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The O.C. Rewritten

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Summary: How different would "The O.C." be with Buffy Summers living there? (Chapter One Now Rewritten)

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Chapter One: Pilot Part 1

Title: The O.C. Rewritten
Summary: How different would "The O.C." be with Buffy Summers living there?
Timeline: The first of this chapter takes place while the beginning of the pilot episode of the O.C. is going on but Buffy is in L.A. and it tells what she is doing. The second part of this chapter is when it really crosses over; it takes place close to the end of the same episode of the O.C.
Pairings: Buffy/?, Taylor/Ryan, Summer/Seth
Authors Note: Will be a kind of crossover between Btvs/OC/and mystery crossover, but mainly just the characters from Btvs, and the mystery crossover but not the story lines. I doubt I will have a lot of characters from Btvs and the mystery show, mainly the characters in my story will be from the O.C. The mystery crossover will not be a mystery for long. Also this story will be completely human. This is my first story.
Authors Note 2: I am a huge Taylor and Ryan fan. I don’t really care for Marissa so if you don’t like reading about her in a negative light I probably wouldn’t read this, but to me she always came off as being a spoiled, whinny sorry to say bitch that used and manipulated the other characters. She was always woe is me and her problems were so terrible. I think she just wanted to be the center of attention and she could not stay out of trouble.

Chapter One: Pilot Part 1

“I miss you so much mom,” Buffy whispered while looking at her mother’s tombstone, well at least trying to look at it, it was a little hard to see it with her tears blurring her vision. She was sitting in front of her mother’s grave, she had been sitting there for about an hour just staring at the grave that held the person’s body that still meant so much to her.

Joyce Summers
Loving Mother

It had been years and it still hurt to look at those words, seeing them, made it so very real. Her mother was gone. Of course she knew this, she had known it for years, but when she was in New Port it wasn’t so real. When she was there she could just pretend that her mother had sent her to live with her aunt Kirsten and uncle Sandy. She was in denial. She knew it. A part of her had accepted it but there was a small part that was stubborn and didn’t want to accept that her mother was gone. She wasn’t ready to let her go.

“God mom you’ve been gone for already five years I can’t believe it’s been that long.” Buffy stated this while looking toward the sky, like she could see her mom in the sky.

“Happy Birthday mommy I brought your favorite, lilies.”

Buffy picked up the flowers that she had laid beside her when she sat down and just held them in her lap stroking them unconsciously while staring at her mother’s name. She could clearly remember the last conversation she had with her mother.


“I know its movie night sweetheart but I’ve got to work a little late tonight. I won’t miss it I promise. You know I wouldn’t do this unless it was important, but we will still have movie night. It will just start at nine instead of seven.” Joyce Summers said while looking at her daughters’ crestfallen face. They were standing in the kitchen at the island talking after eating breakfast.

“I know mom it will be okay.” Buffy said trying not to sound or look disappointed. She knew it was hard with her dad being gone. It was just her and her mom, them against the world.

“Okay, are you ready for school because we have to go or you are going to be late?” Joyce said while looking at the clock.

“Yeah” Buffy said.

End Of Flashback

Buffy continued absentmindedly staring at the grave while remembering the car ride to school that morning instead of talking there had be silence on the drive to school. She remembers right before she got out of the car that she told her mother that she loved her, to drive careful, and to have a good day at work. She can remember her mom telling her to have a good day at school and she can very clearly remember the very last thing her mother ever told her ‘I love you sweetheart, and I’ll see you tonight’.

“I should’ve known I would find you here,” a male voice said behind Buffy, she automatically knew who it was; there was only one person she knew with a british accent that would visit her here.

“Hi Giles,” Buffy said while wearing a small smile while she kept staring at her mothers’ name on the grave stone.

“Hey, you left early this morning.” Giles said while giving Buffy a concerned look which she missed. She was still sitting down and facing her mothers’ grave and he was standing behind her.

“Yeah I know I wanted to spend as much time here as I could before I go back home.” Buffy said while finally turning her head and looking up at Giles.

“When are you going home?” Giles asked her.

“Tonight,” Buffy said.

“You know I thought it was physically impossible for teenage girls to forget to take their cellphones wherever they go.” Giles said while taking Buffy’s cellphone out of his pocket.

“Did someone call?” Buffy asked while looking at Giles.

“That boyfriend of yours called three times, Taylor called twice and Kirsten called twice.” Giles said while handing Buffy her cellphone.

Buffy had a small smile on her face while she took the cellphone and thought about her boyfriend ‘god I miss him,’ Buffy thought ‘and I’ve only been gone about a week.’

It had become tradition to come back to Los Angeles and stay for the week of her mother’s birthday and spend time with Giles, then on the day of her mother’s birthday come to her mother’s grave and bring her lilies, her favorite flower.

“Would you like some time alone with her?” Buffy asked Giles, she knew that even though her mother had been gone for five years Giles was still loved her and missed her.

“Yes, thank you Buffy that would be most appreciated.” Giles said while staring at his beloved Joyce’s grave.

Buffy finally laid the lilies on her mothers’ grave, stood up and walked a little ways away so she could give Giles some privacy.


“Have you got everything?” Giles asked Buffy later that same afternoon as he and Buffy stood next to her car saying their goodbyes. Buffy was getting ready to drive back to New Port. She wanted to be able to sleep in her own bed that night.

“Yeah, I have everything. I am going to really miss you though. It doesn’t feel like we see each other that much.” Buffy said, while looking at Giles sadly. Her and Giles had always been so close when she was growing up he was more her father than her real one.

“Well you know you can call anytime, you can also visit anytime as well.” Giles said while looking at the daughter of his heart, although not biologically.

“I really have to get going.” Buffy said while looking at the clock on her phone. She put her phone back in her pocket and stepped closer to Giles and gave him a hug.

“Call me when you get there, so I will know you got there safely. Giles said while returning the hug.

“I promise I will.” Buffy said letting go of him and getting into her car and started driving back to New Port.


Buffy walked into the kitchen the next morning. She saw her aunt making coffee. “Good morning Kirsten.” Buffy said to her aunt while walking toward the island in the kitchen.

“Morning sweetheart, did you sleep well?” Kirsten Cohen asked her niece as she went over and hugged her “I’m glad you’re back”.

“Me too, anyways I slept well. I got back last night, and no was here when I got back so I ate dinner and I returned the calls I missed yesterday and then went to bed. I called you and left a message.”

“I must have missed it yesterday was the annual fashion show. So we all went, Sandy, me, Seth, and…….Ryan.”

“Ryan? Who is Ryan?” Buffy asked Kirsten looking at her aunt clearly confused.

Her aunt then proceeded to explain the situation with Ryan.

“Wow.” Buffy said, “So she just kicked him out?”

“Yeah, Sandy went and got him and brought him here and he spent yesterday with Seth. They seem to really get along.” Her aunt explained.

“Well that’s good Seth could use a good male friend.” Buffy said.

“Well he won’t be staying long.” Kirsten said in a serious voice thinking that if he did stay much longer it would be bad for Seth.

Buffy looked at her aunt wishing that she could see that Ryan staying might be good for Seth. ‘It could really bring him out of his shell’ Buffy thought to herself, but wouldn’t voice this out loud at least not until she’d seen how Ryan and Seth got along herself.

“Could you go out to the pool house and see if the boys are awake and if they aren’t could you wake them up?”

“Yeah sure but I want coffee first.” Buffy said while walking around the island toward the counter with the coffee maker on it. Once she reached it she fixed her a cup of coffee. She decided to also make Seth and Ryan a cup while she was making hers, then she headed for the pool house while carrying a tray with the three cups on it. When she walked into the pool house she saw both Ryan and Seth asleep. She took a moment to study Ryan ‘he’s defiantly cute in an outsider bad boy kind of way.’ Buffy thought to herself while setting the tray down on the counter in the small kitchen. Thinking of outsider bad boys brought her mind to her boyfriend god how she missed him and it hadn’t even been a week since she’d seen him. Looking back over toward the boys she noticed that Ryan was waking up.


Ryan woke up aching all over, 'shouldn't have got into that fight last night'. He looked over at the bed, Marissa was gone. He looked at where Seth had slept, he was still asleep.

"Coffee" Ryan mumbled. He could smell coffee.

"Want some" said a voice. It was definitely female. He looked over at the direction it came from; yep definitely female. 'Beautiful' was his first thought, then 'who.'

"You must be Ryan," she stated, handing him a cup of coffee.

"Thanks," Ryan said, taking the cup and drinking some coffee. ‘This is really good’ Ryan thought to himself. He then looked at the girl and studied her.

She was short about 5'3'', and petite. She had long blonde hair and beautiful green eyes, and she was tan. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a purple tank top.

"Buffy!" stated a voice breaking out of his thoughts. Seth was awake.

'Oh right, so this is Buffy, Seth's cousin that also lives here.' thought Ryan. Seth had told him she had been in L.A. when he arrived in Newport, and she must have just gotten back.

"You just get back?" Seth asked, mirroring Ryan's thoughts.

"Yep" Buffy said popping the 'p'.

Seth looked at her irritably. Buffy just smiled back at him innocently.

"You got a headache?" She asked like she already knew the answer.

"No." Seth lied unconvincingly.

"Oh please you look like an extra from Fight Club. Have you got a headache?" Buffy said jokingly.

"Ha, ha you’re so funny," Seth replied sarcastically. “And, yes I have a headache.” Stated Seth, while lowering his head and grabbing it with his hands.

"Well Kirsten asked me to come wake you two up, and well you I’m thinking she doesn’t know about last night and the fight you apparently got into, what's Sandy and Kirsten gonna say, cuz." Buffy stated dramatically, while also handing him a cup of coffee.

"Please don't tell them!" Seth said in a nervous voice while taking the cup.

"I promise nothing." Buffy stated in a fake, but pretty good Russian accent.

"I have ways of keeping you quiet." Seeing that she was kidding Seth replied also in an accent, a not so good Russian accent, it was pretty crappy actually.

"You both are weird." Ryan stated but he was wearing a smile.

"Agreed" stated a male voice by the door.

To be continued.......

Authors Note: Who is the mystery person standing by the door? This is where the mystery crossover comes in. I will tell you the voice is male and will be the paired with Buffy.
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