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The Hunters

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book IV". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The last Slayers of Dune set out to defeat the Old Ones.

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Literature > Sci-Fi > DunenedwardsFR131314,7800142,12018 Feb 1330 Jun 13Yes

chapter 4

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

“I can’t say I didn’t have some resentment upon seeing him. I mean being a slayer had been such a girl thing for so long that I hated the thought of sharing. But this is what the Destroyer and I set out to do. We are converting the entire human race into a race of slayers. That means that we have to come out of our ghetto and embrace diversity. We will have to learn how to share. That’s what a woman does.”

- Buffy Summers, “The Slayers of Dune: Apocrypha”

Buffy stood before the boy staring intensely. The young slayer looked up at her searching for the words to say. This was a big moment for him. He had dreamed of Buffy his entire life. Before he even knew his name he would dream of her falling into a circle of light from a tower built by madmen. He felt her die at the hands of the Master, he saw her on a prehistoric Earth slaughtering the Turok-Han with her tribe of slayers. The Destroyer had been speaking to him for as long as he could remember. He knew that Buffy was the daughter of Sineya and the reason he was a slayer. He tilted his head slightly. Buffy responded with a slight nod of her own. Surayya walked up behind Buffy. The boy looked at her. She was beautiful beyond words. Her long dark hair lay across her shoulder. Her green eyes were like small emerald suns. He could feel waves of mystical energy pouring off of her. The slayer within him came to full attention in her presence. He was captured by her. He returned his gaze to Buffy.

“I am the protector.” He said. “I was given a commission to hunt the dead, to hunt the enemies of the Golden Path.” Buffy heard the boy with Bene Gesserit ears. She knew the old languages of Earth and the original meaning of words. She smiled. In the old Germanic language the word protector was “Wilhelm”.

“You are William?” Buffy said. She appreciated the irony. After thousands of years, the universe was slowly giving her back the things that she had lost. “I’m calling you Spike.” She said.

“Yes, emissary.” The boy said. He was moved. The emissary of the Destroyer had given him a name. Surayya turned her head. She looked at the walls in back of them.

“They’re coming.” She said. They all felt it. The three slayers felt the sudden presence of a powerful supernatural force and the evil it contained.

“Looks like the Old Ones aren’t waiting around.” Buffy said. The three slayers stood side by side. Buffy noticed how short the boy was. She could look down at the top of his head. His hair was silky and raven black.

“He’s not Liam.” Buffy thought. She had no idea what they were about to face. She knew it would be more dangerous than any vampire. She suppressed the urge to shield him with her body.

“He’s not Liam.” She made herself think. “Might as well see what the kid can do under battlefield conditions.” Surayya pulled her scythe into attack position.

The walls of the room shimmered as something pushed itself into their space. Five monsters appeared. They were tall with skin as black as oil with razor sharp claws. They moved fast. Their dragon tails flickered in the air. They screeched as they lunged towards the slayers. Surayya leapt forward then slashed downwards. The blood of the monster sprayed outwards. Surayya flicked out of its way. The alien blood splattered on the floor and wall dissolving everything in its path.

“They have acid for blood!” Surayya shouted. Something grabbed the back of her neck. A mouth black as night opened, then a second mouth. She didn’t think. Surayya teleported behind the alien in a bright flash of the amulet’s energy used by Spike to destroy the Turok-Han and sliced its head off with one stroke.

“I know these monsters!” Spike thought. “They are the Children of the Shadow. They were built by the Old Ones to gather the blood memories of the galaxy.” Spike understood something else. “They don’t belong here.” He thought. “The door of worlds has been opened!” An alien slammed into him knocking him backwards. Silicon teeth snapped at him grasping for tender flesh. He drove his stake past the armored skin of the alien into its flesh and pushed it away before it could bleed. The alien rolled away as it lashed out with its tail. The tip of it slammed into the floor between Spike’s legs embedding itself in the floor. Spike grabbed it and tugged. He used all the slayer strength his tiny body could muster. He gripped it tightly as he took the alien tail and jammed it into the creatures head. He held it there until it stopped screaming and died.

She was surrounded by monsters. Buffy guarded her premier as the two aliens circled her. She remembered her Bene Gesserit training. She captured the rhythm of their movement as a function of her heartbeat. She inhaled softly filling her blood with oxygen. Time slowed as she released the thing inside of her. Buried deep in her mind was a construct placed there by the Destroyer. A second personality stirred and pushed everything that she was to the side. The Destroyer had to make sure that his Emissary would be able to do anything necessary to preserve the slayers on the Golden Path. Buffy went away. The Enforcer had awakened. In a blink of an eye she was on them. Her left arm was stiff as it sliced across the alien throat decapitating it. Acid blood splashed on her face. She transformed it into harmless water. She paused for one breath then flicked her lexan knife across the space between them. The knife stabbed into the alien’s shoulder. It screamed then looked up. Buffy brought the heel of her foot down cracking it’s skull. The alien fell backwards. Buffy opened her palm. The energy of the Destroyer sprang forth and bathed it in hellfire. When the body of the alien was nothing more than a pile of incinerated flakes Buffy returned to her mind. She looked around. Tleilaxu and Slayer were staring at her with shock and disbelief. Buffy returned their stares for a moment then cleared her throat.

“Clean up on isle four.” She joked weakly. The Tleilaxu ushered them from the room. Surayya lead the way. Spike was behind her. Buffy smirked as she observed Spike watching Surayya’s hips swaying like a metronome as she walked. There were forces in the universe that not even slayers were immune too.

“Poor Spike. He’s being hunted by the beast with two backs.” Buffy thought then laughed.
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