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The Hunters

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book IV". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The last Slayers of Dune set out to defeat the Old Ones.

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chapter 11

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Organizations often fall into the trap of approaching goals in a rigid manner. This prevents them from navigating change which can lead to catastrophe. This is because the leadership model is based upon the authority of position. Power flows upward. Vulnerability flows downward. Soldiers die in war generals never do. If the people at the top are insane then the organization is insane. It does not matter if the organization is a corporation, a state or the abode of the gods.

Leto II,
“The Stolen Journals”

“Basilah has been defeated.” Anne said. Heads turned.

Impossible!” the Engineer said. “She had all the powers of an Old One. She should have consumed the emissary.” Anne looked up at the Engineer. The tall muscular being stood over her. In her native form she would have found it impossible to fit into this room but she liked wearing the form of a little girl. She found it advantageous to appear harmless until she wanted not to be so.

The Engineer was flabbergasted. He had personally overseen the gene therapy that had allowed the blending of their greatest creations with the vat grown clones of Wolf Ram and Hart. These were the clones used to infiltrate the Bene Gesserit and stop them from releasing the Kwisatz Haderach in its true form. He took on the project as an aspect of their examination of the emergence of spiritual forces as a byproduct of natural selection.

“We should have used slayers.” He said. Anne looked at him in a way that made his blood run cold. He never understood her irrational affection for those strange women.

“The slayers already have a way to secrete and capture spiritual energy.” The Engineer ventured. He knew he was playing it near the edge. Anne strictly forbid them experimenting on anyone who was a slayer.

“If we had enough of them they could secrete something more powerful than the Destroyer.” The Engineer insisted on tempting death. “We would only need a handful…” His voice trailed away. He could see the eyes of Anne starting to glow with a soft blood red light. The Engineer cleared his throat and changed the subject. He never did like the strange gods they had found in this space. They were made from power that pretended to be flesh and as such they were arrogant and deadly. Still, he couldn't help but feel pride. These strange gods needed him and his kind to answer the basic questions of existence. Anne needed the Engineers to find out how spiritual forces bonded with flesh. The Engineer found it funny that the key to Anne’s investigations lay in the mystical clones created by beings, Wolf Ram and Hart, whom were created almost by accident billions of years ago.

“You’ll find that slayers are inventive creatures. “ Anne looked up at the pale ghostly image of Buffy Summers that hung frozen in the air. Her blonde ponytail was frozen into an “S” curve. Her teeth were bared. “Especially that one.” Anne concluded. Anne was the last Atreides. Her grandfather was Paul Maud’dib, her grandmother was Buffy Summers, her uncle was Leto II. It was no wonder she had affection for the slayers. Her mother was a slayer and her father was the third Atreides emperor. She looked down at the little boy who was always at her side. He had raven black hair and blue within blue eyes. This was all that remained of her father. All she had of him was a boy that was a shadow of a great man. Absentmindedly Anne reached down and stroked the boy’s head. She missed her daddy.

“Don’t worry.” Said Anne to the Engineer. If things get out of control we can always raise Messiah. The Engineer nodded in agreement. Messiah was a monster that dwelt in the void between worlds. It was an ark designed to rise the Old Ones even if only a single cell of an Old One existed anywhere. Both Anne and the Engineer had watched a mystical playback of the events that occurred the last time Messiah was raised. Messiah had nearly covered the entire landmass of the arctic content on that version of Earth. Wolf Ram and Hart under the command of Angel had blown Messiah into a billion pieces. But the magic of Messiah was absolute. Messiah was an Old One. It simply raised itself. Now Anne and the Engineers kept it at rest in a pocket universe she had built herself.

“They damn near burned the Earth to a crisp taking that thing out.” Anne thought. She knew they had used Mesektet as a sacred object to fuel a gamma ray laser that melted the polar caps. It now rained all the time on that version of Earth. Millions had died.

“Messiah will rise and the Earth will burn.” Anne recalled the warning she had sent them. Sadly enough she was right. Of course it was the humans that burned the Earth and not Messiah. Of course it was that idiot Cordelia that had spoken for the Powers That Be and had shown Angel the weapon used for destroying worlds.

“She killed my grandmother; she tried to kill my father, she even tried to kill my cat!” Anne held her fury at the thought of any harm coming to the beings she loved the most. Anne remembered Cordelia being torn apart by the magics of Willow Rosenberg.

“Not the way I would have done it.” She thought. “But dead is dead.” Anne meditated on the future. The god space she and the engineers occupied now was like the all Seeing Eye. Every point in space and time was available to her. From here, the Powers That Be could see the spread of the humans throughout the galaxy, the rise of the Machine God the return of the slayers and the death of the First but now they were blind. Something was blocking her and her kind from seeing the future. They were rapidly approaching a black wall across time. She could not see into it or know what it contained.

“Leto called this Arafel the cloud darkness of holy judgment.” Anne thought. She felt almost a human like sensation of fear. But she knew she had no choice but to move forward. She issued the command. The god space passed into the black.

“Anything can happen now.” She thought. After some consideration Anne gave the word.

“Engineer, raise Messiah.” She said.

“As you wish.” The Engineer turned to his duties. After he left her, she sat on her golden throne and waited for whatever brilliance that would come to illuminate this darkest night.

On Tleilaxu Surayya turned to Buffy.

“Ever have the feeling that powerful forces are conspiring against you?” She asked.

“All the time.” Buffy said. “Usually I kill them.” Surayya laughed. “Of that I have no doubt.” The women continued on. Spike followed behind them.
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