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Racing Slayer

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Summary: Summary: Buffy was tired after Sunnydale and decided to spend some time in LA with her brother Jesse. What do you know? Sometimes in the Fast Lane you can heal, and Buffy was never very good at going slow.

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Wheaties and party goers

Acknowledgements : Big thanks to the reviews from BlackBettie, SlayerandWereLeopard, kittenpoker, deathgeonous, danielbuffyfan, Lottii, SariLane, bradsan, immortalsilence, FireWolfe

Buffy gave herself sixty seconds to fall apart in Dom’s arms, taking the solace freely given. She was strong and could tear apart any foe, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t get scared. She did and seeing Jesse her beautifully fragile brother being strangled had scared her. It was a reminder that so many humans were a slight but more breakable than she was - and that sucked. She privately wondered what would kill her - after the Sunnydale sword in the gut. She wasn’t worrying about that - that was a problem for another day.

She broke loose from Dom’s embrace, “This means war.”

Dom could see the resolve on her face and knew that he’d follow her anywhere. “So we go to war - what do we tell the others?” He asked, knowing that there was more than just his secret at play.

Buffy sighed and looked a little worried, “We tell them enough that they don’t get hurt.”

Dom grinned, “Lead the way.”

Back in the sitting room, the whole team were standing around Jesse. Buffy broke the whispers, “How stoned is he?”

Brian had a wry smile, “Stoned enough to call Vince a Teddy bear and say how much you love your Wheaties.”

Buffy laughed, more in shock than anything else. She’d been the slayer for ten years now, and never in all her years, had she ever used that as an excuse. She would have to remember that as a response when someone questioned her about her strength in the future.

He stood up and went to her side pulling her into a hug. “He is bruised and stoned but he is alright.” Then with a serious tone, “Do I have to hide a body?”

Dom grinned loving just how adaptable they were as a family unit. “No she didn’t kill him, but he probably wished she did.”

Brian was surprised for a minute but it twigged, “He sent a message.”

Buffy grinned brightly and yet no one was reassured. “He did. He’s probably gonna wish I killed him but ...”

Vince who had watched the byplay between the trio, and was more than a little jealous. He had been friends with Dom for a very long time but even he couldn’t read his friend that way.

“Call me stupid but you don’t get that strong eating Wheaties.” He said with the sarcasm more than evident.

Buffy smirked and was standing between Brian and Dom. “You ever eat them?” She said with a hint of challenge in her voice.

“No.” Tone dismissive and with a rising frustration, Buffy would have to teach Vince not to rise to the bait.

Dom chuckled and nudged her, “Don’t be like Brian!”

Buffy pouted, “Fine, so here’s the deal. Demons and all the other things that go bump in the night are real.”

Vince didn’t scoff, but rather tilted his head, “Yeah, I live in LA I’ve ran into vampires. A group gave them indigestion but that doesn’t explain why you are so strong.”

Buffy stood defiant and let a small tithe of her power free, “I’m the one who was chosen to fight them. I’m the one that monsters fear.”

Vince could see it, despite all the appearances to the contrary, “You’re just so ...”

Buffy had put up with a lot, but no one went for her height, “You say short I’ll show you how strong I am.”

Vince offered, “Blonde.”

Buffy didn’t look impressed and Brian was actually laughing so hard Dom thought he saw tears.
Mia looked up full of fire, and gone was the sister who asked for peace. “You can’t let it stand what they did to Jesse.”

Buffy snorted if there was one thing that she was going to do was not let is stand. “Oh I intend to burn the world down around him.”

Vince seemed to perk up, “You three have a plan?”

Brian, Buffy and Dom all nodded, “Oh yes. Brian has to go to work, I have to collect some friends and you do what you do best - drive.”

Vince was a suspicious old soul, “And where does Brian work?”

Dom stepped slightly in front knowing that he would need to stop the fist, “At a cop station but Vince we already knew.”

That stopped his righteous fury dead in its tracks strangely enough. “You knew?”

Buffy nodded and Dom explained. “Yeah we were working out how to protect the team.”

Vince frowned, “We’ll stay here. Go into lockdown - I’ll keep them safe Dom.”

Dom smiled, he did so love his best friend when he was like this and not actively working as a dick. He could be a pleasure to be around when he was in this mood.

Feeling that there was no time like the present - they drove off. Brian felt it was best that he go to the police on his own. As no matter what he wanted to keep Dom out of his chains.

Dom pulled up to the kerb long enough for him to hop out, but before he went he stroked Dom’s side and kissed Buffy’s cheek. She couldn’t help it, “Stay safe, don’t let them bully you and if push comes to shove,” she let her tongue peek out, “Shove hard and call Angel.”

Brian rolled his eyes, “Yes dear.

Just before the car all but squealed away from the kerb, Brian heard. “Did he just call me dear?”

“It’s affectionate.” Dom tried to defend Brian, really he did.

He could hear Buffy smirk, “Whatever you say snookum’s.

Brian just knew that all three were going to get a lot of mileage at this joke.

It was only yesterday they were at the grand old hotel and to be back again so soon was weird. Buffy had a jaunty grin as she pushed the doors open. The baby slayers all scrambled up at the sight of her. If there was one thing she didn’t miss – hero worship was one of them.

She didn’t bother to waste any time with idle chit-chat; she hollered, “Faith - hunting party.”

Faith appeared dressed in her customary leather slinging a bag of weapons, “I’m ready to party - where’s it at?”

Dom smirked, she was going to inflame Vince and Leon and probably plot world domination with Buffy and Mia. “Well I will drive the ladies.”

Giles came out of the side room, “Now wait just a minute.”

The slayers stopped looking incredulously at him. Buffy was the one to speak, “You want me to stop doing my solemn duty. Yeah that won't ever work well for you.”

Giles winced wondering why he was always stepping into it whenever he spoke to Buffy. “No of course not but you need to have some research.”

Buffy smirked looking as innocent as she could, “No I don’t, I already know. I researched it myself the other night once I ran into him and he all but scarpered. He’s a low level demon who is killing people. So ergo he has to die and I promised Faith a place at the party.”

Dom loved the confidence Buffy was showing he knew a fair bit and was pleased that she was standing up to her family. After all sometimes that took more than just strength. Faith looked as pleased as he was, so there was another reason right there that he liked her.

They waltzed out of the hotel with nary a look back at the growing assembled crowd. Faith whistled at the car and Buffy could already work out what her birthday present would be.

“So what’s the plan?”

Buffy grinned and it was one that Faith could relate to, “Grab Brian, then we kill the bad guys, Brian arrests the humans and then we party.”

Faith just laughed, “Oh you throw the best parties.”

“I know right?”

Now was the time to strike.
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