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The Hunters

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book IV". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The last Slayers of Dune set out to defeat the Old Ones.

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Literature > Sci-Fi > DunenedwardsFR131314,7560142,18618 Feb 1330 Jun 13Yes

chapter 8

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

The highest function of ecology is the understanding of consequence.

-Pardot Kynes, Ecology of Bela Tegeuse, Initial Report to the Imperium

Spike stood between the legend and the emissary. On one side of him was Buffy who was the strong arm of the Destroyer. She served the living sprit that they all served in matters of special importance. On the other side of him was Surayya Atreides, the last living member of house Atreides. Maud’dib and Leto II were her cousins. She was activated and trained by Leto himself five hundred years ago. If the legends were to be believed she had called mountains down out of the sky, commanded an assault against the original Old Ones while still a teenager, tried to kill Leto himself and had even made contact with the first slayer. Spike stole a look at the tall dark skinned girl that stood to the side of him. He inhaled sharply. She was beautiful! Her hair was as black as space yet it shimmered with hints of her power. Her figure was fit. Her skin was firm. Her hip flared at the base of an hour glass figure in a way that desperately made him want to tear at her clothing. Spike suppressed such thoughts only because he believed he was unworthy of them. He returned his attention back to the Tleilaxu master that was debriefing them on the Old Ones that had come to infest the planet. Images of monsters filled the large view screen before them. On a separate screen, hieroglyphs overlaid images of strands of alien DNA.

“We have been trying for over a year to understand the things constructed by these genes.” The Tleilaxu gene master said. He pointed to several key receptor sites on the image of the triple helix. The genes of the Old Ones were three spokes radiating from a hub of protein. In the moving image individual genes glowed with a yellow white energy. Some of them disappeared then reappeared on another chromosome all together.

“We have no idea what these genes are doing.” The Tleilaxu master sounded frustrated. DNA was the language of God. These scans had revealed that God was a madman. “But this is the result.” The Tleilaxu master pressed a button. Another video file opened. On the screen was a hideous bubble of light. It’s screeching caused their skin to crawl. An armored survey vehicle approached the monster. A band of five Tleilaxu scientists departed the vehicle and began to scan the creature itself. Mottled grey white tentacles exploded out of the beast. It grabbed the men and ate them.

“They’re eating people!” Buffy thought. She did the math. If the genes from these Old Ones were unleashed upon the galaxy trillions would become lunch.

“Whatever they are trying to achieve they called it synthesis, the emergence of spiritual forces by the process of natural selection.” The Tleilaxu master said. “I overhead a lot of secret conversations. They spoke of a monster called Hive and the Predator of worlds. “The creatures that attacked you earlier they called the children of the shadow. They are the foot soldiers of the Old Ones.” At the mention of Hive Buffy felt something huge and monstrous stir within her. She was becoming more and more Kwisatz Haderach. She had memories of things she’d never experienced. Her consciousness was no longer bound by three spatial dimensions. The shadow of Hive moved in the moist dark places of her mind. Hive was a creature of singular power. It was the synergy of species. Something about Hive felt very familiar. Hive carried within it the spirit of the Destroyer. All three slayers looked at each other. Whatever the creature called Hive was it terrified them to no end.

“And then there were the girls.” The Tleilaxu master said. He remembered with horror the brutal experiments done on the young girls they infected with the genes of these monsters. He was glad that Buffy had killed that vampire. “Most of them died during the procedure. A few became monsters. As you arrived, they incinerated the remaining samples.” Her feelings rolled like thunder. Buffy was convinced now more than ever that all traces of the Old Ones must be eliminated from the universe. She turned to Surayya. The one person she loved the most was a monster.

“I’m a creature of habit.” She thought. “Angel, Spike, Dracula, the Immortal, Surayya. I only love monsters.” Buffy shook her head sadly as she looked at Surayya. This was the conflict that had almost caused a slayer civil war five hundred years ago. Things were so bad her son had traveled back in time in hopes of preventing that conflict. It stemmed from an immutable fact. Buffy was the Enforcer and Surayya was an Old One. Buffy tried to kill her the day the Destroyer was born. This thing between them was a battle of visions. On one side was The Destroyer with his vision of merging his spirit with all humans. On the other side was the wild, unpredictable dictates of evolution. It was Buffy’s job to keep humanity on the right path.

“I am the ultimate predator.” She thought. “I hunt the children of men. I wean the pack of any abominations.” She understood. The spiritual path of the human race must pass through a crucible of her creation.” For a moment she felt the massive weight of the task the Destroyer had asked her to do. She looked at Surayya again. Her heart broke.

“I hope I don’t have to kill her.” She thought. Deep down inside she knew she would have no choice.

A silver shape exploded out of a ball of light as a wormhole opened and closed. High above Tleilaxu a small one man ship approached the planet at several hundred kilometers per second. She wanted to be fast. She wanted to hit the slayers before they knew she was here. In the captain’s chair sat a monster. Reverend Mother Basra extended her pink and red claws over the navigation panel as she prepared her assault. The genes of the Old Ones within her protected her from the extreme gee forces that pressed against her body as the flyer slammed into the atmosphere. She became a fire across the sky as she aimed towards her victims.
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