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Racing Slayer

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Summary: Summary: Buffy was tired after Sunnydale and decided to spend some time in LA with her brother Jesse. What do you know? Sometimes in the Fast Lane you can heal, and Buffy was never very good at going slow.

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Trouble and Images

Acknowledgements: Thank you to the readers, who reviewed – kittenpoker, alexceasar, danielbuffyfan, redtree, silfic, SariLane, serenityselena, RowanChick and Bsams. :)

This chapter is up for you guys!

Jesse brought his bags inside and whistled at how nice the place was. “Can I see the work on the car?”

Buffy laughed and she was sad to realise that she’d laughed more in the half a day with Jesse than she had in the previous two years. It was kind of depressing. “Come on then.”

They spent the rest of the day in the attached garage. The siblings laughed and joked as they put the car through its final paces to be race worthy. Buffy was proud of her car, in the last few years she’d poured all of her frustrations into this car so it said a lot about her. It was tough, quick and could handle a battle. Buffy had a quick tour of LA and was thankful that she didn’t run into Angel or any of his lackeys.

The next morning, Jesse was up early and drawing designs for what looked to be a Supra. Buffy looking quizzical asked her brother, “What gives?”

Jesse’s eyes lit up, “Dom’s buster brought an absolute wreck but it will obliterate all once it’s done up.”

Buffy knew that Jesse wanted to introduce her to the gang and in all honesty she wanted to go, “Come on bro let’s go see the car.”

She loved when he got all worked up over a car. It was the same way she got over medieval weapons.

The whole team had perked up hearing the rumble of a well-tuned American muscle car. Dom was impressed because he knew the car would have been a monster to restore. He wasn’t too surprised to see the mystery blonde step out from the driver’s seat. He really hoped that Jesse’s sister stayed for a little longer today. He wondered which of the men would try and proposition her first.

Unsurprisingly, Vince was the first to start by wolf whistling, and the blonde looked over at him, and by god she was beautiful, but she wasn’t delicate. Dom didn’t understand it. He trusted his instincts; they were what had served him so well. Here stood a woman, who by all rights should be delicate but he sensed that if he was to attack her - he would lose. It was strange and a little enchanting. He winced hearing Letty’s harrumph; he would no doubt be paying for that later on.

Brian decided to be bold, after all any new players could be a potential minefield and his instincts told him that she could be a real spanner in his works. What he needed was information as he couldn’t go to Bilkins with a feeling.

“Does the pretty lady have a name?” he asked making sure to smile. He only hoped his charm would work more favourably than Dom’s did yesterday.

Buffy laughed, “It is Buffy, my parents are Californian - Don’t hold it against me.”

Brian held his hands up, in an ‘I surrender’ motion, “No just wanted to know the name of the person who shut Vince up yesterday.” A little flirtier, he added, “You’re my new favourite person.”

Buffy grinned, “Is that so, you’re just being sweet coz you wanna see the ride I built.”

Dom perked up at that, he could only hope that the skill and talent ran in the family. If it did then his team could make a big killing at Race Wars. It would help get Johnny Tran off his case. What Dom didn’t know was that there was a far simpler solution to Johnny Tran and it still involved the blonde in front of them.

Vince though, an advocate of not thinking before he spoke, "Wait you’re telling me Blondie races ... you sure you won't freak if you break a nail?"

Buffy rolled her eyes and looked to Letty and Mia, who looked similarly unimpressed with the stupid statement. Buffy asked Mia, "How have you not killed him? ... I admire your restraint." She finished earnestly causing the girls to giggle.

Mia deadpan, "It's hard. He has good points."

Buffy looked amused but then switched to Vince giving him a once over and showing how unimpressed she was with what she saw, "I'm still waiting to see one."

Letty smirked, "I find a smack with a wrench helps."

Jesse chipped in at this point, "Sis doesn’t need a wrench to cause Vince pain”.

Buffy shared a smirk with her brother and you can definitely see the sibling mischief potential there. Buffy deciding that she liked Jesse’s team, rolled her eyes good naturedly, “Go check out the car.”

Buffy noticed with interest that all went towards the car except for the newbie. She liked the guy, he seemed friendly. Buffy didn’t like the fact he seemed more curious about her. The only thing that was stopping her going off the handle was that she didn’t sense that he was anything other than human. Whilst he might not be a creature, he could still cause her brother problems so she would keep an eye on him. It wouldn’t be a hardship, he was pretty in a manly way and as an added bonus - he didn’t seem to have a brooding gene. It was early days yet and she would justifiably have to watch his ass to be sure, but she wouldn’t complain. It was a tough job but someone has to do it.

Buffy looked at her watch and grinned, “Yo, dinner time, my treat. I’m going Sal’s what do you want?”

The others looked agog at her, Sal’s was the best pizza place in the district but it also was the hardest to get a pizza immediately. On truly busy weeks you waited up to a week for a fresh pizza. Vince was not shy in sharing his disbelief, “No way you can waltz into Sal’s and get a pizza no matter how pretty.”

Buffy rolled her eyes, there was one thing that the last few years had taught her and that was she didn’t need anyone’s approval.

Not bothering to explain herself, “Look Pizza’s for all, well except for Vince.”

As Jesse was the first one to order, the other followed his lead and assumed that Buffy’s word was good. Dom couldn’t believe that Jesse’s sister could be so perfect a fit for the team. She was pretty, liked cars, didn’t watch what she ate and could put Vince in his place.

Buffy decided that she could have a little chat with the buster at the same time. She wanted to get a proper assessment of the guy, “I can take buster with me right Dom? You know,” a wicked smile graced her elfin features, “I might break a nail.”

Dom definitely liked Jesse’s sister, “Sure thing, I won’t say no to Sal’s.”

They all watched in amusement as Buster followed Buffy out of the garage. Dom asked, laughter in his voice, “If he had a tail do you think it would be wagging?”

Mia laughed, and was internally sighing, trying to remember the rule about why she doesn’t date her brother’s friends. Mia found it a little harder to stick to her rule when they looked like Brian.

Buffy had decided to walk with Brian, give her the chance to get to know him. Buffy was enjoying LA - even in one day, she already felt freer and lighter. Tonight she would go and do her duty and slay the night life. It wasn't just about duty; she had genuinely begun to enjoy slaying before all the crap with the First. It had made life so damn hard and made her lose sight of what was important. It had just been too many things piled up one after the other. This is why the police deciding to wrestle her into a goddamn police car was a really stupid idea. Really stupid. She was going to make someone cry just on the principle of the matter.

Buffy looked at Brian, he didn’t look scared, he look pissed.

Well, at least she got some answers when they pulled up in front of a home that was reminiscent of her old home in LA. So Vince had a genuine reason to dislike Brian; he was a narc after all. Brian had best have a hell of a good explanation or she was going to make him very sorry. If he didn’t, well Buffy figured she would be justified in ripping off his arm and beating him with the soggy ends.

Tanner stared at the gorgeous blonde agog, he didn’t realise that the probie Feebs could be so stupid. An undercover op only worked if the fewest people possible knew about the op - this was not keeping a low profile. “Did you even ask for the blonde’s name?”

Buffy snorted, they were lucky they were human. She was tired of dealing with all this crap - what did a girl have to do to get some pizza?

“No, you gotta remember that the Fed’s recruitment was down Sarge.”
Okay quips like that could get a guy in a slayer’s good books. She wanted to know more but couldn’t resist replying, “Yeah, but look where that got them.”

Brian smirked, “Hey some recruit for loyalty, others brains, and others beauties.”

Buffy snickered in delight, “Yeah but where do Dumb and Dumber fit in that scale?”

“No idea, I’m an unwilling and barely tolerated member of the group.” Brian answered with a current of startling honesty under the flippant attitude.

One statement, which Buffy could sense no lie in his comment, could go a long way. Brian had just unwittingly gained his strongest ally. An ally that could help Brian come out of this with friends, family and somewhere he could belong.

She offered trying to be placating, but ending up sarcastic, “Well, you’re prettier than they are. That’s got to count for something, right?”

Bilkins stormed into the room having missed the earlier conversation. He sneered wondering which LAPD officer had screwed up and brought the pretty one with them. He sneered hating this young blonde, he'd worked too hard for the case to be fubar'ed by a Californian Princess. You see, even supposedly smart cops could be suckered in by an image. Buffy may look like a delicate Californian princess but as all the monsters learnt - this was a lie.

When Buffy had first realised that Brian was a cop she'd been so angry. It was a good job that she wasn't touching him; she might have punched him just because. He could have hurt her brother, and that was unforgivable. Ironically the stupid Fed was what saved Brian a lot of pain, because as he viciously baited Brian she understood what was going on.

Brian was a young cop, who was having his promotion dangled in front of him.

Bilkins was gloating, "Look it’s not my fault that you took an interest in Toretto ... plus, your former delinquent ways were of use to the Bureau."

That did it, Buffy was pissed, and she never liked bullies on the best of days. She decided to throw her two cents in, "You know Bri, I was gonna hate your guts but I've decided I like you, which makes it your lucky day."

Bilkins to his mistake only truly registered the companion, which was a mistake. He flushed in anger, "Who was stupid enough to bring you in now?"

Brian grinned, knowing that Bilkins would hate him a little bit more, "Your underlings."

Buffy snickered, she would gladly bait the idiot, and it would be almost as fun as baiting vamps. "You know Bri, good help is so hard to find." She said, doing her best airhead act - truly, it was oscar worthy.

Brian couldn't believe Buffy's audacity but then again, given how his boss was turning away so he could snicker - he wasn't the only one. He was kind of really beginning to like Buffy by this point. He had to answer -it would be rude not to. "Yep, they say that the recruitment standards have been lowered."

Bilkins roared, "You think you are funny?"

Buffy grinned knowing that she was really was going to enjoy this, “Brian what did they do to make you join up?”

Brian pursed his lips, “They’re holding my shield until I do this.”

Buffy smirked, “I’m no lawyer but I’m sure that my friend will be able to help you resolve your issue.” Buffy twirled around to Sgt Tanner, “You can imagine how miserable Angel O’Connor can make your life.”

Bilkins frowned, he knew the name but this wasn’t his town, “Who the fuck is Angel O’Connor?”

Brian laughed, a little shocked but he guessed that Buffy was deadly serious, “He is the CEO of Wolfram and Hart.”

Bilkins looked at this girl and realised that he should have asked her name, “What is your name, miss?”

Buffy was really enjoying this, “Buffy Summers, but the DoD has flagged my records so you can’t read them.”

Buffy wasn’t enjoying this, no, not one bit. Brian seemed to be similarly failing to hide his amusement.

It never did occur that Buffy might be telling the truth. Bilkins sneered and demanded that one of his lackeys go and find her file. Buffy was just getting started, and under her breath, she whispered to Brian, “I’m just beginning … if his head doesn’t explode then I’m not doing it right.”

Authors Note : Still like? Things you'd like to see happen? Let is know :)
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