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Racing Slayer

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Summary: Summary: Buffy was tired after Sunnydale and decided to spend some time in LA with her brother Jesse. What do you know? Sometimes in the Fast Lane you can heal, and Buffy was never very good at going slow.

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Slayer comes out to play

Authors Note: Thank you to the review from immortalsilence, SlayerandWereLeopard, kittenpoker, bradsan

Buffy hadn’t even blinked. She had seen Jesse being held against the wall and flipped. Lance Nguyen was a demon threatening her brother she didn’t need to know anymore. All heard her growl but watched in disbelief as she marched up to the guy and threw him into the wall.

The red mist had descended, “Bri see that he’s okay ... Dom we should chat with our new friend.”

Vince gulped and made a mental note to never piss off blondie - ever. He wasn’t sure how Buffy could look more menacing next to the sheer physicality
Brian was on it; it made sense for Brian to check as his training had included some rudimentary first aid training.

Mia, Leon and Vince helped Brian get Jesse into the living room. It was the best place for them to check on Jesse and besides they were not sure they had the stomach for what might be going on in the garage.

Jesse hissed, “Is he one?”

Brian nodded softly, “Yeah Jesse he is. She wouldn’t harm him if he wasn’t. You know that.” The others wondered what they were going on about but there would be time for a barrage of questions later on.

Jesse coughed and he clutched his ribs in pain, “Yeah but she could harm him without killing him.”

Brian had no good answer to that so sensibly he kept his gob shut. Vince though wasn’t smart, “Anyone care to explain how Barbie lifted a grown man up so he was dangling.”

Brian froze in his ministrations and shared a look with Jesse as he was well aware that Jesse knew Buffy’s secret. They shared a conversation and given Jesse’s tentative shrug he was leaving that conversation up to Brian. Great. Only thing was Brian didn't want the responsibility so he put the decision off. He baited Vince instead, “She eats her Wheaties.”

Jesse laughed weakly, “Yeah you should see her apartment. It is packed to the rafters with the cereal. No lucky charms for Buffy.”

Brian smiled, “I think you should have some of your good stuff Jesse.”

He struggled, “Buffy don’t like me to use it. She says it stops my brilliance.”

Brian shared a sympathetic look with Mia. She had guessed why Jesse used weed - it was a coping mechanism to help switch his mind off. The mind of a genius - it was both a blessing and a curse. He couldn’t stop thinking - his sister helped ground him and when she was around he found that he didn’t need it. Brian leaned closer, “You know what you know buffy can’t say no to me. I will make sure she is okay with it.”

Leon had gone and found his stash helping him by rolling one. He handed it over to Brian, “Yeah Jess you know that we won’t rat you out.”

Jesse weakly took one, “You’re good people - You know that.”

Brian grinned, “Yeah we know that, well, maybe not Vince.”

That got a round of laughter and an audible growl from Vince. I mean really sometimes he made it too easy. Brian smirked but Jesse’s comment as he started to fall asleep was golden, “Hey don’t judge him okay. He is like a cuddly teddy bear.”

Brian had laughter in his eyes but as his main aim was to get Jesse into slumber he only agreed, “Oh he is a regular Teddy Bear.”

Back in the garage you could not describe Buffy or Dom as teddy bears. In fact they were probably the furthest things away from teddy bears.

Buffy watched coldly as the demon picked himself off the floor. “You know what the worse thing is babe?”

Dom wasn’t sure, “Coming home to see your brother pinned to the wall?”

Buffy grimaced and gave a right hook that would make Tyson proud. Lance felt his head snap back in shock - he didn’t know what was going on. For once though, Lance could sense that just because he was Johnny Tran’s cousin it didn’t make him automatically safe. Buffy stalked forward and hurled him to his feet. “Did your cousin tell you who I am?”

He shook his head in a negative response. Buffy laughed but it sent a shiver down his spine. It was the first time in a long time he’d felt fear. She smiled, “I’m the Slayer.”

Lance paled, “The new ones.”

Buffy rolled her eyes seeing just how quick that news had spread. “Nope, I’m the thrice dead one.”

Lance wanted to curl up and die; however seeing the luck on the slayers face. He would probably be dying soon enough. He felt his cheek tapped, “Hey stay with me Lance. I mean you were only threatening my brother.”

“Look it’s not my fault. Toretto disrespected Johnny. I’m here on orders.”

Buffy’s eyes narrowed; if he thought that was a valid excuse - he was wrong. “You know I’m not sure if it’s your lucky day or your worst day.”

Dom was getting an education, and made a mental note that during those times of the months to stock up on chocolate and Midol. Dom understood what Buffy was talking about and despite himself was impressed. No one would blame Buffy for being pissed - they’d hurt Jesse and it was clear that Lance was a demon and yet she was thinking of the bigger impression.

He stepped closer; he wouldn’t interfere - it wasn’t his place, but he would offer silent support and follow any play that she wanted to make.

Lance the pathetic weasel whimpered, “Don’t kill me.”

Buffy grinned although it wasn’t reassuring in the slightest. “You see that’s the lucky part. I won’t kill you.”

Dom chuckled, “Yeah but you never said how you will send him back to Johnny Tran.”

Buffy grinned brightly and full of warmth. A startling contrast to the smile she’d given Lance just a minute ago. Lance tried to wriggle free, Buffy pinned him to the wall - using a stake.

“Damn I missed the heart.” Buffy said, like she hadn’t done it deliberately. “I might find it eventually.”

Lance wanted to scream he was in a no win situation - If he spilled any secrets Johnny would kill him and yet he’d hurt the slayers brother. “Johnny will kill me.”

Buffy shrugged, “Yeah not a compelling argument.”

Dom laughed, “True - telling you enough so you could kill Tran might be though.”

Lance shook his head, he’d rather die now - she wouldn’t torture him as badly. Showed how little he knew. His thoughts must have showed on his face as the slayers smile went feral. “You know in my youth I acted out. Fell in with the wrong crowd.”

“Didn’t we all.” Dom said like this was a regular chin-wag.

Buffy snorted and decided that a second stake was needed to pin him. It was gruesome and Dom might have been a little more bothered but since the first stake rammed home. Lance had lost his human cover - now he really looked like the slimy snake he was. Buffy nodded, “Yeah but I’ve always liked bad boys and my first boyfriend - was Angelus.”

Lance whimpered - Angelus was known in all circles as one not top cross. Rumour was that he had a soul now - he wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. Buffy carried on with her plan - the stake twisting as she dug it in, “Well the thing was we had a bad break-up. Guy didn’t take no well so he stalked me. I learnt so much about torture from him, and then William the Bloody.”

Buffy leant close, a parody of a lover speaking into his ear. Only Buffy wasn’t whispering sweet nothings, she whispered, “I’ll torture you with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. Oh and when I’ve finished with the saws - I’ll start with the railroad spikes.”

She stepped back and let him see how serious she was and if she let loose the slayer spirit - well, that was only fair. He was blubbering now and spilled his guts. She had the location of the Tran and the location of the human business.

She had a decision to make; kill him now or let him take a message back to Tran. She took one look at Dom and thought about him, Brian and the Team. You see when she weighed all the pros and cons she realised it was obvious. She along with Faith would take them all out but she wanted them to know fear first.

She tore the stakes out of his body. He dropped to the floor like a marionette with his strings cut. “Go to your master and telling him to leave me and mine alone. I’m hunting him now.”

She watched him struggle to pick himself up. He looked fearfully at Dom and Buffy unsure of whether he was really going to be allowed to go free. It wasn’t mercy - he would be killed by Johnny but he’d serve a purpose before then.

She waited until he’d gone before turning to Dom and collapsing into his side. She let all the emotions that she couldn't think about free. She sobbed; her brother had almost been killed. It wasn’t fair he was fragile and she couldn’t stand the idea of someone trying to hurt him.

Dom just held her and could see just how complicated Buffy was in life. He could see that yes she’d been cold and downright deadly but that was to fulfil a purpose and probably had more control on her temper then he could ever hope to have.

“Hey dry your eyes princess.” He chided.

Buffy pulled away and wiped the few tears away. “Princess?”
Dom shrugged, and it amazed him that someone who had shown so much power not moments earlier could look so dainty in his arms. “Hey my girl is a badass but you have an image to protect.”

Buffy decided to screw image, she burrowed a little deeper, taking in Dom’s scent. She stretched her hearing and heard that Jesse was safe under the watch of the team. She knew that she’d been given the tools to help dismantle any and all threats against the team and her family.

Now she just needed to share the plan – all of the team deserved to be a part of the plan.
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