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Racing Slayer

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Summary: Summary: Buffy was tired after Sunnydale and decided to spend some time in LA with her brother Jesse. What do you know? Sometimes in the Fast Lane you can heal, and Buffy was never very good at going slow.

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Where's Johnny?

Brian waited until they pulled away from the kerb to go and see his bosses. He had been coolly amused by the looks of disapproval that they’d received. If only they knew the truth? Their heads might explode. As he stepped into the central hub of activity - he sort of watched the bustling activity with a sense of bemusement. There were some advantages to being a UC; it meant little paperwork. He was also a little gleeful at the potential chaos he was about to unleash.

He had never said he was a nice person and besides his lovers liked him a little bit mean.

Much to Brian’s glee - Bilkins was there, like normal, and he even had his standard sneer on his face. Not even trying to be polite, Bilkins demanded, “O’Conner have you realised what your boyfriend is up to yet?”

Brian smiled glacially, “Well my guy gave me an in with the real bad guys and my girl ...”

Bilkins was incredulous - he couldn’t be implying what he thought he was, could he? “Summers?” He queried worriedly, as never would be too soon before he saw that blonde woman. It would just figure that O’Conner would pair up with one of the biggest thorns in his side - or was that three up?

Brian nodded, “Yeah, well Tran and some of his associates will be dealt with by her association.”

“And which agency is that?” He asked snippily.

Brian really enjoys his reply, “Classified.” He really shouldn’t enjoy be enjoying this as much as he was, but he threw a folder at Bilkins, “Merry Christmas.”

“It’s June,” came the obtuse response.

Brian rolled his eyes, “A friend of mine dug into the financials of Tran senior.”

Bilkins started scanning the page and was grinning, “I take it back. What about the jackings?”

Brian was careful, “Tran hadn’t got the skill so he threatened Toretto into doing it.”

Bilkins looked up and you could tell he was dubious by what he was told. And so was Tanner who’d newly arrived on the scene. Tanner knowing Brian best asked, “Will Toretto testify?”

Brian had seen that one coming from a mile away and when Buffy had heard she’d snorted and taken the steps to circumvent them. He handed over the piece of paper with a malicious smile and an exaggerated flourish. “Signed affidavit from his lawyer.”

Tanner’s headache was growing, there was no a street racer could afford this lawyer. “How did he afford Charles Gunn?”

Brian shrugged, knowing just how infuriating the two in front of him found it, “A favour for Buffy.”

All Tanner really could say was, “Your girlfriend has a lot of friends in high places.”

Brian couldn’t really contest the statement so said nothing in response. Instead he changed topics, “Well while you get warrant you can execute against Tran senior. We’re off to execute Tran junior.”

Tanner frowned, “You mean execute a warrant, right?”

Brian turned back around, looking too innocent, making the cops more suspicious, “Oh yeah, what else could I have meant?”

However, any thoughts of Bilkins and Tanner of tracking Brian were nixed damn quickly. Brian left in hurry, and before any type of tail could be organised he jumped into the back of a car. Tanner caught sight of Toretto, the blonde that caused havoc and another mystery sultry brunette.

Brian jumped in the back of the car next to Faith, and he was already asking questions, “Get what you need?”

Buffy just rolled her eyes, as if he even had to ask. Smirk that she’d picked up off them fixed firmly on her face – she just point at a bag on the floor, “Faith and weapons.”

Faith snickered, “Oh and you missed how she dismissed everyone. It was such a great smack down without a punch. I was so proud but now we need a spot of violence,”

Dom being the fucker he was, waited until Brian was taking a drink before adding, “I was just standing around looking pretty.”

Faith was glad for the levity but she wanted to know how Jessie was; she’d met the brother and was ridiculously fond of the spaced out mechanic.

Buffy took a deep breath remembering the sheer anger she’d felt in that moment. “Alive, Dom’s family is looking after him while we go and deal with the problem.”

Faith’s feral grin really did say it all. At heart the girls were slayers and no matter whether they were ‘hotchicks with superpowers’ - they were deadly and someone had hit out at their family. That would be addressed and quickly - no thoughts of like-for-like retaliation. In Buffy’s and Faith’s mind - there was no such thing as an overreaction.

Dom turned to Buffy, “How are you going to play it?”

Buffy grinned, “Baby I’m gonna knock on the door.”

Dom and Brian wondered exactly where they were going with this. It wasn’t until they saw the slayers pull their tops a little lower, fluff their hair up and rouge their lips that they got an inkling. Dom watched as his sexy competent lover transformed into a blonde airhead. He would have totally believed it if he didn’t know better

Buffy followed Faith up the path and knocked on the door to Tran junior’s place. The door was opened by a lackey, who Faith took a dislike too immediately and smacked into a wall. She added, “Johnny babe ... I’m home!”

Buffy never loved her sister slayer more than in that minute. “It’s rude not to greet your guests!”

Johnny Tran Jr had just finished punishing the idiot he’d sent to Toretto’s when the commotion had started. He was already annoyed and stalked to his front entrance, promising violence to whoever disturbed him. He was right about their being violence at least.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” He demanded in the arrogant way of a two-bit criminal who should know better.

Buffy grinned, “Glad you should mention that ... we’re the slayers.”

Johnny snorted, “Please you’re a dime a dozen these days.”

Buffy made a mental note to file that away for later but she was gonna enjoy ruining this idiots day. “You see that is true but we …,” maybe the emphasis with hand signals was an overreaction but she didn't feel it. “… Are the original two, she is the Dark Slayer and I’m the ...”

“Queen Slayer?” Faith offered.

“Good as name as any.” She said amazed that the demon was still listening. “Will you bow down so I can knight you?” She asked coyly. The only thing she would be chopping his head off, but hey a girl had to ask.

Tran attacked then and Faith went to work protecting her back. Faith was good and was doing exactly what they’d agreed. They were knocking out the human members, who were being dragged outside by Dom and Brian. Brian was taking great delight in reading all the yahoos their rights as they woke up. Most would be conscious when the police arrived. A few would be unconscious due to Dom’s fist. He objected to them calling Brian his whore.

Inside the fight was wearing down and Buffy was becoming bored with the fight. Faith’s frustrated, “Hurry up we gotta jet if we wanna party.”

Buffy grinned and sped up; any pride Tran had felt for keeping up he soon realised was false. The slayer had been toying with him, and now the punches and kicks were flying. This wasn’t a fight - he had no choice. And yet the Slayer was merciless. She smirked dangerously seeing the realization dawn his eyes.

“You went after Jessie ... my brother.” One statement but it was enough to let him know how monumentally stupid he had been.

He pleaded, a shade of his former self, “I didn’t know.”

Faith rolled her eyes, “Ignorance is no excuse.”

Buffy snickered, “Agreed.” And with a full swipe of her scythe suddenly Tran was no more.

Buffy may have got rid of her big enemy but there was still so much to do. She worked in tandem with Faith sweeping the floors calling clear as she went. They had just started to calm feeling only the slayer bond humming between them when they heard the sirens.

Buffy groaned forgetting just who she invited to help smooth the way. She hoped her ex could shut his trap, because her boys wouldn’t fight him they’d just run him over. She blamed post slayer randomness but she had a thought that she could not shake. Would Riley’s teeth end up with skid marks if he got run over?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Racing Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 May 13.

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