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Racing Slayer

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Summary: Summary: Buffy was tired after Sunnydale and decided to spend some time in LA with her brother Jesse. What do you know? Sometimes in the Fast Lane you can heal, and Buffy was never very good at going slow.

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Mischief managed?

Acknowledgements: Thanks to the reviews from TAO, kittenpoker, jcanderson, vampygal, immortalsilence, lumierelanuit, SariLane, Selonianth, Chaoskitten, andiesimmo, serenityselena, bradsan, ktweaver

Brian wondered when his life had got so complicated. It wasn’t rhetorical he could pinpoint the exact moment the day he’d been called into Tanner’s office and been informed that the FBI had use of his services. He’d been making friends with the Toretto’s not to get an ‘in’ but rather because he wanted a life outside of work. All of sudden Bilkins was telling him that it was fortuitous and that he suspected the Toretto’s of being involved in illegal truck jacking.

He was most definitely conflicted because he was starting to think of the team as family. Those thoughts had seen his goals change from helping the FBI to subverting the FBI in any way he could. So just when he thought he had a crazy plan sorted - in walked the most beautiful perfect blonde that he could ever meet. There had been lust at first sight but now seeing her stand up to Bilkins - He might just be a little in love.

While Tanner and Bilkins argued Brian asked one question he was curious about, “So how do you know Angel O’Conner?”

Buffy shrugged, “Ex-boyfriend who is still very fond of me and dislikes bullies - like me. If I drop your boss’ name - he will definitely make your boss miserable.” Buffy finished her explanation and frowned seeing Brian’s far away thoughts. She snapped her fingers in front of his face trying to break the daydream. “Earth to Brian.”

He had a goofy grin, “Sorry still with that thought!”

Buffy’s laugh distracting most of the males in the room, and just as the spell seemed to break, the lackey came back - looking a little scared. Buffy just smirked, “How is ole Fitzwallace? Did he box your ears?”

Bilkins was horror struck; she couldn’t mean the General Fitzwallace, as in the Head of the Joint Chiefs. Could she?
Buffy saw the thoughts filter across his features and smirked, “Yep, him. He was nice enough to make sure that the Army leave me alone. Oh and gave me authority over military assets in certain situations.” She said smirking - let him chew on those thoughts. She was starting to hope he choked on his next donut.

Bilkins was losing control of this situation, and if he wasn’t careful the operation, “Look Ms Summers …”

“Call me Buffy, if I hear Ms Summers,” her smile got a little thinner and a little meaner, “I think I’m in trouble.”

Tanner played a gamble, “What if I said you were in trouble?”

Buffy laughed, and it was pretty much a full on cackle. “Oh then I’d say that as a Foreign agent with diplomatic immunity you would have difficult time holding me. Also, the more …” her eyes narrowed, “You piss me off. The more likely I am to cause actual trouble.”

You see the Scooby’s didn’t know it but the Council when it was bombed turned over active control of the Council to her. She had no intention of running and when tempers had cooled she would see about how she could work with the Scooby’s. She wanted to see Dawn as well, as much as her betrayal had hurt - she was still blood. She just knew that for now Dawn was best off with the Scooby’s while she truly healed.

Bilkins thought he’d caught a lucky break, “You are not foreign so that is a lie.”

Buffy though smirked and absolutely failed to hide her sarcasm, “Am I allowed to reach for my wallet?”

Bilkins snorted, “Sure it’s not like you’re dangerous.”

Buffy thought bless their little hearts they actually believed that, but for now she’d let them think that. She looked a little dark, “There is your proof. You know what else I can do?”

Tanner was actually enjoying watching the big, bad Fed get taken down a peg or two. Bilkins sighed, “No, Ms Summers.”

Buffy put on an air of exasperation, “Well due to a recent unfortunate bombing against my agency, until the dust settles I’m in charge, which means I can name any deputy I like and give them the same privileges.”

Buffy could see the message get through. Good. She hated idiots, bullies and demons that tried to end the world. She had even hated the old council but if she could throw their power around now then she might just hate them a little less.

Bilkins could see that he would have to backtrack and quickly. He didn't know this new player and politically it looked like she could throw a heavy punch if she was inclined. He made a mental note to research just what her connection with group was, and try to figure out if there was a way to mitigate it. He wasn’t stupid and he could see that this case was falling apart rapidly around his ears.

He hated looking at the fair-headed couple in front of him; mainly because he was sure that they were really enjoying themselves. He threw his hands up in disgust, “Get them out of here.”

Buffy was always required to quip, it was like the law. So instead she gave him a perfect salute, which upon seeing how much it made the big guy pop a vein - she made a mental note to do it as often as possible. She noticed that Brian had a similar grin - great minds and all that.

Buffy though was having none of it. She wanted pizza, and this slayer would not be happy without it. “You can drop me at Sal’s pizza.”

Two agents came up sneering, “Come on we’re ordered to take you and your paramour to Sal’s.”

Buffy was actually plotting their demises and Brian could tell that she was cycling through plans thick and fast, he grinned, “I’ll help you hide the bodies.”

Buffy giggled, okay so the guy could have been a huge jackass. He wasn’t and Buffy was finding that the more she saw - the more she liked. That didn’t mean that they wouldn’t be having huge discussion because whether they liked it or not the FBI were sniffing around her brothers friends. Buffy was actually feeling a little exhilarated and knew what her first order of business would be once they ditched the other agents.

She had a new game though and one that Brian was only too happy to go along with. Faith would have been so proud with her aggressive flirting right now but the agents kept throwing sneering looks back their way. So why not make them a little uncomfortable? There was also the added advantage of when they finally got back to Echo Park looking a little mused well no one could say a thing, could they?

When they got to tutting stage Buffy decided to throw caution to the wind and see if Brian really was a good kisser. She would never move this quickly but Faith’s old adage came to mind Want-Take-Have. She sank into the kiss and ‘mmed’ as they broke the kiss. Brian knew what picture they presented and Dom wouldn’t even bother to ask a question.

Brian watched as the Buffy walked into Sal’s and was treated like royalty. It was a case of queue? What Queue?

Then when Buffy reached into her pocket the owner, the infamous Sal, came out and berated the tiny blonde, asking her why she even reached in her pocket? Surely she knew better than to try and pay.

Interestingly, Brian watched Buffy blush a little and Brian was enchanted. This was not a good way to be when it was someone connected with the case. This case truly was a disaster for him because his taste in men ran along the Dominic Toretto lines, but his women - well it wouldn’t be dishonest to say that Buffy was pretty much his dream woman.

Buffy smirked as he just happily accepted each box that got piled on top until you couldn’t even see above his head. So she may have been able to carry them being a slayer but why should she?

She waited until they were in the car to make her call. She said to Brian, “I need to make a call.” Then proceeded to focus on her call, “Hey Harmony, put me through to the blood sucking boss of yours.”

Brian wondered why she would call her ex blood sucking but decided against asking. It was question of curiosity winning out over not wanting to know at all. “Hey Angel. Listen I need to know if you can do me a favour.”

Buffy sighed, “Don’t start Angel I’m from LA and took your advice to heal thyself. Only trouble is it seems that an FBI Agent Bilkins is doing his best to charge Jesse and his friends with crimes. He doesn’t like me and have no doubt he’ll go rifling through my files.”

Brian wondered why that caused a feral grin to cross her elvin features. “Yeah well he backed off after Fitzwallace gave him an ear-bashing,”

Brian’s thoughts were racing not long after he started his beat he’d been saved by a green demon. The demon was a pacifist but had managed to somehow sweet talk his would be killer down. He’d been whisked away to a bar and introduced to the more colourful side of life. He’d even sung once and the green demon had a bittersweet smile. He’d said something that had confused him, “Oh Peaches is going to love and hate you in equal measure. Still life is always better with three - come to think of it she might need two men.”

Somehow the phone call was finished in a way that pleased Buffy, “Thank you Angel and yeah once I know Jesse is safe I’ll drop by - thanks for giving me the heads up to stay away from the hotel.”

Brian watched as she expertly flipped the car around and whizzed off in the direction of Echo Park. “So how did you end up dating a Vampire?”

Buffy cast a glance his way and smiled seeing no judgement, merely curiosity, “Well you know a girl is 16 and there is this really hot souled Vampire.”

Brian actually laughed she really was a spitfire, “Before Twilight warned all young girls.”

Buffy smirked, “Well in my defence at least he didn’t sparkle. Look we go in their act normal and we’ll figure something out.”

Brian sobered and looked a little sheepish before nodding. Strange he felt better now someone knew his secret – he didn’t know just how badly Buffy sucked at the whole secret identity thing. Of course having taken so long there were a few calls of, “About time.”

Jesse frowned seeing the flushed and yet happy look on Buffy’s face. Huh, it looks like beautiful had a thing for his sister - Well at least she’ll kick his ass if he breaks her heart. What intrigued the car designer was the way Dom was looking at both his sister and Beautiful. Ho boy there was a fight in the future if Letty wanted to keep a hold of her boy was all Jesse thought.

Buffy deliberately chose to ignore the tension and she had caught the interesting looks being sent to her and Brian. It definitely made things more interesting but infinitely more complicated. “So pizza anyone?”

Authors Notes: So more anyone and one reviewer made a case for Brian/Buffy/Dom – wasn’t the original pairing but intrigues me. Thoughts?
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