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Ship of the Line: New Eden

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Summary: Xander, Buffy and Willow decides to go on a theme, and end up getting so much more than they bargained for.

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Games > Sci-Fi(Current Donor)FeynorFR152068,91343350125,07918 Feb 1320 Apr 13No

Chapter Eight


Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Productions, 20th Century Fox Television and others.

EVE Online and DUST514 are owned by CCP Games

Stargate SG-1 is owned by MGM Television, Double Secret Productions and Gekko Film Corp.

Betas: Allen Baker and Greywizard. They really helped.

Buffy, Willow and Xander had been crouching on the ground for the better part of two hours, looking over the edge of the hill they were hiding behind, while quietly discussing what they were seeing below at the mouth of the caves. Between Willow’s report and now, they had apparently been very busy, barricading the area, and bringing in fork-lifts and a pair of flatbed trucks. While they’d been observing they’d seen the people get increasingly excited as time passed..

They had quickly decided to take shifts in observing the action below, wanting to minimize the risk of being spotted.

Finally, one of the fork-lifts was moving back out of the cave and into view. For some reason it was moving very slowly, with its engine working hard, as if it was dragging or carrying something heavy.

Xander reached out behind him to get the girls attention, and waved them forward, without taking his eyes off the people below. “I think they are bringing something out now. You better have a look at this.” They laid down on the wet grass and slid forward to look.

Finally the fork-lift had cleared the cave walls and revealed a large object, about four meters tall, and roughly two and a half, to three meters in diameter, though it was hard to tell exactly. The object was covered in a heavy tarp, tied down and effectively blocking their view. All they could tell was that it was tapered to a fairly sharp point at the top.

Then another fork-lift cleared the cave with another one, and from the looks of it the objects were very heavy, as the fork-lift’s front wheels kept digging into the loose gravel on the ground.

The girls started to whisper excitedly, and he could hardly blame them. The size fit, but he didn’t dare go down there, guns blazing, unless they were sure, and even then, it was not something he wanted to chance.


A short distance away, the two SGC teams, led by Colonel Jack O’Neill were not only watching the same action as the Scoobies, but the Scoobies as well. Though they had just designated them as ‘Local Teenagers,’ instead.

“Jack,” Sam had just joined him at his vantage point, “what are we going to do about those three?”

“I haven’t decided yet. They are going to be a problem, though.” At Samantha’s puzzled look, he continued, “Look at them, Captain, they aren’t behaving like ordinary teenagers.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s been over two hours, and it’s raining. No matter how exciting Maybourne can be, they should have left long ago.” Jack paused. “Normal teenagers don’t have that much patience in bad weather, unless they have a reason.”

They just sat there, kept observing when the teens seemed to get excited about something. Jack pulled out his binoculars and looked at the NID people, and sure enough, they were moving something out of the caves. It was hard to tell, but whatever it was, it was pretty big.

As they loaded the first object onto the flatbed, the tarp was briefly moved aside, and helped by the slight breeze, the object was revealed to be roughly egg shaped, with what looked like air intakes at the front. It also looked to be a dark green metallic material.

“Interesting.” Jack muttered.

“I agree, the shape is unusual...” Sam commented, only to be interrupted by Jack.

“Not the object, the teens,” he said, pointing to where they were hiding, now almost agitated. “They know what it is.”


The three moved back from the edge, and ducked down, putting their heads together.

“Of all the rotten luck,” Willow muttered angrily. “Those are the pods we’ve been looking for.” She pounded a fist into the ground.

“It certainly looks that way. The question is, what the hell are we going to do about it? We can’t let the military run off with them.”

“It’s not like they can use them, they don’t any way of gaining entrance.” Buffy took a peek above the edge of the hill, and came back with a sigh. “And there goes the third one.”

The three friends just looked at each other for a few moments, until Xander grabbed each of them and pulled them closer, into a group hug. “We won’t let them have them. The question is, how do we get to them now? They are bound to be heavily guarded.”

That is when they heard the heavy engine of one of the trucks being started, so they immediately moved and looked over the edge, and saw that while the third Pod was still being loaded onto the second flatbed, the other flatbed, along with three Humvees was moving out.

“Any ideas?” Xander asked.

“They have to double back around the park before they can reach the main road out of town, and it is a pretty narrow road. Once they are gone, we should be able to cut them off on the other side, if we hurry.” Willow noted as she quickly described her plan.

“How? I’m not too keen on killing soldiers just to get our Pods back.”

“I have to agree with Buffy there.” Xander added. “What about just shooting out the tires?”

At that, Buffy looked at the tail end of the convoy, said, “We’ll just have to improvise,” and took off, ran across the street and jumped over the bushes on the other side.

Xander just looked at Buffy for a few seconds, muttering, “Great, here we go again,” and took off after her, Willow following right behind him.


Jack barely had time to react and throw himself to the ground when the blonde teen suddenly ran towards them, and jumped clear over the bushes and continued through the park. He started to get back up, sputtering and cursing as he tried to spit out the mud he’d managed to duck his head in. “Damn she was fast!” he muttered.

“Sir, watch...” he heard Sam yell, right before something landed on his back, pushing him back down for a second mud bath.

He looked back up and noticed the male teen looking back at him, clearly shocked. The teen then looked at the rest of his team, who only now were starting to move when he yelled “Damn, more soldiers,” turned around and yelled, “Soldiers, Willow! Run!,” and took off after his two friends. They barely heard the shout from the red headed girl, “Waaaay ahead of you!”

Angry, Jack got up and started to shake off most of the mud that he’d gotten on his uniform. “So Carter, still think they’re just normal teenagers?”

“Hardly.Sir. I’ve never seen a human run that fast, or jump that far,” she replied, looking puzzled.


They both stopped what they were doing, and looked straight at Lieutenant Brooks, who was just standing there, looking serious, then cracked a smile, “What? I thought I was standing in for Teal’c.”

Jack went back to the task of cleaning himself up, while Sam started to collect their gear, getting ready to move out. “There’s always a joker,” he grumbled.


It was only minutes later when Willow, and then Xander, managed to catch up to Buffy, standing at the edge of what looked like a battlefield. The truck and two of the Hummers were totaled, the engines ablaze, and dripping molten metal onto the road, the third Hummer, still somewhat intact, at least was not ablaze.

Buffy looked at them when they burst through the bushes then back at the fourteen men and women who were bound to a tree nearby, looking outright terrified.

“That was fast,” Xander said, half in shock. He knew his friend was fast, but this defied even his wildest imagination. “How did you?”

“After I took out their engines with this,” Buffy smiled, holding up her CAR-9, “they became most cooperative. I had to knock out a few of the more aggressive ones, but the rest got the message fast.”

“Rambo, eat your heart out,” he muttered, smiling. Then he got serious. “Watch out for more, I kinda ran over some more soldiers on my way here. Literally. They had a different uniform, though.”

Buffy couldn’t help herself from smiling at the Rambo reference, but sobered up as Xander told her about the other group. She then moved to get better cover from anyone else coming from the park.

Xander turned to Willow, intending to ask her to help him with the Pods, but she had beaten him to it and was already on the flatbed busy removing the straps tying them down.


Jack and the rest of his team finally caught up with the action, finding an incredible sight; The three teens were the only ones standing, and lots of damage. He grabbed his radio and called for SG-3 to join them, telling them to approach from a position further up the road.

Taking stock of the situation, and seeing two of the teens moving onto the flatbed, clearly intending to try to take the objects there, he motioned for Daniel to join him, and shifted his rifle to point slightly downwards, while he slowly approached the truck, arms slightly outwards. Aggression had gotten the NID personnel nowhere in record time.

Too bad he sucked at diplomacy.

“Please stop what you are doing. You are interfering in a government matter, and those are the property of the United States.” he started, pointing towards the Pod’s.

The young teen looked back at him, taking in his muddy uniform. The look on his face was serious, too serious for someone his apparent age. “I’m afraid you are mistaken, sir. These are ours, and we can’t let you have them.”

Sam had moved forward, “These are artifacts found on US soil, and by that right belong to the United States Government.”

“By that logic, if you are on vacation in Mexico or Canada, and leave your car in a garage for a few days, it then belongs to their government,” the teen shot back, “I trust you can see the problem.”

“It doesn’t work that way,” Sam tried, “these are...” she faltered, hardly able to admit that they are alien in origin.

“Alien?” Xander finishes her sentence, smirking. “And how does that negate the property rights?”

Jack looked at Sam, then Daniel, both nodding in confirmation. He then turned back to the teens, and took a step forward. Noticing that, in doing so they all tense up slightly, then relax and continue unfastening the straps.

Jack quickly assessed the situation, and the bound NID members. Whoever these kids were, they had definitely landed a tick in his ‘like’ column for that alone, though the damage did worry him. Car engines don’t just melt like these obviously had.

“I am Colonel Jack O’Neill of the United States Air Force, under the command of the Stargate Command. You might know of it as a Chappa’ai.” He pauses to see what they’ll make of it.

The teen looked back at the redhead, Willow, then back at Jack, clearly shocked. “There are stargates in this system?”

That was definitely not the response he expected to hear. Stargates, plural.

“We have one.” Sam stated.

“If you have a Stargate in the system, and can reach it, what the hell do you need our pods for?” He sounded upset.

“Reach it?” Sam asked, clearly interested and having obviously caught onto something. Jack let her go with it.

It seemed that Willow had been listening in as well, while she had finished clearing the tarp from the Pods, and moved to stand next to the other teen.

“Maybe we’re talking about something else,” she started. “By the way, I’m Willow, this is Xander,” she finally introduced them, she didn’t mention the blonde, who had not for a second taken them out of her sights. Jack nodded in confirmation. “You make it sound like your stargate is planetbound?”

“Yours aren’t?” Sam wanted to know, eager for more information.

“Hardly,” Xander snorted, he looked up, turned and whispered something to Willow, who went back to the pods. “So, if you are Air Force, who are they?” Xander pointed towards the captured NID personnel.

Wanting to stay in the good side of these people, Jack decided to answer.

“They are agents of a former civilian oversight committee, who overstepped their mandate, and are most likely in the process of being shut down for good.” He said the last part just loud enough for the captives to hear. “You can’t have them, though.”

“We don’t want them.”

“How did you disable their vehicles that fast?”

That is when they heard the engines of the next convoy, and Willow decided to add a little to the confusion, and pulled her gun out.

“Like this,” and fired a single shot into the engine of the damaged and abandoned Humvee. Jack was impressed, the vehicle rocked back several feet, while there was a gaping hole in the front of it. Then molten metal started to pool underneath it. He looked at her, and eagerly asked, “Can I have one?”

Suddenly, bullets started flying around them, followed immediately by the sharp report of gunfire coming from down the road, on both sides. They had been talking too long.

Xander dropped down flattening himself on the truck, snarling at Jack, “You were stalling!” Mostly angry at himself for allowing it to happen. He had barely gotten started cussing up a storm when first Lieutenant Brooks went down, then Buffy.


Jack dove for cover, while he pulled Brooks to safety with him. The Lieutenant was hit in the shoulder and lower abdomen; The bullets had unfortunately missed the trauma plates in his vest. He then looked over at the blonde, who was bleeding heavily from a chest wound.

She still managed to take aim and fire off a couple of rounds at the lead Humvee coming around the bend, but she missed the engine, instead gutting the vehicle entirely. It blew up violently, sending shrapnel all over the place, instantly killing everybody inside. Her second shot missed entirely, blowing up several dozen trees on its way through the park. That is when she passed out.

Jack didn’t want a potential ally to die before they could make proper contact, so he risked his life, and managed to pull her to safety behind the tree the rest of his team was hiding behind. Carter immediately started on staunching the bleeding.

At the same time he received a report from Colonel Makepeace, that his team was more or less pinned down by the NID as well. At least SG-6 was inbound.

“Jack, look at this,” Carter called out, Jack snapped around, and looked at where Carter was pointing. There were several metallic sockets embedded in the girl’s spinal column.

Jack nodded in confirmation. They’d have to deal with it later.

He grabbed the blonde’s weapon, and was amazed to feel the grip molding itself to fit his hand perfectly. Then he looked around the corner and immediately ducked back just in time to hear rounds impacting the bushes next to them and the tree they were hiding behind. There weren’t that many NID goons that he could tell, but they didn’t seem to be overly concerned about who they were shooting at. He was happy to oblige them, by shooting back.

Quickly leaning around the tree, he shot a single round at the NID, aiming slightly above their heads, and almost dropped the weapon as a result, since the heat blast when he had shot it had been quite high, not dangerously so, but enough to startle him.


On the flatbed truck, under cover behind the pods, Xander and Willow were trying to decide what to do when the second truck blasted past them, taking the third pod with it. Xander tried to take aim in an attempt to stop the truck, but the NID had apparently anticipated this, and they were forced to remain behind cover while bullets impacted the pods. He had to reassess his opinion of the Air Force Colonel, though. He had risked his life to pull Buffy to safety, and from his vantage point he could see that their blonde team member was working on her, obviously trying to save her life.

“Willow, give me your spare mags. We have to get out of here.” He had to do something.

“What about Buffy?”

“I know. But it looks like she’s in good hands. If not, there’ll be hell to pay, and I intend to let them know.”

He grabbed his own few spare mags, stood up quickly and emptied his remaining nine rounds in his weapon down the road, pretty much obliterating anything that wasn’t already destroyed. He had no idea if he hit anyone, but the enemy gunfire stopped.

“Jack!” That got his attention. “Catch!” He then threw all but one of the mags towards him, while continuing to yell, “12 rounds in a mag.”

He held up his weapon, and pressed the release, caught the ejected mag, and inserted the new one, making sure Jack was watching. He then threw the weapon to him as well. “Take care of her! We’ll be back shortly. But if she dies, I’ll start by glazing over the offices of anyone responsible!”

Jack just looked, slack jawed, at the teen, who then turned around, pulled off his jacket and shirt, pressed a hand against the pod, causing it to activate, righting itself, then open up, revealing what appeared to be a seat inside a golden sphere. Willow mirrored his actions, both with their rows of sockets running down their spines clearly visible. Xander turned around and yelled one last thing before entering the pod seat, “And get inside before sundown, this town is a deathtrap at night!”

That is when the NID apparently decided to open fire again, though there was far less of it, and with barely any attempts at accuracy. They were obviously trying to lay down cover fire, while attempting to retreat. None of their rounds hit anything important.

Meanwhile the teens had strapped themselves into their pods. Jack and Sam looked on in fascination as the golden sphere seemed to fill with a fluid, before the pod closed around them, and they blasted off towards space.


Jack looked at Sam. “How are they?”

“The girl’s stable, for now. I’m afraid we lost Lieutenant Brooks.”

“Let’s call it in. This is going to be hell to explain,” Jack finally said, looking up.


Maybourne was not happy. Not only had they lost two of their prizes, but several men were dead, dying, or captured.

He himself was on foot, running through the town, being chased by something right out of his worst nightmares.


Note: Willow's spinal sockets:

Willow's spinal sockets
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