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The Hunters

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book IV". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The last Slayers of Dune set out to defeat the Old Ones.

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chapter 3

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

“The introduction of a new species into a closed environment is usually a catastrophe for the native lifeforms. Patterns and habits of survival are instantly and permanently disrupted. This always leads to either an evolutionary adaptation or extinction of the native species. It was Liam Atreides that made the creation of the male slayer possible. The question then is what are the choices available when the invasive lifeform is spiritual in nature?”

- The Slayers of Dune: Apocrypha

A small group of humans walked down a hallway in the building of the Tleilaxu embassy. The slayers had taken a shuttle to the ambassador’s ship. Abd had remained on the “Liam Atreides.” The ambassador was speaking to Buffy. Surayya walked beside them.

“The Old Ones.” she said to herself as her thoughts wandered. She got a faraway look in her eyes. She remembered Talios Three and she remembered something about herself. When they resurrected the Destroyer, when they created the Destroyer she was caught in a backwash of anti-entropic energies. The spark of the Destroyer within her exploded into a roaring flame. In the blink of an eye she became an Old One. She remained human only by the sheer will power of the billions of slayers that lived in her head. She only remained sane by transferring that connection to the Machines of the Synchronized Worlds. They saved that connection and called it the slayerverse. The Old Ones were being of pure mystical energy. They were not built by DNA. Surayya was curious. What were the Tleilaxu building? Something else bothered her as well. She shared the same dreams as Buffy. Like all slayers they heard the voice of the Destroyer.

“Who are the engineers?” She thought. Her visions had shown men who looked vaguely human standing on ships kilometers long watching monsters below them rip and tear at each other on a blasted and burning land. She saw something else in her visions. She saw a woman with brown eyes and a round and pleasant face.

“Cordelia Chase” A name came to her. Cordelia was one of the Powers-That-Be. A ghost of her had attacked the slayers. She had killed Liam’s birth mother. Surayya made the connection. She had seen Anne talking to Buffy on Arrakis before she was attacked by Basilah.

“The Powers-That-Be are working with these Engineers.” It was a mentat prime conclusion. Surayya looked at Buffy. Buffy read her expression and responded with a slight frown. She had come to the same conclusion.

After they had brought Liam’s body back, after the fremen slayers had extracted his water Surayya had felt herself drawn into the desert. She went without water, without provisions. It took nearly a day to arrive at the place where her sprit had driven her. By then her skin was dry, her lips were cracked. Her eyes were blinded by a sandstorm that came upon her suddenly. When she could go on no further she dropped to her knees and fell down upon the sand. She closed her eyes to the howling wind as darkness descended upon her.

She awoke to a young man standing over her. He looked like Liam. His skin was dark. He had raven black hair, but this was not Liam. It was someone older, much older. Surayya recognized him. Any slayer would.

“Fantai?” She muttered. Surayya recognized the Destroyer in his human form. The boy took her head and pressed the palm of his hand to her chest. His energy flowed into her. He leaned forward and whispered into her ear. Surayya understood. This prophecy was different. It was personal.

“The Old Ones are returning.” He whispered to her. His voice was sharp and husky. “Their flesh will end all life. They are an infection.” The Destroyer opened a path to his being and poured the future directly into Surayya. Her back arched as centuries of knowledge poured into her. “She wants to come, she wants to come here with all of her power. This must not be permitted.” Surayya snapped out of the memory of the past. The Tleilax ambassador was still talking. He was explaining what had happened here.

“They came out of nowhere.” He said. He accompanied Buffy and Surayya down a hallway several hundred meters in length lined with ornate carvings of past Tleilaxu Masters. “Hundreds of machines impacted on the other side of the planet. Soon after, people and equipment started missing. “Buffy looked at him concerned. “We think they’re building something, something huge.” Buffy recalled the creature yanked from the pit on Arrakis. She had an idea of what they were up to. It disturbed her to know who was behind it.

“My granddaughter tried to kill me.” She thought. Her son’s only child had met her on Arrakis. She was not just one of the Powers-That-Be. She’d had called herself the First Power. She was the result of the blending of the mystical energies of the Kwisatz Haderach and the First.

“The kid tried to kill me.” She thought. The feeling of betrayal grew within her then a feeling of sadness. She never got to raise Anne. Her son took her to the place of the Powers right after she was born. Buffy compartmentalized her thoughts still she couldn’t help thinking “I should have spend more time with her. I’ve had five hundred years to get to know her.”

“This is just my light work.” Buffy thought. Putting out fires and keeping the forces of evil from doing extremely stupid things was just something to keep her distracted. The Destroyer had called her the permanent apocalypse. Like Leto, her prime duty was to guide humanity into the future. Her golden path was the transformation of all humans into slayers. When she and the Destroyer finished, humankind will have total and absolute authority over all forces supernatural.

They stopped at a set of large wooden doors trimmed in gold. “Shortly after the Machines, this arrived.” The ambassador said. He opened the door. They walked into a huge arena with nearly a thousand square meters of floor space. In the center of the room a boy fought vampires. He appeared to be fifteen years old. His hair was black. His figure was trim and compact. Buffy thought for a moment that her Liam had come back to her. She watched him in utter fascination. His movements were controlled, economical. The two vampires he fought moved like animals. They growled and randomly slashed at him. The vampires circled him. One stood in front of him one stood behind him. From behind him the vampire lunged. A fraction of a second before the vampire moved the boy flipped his stake backwards and jammed it into the heart of the beast. It exploded in a cloud of dust. The vampire before him moved as he moved. It was upon the boy in a blink of an eye. Sharp white teeth flashed into view. Its yellow eyes burned with hunger. The boy lunged to the left dodging the vampire. He punched it where the kidney’s where. The vampire doubled over. He drove the stake into it. When the dust cleared he was staring directly at Buffy.

“It’s him.” Buffy said as she walked softly to the edge of the exercise mat. Her eyes were wide with wonder. She had been waiting centuries for this day. “It’s the first male slayer.” She said.
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