damon had one hand on Buffy's ass supporting her. The other was under her shirt at her lower back. Both of Buffy's hands were in Damon's hair anchoring his mouth to hers.

Ryan and Seth saw Damon's hand travel from Buffy's back, under her shirt, toward the front, toward her chest.

“Whoa, hey guys I'm starting to get scarred for life.” Seth said trying to get them to separate.

Buffy and Damon ignored him and continued to make out.

“They do this all the time, whenever they're in the room together it's like they notice no one or nothing else. BUFFY, DAMON!”

Still nothing.

“Oh hey dad” said Seth very seriously.

Buffy pulled away immediately and looked around. Damon made a noise of complaint trying to fuse his lips back to hers, clearly not caring who was watching. Seeing that Buffy’s attention was elsewhere Damon turned his attention to Buffy’s neck.

Buffy looked at Seth annoyed. “That was sooo not funny cuz.”

“Well you wouldn't stop, I tried everything else. You were starting to traumatize Ryan and me.” Seth said trying to remain serious.

“You'll live” stated Buffy while trying to keep her attention on her cousin since Damon had decided to start sucking on her neck. Buffy finally pushed Damon’s face away from her neck and signaled for him to put her down.

After she jumped down she turned around and leaned back into Damon her back to his front. Damon automatically wrapped his arms around her waist. They were both faced Ryan and Seth. Ryan and Seth both had an amused look on their faces.

“What.” She said trying to understand why they were smiling.

“Nothing.” They replied at the same time. They gave each other strange looks.

“Anyways. Ryan this is Damon, Damon this is Ryan. Ryan is living here now.” Buffy explained.

“Hey man, how’s it going?” Damon said removing one hand from Buffy stomach and shaking Ryan's hand. “Sorry about the show, I just really missed my girl.”

“No problem.” said Ryan with an amused smile on his face as he saw the hand he had just shaken go back to its original place on Buffy’s stomach.

“So I'm gonna go get a shower. Do you guys want to go get some breakfast after?” Seth asked.

“I thought you were feeling like crap?”

“Not really I'm just a little tired, and kinda hungry, and I just wanna get out of the house before the parentals see me. Knowing mom she'll probably have a fit once she sees me.” Seth Stated.

“Yeah you're probably right considering the bruise on your face.” Buffy said.

“She’s got a point.” Ryan said agreeing with Buffy while he touched his own face and feeling the bruise around his eye and his split lip.

“Anyway, so any takers?” Questioned Seth clearly ready to get out of there and get some food.

“Yeah sure.” Ryan answered wanting to get away from the house before seeing Kirsten and Sandy knowing that Seth and his bruises would be blamed on him and also knowing that they would probably be taking him back to his mom’s today. Ryan wanted to stay in New Port and away from the drama of going back for a little while longer. He couldn’t really call it going home because it didn’t feel like home not with A.J. there.

Seth looked over at Damon and Buffy. “What about you guys?” Seth was hoping that they would come so that Ryan could see how awesome his cousin was. Seth thought Buffy was probably one of the only people who really saw him and still liked him, most of the time she felt more like his sister than cousin. He knew she was probably his only friend ‘maybe not’ Seth thought hoping that Ryan could now be counted as a friend.

Buffy and Damon looked at each other and both thought the same thing. “No we're gonna pass.” Damon answered for both of them. They both wanted time alone.

“Ok.” Seth said ‘hopefully I won’t run into the parentals’ Seth thought as they all split up.

Buffy and Damon heading towards Buffy's room as Seth went to go get a shower upstairs, and Ryan heading towards the pool house bathroom to take his own shower.


“So did you really miss me?” Buffy asked, as her and Damon were sitting side by side on her bed.

She and Damon had decided to come and hangout in her room, while Ryan and Seth had decided to get out of the house and go get breakfast in town.

“No.” Damon replied sarcastically and playfully while smirking at her. He was trying to fight the impulse to kiss his girl.

Damon finally decided not to fight it anymore and grabbed her around the waist and pulled her onto his lap. He left one hand on her waist and moved the other hand to her neck tangling it in her hair. He pulled her mouth down to his, fusing their lips together. They both moaned as soon as their lips made contact.

‘God she taste good’ Damon thought, while Buffy's thoughts mirrored his. He gently used his tongue to trace the seam of her lips.

Buffy parted hear lips letting his tongue in to tangle with hers. Buffy put arms around Damon's neck and moaned. She then put both hands on his back under his shirt.

Damon put one of his hands under Buffy's shirt and he marvels at how soft she always is. He inched his hand toward her chest, just as Buffy raked her nails down his back, making Damon moan.

“Buffy, baby” Damon moaned. “You feel so good. God, I missed you sweetheart.”

“Damon” Buffy moaned, as Damon moved his lips down her neck. Buffy moved her hands to his hair, tugging his hair and pushing his face deeper into her neck, as he used his lips and tongue to torture her. ‘But oh such sweet torture.’ Buffy thought. ‘Wait I'm forgetting something. What is it? Taylor!!’ Buffy thought finally remembering.

“Damon.” Buffy said suddenly, pulling away from him.

“What.” Damon groaned, knowing whatever she was about to say wouldn't be good for him.

“I promised Taylor I meet her, in about fifteen minutes.” Buffy explained, while looking at her clock on her bed side table.

“Fine” Damon sighed. “What about later?”

“I'll meet you back here in a couple of hours.” Buffy said. “Oh, meet me by the pool. We can go swimming.”

“You just better be glad I love you so much.” Damon exclaimed in mock anger.

“Oh I am, and I love you too.” Buffy said, while looking at him lovingly. Whenever Buffy looked into his eyes she could see the love he had for her it was overwhelming, but it reflected exactly what she felt for him.


“So what's the story with Buffy?” Ryan asked as he and Seth were sitting in the restaurant waiting for the waitress to bring them their order of food, she had already brought them their drink orders.

“What do you mean” Seth asked puzzled looking around and wishing he already had his food. ‘I am starving’ Seth thought.

“She's living with you guys, why? You never said.” Ryan asked Seth confused to why Buffy wasn’t living with her own parents.

“Buffy's mom died when she was 12, her dad had bailed years before. She ended up moving in with us.” Seth said in a sad tone.

“That sucks.” Ryan said sympathizing with her situation.

“Yeah it does, Buffy was close to Aunt Joyce. When she died...I don't know how she dealt with that, she really is a strong person...I don't know if I could deal with losing both my parents.” Seth said right before drinking some of his drink.

“So you guys seem close” remarked Ryan, changing the subject away from parents.

“Yeah, but Buffy's always been more my sister than my cousin. Even before she came to live with us she would always come down during summer and stay with us, we'd play for hours. Buffy always got me. Nobody else ever did” said Seth as he placed his drink back down on the table.

“What about Damon is he another Luke?” Ryan asked hoping that Damon wasn’t mean to Seth.

“No. Damon's pretty cool. Even before they starting dating Damon never picked on me he even stopped some of the bullying; although, that may be because he's been in love with my cousin since he was 10. Anyway Damon’s mom died when he was 11. His dad is an ass. His dad treats him pretty crappy, and he's never around. Maybe that's why Buffy and Damon are so perfect for each other, they were both close to their moms’ and they lost them when they were really young, plus they both have daddy issues. He has a younger brother though. His dad always favors his brother Stefan.” Seth explained.

“So why was Buffy in L.A. when I got to New Port?” Ryan asked since Seth hadn’t explained. Seth had just told him that he had a cousin named Buffy that lived with them and that she was in L.A. at the moment.

“Every year on a particular week, that week being the one that just passed, Buffy goes to L.A. to visit her mom.” Seth said and seeing the look on Ryan’s face he added, “Well she goes to visit her mom’s grave.” Seth finished explaining.

“I’m just really glad we got out of the house before my mom saw us this morning.” Ryan said changing the subject away from the depressing topic.

“Yeah, I don’t think she would be too happy with the bruises on our faces.” Seth said while touching his bruises on his face. He winced as he touched a particularly tender spot. Seth shook his head as he lowered his hand back down.

Ryan and Seth looked up as their waitress walked up to the table and set their food down. “Enjoy” she said and then walked off.


“So what did you do while I was gone?” Buffy asked as she and her best friend Taylor Townsend were painting their nails on Taylor’s bed, in Tay's house.

“Oh, nothing just hung out with all my friends.” Taylor replied sarcastically.

“Tay...” Buffy started.

“I'm sorry. It's not your problem I only have one friend. You, well and Damon but he's only nice to me for your sake. Everyone else sees me as a freak.” Taylor stated sadly.

“Taylor they're idiots. Everyone at our school and in Newport are idiots for not seeing how great you are. As for Damon he sees you like a little sister, just like I see Damon's younger brother Stefan as a little brother.” Buffy said trying to comfort Taylor.

“Having my mom for a parent doesn't help matters everyone scared of her so if they don't see me as a freak, they're just too scared to be my friend.” Taylor stated dejectedly.

“So when's the monster coming back?” Buffy asked changing the subject hoping to get Taylor in a better mood.

“Next Wednesday.” Taylor said excitedly to have almost a week without her live-in torturer.

“Cool. Vacation from her.” Buffy stated with the same enthusiasm.

“Pretty much. So was Damon happy you were back?” Taylor asked with a smirk clearly already knowing the answer.

“I was only gone a few days, but yeah he was” said Buffy smiling and thinking back to earlier in her room.

“So was Seth bored while you were gone?” asked Taylor breaking Buffy out of her daydream.

“No. Not really he got himself a live-in-friend.” Buffy stated. She looked at Taylor and waited for the questions to start.

“What?” Taylor asked, looking truly confused. She hadn’t heard anything about that. ‘Maybe that’s because you chose not to go to the fashion show Taylor,’ she thought to herself.

“His name is Ryan and Sandy was his lawyer.” Buffy said telling her the minimum information. Wanting to see what she would say.

“What aren't you telling me?” Taylor inquired looking at Buffy and pouting.

“Okay, you know that pout doesn’t work on me right Taylor?” Buffy said with a straight face not letting the pout affect her.

“Yeah I know you invented that look.” Taylor said, “But please tell me? You know you want to.” Taylor said in a teasing voice.

“Okay so full story: Ryan and his older brother were both busted for stealing a car. His older brother went to prison, while Ryan just has a hearing to determine his punishment. Anyways after he met with Sandy, he goes home where his mother tells him to get out. He then calls Sandy and Sandy goes and picks him up and brings him to Newport. He stayed the night and even went to the fashion show, after said fashion show Ryan and Seth go to Holly's party.” Buffy explained finally giving in and telling Taylor the whole story.

“They went to one of Holly's parties?” Taylor questioned.

“Yeah I know. This morning it looked like they both got into a fight,” answered Buffy. “So you didn’t go to the annual fashion show?” Buffy asked Tay.

“Well I'm not surprised, considering who usually attends and what usually goes on at her parties, and no I didn’t go my mother is actually out of town for this event and so she didn’t make me go. You know how much I despise going to a New Port event that is basically just an excuse for Marissa Cooper to be the center of attention ,” said Taylor.

“I know I totally agree Julie Cooper really is just raising herself.” Buffy said, “It’s just a good thing they got out of the house before Kirsten saw them.” Buffy said looking at Taylor changing the subject back to Ryan and Seth.

“So is Ryan staying?” Taylor asked Buffy curiously.

“Kirsten and Sandy were talking about it when I left to come over here. Sandy supposed to take him home in a few hours.” Buffy said looking at the clock seeing it was about twelve o’clock.


“Where have you two been?” Kirsten asked as Ryan and Seth walked through the back door into the kitchen. Kirsten and Sandy were standing by the island in the kitchen talking.

“We went to get some breakfast.” Seth answered while trying not to let her see the bruise on his face.

“Seth, what happened to your face?” Kirsten asked in a very concerned voice.

‘Mission failed’ Seth thought at his mom’s question. She then walked over to him, took a hold of his chin with her right hand and started turning his head from side to side examining his bruised face.

“Nothing,” Seth said. He then saw the disbelieving look on her face and said, “Okay, so we went the party and there was a fight and…”

“You got into a fight.” Kirsten interrupted Seth.

Seth looked at his mom and debated how to explain to her what had happened. The look on her face was a cross between worry and outrage. Seth could see his mother was very upset.

“Look mom it wasn’t……” Seth tried to say.

“I don’t want to hear any excuses Seth. Go to your room.”

“But mom…”

“Now Seth!” Kirsten said you could hear the frustration in her voice.

Seth knew she wouldn’t listen when she was in this kind of mood so he looked at his mom and dad then looked at Ryan then shook his head and headed towards his room.

Ryan stood in the kitchen starring at the floor. He was just waiting for Kirsten and Sandy to start yelling at him. He couldn’t look at her and see disappointment in her eyes so he kept his eyes trained on the floor.

“Ryan,” Kirsten stated in a calm voice. “Why don’t you go to the pool house I need to talk to Sandy?”


Buffy walked into the front door of her home with a smile on her face. ‘Damon will be here soon’ she thought. She had spent a couple of hours over at Taylor’s just hanging out and talking. She had called Damon when she was getting ready to drive home, and she told him she was on her way home. He told her that he would be there in less than an hour.

She was walking toward the kitchen when she heard her aunt and uncle talking about Ryan. She stopped next to the door to the kitchen so they couldn’t see her and listened to them talking.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to be here any longer Sandy.” Buffy heard her aunt Kirsten say.

“His mother kicked him out of the house Kirsten. He has nowhere to go.” Buffy’s uncle Sandy told his wife is a soft trying to persuade her to let Ryan stay.

“I feel bad for him but we have also got to think about Seth. Ryan had been here almost two days and Seth has already been in a fight. Please just take Ryan home.” Buffy could hear the conflicting emotions in her aunt’s voice. She knew her aunt wanted to help but she knew Kirsten was trying to do what she thought was best for Seth.

Buffy looked into the kitchen just as Sandy walked out the door. Buffy knew he was probably going to tell Ryan it was time to go home. This made Buffy sad. She didn’t know Ryan all that good but she could tell he would have been good for Seth.


Ryan knew he had screwed up it didn’t matter that they were picking on Seth, and that he had jumped in to stop them. It still felt like his fault. Seth got into a fight, got hurt and now Ryan had to leave and go back home. He dreaded this. Even though he hadn’t been in New Port long he knew he was going to miss it. He was especially going to miss Sandy and Seth.

Ryan was thinking about this while he was headed to Seth’s room.


Seth was lying on his bed wondering what he could do to about Ryan. He was worried his mom and dad were going to send him back to Chino. He didn’t think that was fair. Ryan and he were becoming friends, and Seth had never had a male friend before.

He was so deep in thought that he almost missed the knock at his bedroom door. He looked questionably at the door wondering who it was he was hoping it wasn’t his mother or father. He got off the bed and walked toward the door and opened it, and he relaxed once he saw who it was. Ryan.

“Hey man, come on in.” Seth said to Ryan as he moved away from the door so Ryan could enter. “So what’s up?” Seth asked looking at Ryan hoping he wasn’t going to say he was leaving.

“So, I gotta jet.” Ryan said looking at Seth while trying to keep his face blank from emotion.

‘He is leaving’ Seth though his mood getting depressed. ‘Who knew I could feel more depressed than I did before he came through the door.’ “So you’re leaving.” Seth said finally stating it out loud.

“I gotta go back, try to figure some stuff out back home.” Ryan stated keeping his face blank wishing that he could stay he didn’t want to go back.

“Okay well…cool…” Seth stated while looking down wishing Ryan wasn’t leaving. He looked up at Ryan and continued “…or not cool. But, you know what I mean.” Seth finished saying while trying to smile.

Ryan looked down dreading that he had to leave. He finally looked up raising his hand out to shake Seth’s.

“Come here.” Seth said ignoring Ryan’s hand and pulling Ryan into a hug.

Ryan let Seth pull him into a hug but didn’t really return it he had never really been shown affection before.

Seth pulled away looked at Ryan. “I’ll come down to Chino. I’ll visit you, and you can show me your world…or, you know… ‘hood’ or…” Seth said trying to laugh. Even though he knew if he ever went to visit Ryan in Chino he would get his ass kicked.

“All right” Ryan said looking at Seth thinking this is the last time he would see him. Because he knew he would never let Seth come to Chino because he wouldn’t be safe. Ryan turned to leave but Seth grabbed him by his jacket pulling Ryan back around to face him.

“Wait a second. Just wait one second.” Seth said then turned around and headed toward his desk. Seth grabbed a rectangular object then walked back toward Ryan and handed it to him.

Ryan looked at what Seth had handed him on the front it said ‘Pacific Ocean’ with a picture of a boat. “Maybe there’s someplace you’ll want to go.” Ryan heard Seth say while Ryan turned the map over to look at it more closely.

“It’s pretty good for ideas.” Seth finished saying while he watched Ryan look at the map wishing Ryan didn’t have to go.

Ryan looked up at Seth and muttered “Alright.” Before Seth could stop him Ryan lightly smacked him on the side of his face with the map and turned to leave. Ryan turned back slightly and waved bye.

“Okay.” Seth said waving back after he had quit complaining about being hit.


Ryan left Seth’s room and headed down the stairs while still holding the map Seth gave him. He made it down the stairs and when he reached the bottom he saw Buffy.

“Are you leaving?” Buffy asked.

“Yeah” Ryan started, “I think I’ve caused enough trouble don’t you?” Ryan finished while looking at Buffy.

“I don’t think Seth sees it that way.” Buffy said looking at Ryan with a concerned look on her face. “Are you gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” Ryan said trying to put her mind at ease. “I know how to take care of myself.”

“Okay. Goodbye Ryan.” Buffy said while giving him a hug.

The hug surprised Ryan but he accepted it and he slowly hugged her back. “Alright, bye Buffy” Ryan said and walked out the front door to get into the car.


Ryan looked out the window of Sandy’s car at the Cohen’s house as he heard Sandy start the car and put it into reverse and start down the driveway. When they got to the bottom of the driveway Sandy turned the car around and then went forward. Ryan continued looking out of the window as they passed the house next door and Ryan saw Marissa standing at the end of the driveway. He saw her staring at the car as they continued on.


Once they pulled up outside of his house Ryan looked at his house then turned toward facing forward and said, “So thanks…for everything”

Ryan continued looking forward and heard Sandy reply, “I’m gonna make sure everything works out, Ryan.”

They both got out of the car and Ryan got his bike out of Sandy’s trunk and then they both headed toward the house. As they reached the fence Ryan turned around toward Sandy and said “It’s okay I can take it from here.”

Ryan then continued on toward the house he dropped his bike at the porch, got his keys out and unlocked the door. As he pushed the door open Ryan could feel the dread mixed with relief he always felt when he reached home. He walked in and looked around and shock covered his face. He then ran and looked the house was almost completely empty. He waked back toward the kitchen and he saw a note on the counter. He then picked up the note and leaned his head up against the cabinets.

When he turned around he saw Sandy standing there watching him. “Come on let’s go” Sandy told him. Ryan looked down and then shook his head in agreement, and started walking toward the door.

To Be Continued......

Authors Note: Yep as you can tell the mystery crossover is.......The Vampire Diaries. I really LOVE the pairing of Buffy Summers and Damon Salvatore it’s one of my favorite crossover pairing my other favorite is Buffy Summers and Dean Winchester.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The O.C. Rewritten" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Apr 13.

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